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  1. A one year deal confirms IMC doesn't see him as part of any possible SPL team, seems more like a Bell-type back up as others have suggested.
  2. I reckon that leaves us with Sneddon Milne, Brownlie, Akinola, Holt Docherty, Bannigan, Sena, Turner Smith, Graham, Dowds, Tiffoney Add Crawford = 14. If IMC is looking for a squad of 21-22 then at least 7 more to come in (hopefully Mayo would be one), and presumably Sena will find another club so between 7-9 to come in. Some people on here speculating that Tiff will leave so anything up to 10…..
  3. No real surprises https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/player-update-9th-may-2022/
  4. I’m looking forward to next season.. I think Sneddon, Holt, Akinola, Brownlie, Milne, Bannigan, Docherty, Tiffoney, Dowds, look to be a good spine.. and if we can sign Mayo and Crawford plus another 6-7 that could be a team to challenge at the top. I’m not sure about Smith, Turner and McKenna. Think the other loanees can go plus Bell, Foster and Murray. Might have missed a couple.
  5. Well on top then a defensive slip… even the woodwork doesn’t like us … can we start talking about next season?
  6. Hopefully he’ll ketchup by Friday
  7. Hopefully the players are
  8. Absolutely.. and the fact it’s two games against ICT makes it harder for us.. wrapping up Tiffoney and Graham in cotton wool underlines the dearth of talent in our squad. ICT are in form and we are obviously not. IMC will be emphasising the league form doesn’t matter now but I can’t see us getting through this. Hope above expectation.
  9. In other news… our two recent pre contract signings both had an assist today… as did MacIver with 3 assists ! Yip, a quiet night with nothing better to do
  10. Partick Thistle assistant manager Alan Archibald: "It wasn't good enough. We started really poorly and it was stop-start with the couple of early injuries that didn't help. "The team will be different on Tuesday, no doubt about it, and we'll reset and be ready to go. Ayr had everything to play for, we had a couple of guys playing with illnesses on top of the injuries and it obviously played its part."
  11. I doubt there’s many (any?) Thistle fans that believe we can get through the first play off. Our form over the last several weeks has generally been honking and we’ve clearly run out of steam. Re the Foster incident, who was the guy in the coat who tried to stop him but then just walked off? Archie?
  12. That goal advantage cushion is rapidly reducing.. Raith ahead
  13. Interesting and hopefully true. It would make a big change from the usual rush as the season starts. Today’s news on the pitch plus confirmation of no ground sharing next season maybe gives us grounds for optimism (no pun intended) Glad you know the name of your pal …
  14. Be interesting to see who stays and who goes. Be great if we could sign Mayo on a permanent deal but I have no idea what IMC thinks of the other 5 on loan, Firth, Crawford, McAllister, Alegria and Jakubiak. Clearly most if not all will go back. I think we have a few of our own players out of contract IIRC, Murray, Foster, Bell, McKenna and Hendrie, plus Gordon and McIver, and Lyons I believe signed a pre contract back with Montrose. And Sena is due back from Alloa plus a few of the younger boys. So plenty of scope for much needed changes for the season ahead. The two new signings look to be a good start and great to be tied up so early. Possibly an indication we won’t have the same financial disadvantage we had going into this season, but hopefully an indication that some players still see us as an attractive club.