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    Having retired from a career in heath care and having family members still on the front line, I am all in favour of anything that can restrict the spread of Covid. I know of at least two close associates that did not stick to guidance because it "interfered" with their freedom who subsequently became infected with Covid and required hospital admission. One also infected family members. It is up to individuals whether the want to have the vaccine, but my concern would be the effect of passing on infection to others. Before attending matches I currently take a lateral flow test, it may not be 100% accurate but I believe in trying to do my bit to protect others around me. I have had both jags and am in possession of a vaccine certificate. I have no issues with it being required to attend some events. It is unlikely that it will be required by many of us for Thistle games this season unless circumstances change. Having considered the consequences of infecting others , I will do all that I can to protect others. If this includes showing my vaccination status before entry to some events, I will happily do so. I realise that others will have a different opinion, which they are entitled to. Attendance at events which require vaccine status certificates is not mandatory after all.
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    The media in Scotland is almost universally anti snp so who us controlling it ? Ludicrous statement
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    In the team of the round for the SPFL trust trophy. Congratulations to Tunji Akinola.
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    Couldn’t disagree more …..some people seem to think they have a right to infect other people with covid as some kind of human right they don’t
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    Any blanks in the spreadsheet at deadline time will be filled with the random selections. If you're happy to go with those, there's no need to do anything. Lazy [email protected]!
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    This scoring from corners lark - why haven't we thought of it before??
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    Should be good on the break Might see him take on some long pots
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    I personally don’t see the need for it either but it makes no difference to me. Iv had the vaccine and I trust it’s safe enough. And if it’s what’s needed to keep watching thistle home and away then it’s a price worth paying. Don’t know what emailing thistle to voice any disapproval is going to achieve as if it is made official it will be out-with the clubs control.
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    It’s a simple x and y axis where x is the length of pass and y is the likelihood of giving the ball to the other team….. in Spain they have worked out that if you pass the ball 5 yards there is a good chance you will retain possession in Scotland full backs are trained to punt the ball up the park and they thus give the ball away most often and not we still have a lot to learn
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    Thanks to Tam, a great boost for the 1992-93 → match videos, and thanks to A.N. Other we've now got a complete set of the competitive games for season 2012-13 → Since all 6,500+ match hubs were introduced recently, we've been busy linking in the games in key sections so that your click-around exploration experience is that bit more convenient. As you hopefully know by now, clicking on the match result is the standard link to the hubs. We recently enabled this in the Thistle managers section (e.g. Davie McParland →) and the opposition managers section (e.g. Jock Stein →), and it's now rolled out to the H2H section too. Revamping the H2H section to link-in the match hubs database was an immense undertaking, but the deed is done. Whilst that was the main aim, the section has also been completely restyled with quite a few new touches. As you can see from the random example below(!), all the main head-to-heads have 6 tabs of bang up-to-date info to keep you informed. Check out the scorers charts within which now follow our standard squad stats design, meaning that the top dog gets his photie in there too! Fully revamped PTFC Head-to-Heads →
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    Not sure why you'd have to ignore a person's most obvious physical characteristic when describing someone you don't know. Especially where it distinguishes them from others Bald, blonde, ginger, fat (a bit rude), white (when playing for Cameroon, for example).
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    If Alloa ever reached the top division would the Wasps have to enter a B team?
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    So I'm sure you've seen in the news the Scottish Gov proposals around V-passports for large events, e.g. football matches, nightclubs etc. My question is, how would each of us feel if this were brought in at Firhill? I ask since as far as I can see, there's already been a fair backlash with fans e-mailing their respective clubs to say they won't be attending if this were a requirement. I personally am also in that boat, and have already e-mailed Thistle to state the same. My reasons being - wasn't required during EURO 2020 (e.g. at Hampden) - it's a trial drug with no evidence of long-term effectiveness against disease, or its infection, carrying or transmission - our medical history & who we share it with is no-one's business but our own. We don't need anyone's permission to live our lives, especially from the government. And if you're also in agreement, could be an idea for a few more of us to get in touch with the club to make it clear where we stand on the issue going forward? Cheers
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    The passport proves nothing! You can still catch covid and pass it on if double vaccinated. The passport creates a false sense of protection, confusion, animosity to government and health bodies. Schools and unis have stopped the majority of covid measures. In Glasgow we have had Riverside Festival, Colours at Braehead, Transmt, 40k at Hampden and full stadiums at Parkhead and Ibrox. I see less and less mask wearing. The Scottish Government are to late to introduce this even if it would work. And why do people keep bringing up Westminster? Health is devolved. Remember who you need to keep to account and listen to.
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    Neither keeper seems overly confident or decisive. Putting them in a competition where one mistake means you aren’t starting the next game won’t help that. Experience needed.
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    A bit late with this. Apologies. I seem to have missed a week. Preliminary Round replay was last Saturday. Standings Great start by Peaty FC 9/11. 30 ties next week, double points & seeding points. Potentially 85 points available. That might push the scoring along. Happy weekend Jags, especially young Peaty
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    Stephen Hendrie signs on till January https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/signing-news-hendrie-signs-deal-until-january/?fbclid=IwAR0eVeo406P-cC_TAa83PivXejZVakvucqrmGLgGbzvSO2l8yRo14G80E1s Looks a good signing to me
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    I don’t need a V-Passport to enter Scotland, need 2 tests (2 days before & 2 days after), but now I need a V-Passport to go to a gig, nightclub or game over 10000. The 10000 makes no sense, is it if capacity is over 10000 or if crowd is over 10000? 10000 in Hampden is empty but have 2000 in Dumbarton and it’s a full house. The formal has less risk of transmission than the later but the later needs no V-Passport
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    Congratulations to all the winners: https://ptfc.co.uk/fans/centenary-fund/draw-results/
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    1-0 Thistle. First Thistle goal for Akinola.
