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  1. Could you set up a place where I could talk to you off - line?   Frankly you need to talk to anyone, not just me, about powers you assume we have, but don't, and what you are going to do about it.  Your 'complaint' about having your meal in NYC interrupted would be more convincing if you had dealt with devolving authority.  Which you haven't done to my immediate knowledge.

    You need a fora for folk like me who work on this site to ask you questions. They are not onerous, they are obvious, but require your steer.

    Please provide that.


    1. admin



      Firstly my apologises for not responding to your messages. I was reluctant to do so given what I thought was the aggressive, confrontational nature of them. That was a mistake. I should have attempted to reconcile any differences rather than further add to your frustrations. 

      It was also a mistake to take over the Admin of this site. I didn't, and still don't, fully understand how it works. In error I didn't reach out to those with the experience that could have assisted. 

      With that in mind and following your distressing Announcement, which reads like little more than a personal attack, I'm not really in a position to continue to Admin the site. 

      I'm not sure if Colin approached you or the other moderators previously about taking on that role but woukd that be something that would be of interest? If not do you have any suggestions on how to facilitate a change in 'ownership' of this site? 

      I don't have the time, knowledge and skill set for this and now clearly don't have your confidence to do so. I'll continue until someone else can be found to take over but ideally I would like to step away completely sometime in the New Year. 

      Again, please accept my apology for adding to your obvious frustrations over how this forum is managed. I'm happy to meet face to face, geography allowing, at some point in the future but understand your reluctance to do so. 


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