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  1. H H A A H A H H A H H H A A H A A H A H
  2. H A A A H H A A H H H A A A H A H H H H
  3. 24 Gairbraid Ave, Wyndford, Glasgow
  4. Is Graham actually playing? Has he elbowed anyone yet?
  5. Just waiting for the usual platitudes from the manager
  6. Just on way home after that- shocking 2nd half. Identical to Arbroath game- bullied out of it We’re too powder puff.
  7. Does this mean we're in the frame for promotion?
  8. I'll go with your suggestions, except for Squiddy's team! Cheers AAHHAA HHHAHA AHHAAH AHAHAH AHHHAH
  9. HAHHAAHHHAA Well done for organising this again!
  10. Yep, me too! had to be home before six!
  11. Just listened to that - he mentions Rough played when we lost 5-1 to England. Surely that was Kennedy in goal?
  12. or maybe a doughnut?
  13. Hope he'll fill in a Covid Health Questionnaire like the rest of us!!