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  1. What a fantastic post! Thinking of you Robert & Eunice and thank you partickthedog for bringing this to our attention. Although I never met him young Robert was a permanent fixture in the John Lambie on match day and is sadly missed. My thoughts are with the Watson's!
  2. Great win Have we ever won two games on live TV in the same season before ??
  3. Something else I recall from back then was that Brown McMaster discovered a manhole cover somewhere at the city end which on investigation turned out to be completely silted up. Once cleared thousands of gallons of water drained away from the pitch which made a dramatic difference. Maybe somebody should go find that manhole and take a swatch
  4. Unless my memory is playing tricks on me I am fairly sure that in the mid 90's we had a pitch cover, this would have been around last time the pitch was even close to the state it is in currently. It seems to me we could be doing with one right now ! Does anyone else remember this or am I talking crap ?
  5. I wasn't there and quite frankly I suspect trying to video action at he city end would have been a complete waste of time. Given the poor quality of the Jagzone coverage from the half way line I would have stood no chance of getting the goal. That said l was listening to the audio coverage on Jagzone and I did kind of lose it a bit when we scored mon the Jags.
  6. After what seems like years of suffering at the hands of Ayr United how good does it feel to totally pump them the last twice
  7. Was saying exactly that for the whole game. Our passing was utterly shambolic today and unfortunately it's not the first time they could be accused of that lately. It can be so annoying to see players do the hard bit so well and then make a total arse of a five yard pass