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  1. And hopefully a half competent ref today 🤔 digressing but i note its the ugly sisters game today (or do you say brothers?) and that Rangers have cancelled all away tickets to Celtic acting on intelligence. Sad, pathetic and shameful that their bile is spreading to the womens league. Anyways good luck Jags
  2. I wish I could say you couldn’t script it but sadly you can. What is it with conceding right away after scoring? Dowds hat trick for Ayr at Airdrie.
  3. concede from a corner, not like us.
  4. Both teams fielding an ineligible player and being deducted 10 points.
  5. The postponsed Raith game now Tuesday 12th March with a 7.45pm ko and will be live on bbc. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/postponed-raith-rovers-fixture-date-confirmed-and-selected-for-tv-coverage/
  6. Had wander down today. Small exhibit but interesting all the same. Not from Maryhill but I always like seeing old pics. Footie related pic below. I was 2 so game a blur (although I read match was not actually played on this date) . Maybe one for @Auld Jag to remember (just kidding 😇)
  7. not surprised but do think he would have been better retained in squad for rest of season. gl at east fife james.
  8. For those without Facebook, highlights here. Disallowed goal from 1min 20secs in. Truly a shocking decision.
  9. I double dare someone to start match threads for all 14 games @Dick Dastardly
  10. Dools post match interview he does hold hands up and admits subbing Lawless and Graham at time was a mistake. Fair play for that.
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