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    Anybody we currently have that you do rate?
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    If I have interpreted the outlines for v passport correctly then there should not be any need for them at Firhill which is an all seated stadium with attendances not likely to exceed 10k . Cant understand why the SG is not giving the option of negative test for those not double vaccinated or those not wishing to be vaccinated due to personal freedom of choice.
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    It's a V-Pisspoor idea. Isn't somebody more likely to get infected on a smaller, enclosed space like a crowded bus or train, or in a busy shop than in an essentially open stadium where fresh air constantly circulates (with two obvious exceptions, not so far from Firhill)? So, V-passports for almost everything that everybody does is the way forward! Yeah, bring it on!
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    Surely that's not the way it's going to work. I presumed that nonsense was because of a system failure. I gave up waiting. Felt sorry for the staff too.
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    I don't understand the "transitioning towards being a cashless stadium" move, what is so bad about using cash? I predict it will put a lot of people off (especially older fans inc me) attending games on a spur of the moment last minute decision to attend on the day. I doubt this decision would have been made if we were a fan run club. I wonder who came up with this nonsense? We should be making it as easy as possible for people to attend and spend money in whatever way they choose.
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    I saw somewhere this morning that if Rangers forfeit any games the score will be 3-1. That's to take account of their obligatory penalty.
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    Why do us guys over 6' have to always be described as big this or big that. Why does our height have to come into it ? Some of us may be conscious of our height and take offense. I thought we were over all that when South Africa got rid of apart-height
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    Latest news. No news. https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/jags-foundation-update-august-2021/
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    I would draw the positives from our successive title winning campaigns of 2000/2001 and 2001/2002, over the combined course of which we had a negative record against Arbroath. This tells me that a Thistle team designed and destined to win league titles is also a Thistle team which is very likely to lose to Arbroath. If we changed our playing style and attitude to such as would enable us to defeat Arbroath, it may be that we would lose the ability to beat all the other teams in the League. Someone please tell me that this is a logical deduction.
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    Well known troublemakers???? I know the guy involved and he definitely isn’t that, or racist as is being alleged. And hearing from many who were at the game, the guy in question has (again) been racially profiled to pick him out for attention
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    Was it being big or black that made him a handful? I know which one it wasn't so why mention it? Have you ever described Brian Graham as our big white centre forward?
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    We now have an extra flag to fly https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/7581852/hearts-flag-partick-thistle-spfl-blunder/
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    Sounds like he has decent pedigree. Fingers crossed he oozes class and calmness playing into the wind at Arbroath
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    Must say that Arbroath ticketing system was best yet (and did not appear to be adversely affected by the wind). All done in a oner. No need to register with a fussy password, wait for an email and then go back and buy. Instant link to easy to print (and also save) PDF ticket with bar code etc. No wonder Robert the Bruce chose to make his Declaration there.
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    Could they not have made the kick off later so that we don’t need to endure the Scotland game. Thistle and Scotland on the same day is some sort of evil punishment.
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    Looks a decent signing. A young player with talent and a point to proove. Much rather have that than say McDaid who whilst not without his plus points is unlikely to improve. We have some serious attacking options now compared to what the squad looked like when McCall took over. If we can sort out the defence it looks promising.
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    While you are all waiting for the book you could do worse that read my article in The Thistle Archive! (Shameless plug.) The Day The Other Cup Came Up To Maryhill - The Thistle Archive
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    Exceptions always prove they are exceptions …but to equate the COVID delta variant with the flu is a very old red herring
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    I’m fine being tested, especially if free, and being traced if soon. Im not fine paying £230 for a test to fly as it needs a signature when without a signature is free, or paying £68 for a day 2 test that 4 days after taking NHS Scotland still haven’t processed (I have also had 5 lateral flow tests this week for work which are all clear). If I’ve been double vaccinated 5 weeks ago that doesn’t mean I’m not carrying it or transmitting it. Having a LFT 24 hours before a game or concert is a far better safety net
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    Regardless of their legal standing, you can access your vaccination certificate from tomorrow. https://www.nhsinform.scot/covid-19-vaccine/after-your-vaccine/get-a-record-of-your-coronavirus-covid-19-vaccination-status
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    It also looked to me as if the relative lack of width at Gayfield last week literally cramped our style. But we're going to have to find ways to deal with that kind of problem.
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    Nearly forgot about this: Linlithgow Rose v Banks O’Dee Burntisland Shipyard v Dalkeith Thistle Newton Stewart v Coldstream Irvine Meadow v Musselburgh Athletic Dundonald Bluebell v Penicuik Athletic Preston Athletic v Threave Rovers Hawick Royal Albert United v Golspie Sutherland Blackburn United v Easthouses Lily Miners Welfare Tynecastle v Girvan Jeanfield Swifts v Whitehill Welfare Dunbar United v Broxburn Athletic Here we go: HAHHAAHHHAA Cheers BB
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    Considered posting something similar, but in retrospect didn’t think it was more than just descriptive. However, it is time that we stopped using the term as if it is notable in some way.
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    HAHHAAHHHAA Well done for organising this again!