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  1. Defenders conversion rate is 73% Midfielders conversion rate is 74% Forwards conversion rate is 70%
  2. Interesting point M'lady. Definitions can become redundant over the decades as terms fall out of favour. Can also be subjective. Was Any Kerr a forward or a defender? Was Joe Hogan a defender or a forward? I've done a quick and dirty analysis of the players known to have taken penalties and they breakdown as follows:- Defenders 23% Midfielders 22% Forwards 55% I didn't look at these by season but (to my surprise) there is little evidence to suggest defenders took the majority of penalties.
  3. Senna straight red in 25 seconds for Alloa v Cove Rangers. Don't think the ref had much option! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KpntCTVTIk
  4. While you are all waiting for the book you could do worse that read my article in The Thistle Archive! (Shameless plug.) The Day The Other Cup Came Up To Maryhill - The Thistle Archive
  5. As was said above, we can't go on swapping keepers after a few games as soon as they make a mistake. Young keepers are prone to gaffs but unless we ditch them both for a more experienced keeper (on a loan deal?), the manager will need to decide once and for all to give one of them a longer run and live with the likes of yesterday as they gain experience. In and out of the team can't be doing their confidence any good.
  6. Willie Sharp. The rest is guess-work. Raith Rovers at Kirkcaldy? Extreme right Adam Forsyth?
  7. Cheers. That's my very point. They're not SFA/SPFL regulations. If the SG website is up to date then they're the law. There is nothing about only having to wear them when moving about either. Who briefs the stewards I wonder.
  8. Slightly off topic but there was a letter in the Herald this week about face coverings and it made me wonder what the law (as opposed to the recommendation) is with regards to the fitba'. The current regulations (updated 3 days ago) in the SG's website list 23 situations where face coverings are mandatory by law. They include "sports stadiums". No mention of indoors or outdoors or both. Looking at crowd shots at Hampden last night and other TV highlights suggests virtually no-one is wearing them. Is there a mass defiance here or is it a case that the regulations aren't understood? There is a deafening silence from the authorities.
  9. Who's No 30 Stanway on the bench???
  10. Every day is a school day! Def looked like a thistle at the time but looks like lions after all.