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    Anyone remember the year 1BV when this forum used to be about PTFC. Not saying Covid-19 isn't important but can ADMIN not find another venue for the debate?
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    Anyway, the vandalism was superficial. The biggest act of vandalism at Firhill in recent years was demolishing this, with no certainty of it getting replaced with anything to improve the stadium. Years later, and the damage is still there for everybody to see.
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    Thistle will be the only club getting any money from me.
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    As St. Mirren park is closer to me than Firhill is, it is one of the few away games i went to in recent years. So i am really disappointed no fans are allowed, as i wanted to boycott the game.
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    It was 49 years ago today, When Thistle showed the Celts how to play.......
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    Clyde would probably claim that they are a river rather than just a mere stream, thus justifying the higher charge.
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    That'll be £10 to the gofundme collection then.
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    All that concerns the SPFL and Scottish media is can one team from Glasgow do 10 in a row, or can another team in Glasgow stop them. Everything else as far as the powers that be are concerned is an inconvenience.
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    Seems like IMC might have built a strong defence/defensive midfield.. we haven't had that for a few years albeit we are in a lower league. But middle-to-front is concerning, 3 goals in 4 games so far with none in the last two. We ought to be able to cope with the loss of one goal in a game without it causing the loss of all 3 points. Ok, Rudden/Graham are not available but with Murray, Spittal, Lyons, Cardle, Kouider-A, Gordon, there ought to be more goals being scored. If not then IMC takes the rap for that. I was in favour of his appointment but it's now time for him to deliver. I'm sure he knows that too! Hopefully it's a case of some of the new players gelling but a win at home on Saturday is essential.
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    I see someone has made a £10 donation to the GoFundMe page under the name "Thistle £10 QoS 0" Whoever you are, touch of class
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    Maybe does not need me to say it, as it was clear on the highlights and remarked on by the commentator, but for anyone who has not heard and seen these, an absolutely brilliant piece of strong and skilful midfield play by Sena Niang in the build up to the second goal. Won the ball in a 30-70 challenge, got up on his feet and drove forward. Twice a pursuing player clipped him from behind, but instead of weakly going down, he kept going determinedly, maintained the momentum of the attack and delivered the ball wide from which the cross came over to Cardle, who scored. Many players would have settled for a free kick, which would have given us little advantage. 40 yards out dead centre of the pitch. Too far out to shoot and difficult to get an angle for a header on goal. One suspects a floaty free kick which would have been easily cleared. So well done Sena for going for something better.
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    Regarding the above comments on match fitness, I was interested to note Falkirk beat Kilmarnock 3-0 today in the League Cup. Killie have played 9 League games, Falkirk none !!
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    Went into the pub a few weeks ago and met my mate,who knows everything about the Jags. Ask him anything about the Jags and he knows the answer. So I asked him name a Jags manager with a double -barrelled name. He said there has not been one . I said what about Gary Fuc**n Caldwell!
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    If you get your password from https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk then it is wrong, the password there is a mixture of upper/lower case and numbers. Your password needs to be all upper case and numbers... Once you get passed that its firstname-surname-PASSWORD4567, then PASSWORD4567 Its the same system as used by other clubs so it will work, test stream is up confirm it works by clicking on it
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    Maybe you could try square instead?
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    We're a bit short of Asst. Managers
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    The man who should be the jags manager was in the clyde dugout today!,,,,,
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    Getting tested regularly also helps to stop the spread as a positive test results in an isolation. Without the test, an asymptomatic carrier could spread the virus further,
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    Plagiarism for humour is totally acceptable. It's plagiarism in science and other academic disciplines that is totally unacceptable; it's a form of theft (beware, any students: don't try it!). I really look forward to the day when, with sufficient education for youngsters (and some adults) about plagiarism, we'll have a plagiarism-free world. Yes. I know that some may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
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    Great win tonight . The fact we held on for most of the game with 10 men makes it impressive and showed a bit of steel which has been missing for years . Last few years head down and we would have lost . Good signs
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    I know where they could find £380000.
