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  1. Earlier last season there was reason to criticise Fitzpatrick's work rate. Perhaps lack of fitness/effort was a reason he rarely started? Now he starts every game and has played 90 min every league game bar one (a tactical substitution). Now in my mind if he's not doing the work set out for him on a continuous basis then Aiden's either disregarding instruction and the manager's letting him off or the manager isn't finding a chronic fault with the player. My point really being that continual criticism of a player not giving 100% is continual criticism of the manager. In fact I would say the manager would be far more to blame than the player. Throw in the captain for good measure as he's clearly not captaining the side if the player closest to him is not playing to order. If you blame Fitzpatrick then Doolan and Graham are equally if not even more to blame. Personally I don't think that's the case. Said before our last line defence is unprotected. A defensive mid would cover for attacking fullbacks (eg Paton for SOD & ATS) not so much attacking wide players. You can argue that by not having the luxury of a defensive midfielder then Lawless & Fitzpatrick should do more defensively. Merit in that but I feel that's a tactical matter rather than personal responsibility. And that brings you back to criticism of the manager rather than the player.
  2. Seen him play there and he's not too comfortable. For what it's worth that would leave two young centrebacks at the back. If it comes to it perhaps Neilson or Ngwenya could play defensive mid? The former has the mobility, the latter a crunching tackle. Of course their parent clubs may be a bit miffed if played out of position but a case of "needs must" would be an overriding factor.
  3. Agree but at same time back of my mind nagging me that both players won't make a notable difference. By that I mean principally win balls in midfield. My gut feeling is having that deficiency means our defence is overexposed too often and when our other midfielders make errors on the ball we're more open to punishment. Natural reaction to spend less time on the ball and more time blootering the ball up the park. If we had a Rowson/Paton/Osman* type ball winner on the park we'd not only be plugging a gap thru the middle but such a player would also be covering many of the mistakes made at fullback. *for clarity I could add Docherty. Just I thought he wasn't as capable as a defensive mid as those named.
  4. If I was forced to name a MotM it would be a cruel thing to do. Adeloye by default, I guess. But just none of the starting XI were anywhere near passable today. I'm only singling Sneddon out as today's lethargy spread forward from him. The time he takes on the ball you would think we were protecting a comfortable lead. Slow ineffective distribution just hampers every move out of defence. The goalie booting the ball aimlessly up the park just as useless.
  5. As I see it every game we go into we are likely to lose goals. The clean sheet last week was verging on the miraculous. Too much emphasis therefore on our front three to score at least a couple of goals just to get a result. The one player in midfield with a bit of dig about him, who can influence the game at either end of the park appears to be McInroy. If he could somehow contribute defensively, not something he's signed to do, then we may win tomorrow with a bit to spare. Otherwise I think timing of goals will be all important.
  6. I like the idea that on the rare occasion I can't attend a home game that my season ticket go to someone who can't afford to go to the game. There's also the tie in with free bus travel, which would widen the appeal. With ticketing handled electronically there should be no real difficultly on the ST holder's behalf, apart from sending an e mail or text. If Jags for Good or the Club itself wanted to initiate such a scheme I'd happily opt in. I don't really see a down side and it may just on occasion gain a few extra Jags supporters.
  7. To add to OP, would it be too much to also inform us about these matches before the day of the game? I may want to go along to these fixtures, tho' I'm glad I didn't go yesterday.
  8. Do agree that three at the back both opens the way to play Adeloye with Graham together and it's a formation worth deploying from time to time, especially on narrow pitches away from Firhill. Having two full backs that are capable wingbacks more than helps. One problem is a lack of centrebacks, and not one of the three we have is naturally left sided. So yes we do miss Holt in a way. I know Milne can play left centreback if called upon but then we're left with no credible left wingback. Then at the same time we're loaded (some might say overloaded) in central midfield as it is. Not having an out and out ball winning midfielder means we really have to play an extra midfielder and not one less. In turn that means no place in a 3-5-2 (3-5-1-1) for Fitzy and Lawless. Looks to me that Doolan can't resolve a change in formation due to the squad he's selected. By that I'm not meaning over a short period or during a game but over any protracted period. Be interested to know how your optimum starting eleven would look like playing 3-5-2 (3-5-1-1)?
  9. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/ayr-united-issue-apology-fans-30971171
  10. I think you've hit it on the head, tho' maybe not quite what you're meaning. The fitness levels of the squad were considerably heightened after Doolan took control. In my mind less to do with availability of players, more about overall fitness.
  11. That's a double blow. We're due to play them soon and I'd have preferred if Dodds was still there. Worse tho' he'll almost certainly be back spouting his usual nonsense on the BBC.
  12. If I mind rightly a major income stream at McDiarmid was catering for funerals. Perth Crematorium is just down the road. If so then the covid restrictions must have hit St Johnstone especially hard.
  13. Very good turnout today for Banzo. Scarf sale went very well too.
  14. Not for me. Dropping a midfielder would only further expose our fragile defending in that area. 4-4-2 doesn't suit attacking full backs. Besides the Lawless-Graham-Fitzpatrick partnership doesn't warrant being disrupted. A benefit of 4-4-2 would see Graham less isolated but I feel McInroy/Robinson are more than able to get close to Big Brian. Tho' it didn't work recently sticking two up top later in a game you're winning has merit from a defensive point of view.
  15. I'm not too sure about the "now". History kinda repeated itself with Dools in terms of the us kicking on when he left the previous time. McCall may well be fine if partnered with a tried and tested coach. By that I mean a coach with decision making power. Big doubt tho' about clubs affording both McCall and a coach.
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