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  1. Good news. Should be a cracking crowd.
  2. I'd say at the moment McCalls good signings outweigh the poorer ones. Our form for the last year had been pretty impressive as witnessed by losing very few games overall. Do we need a few more quality players? Yep. Is the window closed? No. Have we exceeded expectations in this division? Yes. Could we get promoted Maybe. I'm pretty happy with that so far.
  3. Name me a manager who has an impeccable transfer record? Does such a manager exist.....?
  4. I would assume that no decent fee materialised and that no bidding war actually occurred ? Let's be honest the transfer window is a bit of a poker game and who knows what the outcome will be by the 31st January. Personally I think it is better that he goes for all parties. The issue is a decent replacement.
  5. Wasn't sure if it was a sending off? Even with 10 we were not in any great trouble. Main thing is we are in next round.
  6. Pressure will be on Rudden. I hope he has a good game for obvious reasons.
  7. Not a surprise he is going. How he and the fans will react is another matter. Its almost written we will play Dundee in the play offs.....probably best he goes now. Its the modern game so not blaming the player. But Dundee......then again clearly he will be getting decent money.
  8. Bad mistake on Saturday I agree but you have to look at the bigger picture. He's played very well for many weeks, contributing to our record number of shut outs. He also scored the winner in one game. Overall an excellent signing, irrespective of his parent club.
  9. I agree that Graham and Rudden were poor, bar the goal. So not a surprise they were subbed. Whether their withdrawal was covid related or performance who knows. Do think we have to give the team some latitude. It was an awful challenge by Mayo but he has been excellent for us. But yeah, we should still have won it.
  10. He played OK first half. Second half anonymous. First game of season apparently so not a surprise he waned 2nd half.
  11. Should have won it. Could have lost it. Sneddon nearly saved the pen but I thought he could have saved the second. May be wrong. Killie game now huge.....
  12. Great free kick. Scrappy game but we have been the better team imo.
  13. Stream bought. No idea whether the enforced break will help or hinder. I'm expecting a tight game. I'd take a 97th minute winner.
  14. Forecast is only light rain between now and Sunday, so game should still be on......unless there are other factors at play.
  15. Does that mean those who got a ticket for the game go into a new ballot.....disappointing game not on
  16. I can only think it's either we will get compensation from the Scottish government allied to a fear of what happened when the league was called early. There may be a chance of no play offs again.....so whoever is top goes up? Obviously a big ask at the moment. Also we played pretty well with no fans before so maybe less pressure on the players? In saying all of that I'd much prefer we just stopped playing for 3 weeks!
  17. Long way to go. Arbroath are looking good but I'm hoping they will hit a bad patch. One thing for sure I wouldn't fancy playing them in the play offs if that's how it unfolds.
  18. Too expensive in my opinion. Now whatever happened to the shared access that shall not be named.....you know the drill
  19. Must be compensation on the table if we are playing on....?
  20. I'm wondering if it's better just to postpone the games as plenty of time to play them. Then again we did pretty well with no fans watching....
  21. Don't think Turner will play Central mid against ICT. Would have no problem playing him just behind Graham/Rudden ( I'm assuming we go for a 5 4 1 in that game?
  22. Over 10 games we are equal top with arbroath and raith with 19 points. Not so shabby...
  23. I'm curious how good or bad the stream was?