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    https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/19762365.mccall-expects-key-thistle-trio-sign-contract-extensions-within-days/ Would be great if these 3 all signed extensions.
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    Some good runs from Tiffoney and Murray but somehow we are not playing joined up football up front. Too many through balls being overhit on the strange surface.
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    Think we need him on for the second half.
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    Just on to not make a prediction. It's working well. Up the Jags.
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    Despite QOS being bottom of the league this will be a difficult game. I would think their midweek victory against Morton in the challenge cup will give them confidence. A victory for us could have us second in the league but a victory for QOS would move them off the bottom. As with most of our games the first goal will be important. We need to go out with the right attitude, we are on a great run be we cannot go on to the pitch thinking we have won before a ball is kicked. Come on the Jags.
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    PMA - Positive Mental Attitude. Since the Kilmarnock loss the team has been quietly concentrating on being solid and taking opportunities. Leaving that aside, anyone who watched ICT v Killie will recognise that there are going to be a lot of cagey 0-0 or 1-0 games amongst the top 5 until 1 or 2 separate themselves from the pack of 5, which is unlikely to happen this side of New Year. So QoS represents a real opportunity for us. Win the game - which isn't a foregone conclusion - and we will enjoy the bonus of knowing that one or even both of Raith and Arbroath will have dropped points. In summary, let's focus on the victory, go for it in a professional manner, achieve it and enjoy.