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  1. First time I’ve seen us playing half-decent football this year really. Certainly think that we can win this and in all honesty have no great fears of going to Inverness all square.
  2. Well done to everyone involved in this and I feel Norgethistle deserves a lot of thanks for his efforts at Co-ordination.
  3. Police Scotland are still looking for whoever it was that committed highway robbery at Palmerston last night and made away with 3 points. Police sources, have confirmed that they are searching for a well known villain in the North-West of Glasgow.
  4. Very poor indeed, bottom team in the league playing us off the park! Defence is crap,but great goal from Tiff!
  5. Looks like our strongest team, more or less.
  6. I thought today marked a significant improvement to the dross that has been served up in recent weeks. If we had the run of the ball we might conceivably have taken all three points. It was not game for the football purists , but what both teams lacked in technical ability was again magnified by the state of the pitch which more closely resembles a WW1 battlefield than a professional footballing pitch. Overall I think a draw was a fair result and as 0-0 draws go it was decent.
  7. We’re cream crackered!
  8. Unless we get a goal back early we’re cream crackered!
  9. Defending worthy of a poor amateur team!
  10. A defeat tonight would be a disaster for the remainder of our season, but as others have alluded to it wouldn’t be the biggest surprise in the world? As ever, I haven’t a clue what to expect tonight and Saturday provided the salutary lesson required when football teams just turn up and expect to win as of right.
  11. Very excitable locals in Greenock today as far as you can tell from the stream. Seems as if the’ve not had their fresh meat ration, for quite some considerable time.