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  1. I totally fail to understand it’s what those advocate changing our manager at this point in the season: hoe to realistically aches by it! I at have missed the shining star on Christmas Eve that should have allegedly the Three Wise Men(or indeed woman) to the dwelling of a latter day Lambie or McParland. Ipso facto, I cannot think of significantly better coach who could come in at short and work his magic. Mi analysis might be complete gibberish of course, but..:
  2. I’ll very reluctantly take a point due to been down to ten men for most pg th second-half . Wtf Rudden was doing!Bottom line, is that we’re decent at the back, competent in midfield but in the name of the wee man we’re absolutely pony up front: where we have precious few ides and don’t present much of a goal threat.
  3. Looked not nice ar all. As far as the football went the best side undoubtedly won.
  4. At football with each other! You really wouldn’t think so after this garbage.
  5. As it stands we are rank rottten! Passing is truly awful and to be honest I think that we’re more likely to give another goal away than we are to score.
  6. How many gmes of this ilk have we Jags fans had to watch over the years: having most of the play , no cutting edge and loss a crappy goal.
  7. And you don’t have to wait too long for that to happen.
  8. Thank goodness it’s going to be a truncated season and we don’t have to endure this mince for a complete season.
  9. How do we manage to find the same type of useless type of players year after year and with consummate ease. I’ll try and remain positive despite seeing this type of match literally hundreds of times!
  10. Ditto you couldn’t fcuking make it up could you?
  11. FFS it’ll depend on the situation viz. COVID-19, I frankly couldn’t give a toss about a game of football when there are poor buggers dying. Priorities people!
  12. I agree with most on here I think a win is the top priority. Last week, was eerily similar to many of our previous trips to Broadmoor. I didn’t even see the penalty because my stream kept stopping . Worse, my specs fell off and I never knew we were getting beat for 5/10 minutes! However, what I did see was the usual turgid p*sh that’s been served up by Thistle teams over the past few years. So anything less than a win today is simply unacceptable.
  13. So still the same useless Bluenose that he always was.