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  1. In even older days it was known as "The Penny Line".
  2. Artificial unintelligence camera. Nice seagull!
  3. Indeed it was (with an "H"). "Big Tiny" ran a structural steel company called Erection Services (but enough of that) in Millroad street in Dennistoun. Wee story I heard was about an Old Firm match when he awarded Rangers a penalty. Jimmy Johnstone was walking back for the restart when Big Tiny passed him. "Haw Mr Wharton, that wiz never a penalty" says he to which Wharton replied "I think you'll find when you read your Sunday Post in the morning that it was Mr Johnstone".
  4. Are you not thinking about Charlie Adams M'lady? Was he not a male model? Not sure if England were that desperate however!
  5. All League 1 matches are 7.00 tonight for some reason.
  6. If you're tuning in remember it's a 7.00 Kick-off.
  7. Gordon Whitelaw. Scoring against Kilmarnock in a 3-2 win 29/12/1962.
  8. No-one expects commentators ("fans wi' mics") to be completely neutral but these two this afternoon take the biscuit for biased, boring, curmudgeonly commentary. They even managed to revert to type and slip in a cheap remark aimed at Dundee about how many clubs hadn't won the Scottish Cup since Thistle won it. "Partick all afternoon" as well.
  9. DD. Speaking as an archaeologist I've unearthed 8 consecutive league wins in Feb/Mar 2013. It's tough living in digs.
  10. Has anyone with a season subscription for programmes received/not received one for the Cowdenbeath cup-tie? The OS said it would be the one for the match that was postponed.
  11. When Dundee Hibernian decided to change their name in 1923 they opted for Dundee City. Dundee FC complained to the SFA/SFL and anyone else who would listen that the name was unacceptable to them. [Probably once their written submission was found in the junk folder.] The authorities don't seem to have been too bothered. Anyway, Dundee United was then chosen by the club itself. "Dundee" "United"? Always struck me as a classic misnomer.
  12. Yes AJ. [Shameless plug. See my "Factions and Fractions" article in The Thistle Archive.] In May (?) 2020 Hearts tabled a proposal for 14-14-14 and Rangers produced their Colt proposal for 14-14-18. Neither proposal received sufficient votes to implement.