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  1. Episode Seven It is 20 June 2022. Out in the street, somewhere in Glasgow, a group of three people are waiting outside a building for a signal to come in. Suddenly, a shadowy figure approaches. FIGURE 1: What is the password? FiGURE A: Er….CALDWELL! FIGURE 1: Sssshhhh! Right. You can all come in. Have you come alone? FIGURE B: Yes. FIGURE 1: Good, this is a top secret meeting! We don’t want any gatecrashers, press, media or any unreliable Thistle supporters. FIGURE C: It’s just US. We’ve followed your directions to the letter! The group are taken to a room where they see two people wearing masks, seated at a table with three empty chairs. FIGURE 2: Sit down. Now, I am very busy as you know, so let’s get straight to the point. EVERYTHING that goes on in this room tonight is to be regarded as STRICTLY on a need to know basis. Any talking to the media, or even members of TJF or perish the thought-other Thistle fans-at this stage will see us break off talks with you. Mum’s the word. Do you understand? FIGURES A, B, C: (mumble) Yes. FIGURE 3: They don’t seem very sure Boss! FIGURE 2: DO YOUSE ALL UNDERSTAND? FIGURES A, B, C: YES!! FIGURE: Right. Now that we’ve got THAT agreed, I can be away for my hair appointment and get my nails done at the salon. The first stage of our meetings has been completed. I….ER….WE…look forward to seeing you all here again in July, for the next important stage of our talks. Have you got the date and time in your diary. FIGURE B: We have! FIGURE 2: Good! Now remember, nothing, I repeat nothing must be breathed to a soul about our meeting here or any future ones. IS THAT CLEAR?!! FIGURES: A,B, C: ABSOLUTELY!! FIGURE 2: Okay, right, I have to be aff to my appointment, so, Ge..er this person will now show you out. You’ll receive a coded message confirming the date and time of our July meeting. No information to be given out till then, beyond saying, ‘We’ve had a first meeting’? Agreed?!! FIGURES: A, B, C: Agreed! The three ‘visitors’ are then shown out of the dark building into the brightness of a Glasgow summer evening. FIGURE A: Well, that went well! FIGURE B: Yes, indeed! FIGURE C: At least we’ve something constructive to report! FIGURE A: Aye, but remember, ‘careless talk’. Remember what she said. MUM’s THE WORD! FIGURE B: Sssshhhh!!! ——————
  2. That’s great. I’ve been looking through some of the Glastonbury footage at a few acts-I must go back and do some ‘flag-spotting’ instead!
  3. Yes, that’s the one. I assume the shorts were red, and all else was as I described above, with red/yellow trim on the white socks.. That badge looks a bit ‘different’ though. Liked this strip, but don’t know how many times they played in it. Generally in the 60s, I think the Thistle change strip was like Scotland’ with a thistle, white shorts and navy socks with white turn-downs. That’s nice too. I prefer Scotland playing in white shorts-this contemporary ‘all navy’ is not for me. Thanks a lot for this, you are certainly good at pulling Thistle ‘rabbits’ out of the hat! I always liked Johnny Flanagan, but after a disagreement, he left the Jags under a cloud…for rivals…Clyde! Well done anyway,Mr ‘Thistlearchivisio!’
  4. Episode Six MAC & JACQ & GEZ are away for a ‘bonding weekend’ at a health farm. Sitting down to breakfast on the Sunday, (at 5am) they are chatting at their table in the corner of a room crowded with ‘guests’. JACQ: Well it’s been lovely to get away this weekend, don’t you agree Gez? GEZ: What? (Stifling a yawn) eh…er…Oh Aye..Boss! MAC: Zzzzzzzz..Zzzzzzzz….Zzzzzzzz JACQ: Will you WAKE UP..MAC?! MAC!!! MAC: (Spluttering!) Uh..Ughhhh! Er….where am I? Oh…I was just having a dream…I’d just signed the whole Ayr back line! (Smile on face!) JACQ: Well, wake up…look…we need to be wide awake..for this last day…I need you two to be..lean and mean and hungry… MAC: Well…I am that…that breakfast yesterday…it widnae feed..a ..moose on an Atkins diet…or any diet! GEZ: But..we’re going to be much fitter..less tired …bloated…and importantly ‘We’ll be on the ball’…Er..that’s what you said..wasn’t it Boss? JACQ: Too Right! We’re going to be like a well-oiled machine…a coiled spring, ready to spring into action…..an animal on high alert…ready to deal with..all eventualities..all difficulties…from WHEREVER they may come. I want us NEVER to be caught out again as we were by that SPFL/Dundee fiasco a few years ago….that Jags Foundation …business. We’ve got to be FIT..in mind and body…CLEAR…about the tasks ahead and ALWAYS singing from the same hymn sheet! MAC: Are we aff to church later then Boss?! JACQ: No..of course not..that won’t be necessary…I mean we need to be speaking as ONE…with anything that presents itself? GEZ: But, we ALWAYS follow your instructions to the letter boss…I do anyway! A waiter approaches. WAITER: Er…Broccoli tea….Spinnach and courgette mash…. or Leek and potato consommé! GEZ: What are you having Boss?! MAC: Ugh…ahhh….zzzzz snore….zzz snore! JACQ: Will you wake up MAC! You’re just NOT entering into the spirit of all this. I er WE decided this was just what the doctor ordered, just what we needed to get us ready for the new season! GEZ: What you having Boss? JACQ. Er…make mine a broccoli tea..but…ER…..I just have to nip upstairs for a minute. Leaving the room quickly, Jacq ascends the stairs..and let’s herself into her room… Looking in the wardrobe, in a chest of drawers…under the bed… JACQ: Now…where did I put those ……..mutton pies, Mars bars, cola cubes, Irn Bru and …….. tablet…?!! ————.
