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  2. Says who? The clubs (certainly not their supporters) who like to rely on income from 3-4 ugly sister visits. One thing that I'm sure you'll agree with about fan ownership is to give the supporters more say in something like this. I hope you're elected to TJF board, as I agree with a lot of what you say. On this issue I sincerely hope when you mention lack of appetite for larger leagues you're referring to the various club boards and not fans in general. Talk to the supporters (like I do) who regularly travel to watch their various clubs play and you'd know that the vast majority detest the current incestuous product. Even many of the sycophants who pop up in the media believe the current set up is at least wonky.
  3. A one year deal confirms IMC doesn't see him as part of any possible SPL team, seems more like a Bell-type back up as others have suggested.
  4. Creates excitement as mid table teams push for Top 6. Creates genuine 6 pointers in teams battling relegation. Has Top teams playing each other with theory league can last up to final weeks.
  5. Strange choice. Loved him for promotion season and thought he would improve in top league but pace found out. Agreed improvement on Bell though.
  6. One positive is we have someone who can score a penalty now. * *ramsdens cup final aside.
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  8. What I've never had a satisfactory explanation for is what our "other operating income" has been in the last two years. I think we all suspect that it's (in whole or in part) a cash injection from Three Black Cats, based on the corresponding reductions in its own cash reserves, but it's hard to be certain. We also can't say for sure whether that's the full extent of support provided by 3BC, or whether it also supported the Club financially in other ways.
  9. If Muirhead is a stable utility defender and a replacement for Bell, I think its an upgrade. If he is a first choice right back then no thanks.
  10. Their “plan” was to stabilize in league 1 this season and win promotion to Championship next season, they are 1 year ahead of their goal. As JavaJag stated the plan is to be in Europe in 5 years, with back to back promotion a very healthy balance sheet, a large investment in backroom staff (Dempsey, Coyle etc) they are definitely setting themselves up to be challenging for promotion in next year or 2
  11. If only that was a page from PTFC accounts. The Spiders have obvious backing and ambition. But their playing squad is still pretty lightweight, looking at their performances in the playoffs. An afterthought, it’s clear even from the 2019 figures that we could have charged much more for groundsharing. Hmm…
  12. I know someone involved at QP and the objective is to play European football in 5 years.
  13. Are you using “turnover” to refer to top-line revenue here? Or in some other context?
  14. Our accounts registered a £900k impairment loss on investment when PropCo sold the land and we didn’t receive a distribution from the proceeds. That essentially cut the Club’s net worth from £6 million to £5 million in the financial year to end of May 2020. My best bet is that our accounts to end of May 2022 will show an increase of £1.95 million, plus or minus appreciation/depreciation, associated with the transfer of the former PropCo land fully back into PTFC Ltd ownership. Therefore all other things being equal our net worth would be up to £7 million or so, as the Club notionally broke even in the year to end of May 2021. What PTFC Ltd’s accounts don’t and won’t show is how much funding has come (directly or indirectly) from 3BC to enable that break-even result to come about. However we do know that our turnover has crashed, from a peak of £4.5 million in year to end of May 2018 (last Premiership season), to £3 million in 2019 (Championship with parachute payment) to £2.7 million in 2020 (relegation/Covid season) to £1.5 million (third tier reduced season) in 2021. If spending hasn’t come down by similar orders of magnitude, that suggests someone else has been subsidising it. I would expect that our turnover recovered this year somewhat but we won’t know how much until the next set of accounts are published (going by previous years some point between October and December). This year will also have included some non-recurring revenue sources, such as the last of Covid grants and Queen’s Park’s ground share payment.
  15. Thanks WJ - interesting to note the 2.1 million owed to them. Wonder where that number came from. Also will be interesting to see how our accounts change once the land transfer is complete.
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  17. It’s not that wild, depending on what’s happened in the last year and a half. The last set of Queen’s Park accounts to 31 December 2020 have their balance sheet at £6.65 million, of which about half was fixed assets (presumably Lesser Hampden and related land). And they had just shy of £3 million in the bank. They have recently had a lot more money in cash than Thistle does, but I would expect that to deplete somewhat with the payment for Lesser Hampden works, and they’re also obviously a much lower turnover company than Thistle is. Edit to add: When Norge says £8 million he’s referring to the £8.2 million of total assets less current liabilities in their December 2020 accounts, whereas the £6.65 million is their revenue account figure. See attached.
  18. <spit take> Where are you getting that 8.5 million figure from?!? That’s bonkers.
  19. They are being funded big time, both on and off the park. The youth set up already seems to be passing us by, the U18’s have won the league 2 years in a trot. Willie Haugey is putting a lot in, and they are currently worth around £8.5 million with over £3million in the bank. The question is how big can they be sustainable at? They had around 600 ST holders last year, but a successful season could grown that, but, lesser Hampden will only hold 1200 when it initially opens, so match day revenue is half of ours.
  20. They were true. I know for a fact they were. Far better money on offer, Dundee United are throwing a few quid about at the moment. Tony Watt ran to Dundee from Motherwell. There’s a reason why. ££££££££
  21. Queens Park repeated a similar trick to us today
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