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Safe Standing at Firhill

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    • By Ferris Bueller
      So I'm sure you've seen in the news the Scottish Gov proposals around V-passports for large events, e.g. football matches, nightclubs etc. My question is, how would each of us feel if this were brought in at Firhill?
      I ask since as far as I can see, there's already been a fair backlash with fans e-mailing their respective clubs to say they won't be attending if this were a requirement. I personally am also in that boat, and have already e-mailed Thistle to state the same. My reasons being
      - wasn't required during EURO 2020 (e.g. at Hampden)
      - it's a trial drug with no evidence of long-term effectiveness against disease, or its infection, carrying or transmission
      - our medical history & who we share it with is no-one's business but our own. We don't need anyone's permission to live our lives, especially from the government.
      And if you're also in agreement, could be an idea for a few more of us to get in touch with the club to make it clear where we stand on the issue going forward? Cheers
    • By jagfox
      Two weeks away from the football has recharged the batteries. Here's hoping the same is true of the management and players.
      A dirty dozen games await that could have a massive impact on the club. 
      Will we see the sieve discarded for some no nonsense defending?
      Can we have a return of the pre-Christmas Reece Cole to supply some guile and badly needed creativity?
      Can we have last winter's Joe Cardle back?
      Can Bannigan and O'Ware give us the consistent platform that Ian McCall is hoping they can provide?
      So many questions and no answers until late Tuesday evening.
      I hope the players can hit the swamp running and make up for a very poor run of form.
      MTJ FTOF
    • By sandy
      Get yourself down to the JH concourse for the Open Day. Atmosphere building nicely with lots of activities for the young ones.
      Open training session at 12:00, first team signing 1:30 and Manager and Board Q&A at 2:30.