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  1. I'd worry about our players getting injured Taking the Knee
  2. Barton's heart was hardly in the game, so unsurprising we only got one good season out of him. Skilful player who if he had wanted to could have played a level above us. Keown was always going to have to play his top game as he certainly didn't have the height and physical presence of his father. Dumbuya was another loss. For a time he looked the real deal. Osman was perhaps the biggest disappointment and loss. Whether it was down to off field interests or losing what pace he had is anyone's guess. Certainly if he went in any later on a tackle he'd have been a liability. He'd previously been picking up enough yellows for legit tackles as it was. Another two from seasons or so earlier who I reckon never recovered from injuries were Higgy and Stevenson, Can't mind about the nature of Kallum's injury but I reckon when he came back he'd slowed down just that split second for an opposition player to anticipate what he was up to. Stevenson was playing well leading up to yon end of season game at NDP. But for that we may well have got another season out of him.
  3. Read about that tonight. Shouldn't it have been in the first instance the SPFL asking the question? Couple that with the Killie & St Mirren points rescinding and maybe we've got an SFA & SPFL falling out situation?
  4. Well at least it won't affect us much at Firhill. Nobody could really describe recent seasons as entertainment.
  5. Appears Tam only played two competitive games since leaving us. He was a bit shakey towards the end but I too thought he did well with us. His biggest fault by far was recommending Nitriansky.
  6. We're on the wrong thread but I don't think extending the guy's contract will be that much of a problem. It'll be more likely how low the trigger threshold gets set at that will be affected. As we most likely can't/won't be offering "sign on" terms that threshold could be fairly low.
  7. This has nothing to do directly with topic. Didn't want to start a new thread. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/19005347.trust-set-lease-sports-complex-council/
  8. Have my own view re complaining about level of grant money whilst using what little we received in the transfer market. I reckon short term loans is the route to take in any case. Paton for Docherty would tho' be a decent shout.
  9. Not a single word I disagree with but responsibility (blame if you prefer) also lies with the clubs who voted for a status quo approach to this season. If on what looks unlikely the lower leagues were in fact to restart at the beginning of February one of the fixtures will be Elgin V Stranraer! The Scot Gov must surely believe the SPFL/SFA are taking the piss. At best they have to be asking what alterations to our structure have the SPFL instigated, rather than been forced on them, that has helped the situation.
  10. Not certain if you're highlighting what I was alluding to or not. Just if you receive monies to help see you thru this crisis, and about the first thing you're seen doing is entering the transfer market........
  11. I certainly wouldn't want to argue against what you're saying. Even starting next season in autumn with reduced crowds, no hospitality and catering, plus perhaps increased stewarding costs would be worrying to the extreme. Worse it might well be restarting this season under such circumstances.