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  1. I have just been watching the live stream on Warriors TV and would have to say that is the best commentary I have heard on opposition streams. Very fair and very complimentary about Thistle as opposed the the usual biased rantings you have to endure.
  2. That has to be one of the worst 45 minutes I can ever remember. Gutless garbage !
  3. Yes, I believe so, you can also add Eddie Kelly who went to Arsenal , Gordon Chisholm and Robert Fleck. There are many, many, more but the old brain cells are not being terribly helpful tonight And you are absolutely spot on the man is an absolute gentleman!
  4. Bob Dinnie discovered Kris Doolan , Robert Dunn , Kenny Arthur and prior to his involvement at Firhill , Kenny Dalgleish and Robert Russell, and these are just the ones I can remember off the top off my head. He also ran the youth team at Firhill and had a number of players advance to the first team including Derek Lyle, Martin Lauchlan, Jamie McKenzie, Willie Howie & Liam McVey. On a Saturday afternoon he and Alex Robertson were away scouting for the first team usually taking in a minimum of two games so regardless of what Google says Bob Dinnie did provide numerous players for the first team!
  5. Em, sorry but that is wrong! I have known Bob foe decades and he was responsible for numerous first team players including Kris Doolan
  6. This is all so painfully bloody predictable. Every time we miss sitters we pay the price. Let's be honest, anyone who has been following Thistle for a few decades, like me, knew we were going to blow it after missing what was described as two excellent chances just prior to half time. We do it al the time. Just look at the Cove Rangers game, Sena blasts over the bar when he should have scored and killed the game off and minutes later it's 1-1. The fact that todays goals were conceeded so late just makes it all the more galling but we can now use that age old and over used adage of being able to concentrate on the league
  7. Alan Dinnie and possibly Alan Pirie? On second thoughts I think that player is too big for Pirie..... could maybe be Brian Scrimgeour
  8. I can almost forgive the poor performance given the three month hiatus. It was never going to be easy to hit the ground running under these circumstances. What I can't forgive is the age old problem of having a soft centre and continually blowing it late on, we simply cannot see a game out when it matters. I shudder to think how many points this has cost us over the years but more importantly it's going to cost us promotion this season unless it is sorted PDQ.
  9. Pretty certain it's Budgie MGhee and Alan Dinnie