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    Today I joined The Jags Foundation - whilst I have been Lukewarm to the idea of " Fan Ownership" as a Model - recent events & the publishing of the Accounts have convinced me ( along with the Quality of those on TJF Board ) that we can make a go of it as a Fan Run Club I would encourage others to Nail there ( Red Yellow & Black) Colours to the Mast and join The Jags Foundation Jim Alexander ( aka Jordanhill Jag )
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    I'll give it a go: "In light of our recent relegation to league 2 the club felt it had no option but to replace our manager. We would like to offer our thanks to Gary Caldwell for his efforts. As we look forward to the new season with our new manager would like to ensure he has the funds available to return us to league 1. To allow that we have sold Firhill for some beans and we have been reliably informed these beans are magic and that there is a golden goose at the top of the beanstalk that the previously mentioned beans will provide access to. We did not feel it was necessary to ask the old lady who sold us the beans for proof that the beans were either magic or why she was so willing to give us the opportunity to own a golden goose for the small price we paid. As fans we feel this will build a solid financial basis for the club and allow us to both fund a playing squad, 40000 seater stadium and training ground that will all be built on land the board has bought at a surprisingly cheap rate. The land is located on the moon to the west of the sea of tranquillity. We are satisfied that a Partick Thistle team playing in the west end is what all real jags fans want to see. We wish our new manager all the best on his quest to return to league 1. We feel that as a jags legend and current chief exec that Gerry Britton will take us back to where we belong. Indeed the manager has already secured the services of an experienced goalscorer and we look forward to seeing the return of Gerry Britton in the number 9 shirt. Unfortunately due to the amount of work involved it has not been possible to find a new date for elections to the Board that were cancelled last year because of other stuff and excuses. We are sure we speak for all Jags fans when we say that we all understand why we couldn't be bothered doing this or putting up a pretence. Until we come up with a more plausible reason for postponing elections we have appointed another Trustee who will be familiar to all. Please join us welcoming our dear leader, JLow, as lifetime Trustee chair. Finally the club has became aware of fans singing inappropriate lyrics to songs. We would like to remind fans that the lyrics such as "We are Thistle supporters " is not in keeping with the beliefs of the Trust and would instead encourage fans to sing "We are beneficiaries of the Trust but only if we have a season ticket for 3 years, renounce involvement in TJF and any desire to elect Trustees". Doing small changes like this will encourage other fans such as the Trustees to finally attend games - maybe"
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    I don't know the answer to the slump in form. There has been a lot of posting recently and some posters could do with a break. Some have been posting twice a week. Some are posting while only 60% fit. Some of our posters didn't even get a good pre-season due to keyboard problems. At least November sees us only having to post once a week so that will be a help. When posters from other clubs sit down at the keyboard they look as if they could fire off a post every time - even from distance. We need to sort this out. The boys will be in soon for a meeting to show them the posts from last week and to have an open discussion about what can be done.
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    Despite my reservations about fan ownership, I've decided to get off the fence. Just joined TJF. Over the last few months I've bought no merchandise for myself or my grandson. Started paying concession rate rather than full price (which I viewed as a donation). Stopped buying 50/50 tickets, and no longer indulge in a pie etc. In the absence of an agreed strategy I don't know whether this is the best action or not. I can't help feeling nothing will change until 1000 fans are stood in the car park refusing to enter.
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    This depends entirely on how you define well run! There is conventional wisdom. And there is PTFC's. Some seem to argue, or accept , being well run is whatever fancy valuation method you have used to swell your net assets. Under those criteria, PTFC trounce St Johnstone. PTFC have net assets of in excess of £14m, with St Johnstone having a lowly £1.8m of net assets. (This is of course because St Johnstone have not revalued their stadium which shows exactly the limitations of concentrating on net assets, as I suspect no one truly believes we are 8 times as wealthy as St Johnstone?) This exact point - which emerges in the TJF accounts analysis - is further proven by looking at two other key figures, namely cash, and net current assets. In cash terms St Johnstone hold £3.9m of cash reserves versus our £330k in the May 2022 accounts. So they have nearly 12 times the amount of cash reserves as we do - something more in line with the view of them being a well run club. This is explained well in their (non-petulant) directors report. Furthermore, whilst our net current assets ratio is 1.1 (down from 1.65 and lurching closely towards being under 1 - not a good thing), the net current assets ratio of St Johnstone is 8.2 in their last published accounts. Sometimes you need to scratch beneath the surface.
