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  1. PTFC Trust came across quite defensive and tetchy with a journalist you really need on your side. They are probably feeling the stress. Jaqui Low talking about "moral duty" <shudder> That just does not sit comfortably with me. This could have been done so much better. A real shame for such a small club.
  2. Jaqui Low needs to go pronto. A grifter. Is not helping our club. Not even a fan.
  3. Loved it when Beattie et al returned. Booted Low and others out the offices and sacked Caldwell. A New Hope.
  4. https://www.patreon.com/posts/72348503?utm_campaign=postshare_fan Link but behind paywall
  5. £1.99 a month to listen incl 200 other interviews.
  6. Bizarre decision from Jaqui Low and the PTFC Trust 5. @Lenziejag & @denismcquadeno.eleven not helping matters with "I told you so" and illogical plans of action. The Jags Foundation were showing maturity and good governance. They had limited chance at this stage but with 800 members we still have a strong voice and power.
  7. @Lenziejag you are not a member of TJF. You don't agree with its actions. We get it. You don't need to keep up your keyboard warrior approach. If you are not a member then why care?
  8. Don't think so. I just feel like giving him a go.
  9. Let's get another win. This the team I would pick. Sneddon McMillan Muirhead Holt Milne Turner Docherty McKinnon Tiffoney Dowds Lawless
  10. It's the exact same thing. You live un a country where conformity rules are far stricter than UK.
  11. Looking forward to Jagernaut publicly raging against the Emperor in Japan. That would go down well.
  12. But the UK establishment/royal family/government etc says no cancellations are obligated. So it's people or bodies choosing this. I would have expected cancellations on day of funeral but not before it.
  13. I'm sorry you want to move on and also for the extra noise you have had to deal with recently. It's always been a chilled out forum (usually!). I hope someone else takes this on.