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    I dunno, but for some reason Sneddon seems to be an easy whipping boy for quite a few folk on here. He had a couple of good stops on Saturday, again. Maybe he should have or could have stopped the first goal, which was a fast and swerving shot of the kind that beat world class keepers every week. Completely blameless for the second. I wonder how many QoS fans are calling for their keeper to be dropped, given that he was beaten by a header at the narrowest of near-post angles (our first), then failed to hold or punch away a rebound off the post after his save (our second), then got beaten by a toe poke through his legs (our third). Some people want to replace Sneddon by an OF loanee whose main interests are elsewhere. It kind of reminds me of the "foreigners-must-be-better" mentality that sees so many average players from other countries holding down places (and wages) in many teams for doing absolutely no better than home-grown players could do.
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    36 games 20 goals Deserves a thread for that alone. Both his goals yesterday were down to his desire to score. A leader and example of the benefit of standards and positive attitude.
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    I have to say that I was a bit underwhelmed when Graham signed. He looked like just another journeyman coming to extend his career. I have to admit that (for once) I was wrong. Not only is he far more of a goal threat than I could ever have hoped for, he is absolutely committed to the club and gives 100% every game. A great player to have and probably a horrible one to play against.
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    Over the last 20 years, one of the greatest benefits of being a member of this site while working abroad - and there are plenty of them - has been Camallain's wonderful goal videos from the North Stand. My favourite ever of these was Kris Doolan's 100th v Ross County. I'm now retired and back in the West End - but a very warm welcome back to your videos Camallain!! They reflect so graphically our collective passion and spirit for the Jags!!