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    During the latter stages in phase one of the season Sena played a number of games to a very high standard and the team barely lost any goals. Yes he did make mistakes against United which were very costly. The manager could have taken him out there and then but gave him the chance against East Fife. To be fair he really struggled in the first half and was taken out of the firing line which was completely the right thing to do for both player and team. Do I think that means he’s finished as a centre back? Absolutely not and although there may still be discussions about where he will play in the team, I still think he’s got a lot of learning to go through and will hopefully continue to be managed well to get the best out of him. While I would never deny any fan the right to have an opinion I think Sena deserves a bit more respect for the efforts he has put in so far this season and I certainly wish him nothing but a bright future given all he has had to go through to get to this stage of his career.
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    'Jings, crivins, help ma boab ' Am I the auldest on here. My name is Stewart Murray and I now live in Falkirk. As a hobby I've written my first chapter of my life as a jags fan, and as I have said before, I started going to Firhill not long after Hitler was trying to bomb the chip shops in Knightswood. Thistle Forever My first Partick Thistle game The date was Saturday the 7th of September 1948 and I was sitting at the kitchen table eating my usual plate of porridge, when my Mother announced that instead of going shopping in Glasgow city centre, we were going to visit my brother Ian and his new wife Nan at their flat in Park Road. I was naturedly ly delighted at this news, as I was only eight years old at the time, and nothing was more boring than going shopping. My father had just died in January, and my mother found times very hard and a day out in Glasgow[ We lived in Priory Road, Knightswood] helped her in her grief. The only enjoyment I had, was we made time for afternoon tea at Craig's tearooms, where you selected from a three tier cake stand. Starting at the top, you had freshly made sandwiches, the middle tier was the scones and best of all on the bottom plate, was the delicious cream cakes. There was a slight drizzle in the air when we left on the 11A bus from Knightswood Cross and fifteen minutes later, we arrived at my brother Ian's flat at 19 Park road. Another surprise was awaiting for me that Saturday, when my brother announced he was taking me to Firhill for the Jags game against our rivals Clyde. My brother was not really a football fan, so I guess he used the game as an excuse for my mother to get to know his wife Nan a bit better, as he kept the wedding to himself. Nan came from Airdrie, and her nephew was Paul Jonquin, who played and captained Airdrie for many years. We arrived in plenty of time for the kick-off and I was sent down to near the front at the North end. Firhill was very different to what it is now. The ground was oval shaped and as it was used for Greyhound racing for a couple of nights a week, gantries with lights attached, were placed around the ground. The north end had an enclosure round it, with pie stalls and the greyhound tote offices on the back wall. A large totaliser board stood in the far left hand corner at the Glasgow end. It was not the first game I had been to, my brother in law, George Lockhart [ Married to my sister Jean] took me to see the League cup final between Falkirk and East Fife at Hampden Park. The crowd was not far off 58.000 and with being not able to see much, and no goals being scored, it was not the greatest game for my first match. Five minutes to kick-off at Firhill, I stood opened mouth, I had never been so excited in my life. The aroma coming from the pie stalls, the smell of the smoke coming from all the tenement chimney pots in Firhill road, fans arriving and shaking hands with their pals. You could see the excitement in their faces as they awaited the start of the game. Suddenly a roar went up, eight young boys ran out who looked not much older than myself. It was the ball boys. Then a explosion of noise heralded the Jags onto the park, followed by their opponents from the East side of the City, the mighty Clyde. Thistle went on to win the game 3 - 2 with goals from Walker, Wright and Brown. My favourite player that day was Tommy Wright, a fast raiding right-winger, who signed for Sunderland later on in the season. I went home a very happy boy that day, with the customary bag of chips after a game. The start of a wonderful relationship with a great Scottish football club
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    If (still a big if with me) we were to win the title I don't believe we should have a go at Doncaster vis-à-vis a snub. In fact I think we should treat the occasion with all the dignity it warrants. I'd nominate the Poster who goes by the forum name Bobby Houston to collect the League Trophy.
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    Just watched the young Jags completely demolish their Govan "equivalents;" the match was a couple of days ago, and could have ended up a cricket score. Some really terrific play and skills on show..... and none of it from Govan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAM1KlXuU6E
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    Pay Per View Purchased here in Japan, where it's almost 3 am. Let's do this, Thistle!
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    On this day 100 years ago there was bad news for all Thistle fans, as it was pretty much confirmed in all the papers that Rangers were going to win the Scottish Cup tomorrow. Are they, aye? The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill part 16 →
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    Perhaps we should just have let Doncaster turn up at Firhill........., "Sorry, Neil, we've already done the presentation. We sent you an e-mail about the re-arrangements just before 5pm the other night. Did you not receive it?"
