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  1. He tried to get him previously but he opted for Livingstone in a higher league so more pay which is understandable.
  2. He has the type of positive energy I wish I had!
  3. Pedant alert. He's Westminster not Holyrood.
  4. Lawless was released by Motherwell surprisingly. Seems still to be a free agent.
  5. I prefer a slow handover of power as experience is kept and those learn from others.
  6. I've got some stupid questions on players natural positions Foster - RB or LB? Holt - CB or RB/LB? McKenna - RB or CH? Murray - RW/LW or #10? Turner - CM or #10?
  7. Yes. Everything through Greaves online or Gordon Street shop
  8. 1st thought. No walk up tickets for Away fans. Why? Should be a big crowd. Potential for even bigger crowd. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/kilmarnock-matchday-information/ 2nd thought. Team? 1st time back to Firhill since lockdown.
  9. A correction on Strathclyde. They are in halls. In the new Union. Pubs and clubs. But no lectures.
  10. My nephew school has stopped everything. Mate is deputy head and says they struggle to manage the constant changes. Mate works at Strathclyde and they are bringing back students.
  11. The passport proves nothing! You can still catch covid and pass it on if double vaccinated. The passport creates a false sense of protection, confusion, animosity to government and health bodies. Schools and unis have stopped the majority of covid measures. In Glasgow we have had Riverside Festival, Colours at Braehead, Transmt, 40k at Hampden and full stadiums at Parkhead and Ibrox. I see less and less mask wearing. The Scottish Government are to late to introduce this even if it would work. And why do people keep bringing up Westminster? Health is devolved. Remember who you need to keep to account and listen to.
  12. It's bonkers. I'm double jagged, wear a mask etc. The vaccine passport proves nothing. You can still get the virus and pass it on with the vaccine. It does reduce severity and reduces hospitalisations and deaths. So it proves nothing really. On a side note Glasgow has very high levels in Europe yet its got huge gigs on with Biffy Clyro then Transmt
  13. Are we now Level -0.5? To me Level 0 in my mind means normality. It's a confusing numbering system.
  14. Dave The Ukrainian! Although with his nickname I love him as a weird cult like hero.