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    Hope he recovers soon, not only for us or his football career, but his main job as a PT instructor which I’d imagine would be his main income. He’s a great guy who has always given his all for the club, wishing him a speedy recovery
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    You have a three month break from watching this insipid, slow and pedestrian brand of football from these full time players and then they pick up from where they left off. Our style of play is utter garbage.
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    On this day 100 years ago there was bad news for all Thistle fans, as it was pretty much confirmed in all the papers that Rangers were going to win the Scottish Cup tomorrow. Are they, aye? The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill part 16 →
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    Think Sena is getting a raw deal , young player starting out on his career, he’ll get better and PTFC will get a good price for him. I was a big critic of Liam Lindsay at one point because of the mistakes he was making but he learnt from them , hopefully Sena will be the same .
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    And so, to the last installment in our Scottish Cup story, capturing all the drama of Scottish Cup Final day in words and pictures. From beginning to end, tremendous energy and stamina were displayed by both sides; Thistle were trademark resolute and Rangers were frustrated. Meet the last two squad members; stand-in Watty Borthwick and goalscorer John Blair... eternal Partick Thistle legend! The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill part 17 →
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    Indeed AJ. Thanks for reading the update, it had to be done. "Plus ça change" as they say. And so, one hundred years ago tonight, it was surely time to settle this Semi Final tie, once and for all. Demonstrating “stamina of exceptional order”, Thistle were becoming the first team in history to play ten (legitimate) matches before the final. Take a bow Sandy Lister. Building up the record-breaking credentials, six clean-sheets had been registered in the campaign so far, Thistle “hanging on with bulldog tenacity when the fight was uphill”. It had taken three games against Hibs and three games against Motherwell. Now would be a very good time to complete the set by eliminating Hearts at the third time of asking! In part 15, we've got all the action from Ibrox, the post-match stories which developed, and we'll meet two giants of Partick Thistle history in Willie Bulloch and Jimmy McMullan. Enjoy! The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill part 15 →
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    Really feel for Squiddy who is a Thistle man through and through and a thoroughly decent man ...all the best for the future whatever it brings .
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    DD. Speaking as an archaeologist I've unearthed 8 consecutive league wins in Feb/Mar 2013. It's tough living in digs.
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    I believe we could have signed Tiffoney on a permanent deal but after discussions he told the manager "I think we're a loan now".
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    I've just noticed I started this thread over a year ago. There's no way I was thinking that it would still be going after all this time. I can't actually get my head round it. Football is important but it's not more important than life. Here's to all the jags fans who are no longer with us.
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    Round Three Standings Good round for jaf and Auld Jag Three players didn't make submissions for this round. With the selection process changing for the next round they are, unfortunately, out of the competition.
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    After Saturday and comments made about this young man, i thought it a good idea for any body to watch this video that may have not seen it first time round. Also worth watching again even if you did see it before. A young man who imo will play at a much higher level than he is doing at the moment. Let's hope it is with Thistle.
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    If you need an assistant I’m a wiz at PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets. Also after being on home office for nearly a year I’ve lost touch with reality so would be excellent for post defeat interviews. I believe I’m responsibly well know to the board through some of my posts on here being “gas-lit” by them so effectively it’s bringing someone in they know. I’m also willing to do this remotely from home here in Norway, just set up an enormous TV screen facing training pitch, a web cam facing pitch plus 8 Marshall speakers (that go up to 11) connected to TV screen and facing pitch so I can “get my message across”. Also owning a Gilet, a club tie and a baseball cap I have all the clothing requirements of a top jags assistant manager
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    Part 14 has all the Semi Final replay action, and our profiled players tonight are Tom Crichton & Matt Wilson. Giving the working man a slightly better chance of making the game, this was the only one of our Cup matches with an evening kick-off, proceedings getting underway at 5.15pm. In a micro-statistic which typified Thistle's year so far, Thistle had played Hearts three times in 1921, and had failed to find the net on each occasion. On the other hand, our defence had been breached only once, and from the penalty spot at that. The rain poured down at Ibrox as our Thistle grandfathers packed out the 'Bovril Shed' for the 4th time in 16 days, 90 mins away from a Scottish Cup final... The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill part 14 →
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    I think we'd struggle to get him on contract. A host of other clubs are after his cygneture. But maybe that's a mute point.
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    The lack of Thistle games confirmed to me just how little interest I have in any other Scottish teams and just how poor the standard of football is. Without my team to watch I've struggled to care about football at all and could completely see how if my club didn't exist I would completely give up on watching the game. Right now it just feels good to know there is a game to watch today. Hopefully I'll still feel so positive at the end of the game. I think we'll line up as follows: Wright McKenna-Sena-Brownlie-Foster Cardle-Gordon-Bannigan-Penrice MacIver-Graham However I would prefer to see a 4-3-3 with Erskine instead of MacIver. Also not convinced with McKenna at right back but replacing him with Foster would result in too many changes to a defence that was pretty solid and a starting eleven that was fairly consistent prior to the league being shut down.
