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    That's £10 into the Fund for the Jags! I refuse to subsidise Cove Rangers!
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    Up to you how to spend your money. I would say give the money to the Thistle go fund me .
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    What is going on with Lyons ? A player who was a standout in league 1 last season, scored 10 goals in 26 league games. Just the type of player we need and his time on the park has been very limited. I know we were told a few weeks ago his fitness was not up to the mark, but surely we have sorted that out now.
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    Was involved in a Zoom call yesterday. Long and short: (a) the Working Group is a serious group of people (b) their pitch can be a wee bit sentimental, but I get that they'll engage 3 fans for every fan that finds it a bit twee (c) they've clearly been doing some serious work on the corporate governance side with the Club (d) they've been taking preliminary decisions which won't all be popular but which are, in terms of ensuring the Club has options in the future, are extremely sensible (e) the extent of the work they and the 3BC lawyers especially seem to have done now re-enforces how laughable the original timescale of three months was (f) it's not going to be a quick process, and will probably be driven more by the winding-up of Colin Weir's estate than anything else, but realistically the transfer is the only show in town now (g) main obstacles to making a success of this are engagement levels and (longer-term) alternative revenue streams (h) people need to be patient in the transition: it's not realistic to expect the fanbase to replace the existing expertise and corporate structures overnight. If fan ownership is to work, it requires the current Club board to have a role and even if you think they've been a bit shit at times, try not to lose sight of the bigger picture.
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    Everyone at The Thistle Archive is pleased to support Phil's excellent RedYellow.org fan merchandise initiative. With all profits donated to PTFC, it's a win-win with Christmas coming up and a great product range on offer. The footer of every page at The Thistle Archive now has a handy link through to the shop. 'mon the Jags!
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    That was the best Scotland performance in years. Only complaint was they didn't win more comfortably. Total sucker punch at the end. Great to see Scotland players having a real pride in playing for their country. Well done, totally deserved.
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    Hi all I am putting my head above the parapet here. Myself and one other WG member are facilitating these Zoom calls. These will shortly be replaced by something designed to reach a wider audience more quickly. We have really welcomed the feedback that we have received on these calls to date, which goes far beyond what is mentioned in the programme. The programme works to a very early deadline, and another WG member has responsibility for that and so updates from those sessions have not all filtered through yet. The next calls are likely to be next week (with invites to go out shortly), and if anyone wishes to be included, I would be very happy to add you to the invite list. (PM me on here or send the WG email address an email). All are genuinely welcome - and I can promise carbon neutrality, not for profit, and board diversity are unlikely to be mentioned unless they are a burning issue for you! I know there is a scepticism about all of this for many reasons but this is a genuine reaching out to attempt to share the plans of substance with you, and I hope you can engage with it. The point of the consultation is to get the input of you all. Some of us are seriously passionate about that. Finally, I am sure there are many many more enjoyable ways to find that 15 mins of fame, AFK, I can assure you! Sandy
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    Can see this finishing 2-2. Falling too deep again.
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-54830945 https://donateaticket.com/donate/maryhill-fc/ saw this on the bbc site in case anyone fancied helping out our neighbours or their local non-league team with a few quid. Tthe SPFL teams can take a flying **** to themselves tho...
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    Sorry to disagree lib. I feel if we are serious about getting out of this league first time of asking, we need to win our home games.With us losing our first 2 away games this also puts pressure on us getting 3 points at home. Also if we are serious about promotion this season our away form has to improve and improve quickly. All of these factors even more important in that if we do complete the season there is only 27 games, also it is not unreasonable to think the season could end even sooner than the 27 game season that is planned. We need to get points on the board sooner rather than later. If the last 3 seasons has taught us nothing else, it has taught us that a poor/slow start is very costly.
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    Oh but it could. A lot of similarities between McCall and Archibald’s squads. No pace Little creativity Lack of goals Leaky defence Ultra cautious defensive line ups Tippy tappy side to side rubbish McCall goes - the 2 assistants go. Has to be.
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    Montrose FC getting hee haw from today. Money spent on HT draw tickets at Firhill.
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    Now over 60k. Great effort from everyone involved. Well done.!
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    I had a zoom call tonight, answered a lot of my questions and quelled my concerns. I’d encourage you to reach out yourselves for a call
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    Hi all The purpose of the initial calls was to make sure any recurring messages were captured in the wider consultation, to make that as useful as possible. We do not expect to engage with everyone through a series of calls with 6 people a time! There will be a final round of these calls next week, and after that a wider consultation will be launched to a wider audience by a different medium than Zoom call. As I have said before, feel free to PM me on here and I am very happy to have you included on those calls. If not, you should have greater substance available to you soon for you to consider. Sandy
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    I'm grateful for this. The Archive guys contacted me this week with this very kind offer. I was genuinely touched. It's a great idea that Partick Thistle fans online initiatives should support one another. The Thistle Archive is a fantastic resource for all Jags fans, mind-boggling I its scope. I tip my hat and will be putting links to the site on RedYellow.org this weekend. Once again big thanks to The Archive Four. Now, into this mob Thistle!
