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  1. According to the BBCWebsite we can watch the game on Sportsound!! TV says it’s Raith game that’s on BBC Scotland unless they’ve changed it because there’s more at stake at Somerset Park. Fingers crossed.
  2. First 17 games: 29 goals for, 16 against. 1.65 points per game Last 17 games: 15 goals for, 21 against. 1.24 points per game That doesn’t tell the full story as performances as well as results have got worse as the season has gone on. If by some miracle we qualify for the play offs and gain promotion there are very few of our current squad who could cut it in the Premiership. Unfortunately I don’t think McCall could either. I doubt very much if we’ll need to worry about that though. To make matters worse I was one number away from the winning number in the half time draw. Time for a drink!
  3. Embarrassing! Second best in every department to the team at the bottom of the league. I’ve backed McCall up to now but we are going nowhere with him at the helm. We’ve been woeful for months.
  4. It just did! We are woeful from back to front.
  5. I’m reliably informed that Tiffoney is reluctant to play on that pitch but is happy to play away games. If he does play against the Pars and then Killie it’ll be interesting to see if he appears in the next home game!
  6. According to the BBC website it’s to rain every day for the next fortnight. Having said that if their weather forecasts are as accurate as their football coverage we should be fine!
  7. I stand corrected. Do you know if the same applies to league fixtures?
  8. Could be wrong (first time for everything) but don’t think that’s correct. Law I found states: Changing the goalkeeper Any of the players may change places with the goalkeeper if: the referee is informed before the change is made the change is made during a stoppage in play Think anybody can play in goal as long as the Ref is informed who is designated for that position.
  9. There’s only been 7 different winners since Premier League started in 1992. Man U, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Blackburn, Leicester, Arsenal. Man U have 13 wins.
  10. Glad to hear we’re appealing the sending off having seen it again on the BBC. Poor decision by a very poor Ref. The foul on Tiff later on was worse and all we got was a throw in!
  11. SFA site states the following: “Denying the opposing team or an opponent a goal or an obvious goal scoring opportunity leads to an automatic one match suspension, effective immediately to the next match in the Competition in which the sending-off offence was reported. “ If I’m correct and the above was the reason for the sending off then it looks like he’ll miss the next round of the cup. Having said that we should definitely appeal it as it didn’t look like a sending off offence to me.
  12. Might be a better option to leave him out and give McIver a rare start.
  13. The recent run of clean sheets has been great but we’ve been really poor at the other end. We’ve only managed to score in 4 of the last 9 games and apart from the Ayr game haven’t looked likely to score either. We seldom create more than 2 or 3 decent chances in a game so desperately need some attacking options other than the usual hopeful punt up to Graham or Rudden. Tiffoney is the only player we have who is capable of creating something but is too easily snuffed out when they put two men on him. I’d like to see a creative midfielder and another striker come in in January but not holding my breath.
  14. Anyone know why Rudden wasn’t in the squad yesterday?