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  1. Not a case of hastie la vista.
  2. Shameless plug for an extract from my "Partickle" in The Thistle Archive - "The Life and Times of Firhill Park" "For many years there was an average of 8 drownings per year in the canal around the Firhill Basin with several reports of awards for bravery for people diving in to pull others out. In 1938, by August that year, seven children had drowned “log-jumping” in the canal timber basin. Glasgow Corporation set out a proposal to buy the basin, fill it in or convert it into a model boating pond". Wouldn't hold your breath!
  3. In the face of the pandemic........ ".....postpone how we want, we're Partick Thistle, we postpone how we want".
  4. You forgot Thistle 5-0 Aberdeen M'lady. [Well, it was the 28th but who cares.] "Staitley Thistle" (ET). Staite headed in the opener (26), Hainey took a Cowan pass (44) then Duffy made the 2nd for Staite (45). Rampant Thistle made it 4 when Staite set up Hainey (57). Aberdeen were denied when Brown cleared off the line. Duffy clashed with the keeper he walked the ball into the net (75).
  5. Someone on radio this morning explained that Sky's contract does not give them the right to say when Old Firm matches can be played - only that they have the rights to broadcast them whenever payed. Re-arranging the fixtures by SPFL is not in breach of the contract apparently.
  6. Early Christmas present for you Peaty. Charnley baffled the keeper with a free-kick (25) and scored again from 20 yards. The local select adopted the off-side trap in the 2nd half and for a while it inhibited Thistle until Charnley dribbled through the defence for his hat-trick. Late on a low hard cross was turned into the net for an og. DUNCAN ROBERTSON ELLIOT DUFFY RAE TIERNEY PEEBLES WRIGHT McGLASHAN FLOOD CHARNLEY ( ENGLISH )
  7. Not sure about the seating but pretty sure Premiership clubs must have a "pitch protection system".
  8. Not in my experience Jaggernaut! I remember a night game when I went into a chippy only to bump into Brown McMaster coming out. His advice that the fish suppers were not of the best proved correct. The warning bells should have rung louder when a guy came back into the shop demanding his money back. The chips were OK but the fish was something else. It resembled a lump of silicone bathroom sealant. I doubt it had ever been near the sea until I threw it on to the rocks. I think it bounced.
  9. Anyone else just getting a clock counting down? Where's the live stream?
  10. Except, M'Lady, tomorrow night Thistle could equal the club record of 7 consecutive matches with no goals conceded AND Sneddon could be the first keeper in Thistle's history to achieve 7 consecutive clean sheets. The previous record of 7 was in 1920/21 when Kenny Campbell achieved 5 on the bounce followed by Rab Bernard then Campbell again. Pretty cruel if he was dropped. I realise I may just have put the mockers on the whole thing!
  11. I think this might be Hearts at Firhill 22/12/1973 - although it doesn't look very wintery. Frank Coulston watches Jackie Husband attending to who? Guess is that it's John Hansen who was carried off in the first half. The score was 1-3. Rough, Hansen, Kellachan, Glavin, Campbell, Clark, Gibson, CRAIG, Coulson, Rooney, Houston. (Chalmers) No idea about the blue shorts!
  12. If it's 0-0 then it will only be the 2nd time in over 6,600 matches that there have been 3 consecutive 0-0s.