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    Brilliant result and great to see guys like O'Donnell, Dykes and Gallagher be such a major part of the success. Guys like those have had to work their way back from the footballing scrap heap and deserve their chance. Such a refreshing change from the Fergusons and McGregors of this world who turned up when they wanted and played their own game. Watched Dykes playing for QOS against us and I'm amazed at the transformation in him. Couldn't believe Livingston took him into the premier league far less that he would be an international striker making international defenders look silly. It puts paid to the idea that you need to be in EPL or playing for the old firm to be a success at international football and that there is no talent in the lower Scottish leagues. You need a manager that organises and selects a team based on what will work best and players who do the job they are asked. Other managers would have dropped O'Donnell, Dykes and Gallagher in favour of playing Palmer, McKenna, McBurnie or Cooper as they are percieved as playing at a higher level. Perhaps that ethos stems from having a manager who has himself came from a provincial club having previously being in the managerial wilderness. Full credit to Steve Clarke. He's got us organised, looks like he's solved the Tierney and Robertson conundrum and created an atmosphere that players will do what is asked just to be part of it. We might lose every game at the finals but its infinetly better than not being there. Special mention to Ryan Christie. The goal was good but his post match interview was the encapsulation of 22 years of watching Scotland. Tears, snotters and for once absolute joy.
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    A lot of football clubs produce a Christmas Jumper. Not Thistle. Today, I'm righting a wrong.
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    Sure, but for today, the win is more important than the performance. A good performance will come if we start winning
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    I honestly don’t know how much more of this I can take. To say I’m scunnered and embarrassed is an understatement. Iv backed the club financially throughout the summer (season tickets,merchandise,centenary fund etc) and now I’m starting to think they’ve seen me coming. What’s seriously concerning me is how NOTHING has changed since our relegation season from premiership. Different manager, different players but same old toothless team of sh1tebags taking the field on a Saturday. I like mccall and I was delighted when he was appointed but he’s fast running out of time to get this right.
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    What's your actual problem with the chairwoman? Give me some actual reasons? Backing managers in the transfer market, appointing a manager with a good track record that the majority of fans were behind, I think McCall's times up but the demise is not the chairwomans fault. To be honest it all began around the time Maxwell left. Blame the players, full time in a part time league, and the old pals act management team, but from what I can see the ' chairwoman' has provided funds, backed managers and has thistle at heart and is way down the list of people to blame for the club's current position
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    Apart from that Mrs Lincoln how was your evening?
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    I understand the SPFL and SFA have a rule that kick off times will only be changed when Sky or another TV broadcaster decides they are televising the game or when they can inconvenience and piss off fans. Similar rule applies when arranging fixtures around the festive period 'no club will have an away fixture less than 100 miles from their home ground unless there is restricted public transport where the minimum travel will be 200 miles.
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    The 3 pm kick-off gives players time to sober up.
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    Walk past Firhill on Saturday morning and you may find yourself in the squad, be careful though your likely to get injured and miss your work on Monday
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    We need a third assistant manager to get to the bottom of it
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    I agree with your comments except for the last sentence. McCall has already admitted he made decisions to bring in a number of players to improve the quality of player and the balance of the squad. He also stated his planning was based on completing a full season because he knew it would take time for the team to gel given the number of changes he made. By all accounts the team performances improved in the last 3 matchless v Alloa, QOS and Dunfermline and but for a shocking refereeing decision we probably would have beaten QOS. On the basis of how we played in these games I am confident we would have not relegated had the season been completed. McCall was caught out by the early ending of the season and as a result we were demoted. Is he still the man for the job. I think he is and should be given this season to prove it.
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    We were relegated because we were bottom of the league. If we hadn't been bottom, we wouldn't have been relegated. I'm on planet reality, not planet chip on my shoulder. Why were we bottom of the league ? Because of McCall's atrocious record, despite having been financially backed by the board. It is 100% McCall's fault that we are where we are. For the record, 11 wins in 35 games - 31.43% win ratio This season, 2 wins in 8 games - 25% win ratio. He is not going to turn this around. It's getting worse. Question .... Does anyone think that McCall is the right man for the job ?
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    I love the idea that McCall reckons he could put out a weakened side. Holding the Big Guns back for the the home game against East Fife perhaps?
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    Oh for a Willie in our current team! No plays on the name please-keep it clean. 7 in the list, including the top 2, which includes you know who.... I remember quite a few on the list. Kris, Dave McParland, Tommy Ewing, Coulston and Bone, Joe Craig ,& not forgetting one of my favourite Jags, Dougie Somner. Good work!
