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  1. Yep Thistle won a watch getting him to sign.
  2. I don’t know re their current season ticket sales and support but would hazard a guess Falkirk are slightly better supported than us however not to the £700 odd prize over under £200. At the minute spending a fiver on tickets to win one hundred odds is akin to scratch card territory. Bigger prize on offer would maybe tempt some more folk rather than the routine punters. At end of the day it is all about maximising revenue for the club.
  3. Have touched on this previously @jaggy we need to get our collective heads together and think of something else which we could suggest to club. Although hardly groundbreaking idea a lotto like Livingston or Albion Rovers may entice more sales especially when folk see the cash prize they are playing for.
  4. congrats to @Fawlty Towers bagged it today.
  5. I keep getting a row for drawers stuffed with too many t-shirts. Could I squeeze in one more?
  6. Agree. A poor show by club. Without fans like your good self the club would be nothing.
  7. Does anyone know if club are producing a match programme for tmrw? Can’t imagine there will be physical sales (same as 50-50) due to covid but ain't see anything about online purchases either. Would be shame if we did not print one especially as we did all season in league1.
  8. Don’t know where you are based at @Odd Fellows but there is a few pubs showing game tmrw.
  9. Roy a hat-trick now. Robbie Muirhead scores too.
  10. Agree, was a night to forget. Was that not same night one of our lot jumped the hoarding and went round to argue with our dug-out and got lifted for their troubles?
  11. Welcome to Thistle. 2 year deal. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/signing-news-cammy-smith-signs-two-year-deal/
  12. too sensible for Scottish football.
  13. Thinking about this if only 192 tickets sold (and bearing in mind several of those people buying into that amount would probably have bought more than one) could suggest something in the region of say 150 individual customers. Against the backdrop of a few thousand attending the games and then people watching the stream it might to me suggest the 50-50 has run it’s course and something new is needing to replace it? Even with crowds being back covid is obviously affecting it if no physical sales are allowed face to face on the day but I don’t find the old or indeed new online purchasing system especially user friendly. I just wonder if we put our heads together we could think of some other replacement/way that could continue to give the club an income stream towards youth development and a better more enticing prize for the winner(s). Smaller clubs than Thistle seem to have bigger prizes than us when it comes to their equivalent.
  14. Still no email receipt of purchase received either from last night or Saturday.