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    As much as we all like to critically evaluate the goings on inside at the club one positive has been the raft of commercial sponsorships achieved this year.... https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/forrest-precision-eng-back-thistle-in-five-year-deal-with-new-partnership/
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    It cost the club a lot of money for the 22 minutes highlights from stv For us pttv to make the video It was always Arthur montford commentary we knew We heard Celtic filmed the game but couldn't find out anymore about who the cameramen was. We also think the bbc also filmed the game . Hope you all enjoy
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    My dad was born in 1932 in Maryhill and followed the Jags all his years till he passed away in 2018. He obviously missed the 1921 Scottish Cup triumph and then came the 23rd October 1971. I had started going to see the Jags in 1970 as a 6 year old so to reach a national cup final within a year was something else - apart from the something else. We stayed in Hotspur Street but made plans to move to Cumbernauld and the moving date - 23rd October 1971. The one national cup final during my dads life and we were moving house!!! On a Saturday as well. Only positive was our new neighbours on both sides were Celtic daft. Interesting introduction with the local kids following the obligatory 'what team do you support?' question.
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    The Queen will award a Junior an obe and tell him to capitalise it.
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    you might want to post your username and password on here , so if you forget again, one of us can let you know what it is
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    You can me naive or a fool (or both) but yes I did. Anyway, e-mails sent to the working group and the club chairman looking for answers.
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    Why because he was a Partick Thistle player- his record at management is not great either bar the st Mirren league cup one. He praised the Clyde support in summer 2019 when they sang disgusting songs about john Lambie. Is happy to sign questionable players like goodwillie and love. Besides he was approached by thistle when Caldwell got the bullet and immediately signed a new deal with Clyde - so no thanks
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    We just got beat by our Local Rivals who are Part Time - they are also one game into the Season after 9 Months Competitive Break and looked Fitter Faster & Sharper - that for any Jags Fan is something they have a right to question - this is a Thistle Fans Forum - what else do you suggest we discuss when "getting a life "
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    Yes we are only 1 league game in, but it is like the rerun of a nightmare.Things will need to improve quickly. If last season taught us anything we cannot be bottom of the league if it is cut short again. If we dont improve we should just put our games on the horror channel.
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    It is beginning to look like that! Shocking result if we lose this. Sets the tone for the short season and playing catch up from week 1!
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    What seems to be a problem here is that there are people who are not careful and flout the rules. Evidence of that was apparent in Liverpool the other night before the pubs/restaurants were closed. Or go into shops without a mask etc. Or plan on coach trips to Blackpool to watch a football match that is taking place in Glasgow.
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    Totally gutted for Dundee. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of two faced *****.
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    I’m buying HT draw tickets instead of giving Clyde (and most other teams in the league) money for streaming.
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    I woluld guess that the sales include title conditions that limit the use of the land for community good / leisure facilities. You would prefer that local leisure facilities are sold for housing and lost to the community? Seems that councils can't win either way. The issue for me is more to do with chronic under funding of local government, but this is a football forum, so let's not get into that!
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    Never saw that before on tv or at any professional match. However, when I was playing Sunday league for one of the local Whitburn pubs, the Stoneyburn team got a free kick 30yds out . Our boys made of wall of 4 and the big fat guy in their team ran over the ball and dived sideways along the ground into our wall knocking a couple of guys over (like skittles). Other guy took the free kick as this happened...smacked the fat guy on the heid and it went straight oot for a shy. Now it would be called a WTF moment. The ref was psn himself.
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    They seem to forget it is radio and that the listeners cannot see what exactly is going on,they chat amongst themselves and suddenly you get informed that a goal has been scored,they really need to get a grip.
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    It’s a porno they are filming. They decided to use Firhill as they heard of the amount of pumping handed out over last 3 seasons
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    You can't stop a game 3/4 of the way through, but you can the season.
