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  2. Scrappy win but will take it. Still lack a cutting edge with is disappointing. My heart sinks anytime Bannigan gets the ball in an attacking position as the move just grinds to a halt! Otherwise, happy with the defensive display. Another clean sheet for a makeshift backline.
  3. I gave up a few weeks ago. It was just taking more effort than I was prepared to give. As a matter of interest did any other 2nd prize winner take part in the zoom meeting, which was a while back?
  4. Sorry for the selective quoting but the scenario of crowds of 1000 max would be most unwelcome for the likes of us. Reckon we've gotta hope for a percentage of capacity ruling. Problem with the latter is it opens the door to increased travel and thus reduces the chances of it been granted.
  5. Workmanlike but we just need to grind these results out to get confidence high. Docherty MOM for me
  6. Congratulations to this week's winners: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/146768/
  7. The top 2 right are shockers, nothing like our strips
  8. I would avoid them like the plague mate - ordered shirts beginning of February, months of waiting and no responses to my emails - I eventually had to raise a dispute via PayPal and only got money back in September. Heard from st Mirren and motherwell fans who had to demand their money back after months of waiting. Absolutely appalling customer service
  9. He was indeed. Will be good to see him playing as an attacker again.
  10. Only fair for me to balance up my previous comment and say that Sena was consistently excellent and was the best player on the pitch in the second half.
  11. All about the points. Yassss. Cardle, Williamson, Penrice all did well. Docherty my MoTM.
  12. Good result and a good set of results overall for the second week running.
  13. ...and breath out ..never in doubt...especially pleasing with Cove slipping up.
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