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    Anyone remember the year 1BV when this forum used to be about PTFC. Not saying Covid-19 isn't important but can ADMIN not find another venue for the debate?
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    Would be a gift for the headline writers.... Jags Players Say No to Jags!
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    A few of us Jags fans / forum members - myself William Sheridan (TJR), Jack Little (afkincaid), Stuart Deans (StuTheJag) & Niall MacTaggart (Camallain) - have been working on a new website - The Thistle Archive - which is basically a unique and accurate online encyclopedia of Partick Thistle stats and stories, 1876 to date. The site launched last Monday (7 September) with almost 7,000 pages in place, but is still very much in its infancy. Have a look around and see what you think. (What random player did you get?) http://www.thethistlearchive.net/ We're looking to spread the word, so any help to do that on social media would be appreciated. We're on Twitter, but are currently "shadow-banned" (tweets not reaching timelines etc) as we've been tweeting too many links and they've marked us down as spammers. Groan. Hopefully this ban will be lifted soon. https://twitter.com/thistlearchive Anyway, you can communicate any site-related discussion here on WAT via this profile and we'll make a few posts here over the forthcoming days to show you around. Hopefully it'll be something we can all enjoy using. 'mon the Jags!
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    All that concerns the SPFL and Scottish media is can one team from Glasgow do 10 in a row, or can another team in Glasgow stop them. Everything else as far as the powers that be are concerned is an inconvenience.
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    Is it not just brilliant actually talking about a Thistle game again
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    Stopped reading at "Wee nippy." I prefer adult-levels of discussion.
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    As PTD correctly says, I don't get to Firhill too often . Next time I'm attending a game I'd be very happy to meet you all. I'd like to do that this year, but suspect sometime in 2021 is more likely. Hopefully we will have had lots of League 1 victories by then
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    I believe the rule in Scotland is ..... if old firm players fail a test and the game has to be postponed as a result, then they get a bye to the next round. If players from any other club fail a test and the game has to be postponed as a result, then they get kicked out.
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    Makes a change. Threads on here are usually where some of the world's leading football pundits and sports scientists come to inform us where and how all the so-called football management and corporate management who have actually been trying to deal with football related issues and its effectiveness, and economic and psychological consequences of, continuous defeats, have been getting everything spectacularly wrong.
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    Admin - This thread has gone political. Please close, so I can open Return to stadiums in December!
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    Ok so it’s my right if I choose to infect other people and possibly kill them but I don’t have any rights to stop other people killing me ..... it’s a virus ffs......pure trumpism
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    After years there is no vaccine for SARS, it took decades to come up with one for flu, but that’s only one strain at a time, small pox took 100’s of years to eradicate using a virus. None of these caused mass lockdowns or impacts to our freedoms like we have seen for last 6 months. This current situation cannot run for years or society as we know it is finished, family units broken, economy ruined, mass unemployment like nothing we’ve seen, hospitality sector gone, professional sporting events ended for good. If this goes for say another year the above will happen. You may be secure enough with funds/pension that it may not affect you to badly, but anyone under 55 with a mortgage reliant on their job is going to be devastated if this keeps going, not to mention the teenagers leaving schools into a decimated jobs market, and no government can continue to pay furlough for another year. Theses businesses won’t open again as demand has gone and consumer spend has dropped. This could also apply to Scottish football if leagues mothball for a season
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    This post demonstrates that you have no idea about the virus. If you meet anyone, it’s not just a risk you are taking, you are risking everybody else you come into contact with.
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    Restrict houses to 2 families only with maximum 8 people. Then families can meet, parents can see their adult kids, and grandparents can see the grandkids. This is how Scandinavia has done it, the number of visitors rises and falls but your always allowed to see at least 2. My parents are 79, not seen me or my daughter since February, didn’t see the other 2 grandchildren for months now with prospect of not seeing them, except from the end of the garden for more months now. My Dads passions are the family, his football, pottering around garden centers at his leisure and meeting his brother for a couple (and it is a couple) of pints on a Friday. He can’t do any of these now, to go to a pub, he needs to mask up to get on a bus to hopefully get a table in the pub, garden centers are no longer leisurely, he states your herded through like a sheep through a pen, stop too long and people complain and god forbid you go against the arrows, Firhill isn’t open, and family can’t visit. I’ve never heard him so depressed, my Mums just as bad. To be effectively removed from your loves in life is causing massive damage not only to folk like my parents but youngsters as well. The basic human rights are gone, and these restrictions actually contradict Article 8 of European Convention on Human Rights but no one bats an eye as a big graph appears on screen with loads of red. Strange COVID resurgence this week when last week BoJo was under pressure for threatening to break international law and Sturgeon under pressure based on her husband pressuring police to pursue Salmond.
