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  1. Be even better to see Thistle players on target in the league
  2. Didn’t realise there was a new cup sponsor, IIRC... ok, it’s Saturday afternoon and the games off....
  3. “Brian Graham and Ryan Williamson are still struggling and Ross Docherty is going to see a specialist to find out more about the injury he picked up on Boxing Day. Tam O’Ware is getting close and Blair Spittal has been back in full training so there is some positive news as well.” McCall then gave us an insight into how that might affect his January business. “With all the injuries, it’s leaving us with a small squad at the moment so we are active in the transfer market and we may have to do more business than we’d intended. Gerry and I are working on deals but January is always a tough window so we’ll just have to see what we can get over the line.” https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-match-preview/managers-preview-ian-mccall-9th-january-2021/
  4. He and others have got their fat salaries and they won't be losing any sleep over the 'wee clubs', us included. We don't register on their radar. Never have and never will.
  5. Not quite the right thread but... presumably Saturday's game will be postponed given the cold spell will continue through Friday night and our unwillingness to use the undersoil heating
  6. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/clyde-match-rescheduled/
  7. The weather forecast for the next week is unchanged, generally freezing. So is it simply up to the club whether the under soil heating is used or not? If McCall gets to sign a couple of players or he has a strong squad to choose from does that drive the decision if we think it’s advantageous to us? I’m assuming the SFL/SFA cannot enforce the club to incur the expense of using the USH particularly when supporters cannot attend games?
  8. Paying twice to get in... once for the south terracing and a supplement for the enclosure in front of the main stand The half time scoreboard (as others have referenced above), who needs the internet when you could buy a programme for 5p and x-ref against the lettered scoreboard! changing ends at half time at Boghead having good players, and sometimes great players! beating the ugly sisters on several occasions My cousin arriving 25 mins late to a game where we were already 4.0 up, with no further scoring. Had to stop in front on a tv shop on maryhill road after the game before he believed me!
  9. I’ve no idea if we have the best squad in the league or not, but we’ve been unable to play two out of our three strikers for almost the whole season to date. If they had been available we would have scored more goals . Given our defence has conceded so few goals then we would have had more points. Hence why I believe McCall deserves more time.
  10. As someone who welcomed McCall’s appointment I have been disappointed. But I think he deserves the rest of the season and the January window to strengthen a weak forward line. Signing Rudden was a gamble due to his lack of games but I thought Graham was a good signing and both will be good signings. The absence of our other striker cannot be blamed on McCall. If he can strengthen early in January it will complement a strongly performing defence, and we would have a chance. The key is how well he strengthens and that’s on the assumption the board back him. Two good additions would I believe transform results through more goals scored.
  11. You should have put it on PowerPoint
  12. For me this is key. The attacking players that have been available for the first 10 league games haven’t been good enough. It’s too risky to assume that Rudden or our other missing striker will be the catalyst to fire up our attack. Quite where we get quality with experience, and whether we have the funds, remains to be seen. But changes are required.
  13. This is inevitable... we’re outside the top 4 after 10 games played. Interesting to see who he’s happy to sacrifice in order to get two in.. Lyons isn’t starting games so he might be one, perhaps he’s looking at loaning two players out. As for whoever comes in it will also be interesting to see if these are loans or whether the board are prepared to back him with 18 month plus signings
  14. Think we’ve seen enough of the squad to know McCall needs to sign a striker in January (although our delivery is equally poor).. at this rate we could end up conceding the least number of goals in the league but still miss the playoffs!