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  1. Barjonas is well thought of at rangers along with the lad Mayo...Gerrard has spoken about him being a better player than he has shown..time for him to maybe believe in himself a bit more....I would take the lad Mayo in a minute..imo will go onto better things..
  2. 525 have put a lot of money into gartcairn and syngenta juniors over the last few seasons..dont see a problem with them
  3. That knob Keith Jackson spouting more pish today. Has been the mouthpiece for the spfl/Doncaster since the start of this. The new Traynor.
  4. The big wig from ladbrokes is a massive celtic fan think that all came out after his tweet The end of season money was quoted by forfar and stranraer to be very small..if i remember forfar said 3k and starnraer 2.5k...not vast ammounts of money..
  5. 16 said they would support reconstruction..14 said they wouldn't and apparently 12 abstained/didnt know which was taken as a no vote..
  6. Pish..never contacted him..
  7. We defo weren't interested..Sod was desperate to come back but it was made clear we werent interested..nothing to do with money...big mistake imo from archie...we signed McGinn and the Czech guy instead..
  8. Hopefully he has a clause in his contract. Murder ..would rather Brownlie was captain.
  9. My guess is celtic might be one..apparently lawell gave a rousing speech along with les Gray..still think there should be a vote of no confidence..be interesting to see what Inverness say in there next press release.
  10. Looks like Inverness with there new statement have blown the daily record article out the water. Inverness certainly aint holding back.
  11. It was Inverness who were proposing to null and void the league..alloa and dunfermline were saying well if you go down that road youll lose out on money as its then split 10 ways. Back page of daily record today.
  12. Alloa and dunfermline..both represented on the spfl board..null & void would have meant no 9 in a row..that would not have been allowed to happen..as i said it would have been my choice. Imo this is why rangers want the investigation because they reckon they were desperate to call the lower leagues 1st that then set a prescient for the top league i.e average points per game.
  13. Think you would need to ask them..from what im reading null & void was never on table..obviously doesnt suit celtic who imo have a massive influence on the spfl.. Straight away in our league you have 3 who wouldnt pass it. Ive been suprised the press have never jumped on how the dutch league have finished there season.
  14. Yeah think it was Inverness who wanted to put forward a proposal to null & void the leagues, and were told by dunfermline & alloa that the money would then be split evenly between all 10 clubs.
  15. Not sure if ive read this right but are you saying alloa and dunfermline wanted to null & void the season with money split evenly between the 10 teams. i thought it was Inverness who were looking at this. This was my way of dealing with this from the beginning bit like the dutch league.