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  1. Have you phoned the club and spoken to a human? I'm sure they'll sort it. I feel like I'm going to fo it for you to solve this
  2. Season tickets are being advertised constantly on Instagram & twitter. You get more attention on social media than an official site.
  3. Interesting article on the American woman who owns Wyre and her love for the club. Meet Rebecca Hansen - the US businesswoman who fell in love with Partick Thistle https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/24418839.meet-us-businesswoman-fell-love-partick-thistle/ For more great content like this subscribe to the The Herald app here: https://www.heraldscotland.com/subscribe/
  4. He did say he suffered from "wee man syndrome" so definitely self aware to his attributes good and bad from his career.
  5. Sat next to him on a flight from Munich on Sunday. I got late into supporting Thistle so I didn't watch him on the pitch but he was a nice guy and self deprecating telling me to look up YouTube where Gazza avoids a reckless challenge from him. Had to stop at 26 as done his ACL twice (said medical advancement now the would have got him playing again). Runs a coach company.
  6. Every time you use your phone, social media, maps, debit/credit cards you leave a trace. Unfortunately privacy is rare.
  7. How did you know this? I'm always amazed fans know this info when I have no idea what my family plans are at the weekend.
  8. Im sorry but your nephew not using the app is totally illogical and is causing you and him needless hassle
  9. Surely Queens Park are having to waste % to hire Hampden after wasting millions of £ and time by rennovating Lesser Hampden which resulted in capacity and facilities not suited for Championship level!
  10. No it should be there now and as others say place it in Google Wallet which makes it even easier.
  11. I bought the same. I use the platform and could get wheelchair & PA ticket no bother. It took about 5 clicks.
  12. Why would anyone not want to use the app?
  13. Renewed mine. Easy to do. Don't forget Players Fund if you want to top up Doolans player budget. https://ptfc.co.uk/fans/players-fund/
  14. I think "tainted" is a bit OTT. We need money and these are all legal industries used and enjoyed by millions of people in UK. It's a part of life. I have no problem with alcohol or gambling advertising.
  15. If the prices were higher club gets more £ and Doolan gets a bigger budget.
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