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  1. Hope you don’t mind but I’ve just uploaded these heavenly clips to Twitter. Fantastic footage. Thanks so much for capturing them!
  2. If nobody claims it, can I have 1st prize? My number was 86563!!! AAAARGGGGHHHH!!!!
  3. I thought the ref kind of added to the excitement of the game. it was a barmy performance with no bias whatsoever. What a great game to see.
  4. I spoke to a Falkirk fan today and your post is all spot on. It's all very worrying indeed!
  5. I got in touch with a pal who drives trains. There are no works on that line scheduled and the train is running as normal.
  6. He played the ball. And he's not a Fecking clown. So, therefore I would like to disagree with your comments.
  7. Did anyone going to this ever get an itinerary through. The chap at Firhill said it would be emailed over, but I never heard anything at all. I assume its 2.30pm start, but that's all I know!
  8. Big Dave

    Cerny's Save

    Seriously, this was incredible. I stand about 6 rows back from that post in the Northy, and as my brain had registered a goal for Motherwell, suddenly it was cleared. It looked as if it was over the line ,but it wasn't. A hand clawed it out from under the post. The pace on the ball was only saying Goal, so to see it somehow pushed to safety was absolutely unreal. Best save I've ever seen in 44 years of following The Jags!
  9. That's a great tribute to Robert. Thanks for posting the link.
  10. My thoughts are with Robert's family. Over on the Facebook forum there are some lovely messages about this fine Jag.
  11. Thanks. Looking forward to this. Hope there's a good turnout.