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  1. I prefer expelled. Relegated seems far too normal for what is happening in Scottish Football
  2. Much as I have not contributed to the threads concerning the forced expulsion to League 1, I have read just about every one of the 170 (and counting) pages of "what if they shut down the season" and the 13 pages of legal advice for the opposition spouted by WJ. It strikes me as odd that the main theme, apart from boycotting certain clubs, which I fully support, is usually focused on what we can't do, shouldn't do or are not allowed to do. I would like to put forward a few ideas that WE CAN do, as a club and as individuals, which would be of our own choosing with no one being able to tell us different. Some of MY thoughts may be rubbish in the eyes of others, some may agree, in part or in full and some hopefully, will add ideas of their own, which can be taken forward. Let's try to push a bit more of the things we can control and deal with what we have no control over as it happens. First off the Club should get onto O'neils and make a few changes to the strip. The away strip should be an all black affair (some redandyellow design collaboration?) this to remind every other club we visit how we feel about recent events, but this time we will not forget (or forgive) in a season or two. The home strip should have a black armband designed into it, with 2004 and 2020 easily visible. Seeing how we should all look up to those big succesful teams and emulate them, how about a couple of stars on our shirts. 2004 and 2020 again spring to mind, but even better if we could get it incorporated into the badge somehow. Every bit of communication, newspapers, websites, club programmes and of course EVERY SPFL communication that shows club badges would advertise our resentment for us. And it's not difficult. Bowen Boys had a new badge knocked up in minutes after it became known we were going down the legal road. It would also serve as a good learning tool for young Jags when they ask what we got our stars for. If we survive, which of course is debatable, I would like to put forward a proposal to get the tv gantry moved across to the Colin Weir stand, so that if we ever get to the giddy heights of televised games, that the cameras are pointed at us, not an empty stand with about three people in it. Since nobody uses the stand the cameras could take over a few seats anywhere they like. Cost £0. Going forward it would be nice if the club would reward it's own fans with a pledge that never again would anyThistle supporter be forced to give up their seat to accomodate support from ANY other club. This is one thing that really annoys me when I cannot go to my usual part of Firhill because somebody else has been given preference, for my seat, over me. Relegation Clauses. On the not too unhappy news that Fox and Zannata had bailed out using the clauses built into their contracts, I began to wonder why these even exist. The very players who dragged the team down to the bottom (again) decide they are too good for the league below and walk away. What should happen is they should be automatically forced to stay unless released and take an automatic 50% pay cut for dropping down a league. Any player who insists on a clause like this if we are playing League 1 football should be ashamed. In fact McCall should name them before showing them the door. (Sorry about the rant, just a real bug bear of mine) As many on the forum have excellently pointed out, it hasn't paid off for us by trying to be a decent club and support. The cuddly toy image has been knocked out the park in recent weeks and a raft of directors are now gunning for us for having the audacity to stand up to them. The very predictable attitude that they want to expel us is classic bullying. They were delighted when we announced we couldn't afford the legal route." Good old Thistle, sorry old chap, but bugger off to League 1". Now they all hate us and we ain't the cuddly toy anymore. The only reference to a cuddly toy would be if we as a club could adapt and adopt Roachford's song "Cuddly Toy" and play it every time we scored against any one at home. I'm sure some of the younger ones could adapt the words. Sorry about the full on rant, but had a lot of things to say and others just popped up as I wrote. I'll probably add to list as time goes on, but please don't take all this with a pinch of salt. There are merits in some of the points and I know others can add good ideas too. We just need the board to read some of it, or some one can PM them and get them to follow up.
  3. They are supposed to be "The Honest Men"...........
  4. It's not often I post here, but I had to after watching that. Today was dire. I have watched some dross recently, but Ayr could have scored for fun. They ripped us apart with ease and had Williamson sussed in five minutes. Then they went to work on making him look 100% clueless. The way we were cut open with either slick, rapid passing or a route one ball over our back line was embarrasing to watch. It was obvious they were going to work on exposing our lack of pace and a Moffat of two or three years back would have had them one up in the first few minutes. I don't profess to be a mind full of football knowledge, but from where I was standing I could see our number two was lost. He should have been subbed before half time. No doubts. I just deleted my last paragraph coz I can't be bothered getting into a ruck, but I can surely find a more pleasurable way of blowing my money than paying to watch this. Gonna skip a couple of games to let my blood cool down to boiling.
  5. Even the interview with Ian makes me feel a lot better after Saturday. Got to laugh, we might be putting out a weak team to keep players fit for the league game. What a diddy competition the betfred is.
  6. Need some of the players to have a good look at themselves and decide if what they have been producing on the pitch is worthy of the wage they take home from this club.
  7. Now AJ you know we could go lower. The seaside..........................
  8. Until I watched that performance on Saturday I would have said I agreed with you. After that showing nothing will ever surprise me again regarding how low we could go. But hey, Mon The Jags.........
  9. Just need Dools back in January for assistant.
  10. This is a rainbow, not that thing above
  11. Saw him last day of the season at Palmerston after the game. Were a couple of the team milling about the carpark together but he was in the cafeteria himself and not looking really like he belonged. Sorry to see him go , I quite liked Blair.
  12. Had a great day mate. The save at 2-0 was outstanding, the choir were in good voice and the goals sublime. Just got home from best day out in a long time.
  13. Not too sure myself some of the things I rant on about, but, if you look back at my posts (not too many to check) you'll see I was never a fan of Caldwell. Think I prefered Goodwin. And I cannot match folk on here for their knowledge of and commitment to the Jags. I try not to look at anything to do with the sisters but I imagine it will be murder on there. I feel that with a MASSIVE game in front of us we should concentrate on that and sort out the rest after 5pm. If things go tits up, I'll probably be shouting for someones head too, but not yet. Off to get ready. Mon the Jags
  14. As you say it is just my opinion, but remember that what goes on here is open to everyone with internet access reading it and I think it shows us in a very poor way. I'm not here to take sides and not here to judge between AA and GC. All I'm saying is lets get out from behind the keyboards and get to Palmerston and support the team. If that upsets some people, they should really read some of this thread again and if they are really happy with the content, I expect I won't bumb into them tomorrow in Dumfries cos they'll probably still be sitting at a computer.
  15. There really is some bitchfest going on over this, but I for one will be going to Dumfries on Saturday to watch Partick Thistle play a game of football. Now I will be hoping we get a result that keeps us from entering the playoffs, and if this means needing Ayr to do us a favour I'll take it. I don't care who comes out that tunnel wearing a Thistle strip, I'll be right behind them the whole game. Even if their heads go down mine won't, because at the end of all this some of them can just walk away, join another club and kiss another badge. But I will still support Partick Thistle. I can't do the walking away part, cos this is my team and I think all of us should just think about it a little before posting some of this crap. Get to Palmerston and support the team . That's what being a fan is about, not fighting between ourselves. Difference of opinion is one thing but some of the posts on here are poison.