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    Partick Thistle are in the strange position where none of the Directors have invested decent sums of cash in the Club - at best a few of them hold minority shares we are in turn owned by an organisation ( Thistle Trust ) that is not answerable to anyone - but is happy with the current Board make up So if you have no Financial checks ( ie its the money you invested that your ensuring is used wisely ) nor are you in essence being held to account by Majority Shareholders - then Customers ( and I use the term for Business Purposes- as we are talking about our Fans ) are not really that important If its 30 .300 or 3000 - they are our Fans - they spend there cash Supporting the Club - they deserve to be treated with respect On Saturday we were circa 1000 Fans down - at what point is it taken seriously - If it was just One Stand as mentioned - does it need to be 2 Stands empty ? There has been mention of boycotts harming the Club - what about the impact of the Current Board & Trust Set Up ? Is this having No Impact on Club Unity ? During the Promotion Year to the Premier the concept of "One Thistle" was used - it was to have no differentiation between Fans - Players - Directors - we were a United Front - On the Park and Off it It might be "30 Fans in the Dark" but they are 30 Diehard Jags Fans - those on the Board who are actual Jags Fans - they should be taking a long hard look at themselves and ask if this is what you want for your Club - those on the Board who are there to brag to friends about being a Director of a Football Club might want to ask - exactly what is it that makes you so unique- that Partick Thistle could not survive without you ? You should never forget ( and to paraphase a US expression ) you serve at the pleasure of the Fans of Partick Thistle - nothing more If you think the "30 Fans" are a Joke - 30 will become 300 - then 300 will become the Whole Support - you can Control the Boardroom - You can Control the Shares - you cant Control Fans turning up and paying there Money If the Board was to resign en masse - there is enough experience within our Fan Base- that a New Board could be up and Running within Days - in Company Terms our Turnover is Tiny - in the real World its the equivalent of an Owner / Managed Company - the Thistle Trust hold the Keys to what happens next And my Question to them is this - You are all Thistle Fans - do you think the "30 Fans " are worth more than the Board ? If Yes - do something about it
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    Exactly one year on from 'The Fallen', this sister-piece takes on the tough challenge of identifying and writing about all the Partick Thistle players or managers who served and survived in either of the two World Wars. This is easier said than done. There are memorials and Rolls of Honour to the Fallen, but the vast majority of those who returned went back to their families and got on with their lives. There is not so much information available on them, and it has seemed like an open-ended and nebulous task. With this in mind this record of those who served will undoubtedly change in time, as family members get in touch, or other information becomes available. If we're missing anyone please do let us know! Not all of these men won the Scottish Cup with Partick Thistle (some did), and not all were decorated with military medals (some were) but, on the eve of remembrance day 2022, it's our great honour to pay tribute to 69 of our brave men... The Partick Thistle Returned →
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    The Jags Foundation Board has taken the last few days to read, understand and reflect on, the Football Club's annual accounts for the year ended 31st May 2022. We have compiled a report, explaining some of the most important parts of those accounts, and placing the numbers into context as best we can. Revaluation of the stadium The way that the Club has presented the stadium revaluation on its website and in social media[thejagsfoundation.us7.list-manage.com] risks giving a misleading impression as to the Club's true financial position, but is ultimately not itself a cause for concern. The importance of current assets and cash Of greater importance, as we have seen at so many other football clubs, is the issue of current assets and cash. Football clubs survive and thrive based on both their short and long-term ability to pay their bills as they fall due, and ensure flexibility about how, and when, they spend their money. While there are no immediate concerns highlighted by the auditors for the next 12 months, the longer-term position is