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  1. Lest we forget http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_cups/4510862.stm
  2. Off on a tangent slightly but what happened re the under canvas fans bar in the JH car park? Genuine question so please avoid cracks about marquee signings and lack of intent.
  3. I guess if you had a glass half empty opinion before the season kicked off you're going to be kinda chuffed. Our wins exceed losses and we've beaten all the likely rivals in the bottom half of the division. Conversely if you were glass half full you may be a bit miffed we've fallen short against the top of the table clubs. I feel up until last night we've been blessed with some excellent individual performances but perhaps the overall teamplay fell short too often.
  4. One way of looking at it would be to imagine he made the exact same comments after a defeat. Tongue in cheek or not then that could've been most harmful and DD's posts would be spot on. The fact is that it wasn't the case and imo just typical McCall patter. Said in good fun and firmly representative of his "I'm one of the lads" man-management style. I believe that even the harshest critics of McCall will acknowledge he's usually got a very good relationship with his players. Might even be a case to argue that he's often too friendly and loyal to players.
  5. I found this on you tube. Think it's hilarious https://youtu.be/rG5BhDqxFOc
  6. Excellent night. Tiffoney was tremendous. Had a decent enough first half but was unbelievably good after the break. The entire team tho' put in a grand performance. Btw amazing to say that even after losing six goals Accies shouldn't be embarrassed by their performance. Well not in comparison to yon referee, anyway.
  7. Aye but was the claim scotched, a mis-steak or just one big porky?
  8. Certainly did. With the heavier ball and often muddier surfaces I imagine most penalty takers back then would (like Jimmy) also favour the "power drive". I may well be wrong but I think it was more likely a non forward would be the regular penalty taker back then than now. Nowadays with the goalie able to move latterly pre-kick it maybe favours more strikers to be the regular penalty taker. That said there's too many exceptions to make that assumption any more than an inkling.
  9. If there's no plans for Hastie beyond January we'll need balance. To that end, a left sided attacking mid to cut in from the right flank. Lawless fits the bill, plus he's reasonably versatile. However both his fitness levels and overall attitude would have to be spot on. I think the latter may have been a problem towards the end of his last stint with us plus I've no idea why he's leaving 'Well. The vast majority of attacking wide players (wingers) run hot and cold. That's ok but anything more than that it should be a no thanks.
  10. I'd rather see the League Cup taken far more seriously. I like the idea of the mini leagues but dislike how we have to use those games as competitive friendlies. Delay at least two or three of the group fixtures till after the League season starts and that would help. Seems daft to me that the Challenge Cup is given more credence/priority than the League Cup in its early stages when later on it's naturally the other way round. I can't believe any sponsors of the League Cup would be keen to see the early fixture used as glorified friendlies. It kinda devalues their product but then again Doncaster has no great track record re sponsorship so he has probably sold the competition short anyway. The Challenge Cup would be a fine competition if it was restricted more or less to part time clubs (effectively 32 clubs from League One, League Two plus say top six Highland and top six Lowland clubs).
  11. Will wait to hear from fans who actually attended the match before any conclusions. Not too bothered about being beaten but that was a strong team we fielded tonight. Hopefully no lasting damage done confidence wise.
  12. Very rarely ever miss a Jags game. Glad tonight was the exception to the rule.
  13. Here we go H-A-A-H-H-A-A-A-H-H-H-H-A-A-H-A-H-A-H-H
  14. Sorry for the selective quoting but I'm not trying to justify McCall Out's agenda. Yes they bossed midfield but Ayr played with 3 at the back and a not too convincing Aero Muirhead as holding mid. Will they still boss the midfield against say a hardly unusual 4-5-1 set up, especially if we continue with two up top? I think we have to bolster the midfield to protect Banzo/Doc against the likes of ICT and Killie. Otherwise we won't get enough supply to Tiffoney etc.