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  1. Yesterday
  2. 4-1, ya dancer. For those of us who were at Hampden that day: best football day ever! For those Jags fans who've yet to experience that kind of amazing day: keep the faith, and one day it'll come!
  3. I thought Dunfermline looked good against us in the league cup game and i am really surprised how bad they have been in the league. They have picked up some draws recently so seem to be getting some confidence back. Just hope they don't get their first league win tomorrow. Dug out my league cup winners scarf for this game.
  4. Worried about this game - I'm feeling way too confident about an easy 3 points!
  5. Although Holt is in the squad you’d doubt he’d start having had 9 stitches only a week ago. Connor Murray made a good case for a start but I think McCall will stick with the starters last week and the only change will be McKenna in for Holt. We need some consistency now. PLEASE
  6. We're a man down. The deadline was set to allow for potential Friday games. First ko is 3pm tomorrow. Happy to take predictions before then.
  7. So do you think that McCall is a better manager than McParland ? I rest my case m’lord.
  8. Always with the negative waves
  9. We’ve got Tiffoney, Rudden and Graham... and Murray off the bench ... what’s not to like
  10. If only we had a Rae, McQuade, Lawrie and Bone playing for us.
  11. Can we adopt the same cautious approach in terms of expectations for the game as we did last week? With the 71 events surrounding the game, Dunfermline bottom of the league etc I’d be delighted with a 1.0 victory. Anything else a bonus.... particularly if it was 4.1 for the Jags Anyway, back to caution
  12. Listening to the interview with Alan Archibald on Jagzone, Holt had stitches inserted, but doesn't have concussion. Archie said he will be in the squad for the game. Personally speaking, after eight or so stitches in a gash, I'd be surprised if he did play at all. Eight days is not long enough for a wound like that to heal.
  13. If he’d stayed at St. James’ a bit longer he might be first team boss by now (for a couple of weeks)
  14. I assume that Holt is out for this. So the only change would be Mckenna at right back and Foster to left back. With two huge victories in the last games it is sensible to go with same team.
  15. Interesting that every name seems to be male. This may reflect membership; is the club effectively dependent on support from only half of the potential market? Does the same apply to other clubs?
  16. H A H H H A H H A H H H A H H A H A H H Arigato gozaimasu.
  17. Remember that tickets are in sale online until 2pm on Saturday if you are not going to the game or want to save time on the day: https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk/packages/LZEmOKzmpW/e/46AG5QRGwy Good Luck!
  18. Last week
  19. Well done to all the winners: https://cdn-5dd296c4f911cc1c581d2ef3.closte.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/October-2021-Cent-Fund.pdf
  20. Thanks guys. 24 hours to go. Deadline 7pm tomorrow
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