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  1. Correct M'lady. Shameless plug for "You Couldn't Make It Up" extract from The Thistle Archive... Ah, the witty banter of the football supporter! The 2-1 defeat of Dundee at Firhill on 14/4/2007 was also memorable for the red card for Dundee's Alex Rae. Always a ready target. He claimed afterwards that he had made just 3 tackles and had been booked for two to them. This cut little slack with the Firhill faithful and the "Glasgow Herald" reporter was able to repeat one of the more printable taunts "Even yer maw an' yer da' hate ye!"
  2. lt should have been 4. He missed a penalty. Was this not the game the public address operator was ejected from his booth adjacent to the away support having had "words" with a Thistle fan?
  3. Still. they have had their fair share of Jokers!
  4. There's another "Taggart" when Burke goes to the mortuary to see the body of a guy who was murdered when a lift fell on him (no jokes about him having been 6ft 3 ins and is now 3 ft 6 ins, please). He notices the Thistle tattoo and says something along the lines of "Well at least the poor b*****d is out o' his misery."
  5. A German student where I used to work told me there are only 3 laws of football in Germany, The ball is round. A game lasts 90 minutes. Bayer Leverkusen must never win the league. She told me they were hated for selling out their birthright to chemical company. The same may now apply to RB Leipzig.
  6. Just to play Devil's Advocate, I just wonder if this is just rather too bold a statement. It could, of course, be true that every Thistle fan favours fan ownership but could it equally be true that it only refers to fans that use this site? I'm not aware of many, if any, contributions expressing as differing view but there may well be a sizeable number (perhaps a majority?) of fans who don't want fan ownership or don't have a view at all. Looking at the 3BC statement this caught my eye. 'By way of an update, since 9th April we have had one note of interest...' Could this just be ambiguous enough to mean a bid to buy the shares from a 'rich individual'? If I were a rich businessman looking to buy a football club (which I'm not!) I might take the view that PTFC was an easy target at the moment.
  7. D'you ever wish you hadn't started a new thread?
  8. ... and IIRC having made some players redundant as well (?). I'm sure under the Redundancy Payments Act it's the job that's redundant, not the employee.
  9. Both of them, actually!
  10. Correct. The FA agreed Arsenal could fly to Newcastle and back for a cup-tie but only on the condition the club took out their own insurance policy. The FA policy only covered actual matches.
  11. Fed up reading about players we might or might not sign? Fed up reading about legal documents that might or might not have been delivered/actioned? Any takers for a close-season trivia thread? I'll start things off... In 1932 the FA refused Plymouth Argyle permission to do something. In February 1936 they gave Arsenal permission to do it. What was it?