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  1. Having a Euromillions winner invest and donate to the club is the stuff of dreams to just about any senior club in the UK especially one the size of the Jags. Yet today years later we have a large proportion of the fan base disgruntled to say the least at how it has played out. Jacqui Low can ‘spin’ it any way she wants but I am certain this is not how Colin Weir would have wanted the fans feeling today and 3BC’s really need to reflect on that.
  3. Nice. Daughter just back from year there. Lovely city albeit team relegated.
  4. If you log into paypal account it should show all instant transactions.
  5. Given score maybe for best. Must be a refund option if you email falkirk tv?
  6. Interview was yesterday and will be published on Sunday.
  7. Trust released Q&A section. As ever it leaves more questions to answers. http://www.ptfctrust.com/faqs/
  8. Did anyone listen to the podcast and if so did anyone from Trust go on as I know Graham Spiers reached out to them?
  9. Would be nice to get the win if only for possibility of trip to Wales or Ireland in next round. Friday night, is it on tv or just been moved to avoid Scotland clash tomorrow? ps hope your nephew enjoys his first Jags game @CotterJag
  10. Who ‘shares their excitement’? Judging by comments on social media in first hour of posting not many. What a sham and dark day for the club. Will always support Jags just not financially with these stooges in charge.
  11. Yep and in a game like that 3 subs at same time rather than staggering them is criminal. Changed the game against us.
  12. It’s the hope that kills you.
  13. Ayr 2-0 down so couple points clear at top in livetable.