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  1. I though Stuart actually traced a distant relative as well. No?
  2. There's a novelty. Do you think one in the SPFL might be a good idea?!
  3. It's worth pointing out that conceding home advantage to Aberdeen did, at least, have some logic behind it. It was to avoid a clash with Scotland v England at Hampden. It was 1-1 and the crowd was given as 130,000.
  4. Heard Maxwell on Sportsound last night talking about the suspension of football below Championship level. Said (correctly) that 80% of the Championship was full-time - as if to justify it continuing - but (conveniently?) forgot to mention League 1 is 20% full-time. At one point I think he might even have described football below Championship level as "amateur football"! The fact that he used to play for one of these clubs makes it even more ridiculous. For what it's worth I think the Board statement is an example of enough is enough. If a member of a members' organisation can't release the pressure value now and again it's a sad day - and this club have more steam to let off than most. Of course it won't do any good. Scottish football is governed for the good of two clubs. The rest don't matter a hoot.
  5. Fair point MJ. I've often wondered why games in the winter have to start at 3.00. Possibly a legacy of the days when part-time players had to finish their work on a Saturday morning. [In fact, they used to be 3.15 KOs until newspapers lobbied the authorities to start them earlier to allow them time to prepare their copy. ] With no fans involved can't see any reason why they couldn't be played in daylight.
  6. "Boss, that was Partick Thistle and Falkirk on the phone." "Who? Never heard of them". "Falkirk and Partick Thistle, boss. They play in League 1". "League what? Never heard of that either. What do they want"? "They're complaining that Championship teams have got £500k but they've only got £150k." "So"? "Well they're full-time clubs yet there are part-time clubs in the Championship . Hardly seems fair". "Ah, quite right. We've made a dog's dinner of this. Tell you what, charge them with bringing the game into disrepute and haul them up before a disciplinary panel. That'll teach them to get above their station. Fine them both £150k when they're found guilty and I'll let you know what to do with the money. I've a few phone calls to make first".
  7. IIRC I read somewhere that Joe was the top scorer in at least one season for every club he played for.
  8. Not his debut Robphil. 10 November 1962. 1-0. Brown's penalty was hotly disputed and went in off the underside of the bar. NIVEN HOGAN BROWN McPARLAND HARVEY CUNNINGHAM COWAN WHITELAW HAINEY DUFFY SMITH No specific info about Niven in this match but in general my memory is that unless there was a colour clash, he always wore a green top and usually had his sleeves rolled up.
  9. Stirling scored 17 goals - 13 of them pens. 15/11/97 Stirling Albion 2-2. He was sub'd 81 minutes. Boyle's goal was 89 mins. 22/11/97 St Mirren 2-2. He was sub'd after 50 mins. Pen was 90 mins. That was the game St Mirren fans taunted us we were going bust.
  10. Correct MM. Stirling took 13 penalties and converted them all. No record of anyone with 100% conversion rate taking more than 13 so he is the all-time record holder. Jimmy Davidson took most for Thistle (34) and converted 29 of them (85%).
  11. Correct EKJ. I missed the 2013 batch. Getting new glasses next week! The 1968 "5" weren't consecutive league matches. There were two SC ties in there as well.
  12. Competitive matches only... Only one other run of 5 clean sheets found ie, Feb/March 2012. Tempting fate here but Thistle have never gone 6 consecutive competitive clean sheets BUT they once achieved 7 (Jan-Feb 1921).
  13. Sorry, my mistake. Forgot to take off the seasons before penalties were introduced. Correct figures are 806 conceded and 6176 matches played. Roughly 7.7:1. The longest spell without conceding a penalty is 62 matches (1926-27). Norgethistle I think you are referring to penalties awarded. The longest spell without getting one is 164 matches (1895-96).