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  2. Did Paddy Boyle not go through a bit of a purple patch like Santala where he netted a few goals for us? Probably a distinctly average defender at best but don’t think he was anywhere near the worst ever category
  3. How many players have we signed over the years that have been DUDS ...IT would be interesting for us to remember them all..Names please..I will start with Mitch Austin..
  4. Nitriansky was totally dreadful. Carroll was even worse as he was disruptive in the dressing room. That said he would be a certain starter for us today.
  5. 86th minute penalty knocks us off top of the league. Who was the ref in the Killy v Ayr game. He must have it in for us Edit - Don Robertson and according to BBC it was never a pen !
  6. Any free to air highlights available anywhere? Obviously the SPFL themselves can't be bothered putting a package together on their own site.
  7. I was excited about Milan Nitrianský...I shouldn't have been. Jake Carroll, Paddy Boyle (don't know how he got a move) and Danny Devine were all worse than sh!t3.
  8. Jean Yves' other brilliant game (I think he only had two) was John Lambie's last as manager at Firhill when bottom of the league Thistle turned over top of the table Falkirk 2-1. Armand One scored two goals, but Jean Yves was so good, he won Man of the Match. I remember it well, as my daughter was mascot and I have got a great photo of her flanked by Jean Yves and Armand.
  9. That's as I understand it. As a generalisation in my mind it further complicates what should be a simpler ruling. Often a very fine line in interpreting if a defender played the ball or not.
  10. Difficult to know where he was supposed to be playing but I don't think Stevie Fulton was a defender. In fact he more or less hung around and filled the centre circle. Btw I don't think you could include Turnbull, Cargill, Santala, McGinty & Ntambe in your list. Piss poor as they were I don't think any of them arrived at Firhill under the fan enthusiasm banner.
  11. Think he played right Mid that game actually think you might be right. But he was amazing lol.
  12. I didn’t think Turnbull was anything great though better than cargil certainly
  13. Jim Slavin who I believe came from Porkheid with rave reviews!
  14. That seems to make sense. Would have to see the Lukaku goal again. I've a vague memory the Russian defender tried to play the ball rather than a straight block.
  15. It could be Laurie. Every photo I've seen of Laurie was after he lost most of his hair! Later in his career he played with Margate. The Margate history website does have an excellent biography of him. He also later played with Canterbury City. Laurie moved to Toronto in Canada in 1977, where he lived until his death in 2006, of a heart attack. He was 69 when he passed away. Laurie's brother Bobby also played for the Jags.
  16. See Lukaku's goal against Russia in the Euros for the onside version.
  17. It's offside if the defender deliberately blocks a shot or the ball deflects off him. If he deliberately plays the ball (e.g., goes to control the ball but miscontrols it, or tries to pass or clear the ball and fluffs the pass/clearance), the player is played onside by this action. I think in this case it is a blocked shot, so correctly disallowed for offside.
  18. One for any referees on the forum. At the game I thought the disallowed goal was blatantly offside and the ref was correct to change what looked a complete howler by the linesman. Watching the replay it's clear the ball comes to the offside player from a QotS player who's blocked a shot. Should the fact that a defender has blocked the shot have played him onside? I genuinely don't know the answer to this. Offside law has been tweaked so often.
  19. Keown was the most disappointing signing of all, as he appeared to be a completely different player to the one that had performed so well for us on loan the previous season. I think Santala was taken on predominately as a forward anyway. I can only remember him playing in defense for 45 minutes, and I remember DC talking up his striking prowess when he borrowed him.
  20. One of the few games I missed that season . I think by then he'd been moved forward into midfield at least
  21. He genuinely put in one of the best solo performances I’ve ever seen at Firhill though, pretty sure it was a 5-1 win against Livi. Was a great day that.
  22. Sean Mcginty, Not that he came with a big reputation or anything but the first time I seen him I thought.. great someone who will Dominate in the air and Bully a few strikers. Couldn’t have been more wrong.
  23. Jean-Yves Anis came from the Chelsea reserve team and had played for France at various junior levels. He is also possibly the defender with the worst reading of the game I have ever seen. He was like a child chasing the ball from player to player in a school kickabout
  24. An important factor in our premier league relegation was the unexpected January recall of the loanee centre back (who's name escapes me) who had looked decent. Bailey Cargil was a downgrade unfortunately.
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