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  1. Peter Lindau on loan from Ayr. The greatest Swedish player to ever represent a Glasgow team!
  2. Slightly longer highlights from the Kilmarnock website https://youtu.be/xlGeRZ7TBCg
  3. Match highlights from the Kelty Hearts YouTube page.
  4. I don’t mind Lawless. In our game against Dunfermline at Firhill towards the end of the season he was their most determined player and was central to everything positive they created. Saying that, l thought Bannigan marked him out of the game for the most part. If nothing else l think we have someone who is capable of being creative and doesn’t mind getting stuck in when need be. Given the wingers we had on loan last season that already puts him ahead of the game!
  5. Not sure how good Lawless has been since he signed for Dunfermline, but l thought Stuart Bannigan completely marked him out the game.
  6. I’m really enjoying these drawings and career summaries @denismcquadeno.eleven - thank you for doing this.
  7. That makes up for the three points Morton stole from Firhill a wee while back.
  8. The photos below give an idea of what happened. I thought at the time the Arbroath player was reckless but on seeing the highlights it looks like Turner caught him after he had tackled.
  9. It’s a small point but the Arbroath player who went off injured looked like he was making the kind of challenge that Bannigan used to get red carded for a few seasons back. From where l was it looked high, reckless and could have caused our player real damage if he had connected with him. I hope he’s ok but l’ll be interested to see it again on the match highlights.
  10. I filmed it from the Jackie Husband stand - not sure it’s any better for seeing what happened. IMG_8820.MOV
  11. The idea that because he didn’t face criminal prosecution somehow makes him innocent or negates his actions is a dubious defence. The number of rape cases which make it to Scottish courts are - and have been for years - pathetically low and it would seem that crimes of violence against women are generally poorly pursued by our system of justice. So the system has made it more difficult for, predominantly, men to be tried in a criminal court for the rape of women. All we know is that when the case was put in front of a judge, he was found guilty. It was not the victims fault that this was in a civil and not a criminal court.
  12. I find it hard to get annoyed about this. Having played most of his games for Thistle at a time when we couldn’t get in the ground to see him, l can’t say l have a massive attachment to him staying. If we can get another striker in then, all the best Zac, and we move on.
  13. We have no idea how to play against Arbroath. High balls getting to nobody up front, midfielders harried into mistakes, defenders struggling against to tall, physical strikers who run at and after everything. I don’t know if we have it in us to match Arbroaths strengths but we surely have better than what we’ve offered against them this season.
  14. Caley are a better team than us. Looked bigger, stronger, quicker and more creative than us and l thought we done well to hold onto them without causing them any real trouble. Pitch looked pretty sticky which doesn't help our game but that's more an observation than excuse. I was a bit puzzled that, given the subs we made that long balls continued to be hit but this time at smaller forwards . I know folk don't seem to rate him but l think MacIver has always looked good in the air when he has played and l thought he might have been a better sub than Murray however given we were never going to score it's probably a moot point. Be interested to see the penalty again, their shot that bounced on the goal line and the goal we scored from Ruddens cross.