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  1. Bell info here https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/19367012.amp/?
  2. He's got the jail. Again. https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/news/ex-partick-thistle-player-caught-20788472?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  3. Thanks @elevenone ended up getting coffee pods as they had a machine never used cos no one would buy the pods and pens. Everyone asked for pens!
  4. Been impressed with.O'Neills designs and quality.
  5. I think it's a good thing for £££. The replies to the twitter announcement were not so positive but then twitter brings out the worst in people
  6. only 3%? One thing the UK has done well is the vaccination rollout.
  7. Is this true? Why do the SFA care about league business? I'm taking this with a pinch of salt.
  8. Loving the early business. Reminds me of McNamara getting his signings done early before promotion season.
  9. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/19324154.partick-thistle-manager-ian-mccall-targets-2000-season-tickets/ "The season books are a really big thing. I’m not asking people to do it if they haven’t got the money – that’s fine – but we’ve really got to do it if the club is to be driven forward. " Ian McCall
  10. I'd resign Sneddon, Bell, Foster, Williamson, Penrice Sign Tiffoney, MacIver Get rid McKenna, Cardle, O'Ware Don't know Reilly For other signings make it like McNamara policy with young hungry players released by Premiership teams.
  11. I've had a lengthy stay in hospital and getting out next week. I want to get something for the staff but feel chocolates and biscuits won't be welcome as everyone here is obsessed with their steps and fitness. Any nurses or those with family members here with any good present ideas?
  12. Players like Brian Graham and Scott Mcdonald love to win. That's why opposition fans love to hate them but if they are in your side you love them.
  13. Don't change a winning team. Start with same team as Saturday v Airdrie. We have 5 subs that can be used if needed.
  14. How good would it be to get to these home games? We'd def be hitting 5000 attendances easy. Club selling play off packages. Full hospitality. Nice weather. Sob!
  15. Bring in covid 3rd wave. Damn you Oxford Astrazeneca.
  16. Why did we want a 22 game season!?! I believe we can do this.
  17. I remember the goal coming from a cleared corner. He shot from 20+ yards out.
  18. Ross Forbes! A short Thistle career but one of my favourites. Great player who I thought woukd flourish in the top league but was not to be. Scored one of my favourite goals v Dunfermline 5 -1 game during promotion season.
  19. i genuinely love that man
  20. Les Ferdinand "good PR' but little more than that" https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/12727879/les-ferdinand-knee-lost-meaning/
  21. Taking The Knee had a function and purpose when it started. After time its now becoming a token gesture. Time to wind it down I think before the meaning is diluted and lost.
  22. Very interesting interview with Mr Caldwell on a Thistle fans podcast. A fascinating person. Doesn't hide away and the questions were very good. He still comes across well but his results didn't match the chat. https://open.spotify.com/episode/1YLIY1K7EHRjNve3ZG5vnE?si=FezWLnuVRjWcoPCLM4SNNQ
  23. 2nd goal was very good. Pass. Dummy. Movement and placed into goal.
  24. A wonderful result. A horrible experience watching it!
  25. @laukat our Test & Protect is not working properly. My wife is involved in it. 1. There are 2 systems set up effectively due to a bit of an internal turf war in NHS Scotland. 2. They started to wind it down as infection rates were so low so playing catch up. 3. They are still recruiting after a bun fight over employees being marked as band 2 or band 4. 4. Private management consultants have been brought in. Shock horror. 5. The call flow is not working. People in are sitting around doing nothing as its not getting to them. It's not in a good place.