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  1. This pessimism thing seems to work a treat
  2. Given our Friday night form , which has been consistently garbage for years, I have very low expectations for tonight. The fact that it’s on TV doesn’t do anything to improve my pessimism either !
  3. Yes, it looks like big McGinty has finally scored for the Jags
  4. I was wondering where you were as you never miss a game. Get well soon and hopefully you will be back for our next Firhill outing
  5. Looking at it again it could well be exactly what you say. Looking forward to the Jagzone video to clear matters up. If you are correct then it may have taken longer than expected but Sean McGinty has finally scored for the Jags
  6. Not sure myself. The video certainly isn't clear but I checked the Thistle twitter feed and they gave it to Zak so who am I to argue with them. The main thing is it ended in the back of the Ayr net
  7. So for today the Aitken Suite bar is open, season ticket holders can sit in their own seats, there is no alloted time for entry to the stadium and the catering stalls are open.....but no match programme! I don't get it. The only reason I can think of is it that it would be a cash transaction but surely there must be a way around that?? Why does the club simply not make them available to buy online like last season?