far from clear. The Club is making six-figure operating losses Our main cause for concern is that the Club ran an Operating Loss of £215k in the 2021-22 financial year, and saw its cash reserves reduce substantially from over £620k to just over £330k. This is the lowest year-end cash balance for the Club since 2016. The importance of non-recurring income There are also important components of non-recurring income attributable to the 2021-22 financial year. These Accounts cannot tell us whether, and to what extent, the Club has replaced those income sources. We feel the Accounts could have been clearer about the non-recurring sources of income in the 2021-22 financial year. Longer-term concerns Once non-recurring sources of income are excluded, we believe the Club has cumulatively lost close to £1 million, at an operating level, in the last two financial years. We would question whether, and for how long, that is sustainable. To read our full report, click the button below. https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/tjf-analysis-of-the-ptfc-ltd-accounts-2021-22/
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    One thing as a small Club what you cannot do is to be at loggerheads with a large section of your Fanbase - as a Board there are mistakes made - but the thing you do is admit them - sort them - apologise - move on - make changes What we have is not sustainable as a Business or as a Club - whilst lots of Fans will continue to go to the Games - 900 of them ( no doubt others not signed up to TJF ) are deeply unhappy with recent events and this will eventually hit income streams 3BC No longer own the Club -its up to the Directors round the table to decide if its in the Clubs best interests for them to continue - ptfc trust have made there stance - its now up to the Directors to be look at themselves - ask if they are happy with the current state of affairs - if not - walk away I will give them some advice - if you are not there for the Fans - Who are you there for ? Never Forget You serve at the goodwill of the Fans of Partick Thistle Football Club
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    If his other day jobs are anything to go by, he'll be fully supportive of the referee in the first half, want him to step aside in the second half, and supportive again in extra time. At the end of the game when the referee announces his retirement, DRoss will say it was the right decision and the game shouldn't have started.
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    Hopefully the demonstration from the Jags' fans is big and loud.
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    PTFC Trust - Low’s Patsies Low Out
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    I think it is because, so far, there appears to have been no consequences to their coup d’etat. Except that every communication from the club or Trust results in increased membership of TJF. Even I am considering joining.
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    Similar thinking here except the Trust has to initiate any further discussion with TJF. The Foundation have already laid down the red lines and have I'm certain the mandate of a huge chunk of the fanbase re not crossing these red lines. I don't believe it's insignificant that the membership of the TJF has increased since the last sit down with the Trust. TJF I'm sure will always be open to talking with the Trust. It's up to the latter to be of a likewise mind. On another matter I think there are signs of things coming apart in the boardroom. You get Jacqui Low paraphrasing Voltaire one day re fan dissention then you have Alan Rough attempting to ridicule the same subject on another day. Hardly a unified approach. Also just a throw away comment from JL in yon in depth conversation with James Cairney. JL believes there is an element of misogyny amongst some of the criticism aimed at her from a minority of the support. That's a hell of an accusation whether subjective or otherwise. Not helpful at all and hardly underlined given the pelters Mr Rough has been receiving, with Gerry Britton not far behind when critism is been handed out.
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    For me, the Evening Times interview was a mixture of things that I know to be factually incorrect or misrepresented and things that I find to be too fanciful to believe in the absence of hard evidence. I've said this before, but the one thing that I find to be unbearably annoying is people trying to treat me like a fool when, candidly, they are either not good enough at deceit or not clever enough to pull it off. It's a real turn off.
