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    Montrose FC getting hee haw from today. Money spent on HT draw tickets at Firhill.
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    Now over 60k. Great effort from everyone involved. Well done.!
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    So you read an advert for a senior physio and immediately think that someone's been sacked?
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    Would'nt be surprised and if it was and if so good on him ( or whoever) for owning up to feeling bad. All to often people ( particularly men) bottle these things up, sometimes with disasterous consequences.
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    The occupant of the other half of the bed won the signed shirt and asked me what could possibly be done with it. My suggestion that it would make a fine wedding present for the older wasting asset didn't seem to go down too well. It would make a great start to a series of back-to-back league win shirts. Some people have no vision.
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    That's 2nd prize, first is a home delivery and no dvd
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    Up to you how to spend your money. I would say give the money to the Thistle go fund me .
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    We played well last week. Play the same this week, take more of our chances, hopefully start of a run. Hope is all we have @Garscube Road End 2
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    Don't like it when everyone on here gets confident. The earlier these threads get started and the more positive comments, the more likely we are to have a stinker
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    At this moment in time I'd be happy to replace McCall with my dog.