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    At the end of a difficult year for each of us for obvious reasons - both on and off the park - and in some cases for less obvious reasons, I wish all fellow posters and your families a happy, peaceful and intimate Christmas. Special thoughts in particular to any poster who may be spending their Christmas in isolation due to restrictions. Be sure to enjoy your day folks!!!
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    Dean’s letter is so much better thought out and worded compared to our rant
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    Not just gone from football but not allowed at all,the three wheeler vehicle's for the disabled that would sit behind the goals. Thankfully there's a wide range of vehicle's that can be modified to enable disabled people get around with more dignity and much safer as well nowadays.
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    Having the heating on for 2 days plus floodlights from 2pm will cost the club around £10000, all at a time when no fans are paying in. Not having the heating on will save us around £6000, it makes perfect financial sense not to have it on as a rearranged game won’t affect the crowd or income, I think we should be kicking of at 12 in the winter in empty stadiums to remove the cost of floodlights
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    We have been pretty rubbish since 1971 comparative to other teams who have had some successes(and well done to the St Mirrens ,St Johnstones and Caleys of this world). However, nobody should demean this amazing event. It was the greatest day of my life and probably any other Jaggies’ lives who were fortunate to be there. Those players will always be heroes of mine. We shouldn’t need a reason to celebrate in 2021 after the awfulness of 2020. So this is going to be good timing. I think all 12 are still with us thank God and I hope in good health. I’ve met Roughy and the wondrous Denis but would love to have a Firhill event when they could all attend and meet the fans. Even better if the celebrations can raise some money for the club.
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    Is an 18 game season (plus play offs) a viable possibility? Even if the re-start was not until (say) 1st March 2021, there would still be reasonable time to fit all the games in. It has the benefit of fairness, as all teams play each other twice each, one home and once away. Would be tough, but still within the bounds of possibility, to aim at first place. A play off place should be achievable (not saying it would necessarily be achieved). If we could not finish in the top 4 in an 18 game season, we would have little excuse for complaint.
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    Over £1600 donated since the announcement of the suspension of our league. Well done to everyone,but special mention again to David Thomson QC £600 donation.
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    It's not a question of what's acceptable in the grand scheme of things. If it was, we'd be back at whether it was acceptable that we were relegated in the first place. No point going back there. Your views above are based on the raw data, so there's no argument with the data. My views and comments are based upon what I've witnessed personally. I realise these views are subjective and are open to a difference of opinion. The only time I'll care about statistics is when it means we can't win the league or play-off etc. As it stands, we can do either. We've attempted to build a team to escape the division we are in. In the games I've seen, all home streams and away highlights, that's exactly what we have. There's no point busting the bank, as some others' do, and having a team fit for the top league. Despite our struggles at the top of the field, we're only six points from first and at the very least, a stick on for the play-offs. We've missed penalties, easy chances and hit the bar and post a few times. The teams we've played have hardly had a shot against us, never mind scored many goals. We're not a million miles away from winning this league and I still think we might. Someone might then choose to re-write the above stats but it won't be me. I'll continue to believe what I see, regardless of the numbers.
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    You shouldn't let a rude comment drive you off the forum. Block that member by using the "ignore" function. I've done it, a couple of times, and find the forum more enjoyable as a result.
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    Merry Christmas fellow Jags fans. We may have our disagreements but we all have our moral compass in supporting Partick Thistle FC. Have a great day
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    OK then BH, tell us all about them. The rest of us will give due respect to a young keeper who has an achievement to look back on with pride even if he does nothing else in the game.
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    Very good article in today Evening Times https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18944139.amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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    They are working on the 4 stage strategy:
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    Might not be popular but I’d like us to borrow a lot of the mentality that has went on at Livingston. Getting promotion from league one to the premier league 2 years running - not only have they more and comfortably stayed in the division but pretty much been verging on challenging for top 6. There has been a winning mentality throughout their team, a complete team togetherness, team spirit and drive for success that is the complete opposite in every way from us since the day we made top 6 in the premier league
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    Ran out of likes. Also add some of the so called elite teams have broke protocol/rules and think they should not be punished.
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    If we hadn’t messed up last season we would have got that £500k too and wouldn’t be stating we were hard done by. The predicament we are in isn’t the league or government or SFA’s fault it’s ours and ours alone, 3 and a half seasons of crap and bad management have put us on the brink of collapse
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    This shutdown will allow us some time to get more players injured.
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    Lifted this from The Guardian a couple of days ago. Pretty much sums up my feelings about the (soon to be behind us) year. To Jags fans in New Zealand, the Pacific island nations, Australia, Japan, China, SE Asia etc., Happy New Year. To the rest of you, have a good one when it comes.
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    Werder or not he goes, our defence should still be good enough for this league
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    Right I’m out, I thought I’d get to pick the team at least once over next few seasons. I have been working on some fantastic set-ups and tactics based on a Championship Manager 91 save I have. It’s very unorfodox but entertaining, especially with Klinsman and Linekar as the middle of my 5 (Yes five) front line
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    I may be a hopelessly naive optimist ("Yes you are," I hear you all say), but I am a great believer in being positive and trying to play the game if at all possible. Our successful 2000-2001 3rd tier promotion campaign was given a huge boost by playing right through the winter. By the time our competitors emerged from hibernation, we had vanished over the horizon. If we do not play, other sides might start to stretch away ahead of us and this will only increase the pressure on, and the nervousness of, our team. I appreciate that we have some injury absentees, but that is always the case and who knows whether we might have more injuries/suspensions before a re-arranged fixture. Clyde may have players coming back or running into form then. Points on the board and a confidence boost is what we need. Running scared of playing Clyde at home just seems all wrong to me.
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    Agreed. He appears more assured when he stops, turns, and makes a neat sideways pass. Time and again.