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    Most of the post-Kelty updates are in place check the home page for the latest news. Stats Watch is especially busy this week, some entries below ● Kelty Hearts become the 145th club to meet Partick Thistle in competitive action, one for one matching Partick Thistle's history of 145 competiton seasons. ● Joe Cardle is the first 'former Jag' to be sent-off against Thistle since Eddie Forrest (Forfar Athletic) saw red exactly 17 years to the day. ● After going almost 2 years without a red card in the League, Thistle have suffered four in six weeks. It's only the second time in history we've had Jagsmen ordered off in 3 separate games in the same month. November 2022 (Muirhead, Akinola & Docherty) now sits alongside October 1994 (Craig, Charnley & Grant). ● Referee Craig Napier has sent off a Jagsman in each of his last two Thistle games; Muirhead (5th November 2022) & Docherty (26th November 2022). ● 5 former Jags play against Thistle for the first time since February 2019, when a similar number did so as Dunfermline Athletic players. ● Brian Graham's 40th competitive goal moves him one place above Steven Lawless in that chart. The 'Top 50' target is Gerry Britton who registered 43. ● Jack McMillan registers his 8th assist of the season. In the latest 10 seasons of competitive action, only Kyle Turner (10, 2021-22) and Kallum Higginbotham (11, 2013-14) have set up more goals for Thistle in any given season. ● Tony Weston becomes the 16th Thistle scorer in 2022-23 competitive action, a tally which is now two beyond last season's spread of 14. ● A little bit of history is made as Thistle make 6 substitutions for the first time ever in a 'Major Competitive' match. It matches the 'Competitive' record (6) which was set on 21st July 2012 when a Celtic XI was defeated by 2 goals to nil in the ARR Craib Cup Semi Final. ● It's very unusual to see a player come on, score, and then be subbed off, but that's what happened to Anton Dowds. Surprisingly, he's the third Jag to experience this sequence in competitive action, following on from Scott Houston (2-2 vs. East Fife in April 1999) and David McCallum (5-3 vs. Raith Rovers, August 2001). ● For the second consecutive competitive game, Thistle register a 3-goal winning margin, a stat last seen in March 2013 when a 6-1 win over Livingston was followed by a 3-0 at Cowdenbeath. The club-record (5-in-a-row) was set in December 1899. ● With many fans boycotting in protest at the way fan ownership has been handled by the club, the attendance of 1,484 was an all-time low for a Partick Thistle Scottish Cup tie at Firhill. The previous record-low (1,818) was set in November 2005, a 1-1 draw at home to Albion Rovers.
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    I think the boycott was targeted and effective. Now we all know what an unhappy fanbase looks and sounds like. It was a fan-led initiative that brought about the singing section in the, then, North Stand. Before that the atmosphere at Firhill was as you have described. Yesterday was a demonstration of what can happen when the board of directors turn their back on those fans.
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    Lot of what Laukat says is hard to disagree with and highlights McCall's failings as a coach. I've said often enough he's creative enough with his player budget in terms of bringing players in. You don't often hear much criticism of his man management. You just get the impression if a quality (at our level) player is available and he likes him, McCall will sign him. He'll only then worry about where to play the guy. Allied to that is we witness players constantly being played out of position. I'd rather see a tactically aware head coach telling McCall the type of players we need. McCall can then go and sign them or bring them in on loan and get the contracts etc sorted. Maybe since he's got the contacts McCall could even head up a scouting set up, which appears at the moment basically non existent. A Head Coach to do the coaching and all match time activity of a playing nature. A Football Manager in charge of all the non coaching and non match time business. An Assistant Manager, ideally with additional responsibility for youth development.
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    Would this option work for the rest of the season???
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    Unbelievable a couple of fans on Facebook suggesting we go for Danny Lennon because he is a free agent and a jags legend. He is a free agent because Clyde have sacked him for taking them to bottom of league one He also appointed Goodwillie as captain and gave him a gushing tribute to him when he left to go to Raith. Then welcomed Goodwillie back with open arms following the fiasco at Raith. Also appointed a convicted racist as club captain in Ally Love Danny Lennon would be an easy appointment for the board with this jags legend rubbish that some fans seem to lap up and believe we can’t employ anyone who has not had some connection to Firhill in the past but to even contemplate employing him would be a disgrace for all of the reasons above not least hes just been sacked for taking Clyde to bottom of league one
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    There are obviously many reasons that might impact on a person's decision to attend. We can speculate about that all day long. What is clear, however, is thatsomme supporters have been very clear about why they did not attend the Kelty game. A club of our size really cannot afford to alienate any supporter. The management of the football club should be doing everything in its power to be inclusive and encouraging to every single fan. They won't always succeed, but what we are seeing from the club board at the moment seems to be the polar opposite of that right now. Given the nature of the business, that feels to me as though it is a significant management failing. Fewer engaged supporters = less cash. Not enough cash flow = no business. It doesn't matter a stitch how you dress up the balance sheet. Cash (or lack of it) kills any business. An alienated support, even if it's just part of the support, is hugely problematic and finding a way to re-engage with them should be the number 1 priority for the board right now. Unfortunately, I can't see that happening at all.
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    You can ask for a home tie, i thought it was drawn out.
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    I think it’s worth noting that on Thursday and for the first time ever, then again the following the day, the ‘Trust’ said ”We hear what the fans are saying”… …only to follow it up with “and here’s why you’re wrong”!
