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  2. I think we have all been in the same boat mate
  3. Has that put a smile on your face grumpy arse
  4. Yeah. I've just been so miserable when I'm not miserable over Thistle on a Saturday.
  5. Just confirmed by the First Minister in parliament! Game on!
  6. Well if you're happy, GRE, then I'm happy . Assuming we do go to 27 games plus play offs (and Cup matches?) should be a tremendous advantage for full time clubs. Turn that around and if we don't improve on our current league standing it would be an absolute disgrace.
  7. Big risk that will enable a new injury crisis
  8. Today
  9. Good news about getting back training! Looking forward to the games now!
  10. Raman Bhardwaj on twitter saying that the go ahead to restart training is imminent, i guess the format of the league from now in is the big question now ! i would go for 18 games and a split adding 4 games then playoffs
  11. That implies that someone did design it, rather than some sort of horrible production error they they decided to sell.
  12. Did you design it, or something?
  13. Sorry, I was meaning this season. I was keen to know where they were sitting when League One was stopped in January as they're being held up as an example of how easy it is to put a team together and get it playing well immediately. Had the championship been shut down at the same time as our league, I get the feeling that QOTS wouldn't be the team being used as an example. They were afforded the time to play themselves into form and for their team to gel. A luxury not afforded to Thistle and McCall
  14. Not being pedantic, Ian McCall signed these players, Lyons for whatever reason hasn’t played even although the player proved he could play at that level last year with Montrose. Conor Murray hasn’t shown anything hardly as you quite rightly say . Zak Rudden hasn’t played any football for the last 2 years so if you want to hit the ground running that wasn’t the best choice. We’ve still got the same problems now that we had 2 years ago , no goal threat , no pace in the team and in my opinion a decent experienced goalkeeper. At our level, we should be looking for a manager to improve players and get more out of them . I’m struggling to think of any player ( Sena apart ) who I think has improved.
  15. Just went on for a look see and was thinking of buying one. Looks like only 6 left and Small and Medium only. Does that seem correct?
  16. Yesterday
  17. As this thread seems to be fairly active I would like to put a plug in for the Limited Edition Jersey! Please go to the Limited Edition Jersey thread and read my comments at the end of P2? Got mine today and really like it! Cheers All
  18. When the Leagues were stopped (and we were subsequently demoted) I am pretty sure QOS were 2 points above us in 9th place having played one game more than us! In other words we were in bottom place, 2 points behind our nearest rivals, but with a game in hand!!
  19. For nearly half of his time in charge we've not been allowed to train or play. I may be wrong here but I'm sure QOTS took until the 29th of December to win their second league game of the season. Their form has improved as the season has went on (a luxury that has not been afforded to Thistle and McCall). Its almost as if being able to build a team and play into form and avoiding loads of injuries actually helps. I can't actually find it but it would be really interesting to see where QOTS were sitting in the table when our leagues were stopped. I would imagine based on their poor start, they'd have been very close to rock bottom.
  20. It's a great song, and a great cause.
  21. Great wee interview here https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/return-to-firhill-road/
  22. I don't think you can say he has had 18 months? How can you really judge him given the huge number of games missed due to the pandemic
  23. I don’t recall a single fan objecting when we signed Lyons, Rudden and Murray. He can’t generally be blamed for Rudden being so injury prone or Lyons and Murray being largely disappointing
  24. Totally disagree, 18 months is plenty of time to get things sorted out , if you take Dunfermline and QOS as examples , gave free transfers to almost all of their first team squad and basically started again . Both teams are doing well with new squads in the Championship. McCall used to have an eye for a player, can’t see that any more Lyons , Murray , Rudden etc haven’t improved our team at all , before that when we got relegated he filled our team with the Old Firm’s development squad. We can dress it up all we want , McCall is totally culpable and possibly the only reason he is still around is purely financial.
  25. The biggest difference for me was not January, but pretty much when McCall arrived. Up to then we had Millar who looked a genuine goal threat. McCall arrived and he went off the boil, before leaving. Had we kept the Kenny Millar from pre McCall to the end of the season we would have been in much better shape.
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