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  1. A wonderful result. A horrible experience watching it!
  2. @laukat our Test & Protect is not working properly. My wife is involved in it. 1. There are 2 systems set up effectively due to a bit of an internal turf war in NHS Scotland. 2. They started to wind it down as infection rates were so low so playing catch up. 3. They are still recruiting after a bun fight over employees being marked as band 2 or band 4. 4. Private management consultants have been brought in. Shock horror. 5. The call flow is not working. People in are sitting around doing nothing as its not getting to them. It's not in a good place.
  3. Football is a part time job. Training for 3 to 4 hours a day finishing lunchtime. Womens team are part time. 2 evenings training and Sunday game. No conflict to me. I thought it was an interesting appointment and we should use the 1st team squad to do more activities like this including youth and community training.
  4. Can we agree to disagree? It's obvious we wont so drop it. Picking individual countries at certain points of time to suit your view does not work. Fetishing other and your own government is plain odd.
  5. You have a point. Especially as I struggle to get a name for you! For me his radio show and interviews he's done before Scotland games at supporters events he's just "old school" to me. But I admit my view may be a minority as I'm more into stats and heat maps and boring stuff like that. We've had no internationalist of his standing or "name" known outside the club in decades.
  6. I thought he was good. Git scored late winner for Dundee in our relegation season.
  7. He's now went from good guy to ****.
  8. I know he helped top up SFA £ for Queens Park but is he putting more £ in?
  9. Alan Rough is a club legend. BUT A bit of a dinosaur. Old school bantz. Not for me as an ambassador. We need to be youthful and have a better PR person(s).
  10. I'm at the stage where I'd volunteer to catch this. Be a battery hen and ride it out with medical support. Bored of it. Going mad. Looking at economic impact and more worried about that. Looking at other people's actions and despairing while understanding how teenagers and yoof are not socially distancing. I'd go to football with mask on, socially distanced and promise to be quiet. Anyone who shouts out gets chucked out by full PPE wearing bouncers then hosed down outside. Was even tempted to stand outside Hampden and listen to game on radio tonight. I'm 42. That's not normal. Luckily wife is going out so I need to stay in with kids. But maybe I could get them into the double buggy and sleep?
  11. FFS Queens Park have really got into this non Amateur professional lark. Are they spending that Hampden sale cash like some chav winning the lottery. Penniless in 2 years.
  12. The rugby pilot seemed to go well. I guess it's getting a foundation and building confidence to all for this to get traction as it builds up slowly. Still think people need to be smart. Its individuals doing the right thing which is more important than any government or other body planning.
  13. What's the situation in Norway? I lose track of what's going on in UK let alone Europe. Personally I feel like it's obvious that cases will rise as we go out more so it's something that needs to be managed by all taking precautions where possible with local lockdowns the last resort.
  14. A tentative smile and nod from me. Maybe face masks will be compulsory? I would also be looking to sit far away from the lunatics who foam at the mouth when a referee does not (correctly) call for a offside spitting all over the place.
  15. The market/population are tapped into Old Firm. Growing a sustainable professional club there is hopeless and waste of money. Another example of the money in Scottish football being spread far to finely across to many teams for personal empire building.