  5. Kelty HEARTS, Cove RANGERS, Inverness Caledonian THISTLE…are there any more teams out there with a chance of joining the four top tiers with an already famous part of their football name?
  6. To ‘The Thistle Archive’ In the mid sixties (I must have been about 10/11 I recall a snippet of a Partick Thistle v Hearts match being shown on BBC (B/W) TV at around 5pm. (During the Scottish football round up-full highlights to be shown later that night.) (There we’re only two channels then…the one you were watching..and ‘the other side’! (Ie BBC and ITV)! Anyway, I saw the Jags playing in a change strip I’ve always liked. It looked as if it was all white shirt with three hoops-red,yellow, red across the middle. The shorts looked red and the socks white. I have never seen that strip anywhere in colour, but there is a photo from that match (Johnny Flanagan in action) in one of my old ‘Scottish Football Books’ (Edited by High Taylor.) To me it looked very nice then and I’ve drawn it for myself a few times. It would be circa 1965/1966/1967 Have you a photo in colour…or B/W or more details of that strip? Have you any other facts, details on it?
  7. Result: Women’s World Cup Qual. : Ukraine 0 v Scotland 4 Scotland lie second in their table, after Spain, but some other teams below have games in hand.
  8. Of these, I actually saw Fleming, Fitzpatrick, Melrose, Kelly, Cowan and Gibson. Melrose and Gibson conjure some great memories.
  9. Manager, Stuart Taylor, leaves Hamilton Accies. Premiership clubs are to have talks with SPFL amidst fears Rangers (Sponsors ‘cinch’ probs leading to them gaining sponsor money but not having to advertise sponsor) may be exempt from any sponsor advertising. I have no brief for certain sponsors (incl. this one) but SHOULD THERE BE ONE LAW FOR ONE or two teams and another for everyone else? Should Rangers gain finance for doing nothing?
  10. Good luck at Firhill, Aiden! Everyone there will be rooting for you, and all the other new intake!
  11. And, the piece de resistance …….da da…….’IDLE’……in West Yorkshire! Mo Niang….good luck at the ‘Pools’!
  12. These and the ones ‘banana’ showed above are brilliant. The detail, particularly the thin red strip is very well-done. Is it an online shop that sells them? Made to order?
  13. Well, I am from ‘DEN(n)IS-toun ’ so…. Lucky he wasn’t from NIT-Shill or DUMB-arton, or HELEN-sburgh! (Or even MARY-hill!)
  14. Thanks a lot for this. Brilliant little snippets of footage. Lovely to see all those faces in their prime, turning out for the Jags in a great strip. Wish we had a squad of that calibre now!
  15. It may seem obvious to everyone else but…why was this player, Mouhamed Niang, called…’Sena’?!! Second name/nickname??
  16. Very nice. Which ones are Erskine and Doolan?
  17. You’re entitled to your view and finally, no one knows for certain how ANY new signing will turn out. On the question of gambling, this can certainly get way out of hand for some-don’t know about SL. I knew someone who this happened to and they eventually received a custodial sentence, for misappropriation of funds, to fund their habit. (They were decent in every other way). Hence there is a ‘Gamblers’ Anonymous’ just as there is an ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’-they’re both highly ‘addictive’ and reason, sense, morality and personal responsibility can disappear with both-for some. Let’s hope Steve, for his own sake, can make a positive difference for the Jags and…’himself’ …with this fresh start!
  18. To: Those of you who witnessed the match v Alloa last night-How did ‘trialist’ Aiden Fitzpatrick shape up? I thought he was a really good prospect before he was transferred to Norwich. He maybe should have stayed at Thistle longer, to continue the ‘learning curve’. But, he seems to have descended the ‘slippery pole’ at speed and perhaps his confidence took a battering. It’s happened to young players before, jumping too soon for the bigger money and better league. But, there’s much bigger expectations at such clubs and a high degree of ‘wastage’.
  19. Let’s hope that Thistle’s promotion objective isn’t on the ‘buffers’ by next April!