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  1. Another memory was the kids (usually under 16) selling the first edition Saturday papers on a Friday night and seeing we had signed somebody in the football update part of the sport section (usually twenty words long). Then getting to the game the next day and hoping you could see who the player was during the warm up.
  2. Given that we’re getting close to the New Year and the weather has (albeit very slightly) started to get a bit colder and frostier, it got me thinking about what has gone from following football that we used to accept as part of ‘the experience’ in the past. Obviously, at the moment, watching it in a stadium is the big difference but hopefully (or maybe not!) we’ll get that back soon. So l mean the smaller, less headline grabbing parts of going to football that passed without mention. For me the one that disappeared without fanfare, and took place post the introduction of mobile phones and undersoil heating, was the game being called off as you walked up to Firhill on a Saturday. Having a stranger tell you the game was off (usually well after 2pm and with no way to independently check they weren’t at the sly) and having to believe them because they were going the other way and wearing a Thistle scarf, was a real leap of faith. And then the afternoon left wandering about because you had no football to go to and heading home just didn’t feel right. Anyone else got memories of less obvious things that used to happen at football (especially if it’s uniquely Thistle related) which they now only have as memories? Be good to hear them!
  3. Just got mine from Jamie Sneddon. Brilliant. Well worth the price of the calendar.
  4. Highlights from the Forfar website. Like them playing Local Hero at the start of the highlights.
  5. I don’t know if Jagszone showed this view of the penalty save, but it doesn’t look the greatest strike or follow up from this angle (although it didn’t look like a great strike at the time either). And that is the only fit striker we have missing both chances which is even more disappointing. Penalty save If we miss chances like this then l generally think we get what we deserve and yesterday that was only one point when it should have been three.
  6. I remember she used to have an advert with her surgery details in the programme. Also used to see her with a few old Labour (in age rather than political affiliation) councillors at the games. Very sad.
  7. Thought it was strange that when Lyons came on, Graham dropped back from playing as the target man. Most of our out balls from that point on where high and through the middle giving Lyons little chance of holding the ball up and coming straight back at us. I thought the sub should have been Niang to hold the midfield with probably Spittal going off.
  8. Anyone else get their programme for today’s game? I don’t mind that the actual product is smaller in size (A3 to A4 l think) but, man alive, how tiny is the print?!!! If you find small text a little bit difficult to read then this is going to be a challenge.
  9. Stream worked well for me. Our defence looked ok but Airdrie ran away from our players a few times which was worrying - especially when they picked it up in midfield and were coming onto us. Thought out keeper could have came and claimed a few of their long throws which would have helped my blood pressure at times. Glad we got a win.
  10. The highlights have the trialist listed as Charlie Reilly, young boy who played with Hamilton Accies https://www.hamiltonacciesfc.co.uk/contract-news-charlie-reilly/ They also listed Scott Fox as the keeper so not sure whether we had an interloper in goals or someone’s trying to jinx Sneddon!
  11. Ruben looks good in this compilation of clips...sorry, meant to say l think you can see him in this compilation of clips! A lot of this footage looks like how l imagine our livelink will be if it’s still no fans by the time we get to kickoff!
  12. Ok, l followed the Partick link and answered my own question. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partick_F.C. Who said the internet can be a place where you only learn what you are prepared to look for! Anyway, the story about Partick FC and us looks interesting.
  13. It's testament to how bored l am that l've started trawling Netflix for things to watch. Anyway The English Game, which is loosely based on history, features two Scottish players Fergus Sutar and James Love who leave Partick to join Darwen. The date of their move is 1878. Anybody know what (or who) the football team Partick are - is it us? And if it is, why do we not know more about the best players in the world at that time beginning their careers with us? Anyway, here's what they have on Wikipedia about Sutar https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fergus_Suter
  14. Just been watching the Gary Fraser goal against Dundee on the club's Twitter account and it got me thinking, why does it not happen for some players who really should go on to bigger things or at least do more than they ended up achieving? I know everyone has an opinion on why so and so didn't become the next big thing, and a lot of it has to do with variables like attitude + opportunity x big slice of luck. But has anyone had the chance to ask ex-players like Gary Fraser or Adam Strachan or Martin Laughlin or Mo Johnston (ok, he might be an exception) or any other number of names over the years why playing for us was the pinnacle of their achievements? And if you did, what did they say? Oh, and in case you didn't see it, here's the Fraser goal https://twitter.com/PartickThistle/status/1243135721000574984?s=19