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    Very positive comments. Season ticket will be purchased
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    Happy Birthday RedYellow! A year of empty stadiums and sometimes, empty streets. Most importantly, for many, a year of loss. Not a cause for celebration but this is a milestone to be noted. When pausing to reflect on the last 12 months, there is one thing that I am proud of. The reaction of Jags fans to the plight of the club. At a time of great personal uncertainty, you have rallied to support the club financially. Caroline Mackie's GoFundMe total now stands at over £83k. You have bought raffle tickets, joined the Centenary Fund and supported RedYellow.org. Many of you had already bought season tickets you would never use. Now you are doing so again. The club has been severely disadvantaged, financially, over the year. You are doing a remarkable job of minimising the impact. The RedYellow year started brightly. By day 28, £1k had been donated to the club. The second thousand took 61 days. The third took nearly 9 months. No matter, we got there. Given all that has happened and your efforts to support the club as noted above, I'm delighted. My grateful thanks to you all. A venture like this will only succeed by providing products you would like to buy. I'm open to suggestions and feedback. So please get in touch, this is your store curated by me. I am happy to personalise designs and produce one-offs. I have already done so, including a Sheffield Wednesday themed version of one of the designs. Once again, thank you. BBx
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    Rudden has been called up by the Scotland U21's, delighted for him
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    I'm almost in disbelief at the amount of work that's going into these archives. It really is monumental. Nothing but admiration and appreciation from me, and I'm sure many other people.
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    People easily forget players' form before they had a bad period. Njang (Senna) was fine in the first half of the season (when we were defensively pretty solid, our problem being scoring) . But the game against Dundee United after the restart when he made one bad blunder and another mistake (which was exacerbated by the ref ignoring a foul on him by Clark), both leading to losing goals, put a bad dent in his confidence and he lost his form. McCall gave him a couple of chances to get his confidence back and then brought in Bell. However, the boy is only 20 just now and can easily recover from that. Whether he ends up as a defender or midfielder depends on the coaches at Firhill and what they see in him training every day. Young players can lose confidence more easily than experienced players and we have to give them a bit of leeway.
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    JUST MY LUCKY DAY Just phoned the Club to renew my season ticket! On completing the transaction with the admin staff member, who was very nice, she said the manager was present and would like a word with me! Ian McCall came on the line to thank me for renewing my ST and for my continued support. I thought this was an excellent piece of PR and I really appreciated this. In response to a question he said ST sales were going very well. Has this happened to anyone else!
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    Agree that is a very good top. Is it just me or have Thistle gone from getting everything wrong to currently getting everything right? Win the league, good signings, good top. I don't know how to cope with good news, its been so long and I had become accustomed to misery. Is there a support group for Thistle fans experiencing strange new feelings? I believe I've heard its called "Hope"?
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    Where did you read this, on the web ?
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    When we first signed Spittal I had mixed feelings. Firstly I recall that he burst on the scene with Dundee Utd causing havoc to opposition defences and scoring goals. He failed to sustain this level of contribution and gradually dropped down the pecking order. He did the same with us. He has had good spells with Ross Co but even with them there have been periods were he has been anonymous! Its only my opinion but I just don't think he is a player you can count on when games are tight, the team is under pressure and you need to grind out results. In other words he doesn't strike me as being a player who has a strong and determined character and would be an asset to a team that is going to have to fight for every point. I think saying that he hides when the going gets tough is a bit harsh. I think it's more a case that he fades/falls out of a game too easily and especially when things are not going his way he doesn't have the character to fight his way back into the game! If we sign midfielders and attackers they need to have the type of attitude that players like Docherty and Foster show week in and week out! Apologies for the lengthy response but that's why I don't want to sign Spittal!
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    Another interview with the manager:
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    my sympathy-o-meter must need a new battery ... it's currently stuck on zero % ... nope, just tested the battery and it's on a full charge ... wonder why the needle's stuck on sod all
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    I don't believe we should be bringing this up on a public forum. Such matters should only be discussed in privet.
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    First of all congratulations to St. Johnstone. It is always good to have teams outwith the bigot brothers winning a major competition in Scotland, but when one of the so called provincial clubs wins both major cups in the one season it is extra special. Also having spent a few hours in the company of Callum Booth in 2016 i was really happy for him, a really nice person. I know it has already been awarded, but Callum Davidson should be manager of the year. I think i know what @One t in Scotland means, the St. Johnstone fans will be delighted with this season, but i am sure they must have a tinge of regret that they could not be present in person at any games, particularly the finals of a history making season.
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    I think that you need to lighten up a wee bit G R E 2...I was calling for Mc Calls head 8 weeks ago but he turned it around big time and got us promotion from out of nowhere...It's just a pity that we were not there to see the last few games....The Falkirk game has got to be the best 90 minutes by a Jags team for years..Let's all get behind McCall and the team for life back in the championship.
