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  1. I was worried the crowd could drop below 2500 so I was pleasantly surprised by that yesterday. Hear the hospitality was at capacity which will have helped - how many does the Alan Rough lounge take these days?
  2. I'd change it up again. We were far more effective when on the offensive on Saturday. Drop Barton. McCarthy is a more than capable replacement from what I've seen. Bring in Storey up top to see what he can do from there, from the start. Sammon tightly alongside him. Lawless out for this one. I was critical of him on Twitter, much to the angst of many fellow Jags fans and Stevie himself who replied, politely asking me to "stay off the gear". I was merely pointing out that he ain't no wingback. Apart from the wee flick for the winner, I thought he toiled against some pretty ordinary opposition down that left hand side. Fair play for him sticking at it though (and for challenging me on social media!) Spittal changed the game and must start every week. His set pieces and deliveries are better than anyone else at the club. So, eleven for the game tonight; Cerny Nitransky Keown Devine Turnbull McGinn Spittal McCarthy Edwards Sammon Storey 2 - 0 Jags. Storey and Erskine (sub)
  3. Is there any truth in the rumours we've signed someone who can't actually play until January? I believe there is confusion over his registration. Pretty big gaffe by someone, if true. We could really do with him with so many games in quick succession.
  4. Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Hibs Kilmarnock Hearts Jags St. Johnstone Ross County Dundee Motherwell Hamilton
  5. Delighted to get Storey. He'll be a handful at this level, especially if the fans get on his side. Reminds me of Joe Cardle. Likely to blow very hot (and maybe very cold!). Cannot understand the negativity regarding Sammon. His goal-scoring exploits aren't great but he offers something different to what we already have. He was an Ireland internationalist as well! How many 'rejected' players have prospered at Firhill over the years? It's the Jags way!
  6. 2 goals v English Premiership, Aston Villa. He was only 18!
  7. Tuesday 19th and on the telly too. Means we get £21,500 extra TV money plus at least £60,000 for reaching QF in the first place. With gate receipts, that's a nice little earner, particularly on the back of Episode 1 on the Friday night.
  8. Very difficult to predict a lineup for this one, after the exertions of the last 4 days. Assuming the following players are fit, I'd go with; Cerny Elliott Keown Devine Turnbull Booth Edwards Osman Bannigan Erskine Doolan Subs: Scully Nitriansky Barton (might be too tired/luxurious) McCarthy Spittal (if fit) Lawless (too lightweight for this one) Nisbet (might be too tired to start)
  9. Celtic game will be postponed when we reach the Betfed Cup Final. We won't be talking about nightmare November then will we?!
  10. Just in. Special mention to the fans who travelled after the disappointment on Saturday. £18 as well. OUCH! Anyway, self gratification over. Nisbet terrorised their central defenders. They looked dangerous going forward but couldn't finish a fish supper. Second half, Nisbet continued to wreak havoc and Erskine began to control the tempo. Bursting forward when he could and slowed it right back down when needs be. Game management was markedly better than Saturday. Turnbull looked very, very comfortable and provides better distribution than anything else we have at centre back. Devine gives it away far too often for me. Edwards' goal was a beazer. Elliott continues to improve with every 90minutes he plays. A seasoned right back now. COULD THIS BE OUR YEAR?
  11. I'll be the first to admit it, after Saturday I had Kevin Nisbet pinned as the 'next John McGoldrick'. I was also at McDairmid tonight though and he was like a new signing. Strength, determination, movement, patience and guile. Shaughnessy and Anderson had no answers whatsoever. Gutted he couldn't find the net. Tried the spectacular a couple of times when a low drive might have proven effective enough. That'll come with games but you wonder how much game time he'll get when we sign another striker... Well done Kevin. Goes to show why I'd never make it as a football manager!
  12. Having had time to calm down a bit. Positives; Fantastic goal from Erskine. Movement, great passing, confidence and clinical in front of goal. Where has that been the last few seasons? Great stadium and atmosphere. Good advert for Scottish football. Top celebration. No idea who I was hugging down the front (some of the young team had just arrived). Negatives; Edinburgh's traffic The gulf in class (and budget) between the two sides Thistle's complete and utter naivety regarding gamesmanship in the modern era. We were done time and time again by Hibs' bullying, diving and general dictation of the entirety of the game (first 7 minutes excluded). The early (now regretful) promise I'd go to McDairmid on Tuesday night! Confirmation that Nisbet will, sadly, not make it as a Jags player.
  13. Cerny Elliott Devine Keown Booth Barton Osman Bannigan Spittal Erskine Doolan Subs: Scully Turnbull Penrice Edwards McCarthy Lawless Nisbet
  14. A quick look at 'Jambos Kickback' indicates that Archie is the man of choice on their fans' forum (if you exclude their ludicrous Michael O'Neill ideology). If they come up with the £150k or so I imagine it might take to release him from his contract, it's an attractive option for Archibald. Regardless of Levein's DOF role, he'll have a bigger budget, huge support and bigger shop window to work in. A wee win against their rivals on Saturday might add weight to his growing credentials.
  15. Our defence is solid and has definitely allowed us to hit some good form this season. However, if you watch the highlights, the breakaway from Erskine shows you the story of our season. Time and time again we do all the hard work, with the undoubted talent we have at our disposal, only for the final ball to let us down miserably (often embarrassingly). I've got no doubt Doolan would score even more often, if the delivery was half decent. He should be able to stay in the box, waiting for chances. Unfortunately, there aren't enough chances coming and he begins to drop deeper for scraps (certainly not his strength). Azeez's touches and hold up play were sublime on Saturday. The lack of support he had at times was frightening. I think we should do away with one of the defensive midfielders and go to five at the back with wing backs. I'd far rather see Edwards and AN Other in an attacking midfield role, with Osman behind them. Azeez and Doolan up front every week. PS. We also need to get more inventive with corners and free kicks as we are wretched at set plays.