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  1. Great start to second half but didn’t press the advantage after going ahead. Airdrie had chances to equalise in the last 20 mins. Early days but unconvincing, and this is league 1.....
  2. Performance as inconsistent as the streaming... middle to front we really need to up our game.. poor passing, poor delivery and a lack of pace and ideas
  3. I resolved my last issue above by selecting link 2..... but picture frozen before kick off and remains so... Anyone else?
  4. After signing in and selecting Events and today's game I get the error message Sorry, the video player failed to load.(Error Code: 104153)
  5. Why didn’t we sign him then
  6. I suspect the club rely on this forum as a substitute for them having a helpline .... top customer service from many above
  7. Seems like IMC might have built a strong defence/defensive midfield.. we haven't had that for a few years albeit we are in a lower league. But middle-to-front is concerning, 3 goals in 4 games so far with none in the last two. We ought to be able to cope with the loss of one goal in a game without it causing the loss of all 3 points. Ok, Rudden/Graham are not available but with Murray, Spittal, Lyons, Cardle, Kouider-A, Gordon, there ought to be more goals being scored. If not then IMC takes the rap for that. I was in favour of his appointment but it's now time for him to deliver. I'm sure he knows that too! Hopefully it's a case of some of the new players gelling but a win at home on Saturday is essential.
  8. Thanks again fellow Jags fans.... I’m all set up
  9. Boycott their stream... give your money to Thistle instead
  10. Cheers folks, I need to keep up! Will renew although probably too late for tomorrow’s commentary.
  11. My Jagszone account is on hold... I thought it was free this season?
  12. I’m buying HT draw tickets instead of giving Clyde (and most other teams in the league) money for streaming.
  13. THE commentary is 5 secs ahead of the stream... or just me?
  14. Ah the days! Many fine times.... my favourite memory is watching Thistle beat St Johnstone (5-1?) in the 1971 League Cup QF to overturn a 2-0 deficit in the first leg away... Also seeing a Saint's supporters bus driver (or maybe he was the team bus driver) in tears on the terracing.... First time I ever saw an adult cry! Then onto Hampden where Denis scored twice and then onto the final.... As a young impressionable lad I thought winning the second div championship the season before and then the cup meant success would be the norm...….. 50 years later.....