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  1. The £12 will probably be reduced to £10 for everybody else. Clyde do have previous on charging us more, and being caught at it
  2. The other 2 look like Jim Kerr and Roddy McDonald!
  3. Looks like Hugh Sproat and Gerry Collins for Ayr and Alan Mackin for the Jags
  4. Yeah, I got conned with that one as well
  5. If I had been there I simply couldn't of done any worse than today's camera work, automatic or not! That standard will simply not do once the season starts .
  6. Is it not just brilliant actually talking about a Thistle game again
  7. One very sad event followed by one I am delighted by. I remember watching Fox's welcome to the club interview on Jagzone and quite frankly I have never witnessed someone less enthusiastic about signing for Thistle, I got the impression he simply did not want to be at Firhill. Given his lacklustre performances throughout the season I don't think my assessment was too far off the mark.
  8. I'm sure there are various reason why this can't happen but as long as the current format for promotion/relegation to and from the premiership is maintained i.e. one up automatically and a play off for a possible 2nd promotion, then I don't see why the premiership clubs should hold sway over how the the remaining leagues set themselves up. If it's not affecting the premiership then morally what right do they have to dictate to the rest of the leagues how many leagues and how many clubs per league? If it is not impacting on the premiership then the "lower leagues" should have the right to decide how they wish to proceed especially given the current situation which could see clubs going to the wall. As I said at the start there are probably plenty of reasons why this can't happen but why a group of clubs should be able to disadvantage three leagues purely out of self interest is utterly wrong! It's time to rip up the rule book and start again.
  9. That is utterly disgusting, do those people not understand the concept morality, this to me is nothing short of corruption! The events of the last couple of days tell me it's time for major change in the way Scottish football is run and the best way to start is by getting rid of those charlatans at the SPFL
  10. What we need is Ace Rimmer .............or maybe Mr Flibble