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  1. So we've got new suppliers. Who've had issues perhaps and have sub-contracted to another supplier. The one they replaced. Is this what you're saying? Bizarre is one word for it. There are others.
  2. Bollocks http://www.euromove.org.uk/index.php?id=9479
  3. Will join up with my Season Ticket. Still in two minds about higher level - if I do, it'll be at expense of (some) Centenary Fund payments. Haven't received an e-mail yet either. Would have thought that, of all years, this was the one to get renewal invitations out to people as quickly as possible.
  4. Most of the current team are about a decade too young to be considered for a Lambie XI
  5. Just a thought........ How widely known in the dressing room was the fact that Paton and Erskine had signed for Dundee United? How shocked might any that didn't know have been at the news? And think how bloody awful we were in the first fifteen/twenty minutes against Raith. Perhaps some cause and effect there. Notwithstanding that, the piece in the Record is quite good.
  6. Billy Davies and Allan Moore sound like soulmates
  7. Shaggy's not as good as with his head as Muirhead ;-) (I now feel able to joke about this. Been furious with him since Sunday)
  8. Allan Heron


    In two minds about as it seems to raise more questions than it asks. it's not clear if this is meant to be instead of or in addtion to the Centenary Fund. If I join this I'm likely to reduce my contribution to the Centenary Fund by an equivalent amount so the club's not better off The point about non-season ticket holders now having to pay for things they/we get for currently for free is well made. Now if it allowed you to see extended highlights or the whole game (presumably delayed) that would be a qualitative improvement. The rest of the items are nice to be there but not key factors in themselves, but that there's all the draws takes you back to the question about its place vis a vis the Centenary Fund. On a more practical note, the application form I got last night doesn't seem to distinguish between ST and non-ST holders. Thought it might have allowed the opportunity to order your 2013/2014 ticket at the same time.
  9. I really stepped up to the plate last night. Twice, in fact, at the hospitality buffet curry ;-)
  10. I could. The "other" candidate was Roy Harold Jenkins whilst the real article was Roy Harris Jenkins. Or was it the other way round?
  11. That will be superb - saw Steve Miller Band in Glasgow last month and he was terrific. Absolutely commited performance and no suggestion that he would take the money and run.
  12. F**k an comhlacht d'aois (They didn't have Gaelic available so Irish will have to do!!)
  13. Give us a few more weeks and you'll have cup holders on the pitch in front of you
  14. You want an eyesore? Just wait till you see me in my new Thistle hoodie ;-)