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  1. Too slow and possibly too old to do anything. Another season in this league.
  2. Before people go off on one ... I was just thinking it's been a little while Since the beast from the east (2018) And I know it's a discussion that been had before However I was wondering.....
  3. Cardle . . . why is he still on the park or at the club
  4. I can understand why McCall said that performance was not good enough. I wld have been disappointed if he hadn’t. Big worry for me is his reliance on the return of Graham... Just when the single striker up front was slow it gets even worse..... Again a lack of speed through the middle & up front is worrying.
  5. I think another goalkeeper is needed
  6. Flycatcher

    Away Kit

    This kit has all the personality Of Craig Levein
  7. I think this question is up to the individual. I for one know who will get my money and who will not....
  8. Wait a minute. . . Wasn’t this the club with over seas investor...? or are they like their city pals all ‘boom an bust’
  9. I take it that 91% of the clubs need to vote in agreement that clubs have no confidence in Mr Doncaster ??? If wrong pls educate me as it Seems like a job for life
  10. Best wish to Scott on the long road to recovery.
  11. I remember at Firhill v scumdee when Jim Duffy was manager. A Dundee defender when down on the pitch holding his head.... someone shouts “wake him up and told him he’s Jim Duffy” Dundee bench were laughing. At Brockville Park wee Kelvin ‘ crunchie’ McAllister was taking a throw in as a wags shouts... ”Oi McAllister ur a [email protected]#kin mutant...” he nearly fecked up by laughing..... That was the same game where they had a goalie (Tony Parks) who had a wee drink problem (allegedly) A guy spent the whole 2nd half shouting out drinks orders at him.... ” Two pints of larger and a gin and tonic “ “ aaaaa pint of heavy and a half” ”Two vodka and coke” Brilliant timing
  12. A board full of hot wind and piss.... sooner gone the better