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  1. McCall interview up on Jagzone as well. His comments seems to have rattled the BSC Glasgow manager going by their twitter tonight.
  2. Looks like you have to be a Hearts season ticket holder to view. https://www.heartsfc.co.uk/news/article/how-to-watch-hearts-v-partick-thistle Possible live audio here. https://heartstv.heartsfc.co.uk
  3. In a cardboard cut out kinda way we can all be back at Firhill after all. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/be-a-face-of-firhill/
  4. Talking of ex players I see Jack Storer picked up another straight red this evening playing for Redditch Utd. He must be close to setting a record.
  5. Mansell has left the club. No surprise there.
  6. Update on streaming. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/partick-thistle-streaming-update/
  7. We will be in big trouble if season is mothballed. Quite a big squad already in place compared to fellow League 1 teams at the present moment.
  8. Can’t see any info re draw for this week.
  9. Hearts fans fuming (and rightly so imo) that St Mirren have signed their goalkeeper Zdenek Zlamal on loan today to help out with their covid crisis between the sticks.
  10. I think most did pay out on final placings. Sure i did read of one bookie though who voided the bets but not 100% sure.
  11. 862 for the Fulham game and it will be zero for the League 2 game.
  12. Partick Thistle10/11 Falkirk 15/8 Cove Rangers 7/1 Airdrie 14/1 Montrose 25/1 Clyde 28/1 Dumbarton 28/1 East Fife 28/1 Forfar 40/1 Peterhead 40/1 Who is all lumping their savings on the Jags? East Fife ok price for each way bet.
  13. To be fair the club are proactive in advertising it (it seems to be the main thing popping up all week on twitter) and also Falkirk have a larger core support than us. I do agree though it needs revamped from its staleness. Maybe a different variety of prizes as you point out is the way? Or maybe some rollover system segment as part building up a bigger prize to be won at end of each month?
  14. Glad you got it sorted. Good luck tonight (especially if @Fawlty Towers has bought a ticket)
  15. Could the issue be using a credit card instead of debit card? I know recently online bookies have been required to stop this as a method of depositing so maybe buying ht tickets is seen as a similar mode of gambling.
  16. Congrats (again). New game, pick 6 hypothetical numbers between 1 and 59. Happy to get them via PM so you don’t have to share with the masses.
  17. couple new loan signings in. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/loan-news-breen-wright-join-on-season-long-loans/
  18. Indeed, think QP will walk that league.
  19. tbh i find that move astonishing. I would though Norwich would have been better in tune and sent him to a lower league English team rather than QOS and their non squad and crappy pitch. Is this loan confirmed?
  20. QOS only have 3 players so if we keep our shape and discipline i fancy us for 1-0.