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  1. What was the official attendance up the canal?
  2. If so, is there a possibility the game will be "all ticket" I wonder.
  3. I don't know the answer to the slump in form. There has been a lot of posting recently and some posters could do with a break. Some have been posting twice a week. Some are posting while only 60% fit. Some of our posters didn't even get a good pre-season due to keyboard problems. At least November sees us only having to post once a week so that will be a help. When posters from other clubs sit down at the keyboard they look as if they could fire off a post every time - even from distance. We need to sort this out. The boys will be in soon for a meeting to show them the posts from last week and to have an open discussion about what can be done.
  4. Cumulative aggregates are notoriously difficult to identify electronically so happy to stand corrected if anyone wants to have a go! A visual check back over goals conceded (excluding friendly matches) suggests you have to go back to September 1974 to find more than the current 15 goals conceded in 4 consecutive matches. 16 was the tally (Rangers 2-3, Airdrie 2-5, Hibs 1-5 and Morton 1-3). That's around 2,350 matches ago. But, as I say, if anyone knows of a more recent 16-goal run, happy to hear about it.
  5. Info on PT OS just says no cash gate. Once again, not at all helpful! Does it mean literally no entrance without a ticket OR entrance on the day can be by card but not cash? I phoned RRFC. Entrance to away end is by ticket only. No cash or card gate. I was told there is no facility to buy a ticket for the away end on the day. Ticket sales on the day are for home fans only.
  6. Just curious about a comment above that caught my eye (AUFC live stream available). I thought perhaps it was a reference to subscribers outside the UK and Ireland, so I looked at Ayr's OS. Lo and behold they are advertising their next live screen being for 5 November. No mention of restriction if you live in the UK. I thought live streams were stopped this season.
  7. Please don't have thoughts like that!
  8. I emailed Accies on Wednesday asking the very same question. Still waiting on a reply. If they can't be bothered to reply I may not bother going. Their loss.
  9. Reminded me of the old joke Bob Crampsey used to tell about two die-hard Rangers# fans in the pub. One says to the other "See me, ah'd die fur the Rangers." Faced with this seemingly unbeatable sacrifice, how can he better it? Then he has a moment of inspiration and says "See me, ah'd die for wur reserves." #Insert alternative as appropriate.
  10. Official History page 113 will reveal all!
  11. Thanks, Jaggernaut but the match isn't listed.
  12. This is a long shot (as long as a Jackie Husband throw-in) but to try and bottom out the line-up and used subs for this friendly with Stenhousemuir on 6/8/1973 does anyone have a programme for the next home match (either Dundee Wed 15/8/1973 or St Johnstone Sat 18/8/1973)? Hoping there might be a report and line-ups for the match. If so, please PM me. Thanks.
  13. If the new majority shareholders decide to reach out to the trustees (ie, ST holders, most of whom like me never knew they were trustees in the first place), would be illegal to obtain a list of ST holders' e-mail addresses from the club under the current Data Protection laws? If so, interested to know how they will" communicate".
  14. Correct. Everything else working fine. The message says it's a problem with the host. Admin: What's being done to investigate and rectify?
  15. Thanks MJ. Tried switching to Chrome but, as with Edge, still getting the error message intermittently. Noticed this problem started as the views on the share stuff rocketed. May just be coincidence of course.