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    So true EKJ. Thought you might quite like this extract from "Willie Paul - The First Partick Thistle Giant"... Season 1890-91 Willie leaves the Thistle! In the pre-season, the ever-active Willie was the star attraction at the Falkirk Iron Works Band Concert and Promenade, guesting for Glasgow Crusaders in the 4-a-sides event. On the 9th August, he was in place as normal for a 6-1 win over Newmilns at West End Park. The first sign of some trouble came the following week. Reporting on the somewhat bizarre 9-6 win over Port Glasgow, the Greenock Telegraph said that Kerr had been more than an able deputy for the missing Paul “being responsible for scoring not a few of the many points scored by his club”. Why was he missing we wonder? According to the Official History book he was listed at inside right the following week, as Thistle defeated Methlan Park by 4 goals to 2 at Inchview. However, the mysterious comment from the Greenock Telegraph came back to haunt us just days later. The Scottish Referee (25/8/1890) reported the devastating news that “Paul has severed his connection with Partick Thistle and will now be seen out Hampden way where he will do duty for the Queen's”. Sure enough, on Wednesday, 27th August, previewing that night's friendly between Hibs and Queen's Park, the Edinburgh Evening News reported that changes in the Queens team included Paul at No 9 who was “late of Partick Thistle”. With a “well-directed shot” Willie had them in the lead after 20 minutes. The Scotsman’s report delivered the hammer-blows that Thistle fans will have been dreading: “Two other goals fell to the old Partick Thistle player, who was displaying rare judgement and shooting powers.” By half-time Willie Paul had scored a hat-trick for his new club, putting them into a 3-0 lead. They went on to win 9-0 in this well-advertised exhibition match which drew almost 10,000 fans in the capital. And so began a surreal run of 7 games from August to October featuring Willie Paul as a confirmed member of Scotland's premier football team of the day. This was how the Spiders shaped up with Willie Paul at centre: 27/08/1890 Hibernians 0-9 Queen's Park (Friendly) (at least) 3 goals for Willie 06/09/1890 Glasgow Thistle 3-5 Queen's Park (Scottish Cup 1st Round) 13/09/1890 St Bernard's 2-2 Queen's Park (Friendly) 2 goals for Willie 20/09/1890 Queen's Park 13-1 Maryhill (Glasgow Cup 1st Round) 27/09/1890 Queen's Park 5-1 Northern (Scottish Cup 2nd Round) 11/10/1890 Queen's Park 2-4 Third Lanark (Glasgow Cup 2nd Round) 18/10/1890 Queen's Park 6-0 Uddingston (Scottish Cup 3rd Round) 1 goal for Willie With no found explanations or editorial, we can only speculate as to what had brought about this change of heart for Willie who, up until now, had almost been resolute in his commitment to the Partick Thistle, resisting England’s finest, never mind the local rivals. I fancy that perhaps he hankered after Cup Winners medals in the Glasgow Cup and the Scottish Cup, although the possibility exists there was some sort of disenchantment with the Thistle committee. Perhaps it was a combination of both? Several players had been lost in the pre-season, including the 3 men who sat atop the scoring charts with Willie in the previous season; John Drummond (to Preston North End), David Hislop (to Rangers) and Andrew Johnston (to Third Lanark). Combine this turmoil with the fact that we were playing in the shadow of the great new Scottish League and it was perhaps understandable that 1890-91 was all rather low key. There was to be no joy in any of the 4 Cup campaigns, with defeats to Wishaw Thistle (Scottish), Celtic (Glasgow), Dumbarton (Greenock Charity) and Queen’s Park (Glasgow Charity). Willie comes home – League Champions-elect defeated Returning as suddenly as he had abruptly departed, Willie Paul was back at Inchview without explanation by late-October. Of QP's friendly with Leith Athletic on 25th October the Scotsman simply said: “Queen's Park were without Paul, Arnott and Sellar”. The reason for that was simple – Willie was in back action for Thistle in a 3-2 win at Ibrox! Willie featured in the season’s two bright spot games against Rangers, as we more than held our own against the side who would be the first (joint) League champions. In October, our former striker David Hislop scored against us at Ibrox – but his last-minute effort was merely a consolation as Thistle recorded an oh-so-sweet victory by 3 goals to 2. In the return fixture at Inchview in December, Willie netted a second half equaliser “amidst great cheers”, the 1-1 draw ensuring that Thistle held the upper hand over the champions-elect for yet another season. On Valentine’s Day in February, there was some further turbulence for the Willie Paul and Partick Thistle love affair, when our man was again coaxed into action for the Queen’s Park, featuring in the annual high-profile challenge match with their English counterparts, the Corinthians, played in front of 6,000 fans at Kennington Oval. Once again putting his name in the papers all over Britain, Willie scored the winner as the Scots emerged victorious in the English capital. Willie again featured as a Spider the following week in a 2-0 win over Northern at Hampden Park. The faithful needn’t have worried though; these turned out to be regular “guest appearance” affairs. This was business-as-usual, and Willie was soon back in action for the Thistle.
