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  1. The split keeps the league interesting. Other sports have play offs. It works for me.
  2. I always rated Jason Nsismith when he was at Ross County although not sure how he has been recently. Released by Killie.
  3. I really rated him and hoped we could keep him after his loan spell.
  4. Yeah but I thought it was a refresh and they would still be interested with new blood. These guys pushed the project and we could learn from their mistakes (as everyone makes mistakes) so to have a "Meet The Foundation" night then chuck it seems a shame.
  5. Doesn't seem to be many former board members standing for re election.
  6. I'm available for any bribes if people want to grease my palm "Tamanay Hall" style.
  7. Can people recommend legit memorabilia places? Want to buy my Dad something but never sure if it's real. Looking for pictures and autograph in a frame.
  8. I'd have kept Foster. Football is a horrible career. Play 30 games but tgen not getting contract renewed. No salary until you get picked up somewhere.
  9. I really did like Shay Gordon. Thought he brought attacking ability to the team in a Frank Lampard type way of arriving late in the box. Foster - keep as backup Mckenna - keep as backup Bell - let go Hendrie - unsure about this one Crawford - let go Mayo - keep if Rangers let him go Firth - let go Jakubiak - let go Alegria - let go Mcallister - let go
  10. He's played 45 minutes. Against Boreham Wood in the FA Cup then subbed at half time.
  11. There was a period where I think we got unlucky. Very bad period of constant rain and a run of home games for Thistle, Queens Park & Womens League Cup Final. A perfect storm.
  12. was there any 3BC or Jacqui Low chants?