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  1. Back in the day, when based at Shawfield, Clyde were our biggest Glasgow rivals. There was certainly no love lost between the two sets of supporters and I recall some fierce encounters between the two teams. But, QP are a team on the rise after two promotions. They’ve gone professional, they’ve got money and they’re bound to want to carry things on next season. Looking at the footage from the Airdrie v QP match today, they had a good support backing them too. I think games between Thistle and QP next season could be very competitive.
  2. I’d rather have Fred Flintstone…or Betty Rubble. She was ‘class’!
  3. There are a lot of things in football which are very silly eg the SFA, (apart from its unfortunate initials!) Kingsley, FIFA decision-making and presidents, our Chair wanting to be called ‘Chairman’, playing the World Cup Finals last time in Russia and next time in Qatar, sponsors’ names on socks and shorts, the current SPFL Chief Executive, England believing it will win the World Cup every time it’s played, etc etc. A few more is never a surprise!
  4. Sounds suspiciously like “gallows humour.”
  5. Queens Park’s win today over Airdrie in the Play Off Final ensures they will be playing in tier two with Thistle in season 2022/23. Thus, there will be a Glasgow side with which to have a rivalry in the same league, in season 2022/23.
  6. I also prefer this version of the present Thistle badge (red/yellow) to the black/white or black/yellow versions currently used:
  7. I prefer the collar here than on mine. Were the panels thicker on that version? Don’t mind either yellow or red middle panel.
  8. Nothing to do with Thistle (I don’t think) but…
  9. That book I described above is published by Arena and written by Michael McEwan. It is mainly about the the last seven years of Thirds’ existence when eg they were managed by George Young and latterly Bobby Shearer. The ‘villain’ of the story is a man by the name of Tom Hiddleston who took control of them and who, many Thirds fans believe ‘engineered’ their demise because he saw opportunities to make money on that happening. One story stands out and tells you the way things were. A Thirds player was badly injured (arm I think) and was to be taken to hospital during or after a match. Hiddleston callously told one of the staff going with him in no uncertain terms was the player to be cut out of his shirt at the hospital (to avoid further physical damage/limit the pain of the player before he could be more closely examined by medical staff!) Hiddleston was more interested in not wasting a shirt! Also, the players were paid directly by gate money towards the end (before they stopped being paid at times.) One player said, “We walked out the ground with our jackets bulging with pennies, half pennies, theepennies, etc ! A lot of money belonging to the club was never accounted for but there were many suspicions. TLFC folded in 1967, the same year Celtic won the Euro. Cup, Rangers got to the final of the Euro. Cup Winners Cup and Kilmarnock got to the semi final of the old Inter Cities Fairs Cup (equivalent of old UEFA Cup, and present Europa League Cup. In addition Scotland beat England 3-2 at Wembley, with Jim Baxter doing his famous keepy-uppy showboating! But, it was a sad moment too for Hi Hi fans and for Glasgow, which previously had had five teams generally in the top tier plus Queens Park-the team who has won the Scottish Cup most, after the Old Firm. My uncle emigrated to Canada but whenever I met him, he could only talk about the “Great Jimmy Mason” a brilliant Scottish international Inside forward (no. 8) who famously played in the Scotland team v England at Wembley which won 3-1 (and scored!’) I sent out to my uncle a TOFFS (The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company) replica cotton shirt based on those they wore in the 50s, with the famous badge embroidered on. He loved it! I also sent him a book about Thirds by Bert Bell, the acknowledged expert on their history (BB signed it too.) BB is often to be found telling his stories in the Scottish National Football Museum. I chatted to him last time I visited. He never supported any other team after Thirds’ demise and devoted his time to keeping the name of TLFC alive in various ways. Thirds were my second Scottish team for a very short while. I never saw them as a close rival to Thistle, but perhaps I was/ am more tolerant of certain other teams. I saw the ‘rival’ as Clyde FC-! I saw Thirds play the Jags on a few occasions. But the 4-4 result in (I think 1963) is one of the stand-out matches in my memory. It’s featured in another book I have called ‘Classic Matches: TLFC.’
  10. Hi ‘Third Lanark’! I was wondering, did you used to be a Thirds supporter back in the day, before following Thistle or perhaps was there a ‘HI-Hi’fan in your family? My uncle was a big Thirds fan and earlier this year I bought a book called, ‘The Ghosts Of Cathkin Park’: The Inside Story of TL’s Demise’. Very interesting, but ultimately a sad story about a once great Glasgow and Scottish football club, and it’s betrayal by its owner. I saw them play a number of times notably coming back from 4-1 down to draw 4-4 at Parkhead v a pre-Jock Stein Celtic!