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  1. I agree Jamie deserves great credit but so do the guys playing in front of him who have so much more to do and do it really well. As a result Jamie could probably have read a book over the last few games. Akinola,, Holt, Mayo, McKenna, Foster, Docherty, Bannigan have been terrific in protecting play. Even Graham coming back for corners and Rudden closing down defenders from setting up play. Really impressive team consistency in helping everyone out and playing as a unit.
  2. Hearts may consider Harry Stone move in January but Partick Thistle loan still worthwhile | Edinburgh News (scotsman.com)
  3. Despite our great defensive run and just two points off the team expected to go straight back up, I remain conflicted! Yesterdays first 45 a case in point. Lumping high balls up the park to no effect. Second half was better partly because Hamilton were more attacking and gave us some space. But apart from the goal and hitting the bar I don’t think we troubled their keeper the whole game. As others have suggested maybe playing one up the middle with two wide is better to stretch those teams who come to Firhill and sit in. I wonder if Rudden had been told to do that at half time, there seemed to be words exchanged with Scally when he was subbed? Big December coming up, be interesting to see whether Arbroath and Raith sit in or attack, they will both have plenty of confidence given their position in the league. Ironically might suit us. The upside though is we are just two points off top!
  4. Apologies to Jaggymct, I'm wrong about Akinola contract! Only 1 year deal currently. Must check my facts before typing next time
  5. He's under contract beyond this season so won't be #11 but IMC did mention about getting him signed up for even longer. Good point from GRE2 about Rudden, IMC did want him signed up earlier this season. Be happy to see all 3 get extended contracts.
  6. IMC “I’d like to have 14 or 15 under contract by the start of next season, so that the club is evolving properly. I hope within the next two weeks we’ll have 11" By my reckoning we have 10 at the moment. Maybe Sneddon will be offered a longer contract shortly?
  7. I agree as I mis typed.. meant to say middle and front (have corrected).
  8. I remember a banner saying something like "Thistle of old, not Thistle with Auld"...... Seems some folk back then didn't like the style of play at times under Bertie. But his record speaks for itself. Jim Oliver once said the best time to be chairman of the club was when Thistle were pushing for promotion - winning games, anticipation, everyone happy. Then once we're up in the top league folk start moaning because we're not winning as much! Anyway, I loved Bertie as a manager, constantly punched above our resources and got us to Hampden a few times and beat Rangers 6 (?) times in the league. A highly talented manager (and an outstanding player before then). We might be running out of facilities to name at Firhill but Bertie deserves to be remembered for his achievements at the club. In my lifetime McParland, Auld and Lambie are all stand-outs. Indeed, if we didn't already have the Colin Weir stand we could have called it the Auld Stand!
  9. Still believe the January window will be crucial for us.... two quality signings (middle and front) could see us take 3 points instead of 1 in many games and drive real momentum. Killie are big favourites to go straight back up but so were Falkirk last season. I believe two good additions would secure play offs as a minimum.
  10. Why not just sign a midfield dynamo
  11. Think McCall tried to get him on an extended deal at the beginning of the season, so sounds like Rudden maybe sees his future outside the Championship… of course that’s still possible with us… Great to see him flourish along with Sneddon. Two players that had been written off by many until very recently.
  12. Agree with a lot of what you say but not this… I think he is extremely wasteful with his attempts at crosses.. but he’s not alone in that. As a team we have been really poor with the final delivery over the last 3 games. Generally too slow and ponderous middle to front unless Tiffoney is on the ball, but today he showed he still has a lot to learn about when to take on another man and when to pass. Bright spot is the defence having conceded only 1 in 5 games and the two centre backs and Sneddon in particular growing in confidence although next week will be a tougher test. Not sure that McCall will find a blend middle to front that’s going to improve things short term. He still doesn’t appear to know his best 11 or formation and those that have been subs over the last few weeks are coming on for 20 mins or so and not really getting a chance, which seems to result in a hurried approach which results in them being subs again the following week. If McCall doesn’t rate some of them then he’ll need to find something better come Jan. I thought we would take enough points from around half the league to secure us a play off spot come the end of the season, but the last 3 games have been a real disappointment in terms of our poor attacking play.
  13. It’s to hide the emerging comb over
  14. https://www.thenational.scot/sport/19669227.scott-allison-confident-thistle-weir-youth-academy-good-hands-moving/
  15. I hope the 71 team enjoyed the free bar as there was nothing pleasing about that performance. aside from the first 10mins of the second half we were woeful and over the last few weeks we’re blowing hot and cold. Two points thrown away to the team who demonstrated why they are bottom. And blew a chance to gain ground given other results. Thought our subs actually contributed to a lack of width?