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  1. Think too it might be Rugby Park. Definite Neil Duffy (10). As the "11" isn't Davie McP my guess would be Jim Fleming? Definitely Tommy Eweing in the foreground.
  2. A shame Ngwenya most likely hasn't got what we need. On the plus side he's left sided and pacy but to be a squad player he would at least need to be more versatile methinks. Could be wrong.
  3. I always use a screenshot of a QR code for all concerts and football matches I attend. Plus my past Jags ST and Senior rail pass. I'm not the least bit tech savvy. The advantage of the screenshot is you can enlarge it if required and that often helps whoever is scanning it. Apologies if this is irrelevant but as I say I'm a tech novice.
  4. Was going to comment re Byrne earlier but I too am unsure as to where McBeth's preferred position will be. Or more correctly where Doolan will prefer McBeth to play. I think if Luke was played as a centreback there may just have been a case for signing Byrne, even given his age and provided not on an extended contract. Even if McBeth is going to play as defensive mid I still feel we need back up. Byrne would've been too expensive an option. Ideally we want a ball winner that can also play at fullback (preferably left sided at that). Last season not being adequate in defensive midfield, thus having an overexposed defence must have cost us a considerable amount of points. Agree we'll have to wait to see who's coming in to guess where McBeth will play.
  5. Perhaps as a full back replacement for McMillan? I've actually been more impressed with Airdrie's Hancock (wrong side) and Megwa (Hibs loanee)but Ballantyne has looked solid in defence. Suppose I mean Ballantyne would make a fine addition to the defence but I'm less certain he could be anywhere as successful going forward like McMillan.
  6. Alston is a strange one. I can't imagine many of us would be that upset if Alston left. But at the same time a good chunk of the same will be quite happy to se him re-sign. I'm kinda in line with that view but I'm more prone to looking at the midfield on a whole. If there's enough pace and defensive strength thru the midfield then I feel Blair would be a useful addition. Alston offers little towards those two qualities but if they're covered then he's just the sort of midfielder I'd more than welcome.
  7. Apart from Scotland teams training there I can foresee Lesser Hampden being the go to ground for visiting European clubs. Possibly a home to a West of Scotland women's club. In fact there's potential for a fair amount of incremental income for QP. The only thing I can't foresee is how Lesser Hampden can become a practical home ground for Queens Park. Maybe at League One level but certainly not in terms of the top two tiers. Pointed out the surreal situation at our last away game with Queens. There was nearly 49000 empty seats but if played at Lesser Hampden around 1200 would've been locked out. Like jagfox says a lot going on that ain't clear to us outsiders.
  8. I've just downloaded app. Tapped on "Wallet " then "View Ticket".
  9. These figures indicate in a way a competitive starting point this season coming. Pars and Falkirk who have earned less can rely on above average home crowds. The opposite way round with Livi. Only really Ayr, Accies & QP that are behind the starting block.
  10. You're correct. There will be some sales directly attributed to the sponsorship but that''ll be very limited. Simple trackside advertising will be nearly as effective. The overriding reason a company sponsors a particular football club or event is to be seen to be associated with that particular club and the league (environment) they play in. That's probably the crux of the matter. Do you want to see your club associated with a particular brand or in this case, industry? I don't have much of an opinion myself but it's logical that industries involved in alcohol and gambling are bound to be at the sharp end.
  11. In a previous life I was employed by a couple of alcoholic drinks firms over a couple of decades. I was either responsible or partly responsible (on a PR/marketing basis) for sponsorship of various sports events. Gotta say I doubt it ever occurred to me that in future years such activity would be questioned never mind being outlawed. I guess if I was doing the same job today I'd be very careful over associating my product(s) with anything to do with activity sports. Not so much on any moral grounds. More of fear that such a product would be seen in a poor light and thus devalued. Maybe saying more about myself and with a touch of hypocrisy I'm completely in favour of having absolutely nothing to do with sponsorship from the gambling industry. We all know the downside to alcohol and the harm it can afflict. But in my mind, serious tho' it is, that's relatively minor compared to the damage caused thru gambling particularly online gambling.
  12. Think it's a good move for Loney. He's big and strong and probably needs to play at a higher youth level. I doubt he was quite at the development stage where he'd be a regular squad player for us or get much game time out on loan. Others may differ and I'm only going on the game at the Recs the other week.
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