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  1. That's 2nd prize, first is a home delivery and no dvd
  2. How many of us on the forum were involved in these "small Fan Consultation Zoom meetings"? and how many actually voiced the opinion that "The club should set a target for becoming carbon neutral and should aim to reduce overall waste" as a major concern? As Yellow and Redneck has already stated, don't think he's the only one thinking of chucking it! We just seem to be walking blindfold into the next crisis/relegation.
  3. Why does Bannigan get to start every game?
  4. No left over rockets from the 5th ?
  5. From BBC site : "Dundee United owner Mark Ogren has called for financial support from the Scottish government, as the club talks with players and staff about wage cuts." Bit of a cheek, no? surely they should "just take the medicine"?
  6. See Conrad scored for Edinburgh City today!
  7. From main site: With Thistle now less than a week away from returning to competitive football and excitement building throughout the Jags support, we are extending this free offer for the final time this year. Free-to-view JagZone will now be available until October 14 so everyone can continue to enjoy the full range of our content on JagZone, covering the period of our first three Betfred Cup group matches and prior to the league campaign kicking off.
  8. also thought they could have zoomed in on the photies in JLS
  9. Just tried to watch - no probs! Straight in (used mobi app)
  10. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  11. 3-2 over pre sevconians was the same season! Remember Mathieson kicking Gibson up and down the pitch throughout the first half.