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    Well it shows how much we hate the ptfc trust
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    WJ, this is not replying to, and certainly not arguing with, your post, but using it as a jumping off point to emphasise the importance of moving to a totally fan elected set of trustees in one election, which was indeed one of The Jags Foundation Board's red lines in its recent interaction with the current PTFC trustees. It could perhaps be argued that if 2 or 3 (we keep getting different versions of the numbers and timings) fan elected trustees can be brought on board at each election, then eventually, within a few years, we will have a totally or at least majority fan elected trustees group who can belatedly set to work to endeavour to undo the damage the PTFC trustees have already done to the delivery of true fan ownership. It is a very long game to play, but could be seen to be a plausible option. "We will get there in the end". However, as I see it, there is a huge flaw in that incremental argument. What happens in the interim period when elected fans are in the minority of the trustee group? Whether it is 2 out of 7 or 3 out of 8 does not really matter. The elected group may sit in sullen silence or they may argue strongly against the majority. Either way, if there is no consensus, the matter goes to the vote and the majority always win. As far as I understand it, the whole trustee body is then bound by collective responsibility and must stand by, or at the very least not oppose, the majority decision, The minority are therefore identified with and equally responsible for the decision and policy of the majority. The only honourable course for a minority trustee caught in that cleft stick may be to resign from the trustee body. However, if all or most elected trustees find that conscience dictates that eventually they have to resign, it is going to take an awful long time, if ever, to get a majority of fan elected and fan responsive trustees in place. Accordingly, bringing in a totally fan elected (or at the very least a clear majority fan elected) body of trustees in one election is a red (and yellow) line which must be held. There can be no compromise on this. I cannot claim to be an expert on trusts and collective responsibility of trustees. I very much hope that my analysis as above is wrong and will be delighted if someone can explain to me otherwise and tell me how a minority elected group of trustees can maintain their place on the trustee group in the face of contrary decisions and policies without stretching integrity beyond breaking point.
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    The minority shareholders were excellent tonight. They held the board to account as best they could. The agm was lengthier than normal as there were so many questions especially on the accounts and from a wide range of participants. Very proud of them all. the majority shareholder asked two questions (none on accounts) both designed to show the current board in a good light (one of which we know they already knew the answer to). i was still giving the trustees the benefit of the doubt because people keep telling me randle is a good guy. No more.
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    Breathtaking arrogance but not unsurprising from this rabble of yes men.
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    Personally I'd rather give my personal information to an email purporting to be from a Nigerian general who needs money to release a fortune waiting for him in the United States...
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    As I'm sure you'll appreciate, we've been swamped by emails from members after our call for views on our red lines (easily 50 or so, which is extremely heartening!) We're trying to get back to as many folk as possible, prioritising those who have asked questions or provided more robust challenge. Please forgive us if we don't get back to those who have replied enthusiastically agreeing with us! Only so many hours in the day. As for the points Marcia has raised, I have a lot of sympathy with those who feel unable to back the Club financially given the way they have treated their hardcore punters. But I personally don't support a financial boycott. I've seen too many football clubs go down a very dark alleyway on cashflow, and I'm not convinced the current custodians of the Football Club are responsive to financial distress. Their blasée attitude to losing £215k last season is testament to that. What recent events do show, however, is how important it is for us to start building up a proper sink fund in the Foundation, in exactly the same way as SMISA are doing at St Mirren and The Well Society have done at Motherwell. Having proper six-figure sums in the bank, separate from the Club, gives the fans clout if, as some of us fear, the future has some severe bumps in the road. So if you're not a member of the Foundation, JOIN UP TODAY. If you are a member, BUY A MCQUADE PIN tomorrow, and consider MAKING A SUPPLEMENTARY DONATION. If you're already doing these things GET YOUR THISTLE SUPPORTING FRIENDS AND FAMILY signed-up to the Foundation (membership from just £1 per month). I never expected this journey to be easy, but I will readily admit I underestimated the sheer extent to which the custodians of our Club would let us down, and work actively against the wishes of the fans. It's time to make your voice heard.
