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  1. Just for clarity in no way was I saying mothballing would be preferable for our club, or for that matter, similar sized clubs to ourselves. I was suggesting that there may be cases where the lesser of two evils for some clubs would be to mothball. And with regards to that I was asking where/if fiduciary duties would apply. Whilst I'm on the hypothetical, what if the state were to pay for player testing and/or the costs reduced to an affordable level for any club? I maintain that in such a situation the leagues (senior & regional) should be opened up to the public on a bottom to top basis. That's based on my assumption that any subsequent spread of covid is far less likely in the lower leagues. That's kinda similar on a risk factor basis to pubs in rural areas compared to busy city centre establishments.
  2. Was also wondering where fiduciary duties kick in. Easy enough to see a scenario where a club may only survive, or best chance of survival, is by being mothballed.
  3. I see the Highland League have delayed their season start till Nov 28th at earliest. My totally unqualified opinion is that the average Highland League ground will be better suited to social distancing (thus allowing in paying customers) than the likes of Firhill and all the other stadia that are all seated.
  4. Rather strange we didn't already have a game lined up around then. Good to play decent opposition anyway.
  5. Playing Hearts again this Friday. No idea where.
  6. You've just cheered me up no end. The pub I'm off to this afternoon numbers more than a few who allegedly hold grievances against him. We'll enjoy our pints all the more.
  7. Clever thinking from SPFL Towers. The most likely two reasons any club would pull out of the competition is firstly they repeatedly can't field a side due to the epidemic. So they get fined for being ill. Or secondly, and more likely, they haven't the funding left to see the season out. Any further fine could then bankrupt the club. So in that case we could actually see the SPFL put one of its own member clubs into administration. Neil Doncaster's reported salary is in the region of £380000.
  8. You've set us a bit of a poser there, McCall Out.
  9. I reckon I would be feeling cautiously optimistic with this squad if we had survived relegation. So I guess I should be extremely confident of us getting promoted from this division. Perhaps a mixture of Jaggy deja vu and the overall strangeness of this season temper much of that confidence. Quite ironic I suppose combining knowledge of past failures of good squads (on paper) with a complete lack of knowledge of what lies ahead.
  10. Supposedly after Declan Glass (Dundee Utd midfielder) on loan. Mind him having an impressive game at Firhill last season.
  11. As a strong adherent for renaming the working group The Foundation of Jags, this could mean all out war.
  12. I was told that purchase of this season's ST was automatically loaded onto your phone app. Realise that's different from the subject topic.
  13. Saw this today. In no way will Sauchie Juniors be on there own. Indeed this will most likely be the predicament of most clubs the nearer you get to grassroots. Sauchie of course had a strong connection to PTFC a few decades ago. .
  14. I would certainly think so. The situation re Nisbet is well known and because of his attitude his attributes were often overlooked. Strength, ability to lead the line and above all, positional awareness were definite strong points. It's just a pity he matured physically that bit quicker than he developed mentally.
  15. We evidently drew 2-2 against a Sevco B team yesterday. No idea what side we put out.