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  1. I’m sure that wee Bertie will be smoking on a celestial cigar as that was a typical Bertie performance. I really think that his time at Firhill, attracted a lot of what was in my view decidedly unwarranted criticism. In my opinion he definitely merited being mentioned in the same breath as Lambie and MacParland and that is no that bad company he’s keeping!
  2. I’m sure that you looked very dashing in any event Robert!
  3. The elements, the referee, the negativity of Accies combined with our own shortcomings have all combined to make this match eminently forgettable. I’ll take a 1-0 victory and jus take the three points.
  4. One of the happiest days of my life!
  5. Although, I knew this moment would come I’ still so sad to hear of Wee Bertie's passing. Like many here he was the manager at Thistle when I first supported Thistle. Indeed, in retrospect his record would stand favourable comparison with any other. Although, I was too naive to know any better: he took us back to the Premier League, kept us there and if not for ‘that’ game in 1979 we may well have won the Scottish Cup. Like your two predecessors RIP.
  6. Really good professional performance didn’t think that we looked in danger at any stage of the game. Onwards and upwards !
  7. Great performance and an even better result!
  8. As much as I’ve at times been critical of Zak’s temperament in the past I’ve really got to say he was immense today.
  9. Been a very decent half for the Jags I’d say!
  10. Not the greatest game I’ve ever witnessed. You get the feeling a scrappy goal will decide this. Obviously, the weather doesn’t help things, but…
  11. I’ve been to games right across the UK an nearly everywhere there’s a message from a local MP saying roughly the same thing. For years our programme carried adverts for Lab MPs and I don’t recall that causing any offence. By making a comment, you are bringing party politics into it . In fact, the club and the politicians are simply behaving the way they always have with politeness and dignity.
  12. Good enough start from Thistle all we have to do is get another goal and don’t give another soft goal away. He said wistfully.