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    The Manager's position...............is now untenable. His squad isn't what he bummed it up to be, even allowing for the bad luck that four key players are injured simultaneously. He is clearly unable to get a tune out of the ones that remain, as the persistent leaking of goals to set plays proves. Did Caldwell ever lose six in a row? Sorry Ian, but for all the genuine goodwill you have towards PTFC, your batteries have run dry, similar to Archie in 2017-18. The Board hung on too too long then due to sentiment - that mistake must not be repeated.
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    I would not even let him be still in charge v Arbroath, he should walk NOW..
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    Spoke to him a few times on Saturday night, an incredibly humble guy, doesn’t like the limelight but spent the evening walking round everyone and personally thanking them for coming. He was incredibly emotional during his speech, a lovely guy who gets exactly what Thistle are about.
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    Have read report re meeting with The PTFC Trust. Whilst it could be construed that the Trust have made concessions they are in my mind kinda meaningless with the second red line (majority of trustees be democratically elected by May 2023) being rejected. I'd give the notion that in refusal the Trust are adopting a delay and you'll go away approach. I sincerely wish TJF to continue and hope that the already impressive membership numbers increase. We are far more than just a pressure group. The TJF are democratically elected and represent a huge chunk of OUR Club's adult fanbase. The PTFC Trust remind me of parents who won't allow their kids to play with their birthday presents from their uncle till they're older. Secretly hoping that come the day the kids will have lost all interest in their presents. I've great faith that TJF will not allow proper fan ownership to be swept aside in such a manner.
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    Don't disagree, tho' St Johnstone do have an income stream that we can't have. But yes they are a well run club. I don't do polls but are us Jags folk more upset with off the field or on field matters? With me it's the former. Of course the two can be related but with me because of what's going on (more correctly, not going on) behind the scene I'm just more saddened rather than angry with our recent performances on the park. Further the idea of Jacqui Low, who has no mandate whatsoever, sacking OUR club's team manager seems to me just plain wrong. Her appointing a new manager is equally wrong. That's regardless of the Gary Caldwell fiasco. Loads of well run clubs pick dud managers so that's largely irrelevant. Then again a person without a mandate doing nothing and not replacing a manager when his time is up is just as wrong. This just brings me back to highlight my view that off field matters are far worse than current team performances.
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    I didn’t even get my “three beers in” prediction right (it was four). Nothing else to add. Milne was fantastic to watch up close. Not just the goals (probably not a good sign when he has to be the offensive force), but some good defensive plays too. Disappointing result but nothing was going to ruin it for me. Enjoyed the pre-game vibe at the Woody. Bit of magic watching Firhill come into view on the walk up. Jags for Good helping out the community along McParland Drive. Great people everywhere you go. It’s really all something special.
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    Ok the accounts are out…. Income £2.5m Expenditure £2.7m Trading loss £200k Donation £1.7m from 3BC ’Profit’ £1.5m Misleading statement to say the least
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    I don't know much about accounts but I can see bullsh*t when its been hammered into a keyboard and served up as a steaming pile on a website. Here's my interpretation: "There are two things the Board would like to note in relation to these accounts. First, our assets have grown significantly to almost £14.3m in May 2022 from £5m in May 2021, giving us a solid foundation going forward. This is as a result of the land in the south of the stadium, along with The Colin Weir Main Stand, returning to Club ownership. It is 13 years since the whole of Firhill was in Partick Thistle’s hands and we remain grateful to the late Colin Weir for making this possible." The only way we could balance the books was by over inflating the value of the land and stadium. David Murray did it for years at Rangers, why won't it work for Thistle? "Second, there has been some negative comment with respect to the Club in the course of the year, talk of hidden debts, secret payments and implying financial difficulties. These accounts give lie to all of that." The lady doth protest too much, methinks "There is an overall profit in terms of £1.5m, but there is an in-year operating loss of £215k that we want to explain. The Board planned for a balanced budget but then chose to exceed the budget in one area, the football budget. Directors made a considered decision to increase it in line with what the manager asked for as we share his aspirations to return to the topflight at the earliest opportunity." Its all Ian McCall's fault even though we could have easily said no. "We will continue to work to a balanced budget in future but will ultimately aim to generate profit as all monies go straight back to the Club." If we don't get promoted this year we'll be lucky to survive in the championship next year "As ever, we are grateful to our CEO for his ongoing close control and management of expenditure, as well as income, ensuring that we met all of our obligations on and off the pitch whilst keeping our reserves positive. " Love you Gerry and your work on sorting out those nasty TJF folk didn't go un noticed " But it was a team effort overall and we thank every member of staff, player, volunteer and fan for their contribution to the Club’s continued positive re-emergence from a challenging period." I, the great and all powerful Jlow, have been brilliant as have all my appointee's but not you fans and especially not you nasty TJF folk.
