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  1. I e-mailed the club last night and a reply was waiting for me this morning. It says:- Thanks for getting in touch. Under SPFL rules this season, we are not allowed to substitute season ticket attendance with access to the live stream. This is only possible if we are unable to allow entry to any season ticket holders due to restrictions on the number of spectators allowed into the stadium. We have decided to enable this for supporters self isolating due to Covid. If flagged up, the SPFL may tell us not to do this but until they do, we believe it is the right thing to do. Unfortunately we are unable to do so for other reasons for non attendance. Hope this clarifies things for you. Part of the reply suggests this is a sensitive issue (SPFL) and potentially at odds with what other clubs may be planning.
  2. I am certain the office staff will be very busy and I don't want to bother them unnecessarily but has anyone else noticed this in the OS... I’m a season ticket holder who has to self-isolate or has developed COVID-19 symptoms. If you are a Partick Thistle season ticket holder who is due to be self-isolating on Saturday, or who develops Covid-19 symptoms between now and matchday you should not attend Saturday’s fixture. In this event, please contact [email protected] to update us. We will de-activate your season card for this fixture and provide access to the live stream of the match. Last season (no fans in) live stream was automatically free for ST holders. This season (limited fans in) ST holders will be notified of the arrangements for their attendance. The above info asks fans who cannot attend for Covid reasons to get in touch to have their ST de-activated for the QOS match so that a live stream can be arranged. What about anyone who for a whole list of other reasons cannot attend on Saturday (and, indeed any subsequently home match)? Is anyone interpreting this as we all need to get in touch with the club, tell them we can't attend and arrange for a live stream? I don't want to wait until 2.30 on Saturday to find that I'd need to spend £12 on a stream on top of my ST. Has automatic access to free live streams for ST holders effectively ended unless prior notice of non-attendance is given to the club on a fixture by fixture basis?
  3. Agreed and unless I'm mistaken, never called us "Partick" once. Pity about the Pixelot camera. Like looking down the wrong end of a telescope when play is on the far side but that's been common to most streams with this system in the past year.
  4. Is there a live stream for Dunfermline game?
  5. SPFL have now mapped out the complete draw like Wimbledon. If we win the 2nd round match we play the winners of QOS or Broomhill or Clyde at home (if I understand the wiring diagram!) If we win that, the qtr final draw would be against the winners of Montrose or Ross County or Stirling Albion v Celtic Colts or Annan or Morton. Looks like at home. Lost the will to live at that point but if you want to try to work out who we'll get in the final, see the SPFL official website. Haud me back. Canny wait (not).
  6. Can anyone who was at the game last night say if there was a programme on sale? Thanks.
  7. Can anyone explain why I'd have to pay £12 when I've already renewed my ST? Were LC matches not part of the ST deal?
  8. No record of a Lionel playing for Thistle but three have played against us:- Lionel Prat Le Havre 25/7/1998 Lionel Djebi-Zadio several times for ICT Lionel Ainsworth several times for Motherwell
  9. Failed to agree personal terms. Luncheon Vouchers for Jaconelli's wasn't attractive enough.
  10. What what I could see from Kelty TV, he had a shocker!
  11. John Hansen only played @ "3" three times but never against Celtic. Think it's Celtic away in the League Cup 17/8/1968 0-4 . Little-known Russel Brown ( 8 1st XI appearances) @ 3 and John Flanagan @ 10.
  12. Thanks Jaggernaut. Must have missed that one!
  13. Can anyone tell me if there was a programme issued for the League Cup Semi-final on 4/10/1971 against Falkirk at Hampden? Thanks.