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  1. Watched the second half so can't comment on the first. Yes, better quality than BSC game - but wouldn't be hard. Agree lack of zoom is a drawback. Camera seemed to be following the action much better. Sound was very poor. Why is the noise from the pitch and the touchline much louder than the commentary? One needs to be turned down or the other turned up. Could hardly hear the commentator. Since it was impossible to hear whoever was beside him, he needs to be told not to have a one-sided conversation.
  2. Anyone remember the year 1BV when this forum used to be about PTFC. Not saying Covid-19 isn't important but can ADMIN not find another venue for the debate?
  3. Bought one for my son last week. Was told that everyone will be getting a new card (first timers and existing ST holders) in the next few weeks that will accommodate live streaming.
  4. Absolutely delighted with the coverage. Great that they've brought back "Spot The Ball". If this is typical of the streaming that around 30 clubs have signed up to, I'd be checking the small print in the contract. For an unmanned system that is totally reliant on motion I'm intrigued why the camera lingered so long on acres of grass with no-one in sight but the keeper. Anyone remember the WW2 film sending up the German Goose Step? It was like watching an edited version with players running back, forward, back, forward, back forward. All it needed was the voice of the Bud Flanagan and the Crazy Gang to set it to music. Virtually no use of zooming in. Couldn't read the PT shirt numbers (BSC's were at least legible). Camera unable to adjust the aperture to compensate for the lengthening shadow on the pitch. Most of the play down the far side was in darkness.
  5. Had a look at a few random results from this day. "Klein had some fine saves" Hey! I wrote that so it must be true!
  6. Can only find 3 games v Celtic at home where Rae and Flanagan played together. Take your pick 1-4, 1-5 or 1-5!
  7. Flower pun police have been alerted!
  8. SFA Articles of Association says 2 full seasons' notice required to resign from the SFA.
  9. 5 teams (Thistle, Third Lanark, Hearts, QP and Rangers) entered the FA Cup in 1885/86. The SFA warned them all that if they were drawn against a professional club and played the match they would be expelled from the association. There was no problem for Thistle because they were drawn against Queen's Park. They lost 1-5. Thistle got to the 5th round the following season. The Cliftonville match must surely be the only time in history of the FA Cup that a Scottish club has been drawn against an Irish club. After beating Cliftonville 11-1 they lost 0-1 away to Old Westminsters. Here's a potted report of the match... On 29/1/1887 Thistle's final attempt to lift the FA Cup ended in defeat at the Oval against Old Westminsters who won 1-0. "Sporting Life" reported that Thistle played "a good, honest and withal an exceedingly fair game. The match was indeed a most pleasant one throughout and the Thistle left a most favourable impression on metropolitan footballers". So Thistle left with some credit. It was less so for the home crowd. "Their own impression of the London crowd can hardly have been gratifying, as the spectators were most undemonstrative except in the case of any piece of good play by one of the Old Westminster team". Perhaps the shock of seeing a bunch of players made up of shipyard workers and the like was too much for the fans of the club linked to one of England's oldest public schools and who (ironically) had been an influential voice in the development of football and the laws of the game in England 20 years earlier. For their troubles, Thistle received £21.15s.6d. gate money. "The Sportsman" reported that the Thistle party would be arriving in the capital at 4am on the day of the match. They, too, deplored the "unwarrantable amount of partisanship" on the part of the spectators.
  10. In the other direction, Gateshead once applied to join the SPL.
  11. Always trying to steal the Limelight m'lady!
  12. ..and the vast majority wearing collar and ties. Almost never see a woman in the crowd. A very young Jackie Husband? Possibly as early as 9/12/1939. 4-2 win in Regional League West. Celtic player unknown. Looks like Charlie Chaplin!
  13. I'm not sure "testing" this at the likes of Murrayfield or Celtic Park will tell the authorities anything other than the obvious, ie, it's possible and safe with a minuscule crowd in a huge venue with umpteen exits and "space" around the grounds. It would be better to test from the other end of the spectrum as well - same percentage in crowd reduction in a far smaller stadium. As others have said, it's not the actual seating so much as crowding of people for entrance, toilets, food, exit etc. Firhill is a good example because of the congregation at the gate at North Drive or the narrow exit from the front of the JLS. The point above by Jaggy about Somerset Park with its narrow 90-degree turn out of the shed is an excellent example. The away gate at Hamilton is another good example.
  14. Thanks to everyone who replied. I've e-mailed the club.