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  1. He is one of my favourite. Thistle players and he was only here for about 12 months. Thought he would kick on in the top league but it was not to be and he left despite being involved at the start of the season.
  2. I'd stay in the Academy. Better long term job prospects for anyone.
  3. I love football but need a break from it. Champions League on Saturday. Some internationals. A small break then back to League Cup. Ffs.
  4. Can I respectfully ask how you know this? Dundee is a strange club for him. He was absolutely giving it his all v Ross County.
  5. More positive news. Fans are stepping up to help get the club back in the black https://twitter.com/Jags_Foundation/status/1666563562116972545?t=A7fDmAC4-XJKnGxFPibn1w&s=19
  6. Anyone can invest in the club. Fan ownership does not stop this. Anyone can apply to be on the board. Remember the fans own the club but do not run it. 1. There is a TJF board 2. There is a club board This is a model that other clubs like Hearts have.
  7. Things I have done and I appreciate everything is different for people. 1. One off donation to The Jags Foundation. 2. Increased Centenary Fund subscription from £5 to £10 3. Pledged to buy season ticket on Friday 4. Hectoring some friends who are occassional fans to join TJF.
  8. League Group stages were designed to replace pre season friendlies. We are in unfortunate position where we could not plan until after play offs so behind the curve.
  9. All the media team will be travelling back in silence gutted from Dingwall.
  10. So, so, so unbelievabley gutted. Just can't make any sense of what happened there in those last 20 mins. Football is a brutal sport.
  11. Hate VAR even when it's in our favour. All the adrenaline, confidence etc witj County. Horrible stuff. COME ON JAGS
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