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  2. Just for balance a good friend of ours works in the system and whilst not surprisingly they are a lot busier now your description is not one she conveys .....and she’s enjoying it
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  4. Mansell has left the club. No surprise there.
  5. @laukat our Test & Protect is not working properly. My wife is involved in it. 1. There are 2 systems set up effectively due to a bit of an internal turf war in NHS Scotland. 2. They started to wind it down as infection rates were so low so playing catch up. 3. They are still recruiting after a bun fight over employees being marked as band 2 or band 4. 4. Private management consultants have been brought in. Shock horror. 5. The call flow is not working. People in are sitting around doing nothing as its not getting to them. It's not in a good place.
  6. I'm far from convinced that there will be a season
  7. You believe fans won't be back this season? I guess they might be back but not on a more the merrier basis.
  8. It looks as if the National League (5th tier) in England, due to start on 3rd October, is going to be further delayed.
  9. Update on streaming. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/partick-thistle-streaming-update/
  10. Why do I get a certain sense of deja vu? Merthyr Town are unusual in playing their football in a different jurisdiction to where they are. (England and Wales). Different rules. They (and as far as I can see) Guernsey have been given dispensation by their league to mothball and not be punished. They have crowds of 150 - 520, so I presume their players are part time. They have released all of their players, but retained their manager. Its a bit different in Scotland. The SPFL imposed a penalty of relegation for mothballed clubs (although it will be interesting to see how they choose where a number of clubs decide to go into suspended animation). As mentioned previously, I believe that this was a result of our court action, but that has now gone. But we still do have the horrible SPFL voting structure, so lets use that to our advantage. When the siren calls come out from Cumbernauld, Coatbridge and Cowdenbeath, lets ensure that the clubs in League 1 & 2 with most to lose, the full time clubs, vote down any request to mothball. We have ourselves, Falkirk, Cove and Queens Park who will hopefully all vote yes. Hopefully East Fife will be on board. Part time clubs don't have so much to lose, as their players usually have another source of income. Full time players don't, so I hope that the players union will speak out more forcibly this time, at players and other club staff losing their sole means of living. But use the voting system against the glorified social clubs, and let play commence. Although Sturgeon is talking about a "Zoom Christmas", I will be disappointed if complete sanctions last that long. As Norgethistle mentioned, second peaks across other countries has not been as serious as the first, presumably because lessons have been learned, and better clinical practices are in place. The USA and Brazil have been notable exceptions, but then there is poor leadership in those countries. The problem here is in having a "world beating" track and trace system, but "world beatingly" poor, and mixed messages diluting the need to beat the virus first. Clubs like Thistle can have crowds back in reasonable numbers safely, and the way Thistle has maximised sponsor income is excellent. We do have a reputation for being a well run club, but please do not take that as any support for current incumbents! The job losses if a careful return of fans doesn't happen is depressing, and both the UK and Scottish governments will not want the death of football on their hands, and in view of an impending election, I think that perhaps applies more so to the Scottish government. I'm not forgetting the need for peoples lives first, but I for one, won't forget. It will take me up to four more years to exercise my democratic right, but I do have a good memory. I also wonder why it is football players are on a "yellow card" for breaching Covid regs, but nothing is done or much said about rugby players doing a similar thing? Dual standards. If we have learned from the first peak, hopefully my deja vu won't become a Groundhog Day...
  11. The presentation from Whitty and Valance yesterday smacked of scientific advisors that were frustrated by the Governments approach. Their frustration is I believe stemming from the absolute shambles of NHS England's test and trace. Not only is it not effectively tracing people and allowing them to inhibit the virus spread its also not providing the detail on virus spread to accurately understand the true picture. They may have over egged their presentation by putting some unrealistic extrapolations on it but they were really saying something meaningful has to change in what we allow to open as we don't have the same test and trace ablity of France, Spain etc. Instead its looks like Boris will put a 10pm curfew on pubs and restaurants. There is no science to that approach. The actual action required from the UK government is to extend furlough until at least March, close pubs and restaurants, tell people to work from home and hopefully they can keep the schools, uni's and other businesses open. Pubs and resteraurants aren't the main reasons for the spread but they are non-essential. I believe Nicola has held back her annoucement because she needs furlough extended then she has the ability to close the parts of the economy deemed neceesary. It will be interesting to see what she does/can do if furlough is not extended and no financial assistance is made available. I don't think any of that means football stops unless infections rise in the players or players flout the rules however crowds back at football before March of next year looks difficult. Best case might be crowds of 10% of capacity which for most teams makes crowds unaffordable. Just as well our AI stream was so successful against BSC!
