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  1. Caley are a better team than us. Looked bigger, stronger, quicker and more creative than us and l thought we done well to hold onto them without causing them any real trouble. Pitch looked pretty sticky which doesn't help our game but that's more an observation than excuse. I was a bit puzzled that, given the subs we made that long balls continued to be hit but this time at smaller forwards . I know folk don't seem to rate him but l think MacIver has always looked good in the air when he has played and l thought he might have been a better sub than Murray however given we were never going to score it's probably a moot point. Be interested to see the penalty again, their shot that bounced on the goal line and the goal we scored from Ruddens cross.
  2. Well done Partickthedog. Not only did you give some good answers but you also managed to make this topic look less of a lonely place than it could have been! Answers and links are as follows: 1. Scott Tiffoney, Ross MacIver and Brian Graham 2. Thistle got beat 1-0 3. 2009 - Ian McCall (Thistle) Davy Irons (Morton) 2011 - Jackie Macnamara (Thistle) Allan Moore (Morton) 4. Twice 5. Morton finished seventh, eleven points behind Thistle
  3. Another chance to use the incredibly detailed (and interesting!) The Thistle Archive to prepare a few Morton related questions before tonight’s game. Which three current members of the Thistle team have spent time at Greenock Morton before joining us? John Lambie’s first game against Morton during his first management spell at Thistle took place on New Years Eve 1988 at Cappielow. What was the final score? Since 2009, we have twice beaten Morton 5-0 at Firhill; on 29 August 2009 and 30 September 2011. Who managed the teams for both matches? During his Thistle career, how many times did Alan Morgan score against Morton? The 1991/92 season ended in promotion to the Premier Division for Thistle as runners up to Dundee. In what place, and how many point behind the Jags, did Morton finish?
  4. Well done all who took part with, l think, Partickthedog probably doing the best. Answers and link to The Thistle Archive for more details are as follows: 1. Tommy Bryce (Thistle) and Dick Campbell (Pars) 2. Kyle Turner (one game Leon Jones is the second most recent) 3. 11 points (35 Thistle, 46 Pars) 4. Celtic, Wolves, Aberdeen, Falkirk 5. 1-0 defeat (Darren Young scored for Dunfermline) 1. http://thethistlearchive.wikidot.com/match-1999-01-23 2. http://thethistlearchive.wikidot.com/connections-dunfermline-athletic 3. http://thethistlearchive.wikidot.com/league-table-2002-03 4. http://thethistlearchive.wikidot.com/jackie-mcnamara 5. http://thethistlearchive.wikidot.com/jorge-cadete
  5. Was looking through the brilliant The Thistle Archive this evening and thought it might be fun to pull a few Dunfermline related questions together in advance of this weekends game. Anyway, here’s the questions - answers and memories of the games/personnel are also welcome! 1. Our last game v Dunfermline in the 20th Century was a 2-1 home loss in the third round of the Scottish Cup, taking place on 23 January 1999. But who were the managers for both teams that day? 2. Which current Thistle player is the most recent ex-Par to make it to Firhill? 3. The 2002/03 Premier League finished with Thistle avoiding relegation by ending tenth in the twelve team league. Dunfermline finished fifth, but how many more points did they manage to accumulate compared to us? 4. Between his spells as a Dunfermline and Partick Thistle player, what other four teams did Jackie McNamara play for? 5. Jorge Cadete played his last Thistle game on Saturday, 20 March 2004 away to Dunfermline. What was the final score in the match?
  6. Very similar to the Morton game. They had a bustling front man and a team that huffed and puffed but didn’t do much to trouble us. Did they even have a shot at goal? Thought players like Muirhead and McGinty looked really poor for them and l’m glad we’ve moved on from them and their ilk - our whole defence was better than players like that. I don’t think we’ll be at the top of the league this year but, having seen some teams like Ayr and Morton, we certainly won’t be at the bottom.
  7. Tickets bought. I’ve got family coming up from England and going with me to the game so this will be the highlight of our weekend. They usually go to games in the English Championship so it’ll be good to see how they compare the stadiums they normally visit with a day out at Gayfield
  8. Nice bit on Wikipedia which describes his style of play as follows: His Aberdeen manager Craig Brown said that he was, "a strong, gifted striker." and said that he played like Dennis Bergkamp but was built like Joe Harper.
  9. It must be tough when all you’ve ever wanted to be is a footballer and then you get released. Good luck Charlie, l hope you get a team.
  10. First to the bar gets the drinks in!
  11. A video of Kevin Holt from his time with Pafos FC. A few years old now, but gives a wee idea of how he plays.
  12. Brilliant that we managed to win the league. Also means that, of the four Scottish senior leagues, three were won by Glasgow clubs this year.
  13. Amazing how two late-ish goals can change a frustrating night into an enjoyable one. Amongst a number of strong individual performances last night, l though Stuart Bannigan had another excellent game. He has a lot of really good qualities which seem much easier to appreciate when the team aren’t struggling and are actually winning games. He’s also managed to cut out that stupid tacking which earned him a few needless bookings/red cards for a while when things were not going so well. I always see shades of how Danny Lennon played for us in Stuart. I just hope he manages to keep it going and we all get to experience that success of quickly rising through the divisions again!
  14. Highlights from yesterday. https://www.airdriefc.com/dtv2021/270321