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    We don't always mention it, but we constantly work at reducing questions in our various tasklists. For example, outstanding answers to our question Where or when was he born? have been reduced from around 700 to just under 500 since we launched the site, the biggest majority of that reduction taking place in the last few months, thanks to the outstanding work of Archivists Jack Little, our new recruit, Donnie MacIsaac, and William Sheridan. Some of those improvements are highlighted in our news section today. In the last couple of years, we've actually spent hundreds of hours and hundreds of pounds improving identities for hundreds of players. Some outstanding detective work from the Thistle Archive team this year, e.g. Archie McKenzie (282 appearances, 1905-1915). We were very pleased to locate all of the Proudfoot brothers, three of whom were born in the family's main place of origin, Dunfermline, e.g. William Proudfoot (151 appearances, 1887-1894). Robert Gray (222 appearances, 1897-1907) was a good one to get as such common names can be notoriously tricky and lots of supporting evidence is required to get to the truth. Adam Forsyth (111 appearances, 1947-1951) was a big Highland laddie who was a real hero, choosing to score his only goal in a 3-2 Cup final win over Celtic at Hampden! Some remain a work-in-progress; it's always a bit tricky when they go wandering like Fred McDiarmid (37 appearances, 1897-1899), who ended up in Belfast. We're always open to correct mis-information inherited, such was the case for our ace WWII marksman, Willie Newall (146 appearances, 1939-1945). Locating our second manager was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but we got there in the end, with a bit of luck and perseverance; Donald Turner (825 managed, 1929-1947). So, just a taster of what we've been up to, results throughout the site. As ever, we'll take any help we can get with our "Most Wanted" list!
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    Penrice is a difficult one as I think there’s a player in there. He also was in and out the team as well as the different positions. During this time, Gordon was more often starting every game and with the exception of the occasional goal offered very little. Would rather keep Penrice and get rid of Gordon, who I’ve never been convinced with.
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    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it, but Foster was on Off The Ball today and made a couple of hints he would still be with us next season, so I’m expecting he will be one of the announcements next weeks. Also gave his league win bonus (£2k) to 4 Thistle youth players who were in the squad. Personally think it’s a great move give how many positions he has played this season.
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    Best wishes to Christian Eriksen and his family. We all get very passionate about football, but there are more important things in life.
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    Proud to be one of the (currently around) 3% of people in Japan (population around 150 million) to now be vaccinated against Covid-19 (well, first of two jags now in the bloodstream; second to follow in three weeks). One advantage (?) to being an older b*st*rt. Slowly educating the general public here about the word "jag" being the proper noun, as opposed to "jab" (ugh!) or "shot" (double ugh!). ETA: As my chances of surviving the upcoming season are now supposedly increased, season ticket will be purchased tomorrow!
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    First ever season ticket purchased as well. Will be back over the summer, but currently face the 10 day quarantine in UK and then 14 days when I get back to Germany, despite getting my 2nd jag last weekend. Ridiculous.
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    Tiffoney signs on a 2 year deal - yes!
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    Cant make it to every game but as we nearly lost the club a few times particularly under the save the jags era it makes me think I’m doing my bit and hopefully it helps us in the championship secure guys like Tiffoney, McCowan, Bell etc however everyone’s circumstances, particularly even more so when Covid-19 has affected so many people both health wise and financially- I’m lucky in that I’ve still got an income
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    Give us a break from your negative dross
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    This ‘meh’ comment about Bannigan extending his contract is proof that you have little idea of what you are talking about when it comes to football. This is one of the most important signings we could have made. I know everyone is entitled to an opinion and I am always reluctant to get sucked into these discussions online but I have to make an exception in this case because you are talking out your a**e.
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    Half way through Match Day 1. I won't publish an interim table as it would be skewed against those whose favourite team have yet to play. Here, though, are a few figures. The average points scored by each player is 5.4, 12 players are above average. I should have posted an 'at a glance' reference to all the predictions. Will do so for all forthcoming rounds. Here are the predictions for the rest of this round. For ease of access, these will also be posted in the second post, at the top of the thread.
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    To be fair, tracking player movements on MSPaint is never going to be as accurate as Sky Sports.
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-57379875 Ukraine have provoked a diplomatic row with Russia by designing football shirts for the Euros showing the outline of the country's borders and including disputed regions in Crimea. Could Scotland not noise up England by wearing similar shirts with the border drawn south of Berwick on Tweed?
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    Really liking the new away top .....definitely put a Breitner on my day .....not sure if one of my favourites but definitely Klose. Will be purchased and definitely has my Vogts !