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    The new site is up. New t shirts, hoodie, snoods & mug. Much easier to navigate. Now fully optimised for mobile devices. Send your order direct from the site. Let me know what you think.
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    On the 16th April, 1921, eleven men took to the field and defeated the Rangers by one to nil, thus securing the Scottish Cup for Partick Thistle. Campbell, Crichton & Bulloch; Harris, Wilson & Borthwick; Blair, Kinloch, Johnstone, McMenemy & Salisbury. "Now, what I think should happen is that people who support Thistle memorize these names, because these are people who are outstandingly important, and it should be part of the curriculum in Maryhill primary schools." (Robert Reid, April, 2021) You should listen to that man, he's very wise, used to be a head teacher you know. We're a' Robert Reid's bairns! Of course, there was more to it than those eleven could physically have managed, for the Thistle took an astonishing eleven matches to eventually secure the trophy, creating all sorts of unique records along the way. In total, 18 squad members contributed to the herculean struggle, almost wholly fought in the mud, wind and rain. These men are profiled in the stories herein, as well the two group leaders, George Easton (manager) and Sandy Lister (trainer). The pen pics in the story were written for The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill → and are slightly tweaked here to accommodate the single piece approach. They are listed in the order in which they appeared in that original story. Right then, pens and paper at the ready, children of Maryhill. Are we sitting comfortably? Good. Then we shall begin… The Class Of '21 →
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    Only us of a certain vintage appreciate this..
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    So Pele takes a bump on the head and is suffering concussion. The nurse has a look and reports to th doctor ‘he doesn’t know who he is’ and the doctor says ‘Tell him he’s Zak Rudden’
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    Orange and peach is the new red and yellow!
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    I don't think that as a Thistle fan I'll ever have a sense of entitlement, but this season of all seasons I did have a sense of expectation. This expectation came from: Trusting that each and every player would busting a gut in every game to get us back into the championship following the way we were treated last season. The fact that we have an experienced management threesome should be paying dividends on the park. We are a full time team in a predominately part time league which should give us an advantage. The size of our squad of players allowing us to rotate and keep the team fresh with everbody , in theory, fighting for a place in a winning team. The anger and frustration the fans feel comes from the fact that none of the above has had any bearing on our performances this season. What we anticipated would be a title challenging season has once again in true Thistle style has become an embarrassment.
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    It's a long time since I have been on the forum ,but I have had to ignore (block) a member for their total disrespect to fellow users
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    Bob Dinnie discovered Kris Doolan , Robert Dunn , Kenny Arthur and prior to his involvement at Firhill , Kenny Dalgleish and Robert Russell, and these are just the ones I can remember off the top off my head. He also ran the youth team at Firhill and had a number of players advance to the first team including Derek Lyle, Martin Lauchlan, Jamie McKenzie, Willie Howie & Liam McVey. On a Saturday afternoon he and Alex Robertson were away scouting for the first team usually taking in a minimum of two games so regardless of what Google says Bob Dinnie did provide numerous players for the first team!
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    I've generally been supportive of McCall and part of that was in general his post match comments tend to be fairly open and honest. I was expecting after last nights shambles for McCall to come out and say he made a mistake and shouldn't have rested so many. Instead his excuse seems to 2 players were carrying a knock so why make 5 changes? The only 2 that didn't appear last night were Wright and Foster so if Tiffoney, Graham and Brownlie were fit why not start them? If Foster and Wright were carrying knocks why were they on the bench? Does't make a lot of sense The second part of his reasoning was to see MacIver and Rudden together. The chance to rest players and experiment is the cup game this weekend not a league game. Also don't understand why he had to put Brownlie on. The back 4 minus Penrice wasn't great but our problems lay elsewhere with Rudden (non-exsistant), MacIver (wasteful) and Docherty (rusty). Wasting a sub on Brownlie for Sena cost us when Erskine pulled up. I'm not against the manager trying out formations but when he gets it wrong he should have held his hand up. If he had I would have begrudgingly accepted that. Last night was in football parliance and in my opinion a "yellow card" for McCall. Do the same again and its a "Red".
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    That rabble (I'll exclude a certain few) of a squad have been getting away absolute murder all season. What utter guff that was, yet again at home. 2 wins from 7 games at home is absolutely unacceptable and nothing short of a disgrace.
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    And so, 100 years ago today, it was time for the biggest game in Thistle's 46-year-old history so far. In the last four of the Scottish Cup, it's Partick Thistle, first-time semi-finalists, versus Heart of Midlothian, 4-times winners in 1891, 1896, 1901 and 1906. Read the story of the game, played in a hurricane at Ibrox, and meet the legend that is Kenny Campbell: “I have never yet met a player whose heart did not yearn for the position of being able to say that he was one of the team which won the highest honour in the land.” The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill part 13 →
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    A tub fell on my foot 10 days ago, I can't believe it's not better.