  12. Socially distanced in an outdoor stadium is relatively safe so unless there is any actual evidence to the contrary..... the presentation yesterday was very poor if we track Spain and France as suggested we will have c10000 daily cases in a month not 50000
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  14. First club (In Wales) now asking not to play https://www.merthyrtownfc.co.uk/news/boardstatement210920/
  15. On Saturday the EFL had 7 games in their 3 divisions with crowds up to 1000. Imo the SPFL will probably do it the other way and have crowds in the premier league first. I feel the other leagues could be left behind.
  16. I guess the problem could be if the number permitted doesn't exceed considerably the number of ST holders. In other words no or little incremental income (effectively pay at the gate). I assume stewarding costs will be relatively high into the bargain. Perhaps as a stepping stone towards a gradual return to normal, restricted attendances would be a worthwhile venture. It's just with no (or very little) light at the end of the tunnel it could mean the Club losing more money.
  17. They also started the graph in June or July so that current situation looked much worse when not compared with March/April. Unfortunately we will have to put up with lots of this nonsense for next week or so in lead up to the vote to extend emergency powers. There are starting to be some dissenting voices including some influentual members of Conservative party. Sadly still no sign of any sort of opposition party in Scotland.
  18. Was so impressed with the precautions taken on Saturday at Firhill. Other than the players there is zero risk of infection being transmitted at the stadium. It must be possible to add in a decent number of fans in the same safe manner to get us going again. We have to start trying to get back to some sort of normal and with the precautions taken for me football looks a pretty safe environment.
  19. Today’s “scientific” press conference from Westminster was a disgrace with a doomsday graph made on assumptions and actually at odds with France and Spain data which hasn’t doubled every 7 days and is actually leveling again
  20. The way the Scottish and Westminster governments are talking, they will happen by the end of this week.
  21. There is no scientific data that drives a decision to bring in more restrictions
  22. We will be in big trouble if season is mothballed. Quite a big squad already in place compared to fellow League 1 teams at the present moment.
  23. You should be part of thistle Archive team ptd.
  24. What were they all staring at? Is this a new form of intimidation that can be applied when socially distanced? If they had any sense they would be staring at the Thistle Archive. So much to enjoy and very more-ish. Once you venture in, you keep finding more interesting sidelines and you are drawn further in until there is no escape. As in the ancient Scottish proverb, "a loch at which a gnat may drink, and in which an elephant may bathe." One thing I must check later is a sort of opposite to the point you mention. What was the most number of different nationalities to feature in a Thistle line up? I think it was a 7 nation army and that Muzzy Dumbuya was one of the contributors, but that is all I can remember. Looks like I have no option but to venture into the site again. In the words of Captain Oates "I may be gone some time".
  25. With new restrictions expected by the end of this week, i don't see fans being allowed into grounds before next year. I think this may have some clubs re considering if they will be able to get through the season and they may decide to 'mothball' for 20/21.
  26. And so ended the longest close-season (193 days) in Thistle's history. To celebrate, we've got a brand new page in the club records section looking at all of our fixture gap & season length records. Our hub for the BSC match is now in place, featuring ten Scots in the staring line-up. When was the last time we had the full eleven? Check the Stats Watch tab! Note, we're missing the names of Saturday's assistant refs if anyone has them? We have NINE new Jags taking their permanent place in the Archive's A-Z; Richard Foster, Ciaran McKenna, Rhys Breen, Blair Lyons, Salim Kouider-Aissa, Charlie Reilly, Kieran Wright, Conor Murray & Ross Docherty. Conor Murray follows Brian Graham in the scoring debutants club.
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  28. Just a reminder that you can help our club through your online purchases if you go through easyfundraising: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ Let's do what we can to raise as much as possible for our club. Thanks for your support!
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