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  1. Good quiz and mostly guess answers. 1. Jim Leishman and John Lambie 2. Kyle Turner 3. 8 4. Aberdeen, Hibs, Celtic and Wolves 5. 3-3
  2. Ha ha indeed. If that had been one of the ugly sisters the dvd would already be out.
  3. I must start more match threads.
  4. ^^^ ignore elevenone . you can get 60/1 on 3-3 of you shop around.
  5. or 45-1 for 3-3 surprised the bookies have us as favs tbh.
  6. Not in anyway superstitious but last time I started match thread on the day we humped Ayr so here goes. Apart from the long term injuries to Brownlie and Bell pretty much a full squad to choose from (although think Stone carrying a knock according to IM). Accies seem a tad Jekyll and Hyde like us, pumped by Arbroath, losing at home to a poor Ayr team before then beating ICT with ten men. On what is a horrible pitch will take any form of win and chance to be in top half after first round of fixtures. ps Friday night. Does this mean the game will be on Alba?
  7. Just noticed the recent winner from Ayr game donated his £352 prize back to club for the Weir Academy. Fantastic gesture.
  8. Stevie Lawless departs Motherwell yesterday. In my opinion would enhance our midfield and allow room for Tiffoney.
  9. thanks missed that. usually look at twitter for the results.
  10. I know I have highlighted this before, but has anyone seen anywhere who won?
  11. Spot on but far to sensible for Doncaster and his cronies.