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  1. Unfortunately, ‘ordinary’ supporters don’t really have access to any alternative dispute mechanism?
  2. If a group of supporters feel strongly about an issue boycotting is really the only action they can take in the absence of any meaningful engagement from the club!
  3. As I thought when we entered this dam death cycle, easy as we seemed to enter it I honestly don’t think that we have the players,or more accurately the players with the requisite mentality to get us out of this position. I simply can’t see any reason whatsoever for optimism
  4. I’d love to be relaxed and optimistic about the outcome of today’s game. Unfortunately, I just can’t. Wee shout out to that gallant band of heroes travelling to Cappielow on the ‘John Lambie Jordanhill’ coach good luck to day, I simply couldn’t bring myself to go.
  5. I said to myself at half-time, that I could see us quite easily loss three goals without reply. Seen it, so often I think I’ve kinda got a six sense for it now!
  6. Unfortunately. it’s all so predictable!
  7. Two pretty average teams, of which we are certainly not the worst.
  8. Couldn’t disagree with any of this!
  9. As usual the arse is falling out this side!
  10. Seems to me that Scottish football clubs expend a lot of effort to making life as difficult as possible, for spectators to actually attend games. In particular, no thought seems to be given to attracting the casual spectator who might just fancy turning up to catch a game. Particularly, if that spectator is a supporter of an away team!