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  1. I think an all white kit would be more appropriate given recent performances
  2. I'm afraid not . I very rarely get opposition goals however I did catch their 2nd today. Ian McCall has stated in his post match interview that it was not a foul and from what I could see it looked like a complete howler from Mitchell.
  3. William , regarding you appeal for referee names. I have discovered the programme that covered both the Peterborough & Chesterfield games 26 & 29th July 2000. Your list numbers are 970 & 971 Officials for the Peterborough game : Referee - Bobby Orr; Assistants -J Boyd & C Kerrigan Officials for the Chesterfield game : Referee - J Gilmour; Assistants - A Muir & C Smith Also list number 973, Forfar Athletic , 2nd December 2000 Referee - Bobby Orr ; Assistans - Allen Thurston & Steve Todd Found another one! List number 998, Alan Archibald Terstimonial Referee - Stevie O'Reilly ; Assistans - John Gilmour & Alasdair Ross
  4. Yes quite agree. It's actually a bloody disgrace and could easily be made to look a whole sight better with minimal effort. That is the part of the ground featured in any TV news or press articles so surely for the sake of the clubs image you would make an attempt to make the place look presentalbe at least!