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    100% we should accept the trophy. The trophy has nothing to do with Blazers and Everything to do with football. The players deserve it, from when the 5th goal went in and Sneddon ran the length of the pitch to celebrate with all the players/subs and canal fans. For everything this season has put the players, management, board and us fans through, I want to see that trophy lifted, even if just on the telly.
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    Well done to Ian McCall .....top of the league after 18 games , best goal difference, most goals scored and great form going into the play offs
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    And so, to the last installment in our Scottish Cup story, capturing all the drama of Scottish Cup Final day in words and pictures. From beginning to end, tremendous energy and stamina were displayed by both sides; Thistle were trademark resolute and Rangers were frustrated. Meet the last two squad members; stand-in Watty Borthwick and goalscorer John Blair... eternal Partick Thistle legend! The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill part 17 →
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    Following on from the creation of our new People category in the top navigation bar, we're now very pleased to present to you our sub-category Managers, which houses profile hubs for all 32 men who've officially managed the club, including permanents and caretakers alike. As with our 2,000 player hubs, the manager's hubs are open for any creative development ideas. For now, a mini-bio is included, together with stats summaries, sortable comparison tables, a full list of games managed and a note of their "Thistle honours" wherever appropriate. The entire breadth of the club's history is at your fingertips. It's a great development for the Archive, and we hope you find these pages informative and maybe even entertaining, although that might be pushing it a bit... Managers A-Z →
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    Stuart Bannigan for me is the beating heart of Thistle. He's been there through the ups and downs, and he's had his own injury battles along the way. But he never hides and much more often than not makes a positive difference. Even when he was being written off I didn't think he was doing too much wrong, apart from carrying a team struggling for form. Thanks Banzo. We are lucky to have you.
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    Humble pie time. Well done McCall. Bannigan has been outstanding since the break. Bell and Tiffoney, what a couple of signings. Stupendous.
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    You must have missed the news this morning. There's an asteroid heading towards Earth. Only a Jags win can save us all...
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    Don't know why you'd think that?! Depends on your definition of "defender". For many decades in the 1-11 line-up era players by and large stuck to these positions so it's relatively simple. The introduction of subs muddies the water (where did they play when they came on?) as does the introduction of squad numbers (virtually meaningless in a positional sense). There are a few seasons where only 1 goal was scored by a defender (in some cases penalties). There are a couple of seasons where no defender in the starting line-up scored but I'm fairly certain the subs that came on and scored were not defenders. Ignoring friendlies and only going back to when we joined the SFL (1893-94) there are 7 seasons where no goals were scored by a defender:- 1917-18 1934-35 1937-38 1938-39 1969-70 1981-82 2020-21 It would seem that when Stuart Sutherland scored on Boxing Day 1936, no defender scored again until Charles Busby did so on 1 May 1940 - 154 matches later.
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    Well done to Stranraer on their good mini-run to make the promotion playoffs. It would be sweet if they could pull it off to make it a triple triumph for all three unfairly demoted teams.
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    Calm doon. Montrose had *everything* to play for, whereas we came into the game on the back of a well-deserved four-day bender.
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    Robert Watson (65). Like some others on this thread my first Firhill experience was in the early sixties. My family stayed in Braeside street at the time. I was taken by my Uncle who was a Thistle fan , my father was not a football fan or a fan of any sport. I went to Firhill a few times after that but i did not become a regular till 68/69 season, by that time we had moved to Pollockshaws. Since that season i have rarely missed a Thistle home game. The first time was September 95 and that was for a holiday to Florida. The other time was when my son Robert was in intensive care for 10 1/2 months. My wife and myself spent at least 7 hours at the hospital every day. Like any other fan the greatest day i have had supporting Thistle was being at Hampden for the 1971 league cup final. I have many other fond memories supporting Thistle but others high on my list are only a few days apart. The challenge cup final was a great day out even though we lost the game. 3 Days later our game at Firhill against Morton is another great memory, not only did we all but seal the title that night, but apart from Robert and myself in our usual spot behind the goal there was one other person with us that night. That person was my brother in law who is a Morton fan, great night all round. I think if things were different and fans would have been allowed in on Thursday night the atmosphere would have been similar to that night in 2013. Because of the magnificent plaque in Robert's memory in the John Lambie stand and the other things that have been done by Thistle fans in Robert's memory i have managed to speak to a number of posters on this forum and having a pre match chat with @partickthedog is now a regular occurence. When we are allowed back in to Firhill it would be a pleasure to speak to more forum users. I always stand in the same spot just behind the goal in the John Lambie stand.
