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  1. As long as it doesn't make anyone hyperventilate
  2. Think he's a sevconian on the wrong forum?
  3. The answer go one game arca r& what was the question!!??
  4. Well done Jags! That must have been the tamest derby against them ever!!
  5. Remember when it was all so simple? 2 up and 2 down! Good times!
  6. Remind me, who were the full time team?
  7. A tub fell on my foot 10 days ago, I can't believe it's not better.
  8. A A H H A H H A A A H H A H A H Cheers again Phil.
  9. Exactly, how come Graham gets no criticism at all?? Didn't exactly lead the line!
  10. You might get your wish after a certain game in the east end tomorrow!
  11. Is that a d.i.y. haircut Cardle has??! Goal ⚽️ !!!!!