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    The list of recurring themes is just a number of aspirational aims. Not for profit can, as recent posts have shown, mean any number of things, & should have been properly outlined. The diversity of any future board, and becoming carbon neutral are peripheral issues, & just detract from reality and the prime function of the club, ie. to be successful on the pitch. If someone thinks its a good wheeze to put out this rubbish & the success is having issues "discussed", then they don't realise that we're fast running out of time to escape from League 1, and short term success is much more relevant at this time. Whoever has written this , my reply is simply "grow up now!" I should have added that the whole statement comes across as an exercise in intellectual arrogance.
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    This is painful reading - but completely consistent with Jacqui Thistle Football Club. Using the club as a vehicle for whatever social issue is the flavour of the month. So here is the inconvenient reality for the working group. Unless every single person interviewed was a tofu-eating non-binary vegan, this is not what football fans want! Like it or lump it, >75% of our paying core-support will still be working class men between 18-65 who don't care about this utter sh!te! They just want a team on the park that will win games of football. They want to see the most competent people in the boardroom regardless of whether they are diverse or not. They want to see the club make money so we can compete in the Premiership again. So if the working group really think this is a good idea, they should go join Greenpeace or something, but this isn't a business plan for a successful football club. But then again, I don't think they really want to be a successful football club. I don't think I have ever been so close to just chucking it with Thistle; and this garbage doesn't help. With Jacqui and Roughy back at the top of the management structure, we should just knock the fan ownership thing on the head. Was a nice idea, but these things always seem to be co-opted by the zoomers and ideologues.
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    Just never liked the smell and i also seen how alcohol changed some people and not for the best either. I have managed without it all these years, no need for it now. But i will raise a virtual glass to you and everybody else with Thistle connections. Lets hope the better times are just around the corner.
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    The sooner we realise we're in league one playing mostly part-timers then maybe we will get back to basics. Straight forward 4-4-2 with two wingers. Between the apparently 'undroppable' Banzo and Docherty, one of them need to get forward to support the attack. The slow pedestrian nature of the two kills our move before it even gets started. Its goals you need to win games and its goals we have struggled with this year. Anything other than a win and we can forget winning the league, simple as that
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    Well if nobody gets involved we get the statue quo. Like it or not the controlling share holding is passing to the fan's group.
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    Whatever Jacqui Low has done or not done for our Club , at this moment it is diverting attention from what is happening on the park . McCall and before him Caldwell, even though they have been backed financially have done nothing to build the foundations back on the football side . There seems to be no template on what path we are going ( an example yesterday being Motherwell had 8 Academy players in their squad ) What is the point of PTFC having an Academy? I thought Ian McCall had the nous to build us a young exciting team especially with the resources he had in comparison to the other part time teams in the 3 rd tier of Scottish Football. Looking at our squad just now , there isn’t any chance of that happening. On the football side, it’s totally down to Ian McCall .
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    Bannigan was finished at least 2 years ago, but still gets contracts handed to him. He has been a wage thief since he was awarded new contracts from his inhury.
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    Totally agree that there is a rot in the club from the chairwoman down. So before we go changing the manager we get rid of the Chairwoman and the Chief Exec? Loved Gerry as a play but his tenure as chief exce coincides with our downwards spiral. If the Chairwoman and him were picking our next manager then what chance do we have? Still believe McCall can get this right but I think he needs to look at being more hard nosed and cutting some deadwood from his coaching team. He also needs to drop a couple of 'names' such as Bannigan to get across the point that losing isn't acceptable. From the team selection today we had no one on the park with any pace or creativity which made sense given the conditions but with 15 minutes to go and the score still level why not put on Lyons, Murray or Cardle to see if we could nick a goal?
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    Guys that have been picking a wage up like banzo should be taking a good look at themselves too
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    Absolutely gutted after that. Like most people I want McCall to succeed as that means Thistle are winning but he is making it really hard for people to make a strong case for him continuing if results and performances don't turn around ASAP.
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    Theres been plenty of time since Caldwell to turn things around. They've been financially backed by the board and we're even worse off than last season. We needed to build a new team starting with a keeper and central defence which have been a problem for years but we're going backwards from what I can see. Darren Young East Fife maybe- something to give a bit of drive and life back to the club
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    Yes! This guy gets it. Probably the least successful professional club in Scotland with two pathetic national titles to our name. We celebrate failure. But "at least we ur no the old furm"
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    This club is a shambles from top to bottom. From the deluded incompetents running and ruining the Club to the absolute garbage footballers with no bottle. We must be the only Club in Scotland who reward failure. A continuous losing mentality. Half of those wasters are those who got us relegated last season. But it doesn't matter, it was 50 years ago we beat Celtic in the League Cup.
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    From BBC site : "Dundee United owner Mark Ogren has called for financial support from the Scottish government, as the club talks with players and staff about wage cuts." Bit of a cheek, no? surely they should "just take the medicine"?
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    Am I the only one who doesn't want any club to collapse ? Employees made redundant and suppliers out of pocket is not good for anyone.
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    you're very welcome ya plamph