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  1. Surely in the current climate players can't just train with teams as a favour to keep fit etc
  2. Just to add that Beth in the Firhill office has been in touch to explain that the provider needs 24 hours to set up the account with my season ticket details and if I buy a one off ticket for today's date that will be refunded so fair play for sorting it out so quickly
  3. Thank you. Just been advised from Firhill that as I bought the season ticket this morning it's not valid for today's game. Had to be purchased prior to yesterday afternoon to be used today. Modern technology for you , FFS
  4. I'm confident I've got the username and password correct from the instructions on the website and what's been said here so I don't know if there is an issue or if I just can't log in now as the stream isn't live yet Any other season ticket holders currently able to login ?
  5. I've just bought a season ticket this morning Should I be able to login to the stream for today's game at the moment or only when it starts? Confident I have the username and password correct but keep getting 'invalod credentials' message when trying to logon
  6. Will I be able to watch the game via the internet function on my TV or via an internet app on a firestick?
  7. I sent my picks on Thursday night, sorry should have checked the thread before now to see if you'd got them
  8. Thanks for organising AJ and well done to Jagfox
  9. Woeful. Christie Elliot is not a right back, what is it going to take for the manager to see that?
  10. I would just like to thanks yesterday's officials for the extra life 2 nil Thistle for the east fife game please
  11. One nil win a fair result, good goal from one of the few good bits of forward play in the game but to be honest wasn't that great a performance but with players to come in, Banzo getting back to fitness and Brice getting sharper there's no reason why we can't finish in the play off places. Slater was great , Penrice had some good forward runs, both centre half's were solid. Brice was good in second half, needs more game time for sharpness, loved it when he booted the Morton lad on the ground when trying to shoot after the ball was cleared about 5 seconds before his 'shot' - Banzo never wasted a pass when he came on, hope he stays injury free for the rest of the season Spital dreadful, how he keeps starting I don't know. Really want Elliot at right back to work but he's just not a defender and even worse when in the opposition half How that second goal wasn't given I'll never know. Great finish from Doolan Onwards and upwards