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    Young Robert liked his stats so much it wasn't uncommon for me to call him 'statto'. He would have spent hours on this web site. Great job everybody @The Thistle Archive.
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    I think one area where there is definitely an effect is in playing the ball out from the back. This has both negative and positive effects, and strangely enough both effects lead to more goals. If the team playing out gets it wrong, of course they lose the ball, and the other team run in and score. However, if they get it right, the other team are drawn forward into a high press. Slick, accurate (and brave) passing gets round the high press, and suddenly fast attackers are running hard at a retreating and undermanned defence, and have a good chance of scoring. In either case, if the defending team had instead played a punt up the park leading to headed ping pong in a crowded midfield, there is less chance of a goal at either end. The manager will have instructed his team to be brave and play out from the back, and that no blame will attach if on occasion a goal is lost as a result. The potential gains are much greater. Fans in the stadium will bear down on their own team if they concede (or nearly concede) a soft goal while attempting to play out. Players will feel the fan pressure, ignore the managerial instructions, and resort to the safety first punt. The result, less goals with fans in the stadium, and more goals with fans kept out. This conclusion is based on personal and partial empirical observation, deduction, speculation and guesswork, and has no analytical or statistical basis whatsoever.
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    Its shown in The Thistle Archive homepage starting at 14:00, i.e. 2 pm.
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    as far as I can see they are doing SFA
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    As PTD correctly says, I don't get to Firhill too often . Next time I'm attending a game I'd be very happy to meet you all. I'd like to do that this year, but suspect sometime in 2021 is more likely. Hopefully we will have had lots of League 1 victories by then
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    I believe the rule in Scotland is ..... if old firm players fail a test and the game has to be postponed as a result, then they get a bye to the next round. If players from any other club fail a test and the game has to be postponed as a result, then they get kicked out.
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    Admin - This thread has gone political. Please close, so I can open Return to stadiums in December!
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    This post demonstrates that you have no idea about the virus. If you meet anyone, it’s not just a risk you are taking, you are risking everybody else you come into contact with.
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    Restrict houses to 2 families only with maximum 8 people. Then families can meet, parents can see their adult kids, and grandparents can see the grandkids. This is how Scandinavia has done it, the number of visitors rises and falls but your always allowed to see at least 2. My parents are 79, not seen me or my daughter since February, didn’t see the other 2 grandchildren for months now with prospect of not seeing them, except from the end of the garden for more months now. My Dads passions are the family, his football, pottering around garden centers at his leisure and meeting his brother for a couple (and it is a couple) of pints on a Friday. He can’t do any of these now, to go to a pub, he needs to mask up to get on a bus to hopefully get a table in the pub, garden centers are no longer leisurely, he states your herded through like a sheep through a pen, stop too long and people complain and god forbid you go against the arrows, Firhill isn’t open, and family can’t visit. I’ve never heard him so depressed, my Mums just as bad. To be effectively removed from your loves in life is causing massive damage not only to folk like my parents but youngsters as well. The basic human rights are gone, and these restrictions actually contradict Article 8 of European Convention on Human Rights but no one bats an eye as a big graph appears on screen with loads of red. Strange COVID resurgence this week when last week BoJo was under pressure for threatening to break international law and Sturgeon under pressure based on her husband pressuring police to pursue Salmond.
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    Cheers bud I quite like the thought of ten mad mental Scots and a Northern Irish hard man with a pre-match stare down of the BSC. None of this cuddly nonsense! Re the seven nation army etc, the list can get long and complex, depending on how you apply the permutations, but put simply in competitive action terms, the current records are: 10 non-Scots on the field at the same time (first set 19-Aug-2017); 9 non-Scots in the starting eleven (first set 15-Apr-2017), 8 nations represented in the Thistle appearances tally (first set 05-Apr-2016) and 8 nations represented in the Thistle starting eleven (first set 24-Feb-2018). Stand by for 1,001 web pages full of doublets, hogans and players with oo in their name! Added to the Archive today, our 9 minor League Tables (1898-1913) incorporating the Glasgow League, Western League, Inter City League and Glasgow & District Mid-Week League.