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    A massive well done to the players and the management team for what has just been achieved. They've taken some real pelters on here this fractured season - many justified - but by heavens they have made a few of us on here eat our words big style since East Fife earlier this month. Class response, let's all savour it. Well done Ian and the players!!
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    Its easy to see the impact of Tiffoney and Bell and we need to get both signed up for next year. Its also fairly noticeable when guys like Graham, Bannigan, Docherty and Rudden start to play. However one person who I don't think gets enough praise is Darren Brownlie. Tonight he had Sammon in his back pocket and dominated him in the air despite giving away a few inches in height. Brownlie hasn't put a foot wrong all season. For sheer consistency he would get my player of the season vote.
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    Half-time refreshment. Hopefully to be continued throughout the second half.
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    Simon Stainrod, Kevin McCallister, Falkirk Wheel, Alex Totten we are giving you boys one hell of a beating!
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56922670 A decision I can agree with. Don't mind who wins as long as its not Brechin.
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    Tonights team talk " Right lads, listen up. We only need to win tonight and we are the champs, no doubt/goal difference /points per game. Our run since the restart has been great, so....Im going to ask you for 1 more big game. There not the best team in the league, we are. So go out and play as if its your last ever game, no regrets just rewards. Get an early goal and we will step up a gear. Run your socks off. I know you will do it, because your good enough. Go and win us the league" then I open dressing room door and shake every hand as they go by without saying another word.
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    Three handy new pages published in the last few days... Examining Thistle's century-and-a-half honours haul of 32 gold, 31 silver and 3 bronze... Partick Thistle FC honours list → Jags currently sit on one of the most bizarre sequences in world football, with three double-downs and two double-ups. This new page looks at D-Day for the 10 promotions and 11 relegations so far... Promotions (and relegations) → Our third new "Achievements" page in three days serves as a round-up list of our European adventures, with a sprinkling of narrative. We'll be back there one day... European competitions →
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    Make it a good yin Big Wull and in the 25th century, you’ll be amongst the firmament of greatest speeches of all time alongside Lincoln’s Gettysburg address & MLK’s I have a dream. Perhaps an adapted version of Churchill’s WW2 one ... “ We shall fight them on the Nollie!”
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    Whatever happens tomorrow night I have really enjoyed this league campaign and in particular how we have played since the restart. It feels like years since we I have seen players in a Thistle jersey with pace, skill and promise like Tiffoney and Rudden or leaders with a will to win like Graham, Foster, Bell, Brownlie and Docherty. I've also really enjoyed reading the contributions to the forum as its the closest thing we have right now to attending games. On all the other occassions I have seen Thistle win a league we have usually got over the line with a couple of games to spare but this season is much more a nail biter and being able to reel Cove and Falkirk back in from so far behind has been a great watch. Whilst the drama of the playoff win against Peterhead was stunning the standard of play and style of football we had to endure in that season was not enjoyable at all. I think you have to go back to 1991/92 when we needed a point against Forfar at home to pip Hamilton on goal difference in front of a packed firhill. I remember the gasp of the crowd when Forfar had a stonewall penalty claim that thankfully the referee missed. Here's hoping that tomorrow night we get the result we need to get this over the line and if could do it without the heart stopping moments of 30 years prior then that would be great but then again it probably wouldn't be the Thistle way. I'll have my fingers crossed, touched wood, grasping lucky white heather, making bargains with a god I don't believe in whilst watching the game through my fingers just like I did 30 years ago. C'Mon the Jags, one more win tomorrow and we're there!
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    Ready, as is the Peach and Orange still water, if we win i might add some American cream soda.
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    No time to be getting nervous. Win at home to Falkirk and we are champions with a game to spare. That has to be the mentality going into Thursday’s game
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    Lack of interest ?
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    Your Semi Finals teams These selections provide clues to the final standings. Only the top five are still in with a chance of winning. It could be a tie for first place. It is possible that we will have a winner before the final is played. All contenders are hoping that Hibs beat Dundee United. If United win then the result of the other semi will decide our winner. If St Mirren win then gianlucatoni will be the champion. If St Johnstone win it will be Auld Jag.
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    Probably not DD as we’d get a thread entitled “SEND ME A BIRTHDAY CARD”
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    5 consecutive clean sheets (SFL/SPFL league matches only)... Achieved only twice. Feb-Mar 1968 and Feb-Mar 2013. No record of 6 found. Consecutive league wins... (SFL/SPFL league matches only)... 12 Once Oct-Dec 1932 10 Once Oct-Dec 1962 9 Once Jan-Sep 1897 8 Three times Oct-Dec 1904, May-Sep 1983 and Feb-Mar 2013. 7 Once Dec 1934-Feb 1935. 6 Six times Jan-Mar 1912, Feb-Mar 1934, Sep-Oct 1947, Sep-Oct 1975, Dec 2001-Jan 2002 and Aug 2012-Sep 2012. 5 Twenty times. The most recent is Aug-Sep 2001.
