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    Match highlights from the Kelty Hearts YouTube page.
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    He is currently a free agent. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/20191413.rangers-defender-james-maxwell-confirms-ibrox-departure-partick-thistle-keen-signature/
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    Update from the Foundation Chair: https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/update-on-discussions-with-three-black-cats/ Good evening fellow Jags fans. I wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update on some recent activity from the Foundation Board. We can confirm that on 20 June representatives of the TJF Board met with the Directors of Three Black Cats. The meeting was considered to be constructive by the TJF board members present and we are grateful to 3BC for the face-to-face meeting. As a result of the meeting, TJF agreed to submit a follow-up document which has now been actioned. We are committed to providing members an update on progress on 16 July. There can be no further comment until then. Best Sandy Fyfe, Chair and Negotiations Sub-group Lead
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    I'd forgotten that. He was a gallus wee player. I remember one game at Firhill against the h*ns the ref stopped play for a free kick to the opposition. The ball was heading towards JF, and he bent down as if to collect it to give it to the opposition to re-start the game. Everybody had stopped, expecting that to happen. but in fact the wee man crouched down and let the ball run past him by some considerable distance, while pretending that the reason he crouched down was to tie his boot laces. Still makes this simpleton smile!
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    Did you all have to take a small bite?
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    Just wait till you visit Cove