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    Cheers bud I quite like the thought of ten mad mental Scots and a Northern Irish hard man with a pre-match stare down of the BSC. None of this cuddly nonsense! Re the seven nation army etc, the list can get long and complex, depending on how you apply the permutations, but put simply in competitive action terms, the current records are: 10 non-Scots on the field at the same time (first set 19-Aug-2017); 9 non-Scots in the starting eleven (first set 15-Apr-2017), 8 nations represented in the Thistle appearances tally (first set 05-Apr-2016) and 8 nations represented in the Thistle starting eleven (first set 24-Feb-2018). Stand by for 1,001 web pages full of doublets, hogans and players with oo in their name! Added to the Archive today, our 9 minor League Tables (1898-1913) incorporating the Glasgow League, Western League, Inter City League and Glasgow & District Mid-Week League.
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    If he had played for Yellowditch Utd, he could have stayed on the pitch.
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    And so ended the longest close-season (193 days) in Thistle's history. To celebrate, we've got a brand new page in the club records section looking at all of our fixture gap & season length records. Our hub for the BSC match is now in place, featuring ten Scots in the staring line-up. When was the last time we had the full eleven? Check the Stats Watch tab! Note, we're missing the names of Saturday's assistant refs if anyone has them? We have NINE new Jags taking their permanent place in the Archive's A-Z; Richard Foster, Ciaran McKenna, Rhys Breen, Blair Lyons, Salim Kouider-Aissa, Charlie Reilly, Kieran Wright, Conor Murray & Ross Docherty. Conor Murray follows Brian Graham in the scoring debutants club.
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    Astonishing depth in this site guys. Amazing what can be done when you 'Furlough the Jags'
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    Having the most appearances for a club doesn’t make you a good candidate to be a director of that club. Being a goalkeeper and being a director are slightly different things. And you are allowed to criticise the reappointment of someone who you think isn’t well-suited to fulfilling a director’s responsibilities without having the name and CV of someone you think should be appointed instead.
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    “Thistle’s transition to fan ownership finalised”
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    You make a good point. No one has developed a vaccine or is close to realising one yet. Remember we were told by via the media a couple of months back that one would be ready by September? Well its September and nothing so far (unless you fancy giving the Russian vaccine a go). The best case timescale was 18 months to 2 years which means maybe by the end of 2021. The Pharmacy companies have made a lot of money out of politicians who throw money at any indication of a vaccine but then again the politicians are the one who created this market by saying a vaccine is just around the corner rather than telling the public that lifestyle changes were long term. I would hope that in a few months time a public enquiry is launched into what money was thrown at pre-ordering vaccines before they had been tested, the relationship between the politicians running those companies and the government. Whilst they are at it a close look at what money was flung at IT companies to come up with apps to help with test and trace would I think be an eye opener.
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    Anybody else a bit suspicious about how pharmaceutical companies appear to be developing anti-Covid vaccines at amazing speeds, apparently in months, and have them tested and presumably approved for sale by the millions...... when normally it takes years for vaccines to get through all the pre-clinical and clinical trials and safety checks to ensure that there are no long-term negative effects on people, or on their as-yet unborn children? There is a lot of money at stake for these companies, possibly their biggest ever bonanza. Just a thought. Not a vaccine, of course, but remember Thalidomide?: "Perfectly safe."