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    In some respects, it's more of the same - trust us to get it right and give us more time - but this time with an added hint of what the next steps might be. Fine at the start of the process, but actions over the last few months have eroded reserves of trust and good will. So I'm left wanting to believe that this is a way forward, but deeply suspicious that I'm just being fobbed off again. The best way to break that cycle for me is to get the Foundation board in a room with the Trustees again and see if the Trustees can be pinned down on substance and a timetable. Some trust is needed to move this forward. The PTFC Trust have wasted their entitlement to it, but the Foundation haven't, at least for me. If they assess that this is a meaningful attempt to move forward constructively, then I will lend them my good will and see if they can work with the Trust to find a resolution.
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    1. This was not asked by the Trust. 2. This was not asked by the Trust. 3. The Directors reappointment resolutions were a bit shambolic. Despite there being 9 separate resolutions, Gerry tried to have them all treated as one. After a little discussion, it was agreed that if the meeting agreed to do so, they could all be treated as one rather than individual director votes. The trust voted for this to be done as a block vote of all directors (quite against the mood in the room I might add) 4. This was not mentioned by the Trust. I made a point under AOCB about Lesley-Ann Webb and her positive impact. I also sent a question to the Trust in advance on behalf of three beneficiaries. Also not asked. The Trust asked two questions. One was about the great energy contract Gerry had negotiated. And one was about whether they were looking to expand hospitality since it was so successful. The best questions - and greatest challenge and scrutiny - was from various minority shareholders and their proxies. Scrutiny of the accounts was lengthy. It was also disappointing that the most financially qualified Board member did not answer any financial questions, and in fact seemed to decline to do so late in the meeting.
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    I had already e-mailed the PTFC Trust with some questions I wanted asked and asking that they did not vote for Jacqui Low's reappointment as a director (no reply has been received). I have now followed that up asking they also do not vote for the reappointment of messrs Byron, Caldwell & Penman. I would urge all benificiaries of the Trust to contact them if they feel the same way. [email protected]
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    Will "Bunter" last longer than Ian McCall ?
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    What I'd give to be able to enjoy a pint with pals and walk up to Firhill every second Saturday. Despite all of the negative stuff going on and the poor results, Wha's like us. Enjoy the game westertonjag, I hope we get the win for you and everyone else of a Thistle persuasion. Up The Jags.
  46. 2 points
    I’d imagine Randle Wilson is a bit wary of elections. He was the perennial deposit-losing Tory candidate in East End council elections for many a year. Edit: Someone on twitter is saying that was actually his father who had the same name
  47. 2 points
    Glad to hear there's been a substantial response to the TJF email last week. Still to get mine back. I agree strongly with MarciaBlaine's points. The very openness, thoroughness and professionalism of TJF makes it an organisation easy to sideline by the status-quo-clique. I do take the point about having a decent chunk in the bank, but this can also be turned against you in any time of distress for the club. You could already see the PTFC Trust pretty much do that at the last meeting with TJF. I feel there needs to be a more campaigning side to this, and not just community building around the Pins, important though that is. Apathy is the killer at the moment.
  48. 2 points
    How can the Trust be "official representatives" when they hold no elections? How can the fans be shareholders when the only fan led consortium (TJF) was denied access to the shares? I honestly think Jlow must spend most of her days thinking up statements that will deliberately annoy people who can both read and think.
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    Good points. I attend a meeting with the manager on Zoom just prior to the League 1 campaign. There was a question about scouting and the manager reply was that he knew most players in Scotland. The obvious follow up is that there is a world beyond our borders. With there being so many bigger clubs in England the number of younger players who will be released is large but they, as has been seen, could perform to a decent level here. Simply picking players from the much more limited market here puts you at a disadvantage in my opinion.
  50. 2 points
    If the current board released an emphatic statement that it’ll be dry this afternoon, I’d immediately look into hiring a dingy.