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    I hope you all enjoyed the step by step story of how the Scottish Cup was won in 1921. The most obvious addition to The Thistle Archive now is to jump forward 50 years and look at the League Cup campaign in 1971. The article is almost finished but there is one more addition I’d like to make. It would be nice to include some quotes from fans so I’m asking anyone who was at Hampden on 23 October 1971 and has an anecdote to contribute to PM me. If you weren’t there on the day, it could be you have relatives who were and who have “passed down” something that might be of interest. Please keep your contribution short (and tasteful!). If you want your name recorded for posterity, please add it. Finally, you may have seen recently that a journalist is planning a book on the subject and will be making a similar request. I would emphasise that this is purely co-incidental. I’ve been working on the article for a number of weeks and it’s pretty much ready to go.
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    Shortly we'll be introducing 32 pages for each of our managers / co-managers from the entire history of the club. As a prelude to this, our latest 'Partickle' chronicles all of our managerial comings and goings, illustrated and precisely dated in one handy overview. 20 mins read... The Managerial Comings And Goings →
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    The ugly sisters have been saying for years that there are too many clubs in Scottish Football that aren't competitive, don't have enough pooling power and are quite happy to live off the income of larger teams. Usually the follow that by saying that those clubs should be allowed to fail or they should merge for the good of the game. Sevco and Celtic meet that description in a European senses so would it really be too much to ask them to join forces to create a competitive Scottish European team for the good of Scottish football? Is it time for the 2 arse cheeks to merge into just one arseh*le?
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    On the 16th April, 1921, eleven men took to the field and defeated the Rangers by one to nil, thus securing the Scottish Cup for Partick Thistle. Campbell, Crichton & Bulloch; Harris, Wilson & Borthwick; Blair, Kinloch, Johnstone, McMenemy & Salisbury. "Now, what I think should happen is that people who support Thistle memorize these names, because these are people who are outstandingly important, and it should be part of the curriculum in Maryhill primary schools." (Robert Reid, April, 2021) You should listen to that man, he's very wise, used to be a head teacher you know. We're a' Robert Reid's bairns! Of course, there was more to it than those eleven could physically have managed, for the Thistle took an astonishing eleven matches to eventually secure the trophy, creating all sorts of unique records along the way. In total, 18 squad members contributed to the herculean struggle, almost wholly fought in the mud, wind and rain. These men are profiled in the stories herein, as well the two group leaders, George Easton (manager) and Sandy Lister (trainer). The pen pics in the story were written for The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill → and are slightly tweaked here to accommodate the single piece approach. They are listed in the order in which they appeared in that original story. Right then, pens and paper at the ready, children of Maryhill. Are we sitting comfortably? Good. Then we shall begin… The Class Of '21 →
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    Only us of a certain vintage appreciate this..
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    So Pele takes a bump on the head and is suffering concussion. The nurse has a look and reports to th doctor ‘he doesn’t know who he is’ and the doctor says ‘Tell him he’s Zak Rudden’
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    Orange and peach is the new red and yellow!
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    Seriously? We’ve just won the league in a run of 11? unbeaten amassing 25? points to achieve our target of promotion. Job done. Throw in multiple key players unfit and a desire to try out some young lads and a forced change of position for some players..... The manager might be underwhelmed by a couple but he won’t be dishing out hard words.
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    Perhaps we should ask these guys whether they would like the trophy or not.
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    Potential for man of the match?
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    I've not gone away and I still want him punted. Credit where it's due and the last 11 days have been great for all who support The Jags and McCall has played his part in that. However it does not make up for the past 11 months (and more) of utter dross and simply highlights how poor this league is and what might have happened if we had played like this from the start. Someone above posted 1 point out of 6 from Cove and 2 points out of 6 from Falkirk. If we had just won those home games we would now be 7 points clear and pretty much wrapped up.
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    We've suffered badly for a few seasons when teams play for a draw or are happy with a point at Firhill. Thought tonight was heading for further proof. Improved decision making in the 2nd half was as important as personnel changes. Love it when players are booked for time wasting then minutes later are chasing the game.
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    I say we do a crowdfund for a Bobby Houston cairgo after this magnificent result! Who's in?
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    Glory hunter!
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    From deciding after the East Fife game, that enough was enough, feckit, and I wasn't going to pay for any more away streams, to registering with Peterhead TV was about 30 minutes. Mon the Jags.