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    Standings after Round 2 Great round for the underdogs
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    When relatives get in touch, it's truly amazing what tales lie behind some of our Jagsmen, and the story of Bert Haugh certainly falls into that category. An international man of some mystery, Bert was very much a man of the people who fearlessly walked a rockier path for a greater good, in spite of the F.B.I. His legacy prevails. Don't miss Bert Haugh - The Red Jag →
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    Agree with your post , McCall hasn’t built a team you would want to go and watch , only the die hard support will continue to follow. If you rewind to when Jackie Mac built his team full of young , enthusiastic players who wanted to do well and make a name for themselves in the game , that should have been the template this time again , not a side filled with journey man pros on their last legs .
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    Alloa relegated. Enjoy Mike Mulraney.
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    A big thank you to everybody that made this thread possible. From the family members of Thistle players of the time to everybody @The Thistle Archive and also @East Kent Jag II,this thread has been fascinating and insightful. A great way to celebrate and commemorate the players who were involved in the 11 games that ended with us bringing the Scottish cup to Maryhill. All Thistle fans know what happened in 1921 and also 1971, in fact some of us auld yins were at the 1971 league cup final. But some of the stories from the 1921 Scottish cup squad most of us would never have heard. Who knew that a Rangers players knicker elastic might have helped Thistle win the cup. The reporting of the day was also a bit different from current reports, although just like 1971 we upset the odds to win the 1921 Scottish cup. The virtual medals are also a great idea.
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    We have failed. Archies remit was to win promotion-failed and fired. Caldwells remit was to win promotion- Avoided relegation by 1 game. Failed and carried on Caldwells remit was again to win promotion- Failed eventually fired McCalls remit was to win promotion- We got relegated he was kept on McCalls remit was to win promotion- We are failing and are odds on to fail. Board announced a training ground named it after McParland and told him and his family on his death bed and announced to the world - Never materialized so failed. 3BC stated ground would be handed over to fans immediately in December 2019 - 15 months later we don’t have it they failed. 3BC stated fans would own the club ASAP - 15 months later still haven’t handed it over - Failed Announcing our legendary striker on his testimonial season is being released on social media before he’s had a chance to tell his family- Failure Its a catalogue of failures since we came down from premiership, coming down wasn’t a failure as such as our size and finances it was due to happen soon, but since then and with Gerry and others at the helm it’s been a shambles. Press releases having to be retracted due to threats of legal action from balloon heids ex club for false information, toys out the pram “poor us” press statements when it didn’t go our way, jobs for the boys with Rough, Britton etc. We have blamed everything from COVID to other clubs for our failure last without looking internally at the common theme. Bad leadership with no clear direction
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    The donkey in the field behind us has just complained because I compared him to Rudden
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    I’ve had to turn it off. I can’t handle this shit show. Just where do we go from here can’t really get rid of the management team, the 3 man full time management team who are out there getting pumped off a bunch of lads who where all at work today. This is as bad as it gets now
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    Yes. He could be as important as Scott mcdonald was. But of course he has less time to make the same impact. incredible that we are relying on a signing who seems to have been an afterthought!!
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    Should really ban Bobby Houston from the forum , a total clown. Sat with Bobby Dinnie at a PTFC dinner , absolute gentleman and one of our legends. Extremely humble considering what he had achieved in the game . Think we can add Chris Erskine to that list as well !
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    To cheer us up. I never get tired of watching this.
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    Not really fussed about this one. Would have been useful for giving a few players some game time. But we've already done that at the expense of 2 points.
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    The manager picks and trains a team (or should) that should mean he is in charge of recruitment. Not a DoF. Too many examples of DoF not respecting the managers wishes and imposing their players and their beliefs onto a manager who ultimately carry’s the can for failure, they get fired not the DoF. Hearts, Celtic, St Mirren, Livingston are all recent examples of it failing. I know not of one in Scotland where it works. Scouting network is key, decent coaching (fitness, tactics, motivation), and a good manager is all we need, anything else is another layer of unaccountability and will end up another job for the boys.
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    You know things are going badly when we're starting to reminisce about the Caldwell era.
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    Bought ever game on PPV this season. The club will not get a single penny more from me. I'm utterly scunnered at this club from top to bottom. McCall, Scally, and their wee pathetic sidekick Archibald should hang their heads in shame. Outfought and outplayed by a bunch of boys who were working a 9-5 today.
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    Highlights from yesterday. https://www.airdriefc.com/dtv2021/270321
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    I have high hopes for Tiffoney being this seasons equivalent to what Scott McDonald did for us
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    Clueless McCall, Scally, and Abject Archie don't have a brain cell between them. No idea who out best 11 are.
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    Remember the old days of the forum match report? I was on duty for Alan Archibald’s testimonial game against Liverpool (the one in which Nathan Eccleston & Chris Erskine scored in a 1-1 draw). I noticed that Liverpool had a substitute called “Flora” and was delighted when he was introduced into the game to give me the line: ”Liverpool brought on Flora to spread the play”.
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    Took a couple of readings an hour ago. As yet no green or red flashing lights to indicate any imminent changes. Buzzometer reading 7 Boozometer reading 6
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