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    So how do we not accept this? Walk away? Some sort of protest? What you doing about or are just going with the flow the same as the rest of us but slagging others off?
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    It's clearly easier for me to support Thistle, the team, than it is for some of you and this isn't about taking a bow. I have no idea about the Jacqui Low effect or ignorance from those in control of the club. Do any of these things really exist? I don't recall ever hating any Thistle manager or board member in my 50 years as a Jag. I've been irritated by some on occasion, had my say about some players and certainly do not like many other clubs one bit. I've learned to take the highs with the Lows and trust that we are where we belong. Somewhere in the Leagues within Scotland. Our normal distribution curve encompasses three Leagues but for the majority of the time, we'll sit somewhere between 9th and 16th I'm guessing. On occasion we'll get into the top 6 and on others, like now, it will be terrible. As we are a well run club financially and quite well supported, I have no doubt, we will find our way back to where we usually reside. This time round, it may take longer than we all would like. If any bookie out there wants to give odds that Thistle will be between 9th and 16th within the next 5 years, I'll break my own bank to bet that.
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    There was no man of the match award at Queens on Saturday, but Mr Galloway did salute the team for their indefatigability.
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    Thanks Barney. Happy Christmas to you and all Jags fans. Thinking also of those among us working through Christmas in healthcare and other essential jobs.
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    On first read I thought you said massage.
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    Ok will do. Bobby will you get me the game as a gift? I can pm my paypal.
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    Final standings Congratulations lady-isobel-barnett. Led for most of the 14 months of the competition and did just enough hold off Arete.
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    What makes you think the majority of fans accept this nonsense? Most fans are probably as pissed off as you are watching the shite we've had to put up with the for the last 3 or 4 years, but what are we supposed to do about it? Stop supporting the club? Go & watch some other team that's doing better than Thistle? All we can do is voice our unhappiness if we're allowed in the stadium or else post stuff on forums like this. Apart from that there's sod all we can do about it. It's our club, we chose to support it through thick & thin, more thin than thick. The alternative is walk away
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    Surprised that you have singled out Sena for criticism. From back to front, the starting 11 were truly awful today. Sena has just recently been given a start. A young footballer who has only played at this level. In front of him are players like Brannigan, Cardle & Graham. All three have performed at a higher level and all have captained Thistle. They are players who Sena should look up to. They were all shocking today and much more culpable than Sena.
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    And there we have it lads. A manager who has a fulltime squad, with probably the biggest budget in the league and he has assembled an awful pool of players. A guy whonhas shot his bolt and was only interested in getting his pal Archibald back in a job. An utter disgrace.
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    Probably blames him for the 1918 one
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    Whilst I think the split does seem skewed in favour of the Championship we need to focus on ourselves and what we do with the money we receive. At the moment we don't know if there are any conditions attached - can't imagine the Scottish Government being too happy if clubs which were indicating they could not pay wages suddenly splashed out on more players! From the statement made prior to the AGM: "As things stand, with the budget notionally balanced, any additional income from now on will strengthen the Club’s position as the financial year progresses." I am sure that the manager will want to do some work in January but with injured players returning that could lessen the need to spend there. At some point fans will return to stadiums and broken seats, leaky roofs, etc will still need fixed so it is important we use the money we are given wisely.
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    It was actually the Kelvin where Gary performed his impromptu aquatics, which I suppose makes him a sort of tributary act.
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    It’s more complicated than that, we have only won a cup in years that Emperor Hirohito visited the UK on a state visit. We probably need a few nomads in Japan to perform a Burke and Hare covert exercise to get us another cup win
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    Definitely-I've set an alarm on my phone to go every couple of minutes so we can win 45-0 (another clean sheet)
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    Not superstitious in any way but as long as:- @Garscube Road End 2 does not predict a Thistle win. @Bobby Houston gets his cargo chilling early. and @westertonjagfan stays in toilet for the 90mins, then I will be confident.
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    There is also the question of footballers taking up testing resource at the expense of the general population and whether that is justified.
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    The club will be refunding everyone who bought a pass for the Cowdenbeath game. I know where my £10 will be going: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-the-jags
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    I make it a point never to disagree with a lady. Going way back to when this was all being discussed I could not get my head around why we had to start a season rather than finish one which had already started.
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    Several weeks back, we introduced a new mobile-friendly 4 column design to highlight appearances, scorers and assists for this season. We've now rolled out the concept to cover all 38 seasons which are currently archived. Since we began keeping records for these things several years ago, only one player has ever had an assists total which matches the top scorer for any given season. Care to guess who? See Squad Stats 2013-14 → With mobile-friendly users in mind, we've also added a more basic version of the season pages, and these basic versions now serve as the primary menu to access our match hubs e.g. 2014-15 → Our wider data tables remain in place for both squad stats and match hub menus, offering more detailed info for desktop and larger tablet users.
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    Agreed - it’s also the environmentally friendly thing to do as well - 6k to heat up a pitch is an astonishing waste of money when there’s is no income* to speak of - why the f*** should we shell out on heating costs when we got swindled into fitting it in the first place (along with the 10k seats), swindled out of our position in the championship & swindled out of the recent payout when we only got 150k instead of 500k. First real rant of the new year over! * I’d be interested to see the figures on the home streams since the first/only (?) one many weeks ago that detailed 6k-plus paying for the stream.
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    The problems are not on the pitch. The problem is we need someone to get more from what we’ve got
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    Demotion, the unwanted gift that keeps on taking.
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    The sequence isn’t every 50 years. We were formed in 1876, right. We won the Scottish Cup in 1921 - that’s 45 years. Then the league cup in 1971 - that’s 50 years. Sadly, the next number in the sequence is 55. So, 2026.