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  1. If you were a scout worth anywhere near your weight in salt and you were looking at Rudden tonight you'd probably decide you'd be better spending your money on Banzo.
  2. Ayr United site has highlights up. https://ayrunitedfc.co.uk/black-white-tv
  3. Not good enough. Poor poor first half. Looked like a schoolyard kick about with 20 guys chasing the ball. No cover in defence, silly mistakes, heart stopping moments of ineptitude. Up front there's no one to just toe poke the ball in through a crowded penalty area. Some total sitters missed. Poor quality football.Who would ever have thought a 2-2 draw with a last minute equaliser could be un-entertaining?
  4. Team looks to have a complete crisis of confidence from front to back. Defenders can't defend and forwards can't score and they're all running around like headless chickens.
  5. I've just noticed I started this thread over a year ago. There's no way I was thinking that it would still be going after all this time. I can't actually get my head round it. Football is important but it's not more important than life. Here's to all the jags fans who are no longer with us.
  6. Looks like it's £10 for Queens Park game- no mention of any freebies for season ticket holders (as for instance St Mirren are doing). https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/streaming-update-2/?fbclid=IwAR2rCEy0Z1Ny6pSkYOTeykqu2uoUDjHkb9YIw38OntNuBJWt800gYdYvf5E
  7. £10 to watch game is probably just too much for many to watch on the telly especially for Betfred game. Psychologically a price in single figures might have gotten a better uptake.
  8. Eventually sorted, Issue is Flat number. Website recently updated, now a bit picky about checking your address. It has to be exact same as registered to card and if flat number is included it must be in the same order as your bank has it. In my case - Flat No, Main address - and not as I had it with main address first. They're going to make it clearer on website.
  9. Given up trying. 2 different credit cards, 3 different browsers, a lap top and a phone. Payment always fails. Happened to my mate as well. Nothing up with the cards (for instance have used one to contribute to the GoFund page). Written to office twice now, no reply.
  10. Anybody else having problems buying 50/50 tickets this week? Get to the end of the process and it says it fails every time. Used my credit card online for a couple of things after that with no problems whatsoever.
  11. So, never having won anything on this before... how do you get your winnings?
  12. Terrible time for some of those footballers let go at the moment. I don't suppose amy teams in Scotland will be in a hurry to sign people up (especially in lower leagues) while there is such uncertainty.
  13. When do we think the club will make announcements on those being let go? (Edited: ignore this as I've just noticed a separate thread on this subject)
  14. Well. I didn't think when I first started this thread we'd still be at it 100+ pages later.
  15. Good for you. My first season ticket was a wee folded bit of card, I wish they still were like that and I wished I'd kept my original one.
  16. I doubt if you'll get any physical ticket as it's all about the app these days.
  17. I have just opened my season ticket app... just to look at it (sigh).
  18. Club say games behind closed doors after weekend, BBC say SPFL and SFA to meet government at some point-nothing decided yet. Club being pragmatic or jumping the gun?
  19. 'No plans yet to cancel Scottish games'. Despite government saying all 500+ events should be cancelled! Bloody shameful SFA, some things more important than football and cashflow.
  20. So, what happens if they shut down the season because of COVID 19? Three options Games played behind closed doors (televised?). Games played after emergency over. (Probably mean running into the summer) Just stop league now, maybe finish cup games later (we're relegated) Any other options?
  21. Still the best we've played all season. We're talking a very low bar here.
  22. Best we've played all season, but even at that the old faults come back to haunt us. Inability to defend corners and unable to turn pressure into goals. Tommy Robson was stickout mom for me. We're getting better, but is it too late?