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    Banzo interview in today’s Evening Times. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/19348867.something-shout-stuart-bannigan-determined-remain-thistle-years-come/
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    Have you missed out a letter "s" there, GRE2? Btw I really like the top
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    I phoned up to renew mine, had hoped to do it last week but had been waiting for family members to get back to me about getting season tickets for them. Ian McCall must have been in the office at the time as he also thanked me on the phone for renewing it - a really lovely touch as well I thought
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    Agree. Wright's performance in the final game v Montrose (and his mistake for the first goal) was uncharacteristic! He has the makings of a very good keeper. I also think that Sneddon is showing signs of maturing and it is worth persevering with him. Against Airdrie when we were under pressure in the second half his dealing of the high ball took a lot of pressure off our hard pressed but resolute defence. Also he has very good technique in terms of getting his body behind the ball. He hasn't yet shown the 'great save' that Wright has shown but hopefully that will come!
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    Getting our business done early. Happy so far, would be delighted if we manage to get Tiffoney as well.
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    Is it a subtle hint to referees that they don't give us enough pens ?
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    Social distancing pens?
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    Latest update: https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/tjf-update/
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    Yes most definitely emails count. I think our manager just happened to be in the office when I called. Nevertheless it was as you say, a nice touch. I think it was also a genuine and sincere action by him as well as good PR. For someone who has supported The Jags for over 60 years it was a small consideration that will give me a big memory and to think I saved I also saved him an email!
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    I was never a season ticket holder and always just paid at the gate even when I attended every game in the season. I buy a season ticket now despite only attending less than a handful of games a year. It just appeases my conscious that I'm supporting the Jags in whatever way I'm able and I can afford to do it today. The injustices of the past year (and beyond) have made me more determined than ever to be at the box-office door when it opens tomorrow. However, that's a not a very compelling argument and not particularly helpful to you, I'm sure. thebiglemon, there is no "I'm a better fan than anyone else" in any of this so really, in the end, it makes no difference if you pay as you go or pay in advance but for any business to have an accurate grasp of revenue is invaluable when establishing a budget. So, I'd encourage any fan that can afford it and make that commitment, especially as we move to towards fan ownership, to help IMac put the best team on the field that we know we can afford without guessing who will turn up on match days. If the directors take the view that we don't want to jeopardise the club by spending beyond our budget, and they are guessing about possible revenue, we won't put out the best team we might be able to afford, and if we put out a poorer team team than we can actually afford, then numbers will drop as the season goes on and a conservative budget will become a self fulfilling prophesy of mediocrity. If we want the best possible team on the park then we have to give an indication of our commitment to pay the best players wages for the entire season and buying a season ticket gives that signal of intent. If we have aspirations of back to back titles we have to show the same commitment to the season that we are asking players to make. Hope that helps to persuade you, if you can afford to make that commitment. (let's face it, there is no bloody interest in the bank anyway)
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    I agree with your comments and you might add McDaid to the list. Perhaps the initial scope of my point was too narrow. However my main point was about players graduating through our Academy to become first team players at Partick Thistle. The fact that players who fall short of this standard can still be considered good enough to play for other teams is good both for the developing reputation of our Academy and for individual players. I was very pleased to read on the OS about steps being taken to make stronger links between the Academy and the first team in terms of training and mixing with senior players. Also being assisted and encouraged by senior players. I think this is excellent, a win-win for all concerned. The above suggests we are going in the right direction and hopefully, in time, we will see 1/2 Academy players fighting for a first team place every year or so!
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    Another good interview here, a bit more light hearted at the end than others as well.
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    I get the impression McCall wanted Cardle to stay but felt it fairer in terms of playing time that Joe got to move on ....will miss the wee Man’s commitment and effort .
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    3 ex-Jags in the Scotland squad. Hendry, O’Donnell and Nisbet
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    ...and no lift-overs at the turnstiles, only lego-vers.
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    I was also one of the 1231. Don't have a problem with the club giving out these figures. Acknowledging that some would be able to make use of the refund and thanking those that didn't take up the offer of a refund.
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    Great to see Bannigan sign on again - he never hides and contributes positively a lot more often than not. Just don't get the trope about him not be the player he was pre-injury. I think he has always looked a player - just not always been part of an on form team.
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    If Fox saves a penalty it is a miracle.
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    Bobbyhouston may be partly correct. It's very easy to get a mismatch, especially with the younger age groups. I've seen it often enough with the older kids as well when our more mature youths were out on loan. By and large the older lads won't let it bother them if they've played well but been overrun by an older outfit. Guessing that may be less so with the kids in their early teens.. Publishing results when they don't tell the whole story may be considered counter productive. Not saying of course that being at the wrong end of a mismatch is peculiar to WeirThistle. Btw a couple of Falkirk fans I know have mentioned that their downturn in fortunes dates back to when they scrapped their youth policy. That may be coincidental but I was usually impressed with their standard anytime our U20s played them.