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  1. Thanks for the fuel Jagger, much appreciated, vroom vroom. The main stand used to be really busy in the 70s for reserve games.
  2. Reserves database launched! It's another big day in our quest to better understand the history of our beloved Partick Thistle Football Club. The full Partick Thistle reserves database will be spread over all 143 of the active seasons from 1877 to date, and will include almost 4,000 matches. We won't go so deep as to have complex match hubs for each game, but we'll fill the season-by-season pages with lots of good basic information wherever possible, including players and scorers if we can. A results summary table will be included at the footer of every season for your 'at-a-glance' analysis benefit. For your peace of mind, we've added sources on each match throughout and this should also be helpful for anyone following in our footsteps. We remain wary of missing Saturdays in the first 100 years, and we'd encourage anyone with knowledge of any missing games to please get in touch → Today, we're publishing up to 1890-91, with the rest of the seasons to follow in due course as time allows. Stand by for hundreds of games you never knew existed against loads of teams you've never heard of! Match Lists (Reserves) →
  3. ^ A stats nightmare scenario, just NO! We're pleased to report that the issues which were affecting hundreds of photos and style sheet script now seem to have been resolved by Wikidot and our site is back in a stable condition. Thank you for your patience. http://www.thethistlearchive.net/ Some big Thistle history news... The full Partick Thistle reserves database is spread over 143 active seasons from 1877 to date, with almost 4,000 matches. It's coming soon to an Archive near you...
  4. One of these fine gents will surely become the 50th Jag to score 50 goals in 'All Games' (i.e. inc. friendlies). Lawless absolutely on the brink, but can the big #9 pip him to the post? All eyes on Dens Park... All-time goalscorers charts →
  5. Are you keeping an eye on our News page? We continue to sniff, dig and find... and a new goal for WILLIE PAUL is worth shouting about! Now just 4 off the summit! See news... http://thethistlearchive.net/
  6. Apologies to any regulars that visit the site, the platform, Wikidot, has been a bit buggy lately, failing to render some images and style sheets properly. We're helpless to affect this, can only hope it smooths itself out. Anyway, we've been on fire all year with new discoveries; more than 4,000 news updates on our home page have been posted since May. Worth a bookmark?! And we're ending 2022 the way we know best... with discovery! Our Joe's research has revealed that BOB McTAVISH was a Jag. It's another great 'no forename' conversion, and it gives us another famous brotherly pairing in our history, that of Bob & Jock! All the best from The Thistle Archive boys, and here's hoping for a better 2023 for the Jags. Bob McTavish →
  7. Great news for Thistle history enthusiasts, we've hit another big milestone... ... 1,300 dates of birth established for Partick Thistle first-team players! Willie Gowans played in Alec Raisbeck's benefit in early 1914, the team line for which is now looking good - and fully pictured!
  8. A very Merry Christmas to all Jagskind, with much red and yellow love from The Thistle Archive; Donnie, Jack, Joe, Michael, Niall, Stuart & William ❤️ 💛 That said, the Partickle being published today - an 8 minute read - is not so cheery. Long-term Forum members may recognize the piece as it was first published in this very place 9 years ago to the day and it now comes with a number of extra photies. Thistle finally won a League game at Firhill on Christmas Day 1909, but as events unfolded the result was of little consequence as an opponent lost his life. It was a great tragedy that will cloud the Partick Thistle history books forever. It's an honour to dedicate this piece to the memory of James Main. A Fatal Christmas: In Memory of James Main →
  9. Back in September 1898, these two fine Jagsmen were responsible for scoring both the first-ever HOME goal as well as the first-ever AWAY goal at The Dell. What were the odds? The away scorer has a 'Bio Extra' entry going in today →
  10. This splendid medal was won by JAMES CAMERON who played full back when Thistle beat Morton 7-4 to win the Greenock Charity Cup in May, 1893. Today, it becomes the 14th submission to the (virtual) Archive Museum →
  11. Congratulations... to STEVEN LAWLESS who has moved outright into our 'All Games' All-Time Top 50 scorers (with 48) to BRIAN GRAHAM who has moved outright into our 'League' All-Time Top 50 scorers (with 33) Forget the #10 in Qatar, it's all about the #11 versus the #9 in Maryhill. The race is on to reach the All=Time Top 50 Competitive chart. Who will be the 50th Jag to reach 50 goals? Our 3-way goals charts → are constantly updated and cover all 11,545 goals in PTFC history. Top 50 ascents beckon from all angles! Most of the post-Ayr updates are now in place keep the home page → bookmarked for all the latest news and updates...
  12. As per the above, we now have a phenomenal 86.5% of known individual starting appearances aged, which is great news for all sorts of stats reports. PTFC's earliest 100% fully aged eleven has now been pushed back from 1920 all the way to 1900, as per the screenshot below. It's cost a lot of time and money and is one of our finest in-depth achievements to date. We'll continue to push on... PTFC's earliest fully-aged eleven → Could you help any? Where or when was he born? → Volunteers are required to help with page uploads, could you help? →
  13. It's all very manual and very time consuming, but we're halfway through re-uploading the match hubs 1876 to 1924 with all sorts of improved data, mainly with regards to personnel data, birth dates found, images found etc etc. In the example attached you can see that TEN of our 11 players are now aged in a February 1889 encounter. Before TTA started, precisely NONE of these players were aged on the internet, and the progress being made is very pleasing. Keep the home page → bookmarked to see all the latest updates going in. With this in mind, we could still do with some page upload volunteers to help us grow the Archive. If you've got Excel and can spare some hours now and again (for basically a "copy and paste" exercise) then please get in touch →
  14. Jamie becomes the first Jag in history to score for Thistle in open play whilst serving between the sticks! Previously, 'Daft' Rab Bernard was the only on-duty Thistle goalie to score during a game. He scored a penalty in a 4-0 League win at home to Morton on the 12th February 1921. And aside from Jamie & Rab, Tommy Ledgerwood was the only other to have started the game in goals and scored. Tommy, having got injured, was 'subbed out' to the left wing for nuisance value and sensationally scored in a 5-4 win vs. Hearts at Tynecastle on 4th November, 1950!
  15. Yes, exactly as GRE2 says above. In all, we've only ever won 4 out of 22 cup games with the Pars, a very poor record. Don't forget we've got the full and complete competitive H2H records against all 145 opponents at your fingertips to investigate... PTFC vs. Dunfermline Athletic →
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