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  1. Sometime ago i got dogs abuse for saying I needed a rest from the club cos of the shite under Gary Caldwell and the board. I was fully supportive of the club ( pls note club ) during the SPFL debacle. The only excuse for that performance is .........a team talk given by the Chairman or the board. I still question the board today........
  2. Cross ball into a midget forward line. Mid with no fight. And Def and a goalkeeper with nay confidence.... Three members of management clueless. Sorry ......Gerry must go
  3. The Bottom line is ..... This squad isn't good enough to get up. Reason is not enough goals to squeeze into a play off place. No goals in three games.. Blaming the pitch isn't the answer.
  4. Who on the board made the decision to allow Q.Park to play at Firhill ? Did they take any advice before the money was infront of them ? Who ever it was shd come out and face the fans .....not a statement of "sorry"
  5. Two Dreadful decisions 1 taking Rudden off 2 never a penalty
  6. Leanne Crichton never ever says anything positive about Thistle..
  7. My worry is players leaving as..... St Johnstone,Livingston and St Mirran ( who seem to be having a civil war in the boardroom ) All if them trying to boost away from Ross County. With the raising of wages and a higher media profile it maybe too much some to say no .....
  8. I remember a wet Wednesday night at Boghead (no surprise ,rain at Dumbarton) Bertie in the dug out However... the only thing u saw/heard was a large cigar glowing and the odd swear word Scottish football lost another character.
  9. Great win Acc RB must have twisted blood at the end of that game....
  10. Mullin is winning the mid As Bannigan and Docherty go into their shells
  11. Thank you for clarifying that...
  12. I like Mayo and Akinola Ayr have nothing to offer in the mid going forward. A great confidence builder..... Good win.