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    I've been away from the forum for a while but thought I'd look in. But jeez, I'm away again
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    No he never, your making your own crap up. Uk classes numbers who have tested positive for COVID not those who have died of it, hence why the 1st minister states “With COVID mentioned on their death certificate” so do they measure of or with? Norway (Unlike UK) carry’s out postmortems and only counts deaths off COVID. We have 264 in total, of that 13 are under the age of 60 (11 men and 2 women), 24 are from 60 to 69, 61 deaths from 70 to 79, 92 deaths from 80 to 89, with the remaining 74 in the age bracket 90+. This is from a country the same population as Scotland, we are given clear and transparent information to allow us to make judgements, no daily broadcasts, no PR slogans, no gimmicks. Unlike other countries we have been fully transparent, and not whipped up a government led panic via the media with false data points. The government breaks all data (tests, cases, admissions, ICU’s, deaths) down, by location, age and sex.
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    Lets hope its a case of Partick rose up the leagues.
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    Do you really want a list of permanent signings who haven’t made our team better ?
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    Third virtual 50/50 first prize win for Brian Hannah. Think I’ll need to change my name.
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    I would think McCall will know if Thistle don't get promoted this season, not only will his job at Firhill be in doubt, but his reputation as being a good manager at our level will be severely dented. So whether he is, as you put it a bluenose or not, he will need to sign the best players he can get, no matter the team they come from.
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    That's not even remotely true.
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    These loan sigings will be cheap and at a higher level than our academy players. I don't understand why people would want our young players put in the first team if they are not ready yet,
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    Rather strange we didn't already have a game lined up around then. Good to play decent opposition anyway.
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    maybe your too ugly and club don’t want your coupon putting off the players
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    We got beaten 2-0, DD. We did have some good play, by the commentary. They beat Falkirk 3-0 earlier in the week, so it was always going to be a difficult game. We have Ayr at Firhill on Wednesday at 2:00 pm, I think. Not sure if it is being live streamed. Anyone know who the trialist who came on for Banzo was?
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    Do we know what works ? As far as the 50,000 is concerned, they said it was a simple extrapolation based on a 7 day doubling of cases. 4,000 a day cases this week, 8,000 next week, 16,000 the week after etc . It only takes a month to get to 50,000 cases a day - which is what they said - or am I missing something? This virus has killed almost 1M people worldwide.
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    Like honestly, I never thought a live stream could somehow be the most tinpot thing we've ever done. They could have just used a top end mobile phone and put it on a tripod and it would have been better than a camera that detects movement.
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    Ah, those three little words that make my heart beat faster - "I'd buy it"
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    Good to hear, BB. Tell em summer is coming in Oz. They need to get some teeshirts!
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    Me neither - it was a general thread about coronavirus and the leagues finishing early.
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    Great site. Was wondering what you were doing with yourself, TJR. Well done to you and the gang.
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    Only our most capped Internationalist! I thought he came across very well in the recent JagZone interview
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    I doubt very much that they will finish bottom of our Betfred Cup group...... Our cup group games will be very testing.
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    Aloe, Aloe, Aloe.
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    Interesting to note that yesterday in Victoria there were 15 fatalities 14 of which were in care homes .....maybe protecting people in care homes isn’t as easy as some people think
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    Absolutely. And deliberately so. J. Low will just flannel everything and stay in complete control. And those who have bought this stuff? Lol
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    That’s why we had Lee O’Connor on loan from Celtic, under McCall. Why twice, McCall got Ross Doohan on loan from Celtic at Ayr. Or is it just because, both Celtic and Rangers (of whom McCall knows both managers well, especially Lennon) know McCall has a good reputation with young players and trust him to bring them on?
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    Apologies LIB - was only giving a for instance.
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    If you firmly believe that such accolades can be given with a straight face in this global mess then you have been a bit hasty in bestowing it to the FM. If you're looking for a PM who has, as you say, played a blinder then look to someone like Jacinda Ardern in NZ. However in the absolute shambles that has been the UK and its lamentable response to this virus, Nicola Sturgeon has just been the most competent looking of a sad decrepit bunch of UK politicians - no need for a special award.
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    News from RedYellow HQ Just a few weeks to go until the season begins. Fingers crossed, we will soon be climbing into our Firhill Bubbles. The start of the season will be a little chillier than usual. With that in mind I decided to extend the range of hoodies. Time to check the wardrobe (as some of us may be struggling to get into our pre-lockdown outfits) and sharpen the terracing wit for the new term. To help at this important time, I am introducing Back To Firhill Bundles. An opportunity to upgrade your kit with a pre-season discount. Offer available on all products with the exception of Organic Hoodie H2. https://redyellow.org