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    I know a lot will disagree because of the way his tenure as manager ended, but for me it is Archibald. He got us promoted, was unbeaten in the league after he took over. Kept us in the Premier league for 5 seasons and finished 6th, our highest league position for over 35 years. I know it all went wrong the last season and a bit, but i don't think that should detract from what he achieved before that.
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    As we approach Remembrance Day 2021, we pay our respects... In 1914 and 1939, when the nation needed men and women to serve in the country’s armed forces, football players were among those who volunteered. Partick Thistle FC were one of the many clubs whose players and former players became soldiers, sailors and airmen, and not all of them came home. This is a record of those Jagsmen who paid the ultimate price serving their country. They are listed by war & alphabetical order, with a short introduction outlining their club career, and then information on their war service. ... to The Partick Thistle Fallen →
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    Can only second what everybody else has said. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.
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    Days like today is why I love this football club. Get it right up Tommy Wright and the tractor driving hordes - you are a bolt short of a functioning engine. Well done to the players and the management for today's result. And to every Jags fan tonight - may those beers taste good well into the night!!
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    Club record of six consecutive clean sheets. Fantastic boys.
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    No matter what sect, creed colour,religion they were, those who fell in ALL wars " We shall remember them".
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    https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/19762365.mccall-expects-key-thistle-trio-sign-contract-extensions-within-days/ Would be great if these 3 all signed extensions.
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    I’m sure that wee Bertie will be smoking on a celestial cigar as that was a typical Bertie performance. I really think that his time at Firhill, attracted a lot of what was in my view decidedly unwarranted criticism. In my opinion he definitely merited being mentioned in the same breath as Lambie and MacParland and that is no that bad company he’s keeping!
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    It's not Motherwell, it's the authorities (SFA/UEFA/FIFA). It is to stop teams abusing the transfer windows. Lets say Real Madrid were impressed by Zak and wanted to sign him immediately. They could pay Thistle to release him, then sign him as a free agent. The player registration rules are there to prevent that and ensure that a player is registered to a club for the entire window.. Besides, there is nothing to prevent Stevie from making a living in a coaching or back room capacity, just not as a player. It is very irregular for this sort of situation to arise and suggests some sort of gross misconduct. There should be great, big, red, warning flags waving in the face of any potential employer.
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    We should ditch playing rudden and Graham together and play one striker with two wide players on either side……yesterday there were endless long balls from McKenna missing the midfield to the strikers which 99% of the time just gave the ball away …..we needed to play more through midfield
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    Understatement of the century. Don't think I've seen a referee's bottle crash so many times in one half of football. Absolute shitebag.
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    Waiting for Bobby Houston to reply.
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    Ayr United site has highlights up. https://ayrunitedfc.co.uk/black-white-tv
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    No comment: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/virtual-50-50-draw-results-13th-november-2021/
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    Welcome back. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/paul-mcdonald-returns-to-firhill-as-new-thistle-weir-youth-academy-director/
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    Who was hosting that draw. “CLYDEBANK CAME FROM BEHIND TO BEAT CLYDE 2-0” Eh!
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    I'll put this here as it's from another cup tie in this round. Niang scores two very good goals against Bonnyrigg. The first shows some great improvisation from a corner, the second he starts and finishes a quick break. (About 1.30 in and right at the end of the highlights).
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    MY NEW FAVOURITE FOOTBALL TEAM!!!! Partick Thistle v Dunfermline, Scottish Cup - YouTube Well done to all the fans in the JL Stand. Great to see we have a young support in there to serve Thistle well into the future. Up The Jags.
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    Especially if he us a goalie. Lol
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    Oh! and a shout out to all those driving home last night, especially the further east your journey. Some Pars fans in particular would've faced a nightmare trip Where I stay (in Clackmannanshire) it took me over 2 hours to do the final part of my journey. That's normally a 10 min drive. Trees and power cables were down all over the shop and I had two real narrow escapes. I sincerely hope everyone made it home. Horrendous conditions.
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    Good to see the Hamilton fans stand and applaud during the minute tribute for Paul Kelly.
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    To be completely honest I'd be more impressed if they were hugging each other
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    I wonder after that game whether rudden and Graham are too similar to be played together …..they were both played as target men today and we were better when we changed the front pairing
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    Didnt play well but cant complain with 3 points and another clean sheet.
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    shall we just set up a direct debit to your good self Basil?!
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    RIP, Bertie. One of the triumvirate of great Jags managers. More than that, a great wee fella.
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    Great memories of following Thistle when Bertie was our manager. For me the mid to late 70s was the best Thistle team I ever saw. Such sad news, RIP Bertie.
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    RIP Bertie. Loved the guy.
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    After what seems like years of suffering at the hands of Ayr United how good does it feel to totally pump them the last twice
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    How about stop McCall spouting hot air. Artic would be refrozen within weeks.
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    Seems Colin Weirs legacy (Through input from 3BC) helped balance the books. One other thank you to him. We just need to ensure going forward we have enough spare for these unplanned incidents
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    Some good runs from Tiffoney and Murray but somehow we are not playing joined up football up front. Too many through balls being overhit on the strange surface.
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    Just on to not make a prediction. It's working well. Up the Jags.
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    It’s what @Auld Jag would wear
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    Doc got the goal, cracker from the edge of the box
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    IIRC it was Bobby McCulley. (Eh??)
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    With the budgets Archie got, he should have done better. His dealings in the market were suspect. He brought a lot of utter dross to Firhill.
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    I agree McNamara presently and that the team he (with McCall’s help) built was better than the present team but if McCall gets us promotion this year, you must surely appreciate that this would be a massive achievement.
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    Brilliant concert. Brilliant weekend. Four pints of Guinness at the airport for breakfast. A minging kebab at 2 o'clock in the morning. Who else remembers that. Took me back.
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    The German teams have things sussed. I was able to buy tickets for a Hertha Berlin game online from Scotland and on arrival everything (including the stadium beers) ran smoothly.
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    Nice that we made a small profit although turnover fell from 2.66m to 1.48m.
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    Watched a few bits on YouTube including a piece from Footy Adventures that was quite interesting. He goes round the grounds and seems to support the home team mostly. TOP OF THE LEAGUE BUT BOOS AT FULL TIME?!?!? Kilmarnock v Partick Thistle - YouTube Also watched Tommy Wrights' take on things. I suppose he's there to talk about his own team and maybe he's right to only do that but I feel other managers give a nod to the opposition. He certainly doesn't ever seem to. I guess that makes it even more enjoyable beating them.
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    On this forum? Damn right we are a big club.
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    What an utterly ridiculous post!!!!
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    Well done David (and some other guy): https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/50-50-draw-results-6th-november-2021/
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    Rudden was outstanding today!!