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  1. 7/4 Jags now. Falkirk still favs 6/4 and Cove 9/4. After that East Fife 50/1.
  2. I kinda thought I was promised the gig due to my Championship Manager exploits. Are we looking at messy court case now?
  3. Imo between us and Cove now. Falkirk are sinking at wrong time. Hopefully only visit to Falkirk next year is to see The Killers.
  4. I see elsewhere Brechin getting pumped by Annan who were main rivals for the drop out of league so it looks like curtains for them. To add insult to injury they have had Abdul Osman sent off.
  5. Lol not a happy collection of Bairns posting on that.
  6. The last sentence hit the nail on the head. Sadly there are now members of society who would rather film/upload people drunk, in distress, fighting and even accidents all for likes rather than helping.
  7. Beat you on opening cargo times today. A bad week for my liver given being off work on holiday, 2 home games in 3 with birthday sandwiched in-between and the sun blazing.
  8. Does that mean Alloa and possibly Brechin saved from drops? Just a co-incidence and no vested interests at work I presume.