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  1. Purchased the stream to watch on the tv but got as far as a white box with the 2 club logos and a play button which greyed out every time the cursor entered the box. Tried on my ipad but kept buffering and then going to audio only. Eventually got it on a laptop. Any IT experts explain why I couldn’t get in to the stream on the tv? Wasn’t too happy with the hassle but very happy with the result!
  2. I could make a case for him being worst ever!
  3. By far the best team on the park today. Killie never laid a glove on us! Brilliant performance and result.
  4. How we got a point out of that I’ll never know! That could easily have been a 5 or 6 goal defeat. We were woeful throughout with the same old punt up the park to Graham & Rudden who won little or nothing all day. Midfield totally devoid of ideas with Tiffoney & Smith marked out of the game and when they did get free the quality of their crosses was abysmal. We couldn’t string 2 passes together & didn’t have a single shot at goal in the second half. We need a creative midfielder & more options up front come the January window.
  5. If you go on to iPlayer, Channels, Scotland, Schedule, Friday 15th you can watch the whole game there. Enjoy!
  6. Anyone know why these games weren’t shown on Sky?
  7. John Tangny (65), brought up in Smeaton Street, supported the Jags since 1963 when my dad took me to my first game at Firhill, a 0-0 draw with Motherwell.
  8. Looks like linesman is about 5 yards behind play. Maybe the Jags are too quick for the opposition and the officials these days!
  9. Don’t see the need to make wholesale changes in the second half as we don’t play again until Tuesday so plenty of time for players to rest. Maybe replace Tiffoney & Rudden in case of injuries.
  10. 3 - 0 Jags! Feel it in my bones. Or it could just be my arthritis!
  11. I hope as we go up to the Championship we pass them on the way down!
  12. The reference to the Dundee game refers to the previous quote about the defence being unable to keep weans out of a close. The reference to the Pele quote was: His most famous quote, after being told that striker Colin McGlashan was concussed and didn’t know who he was in 1993. Doesn’t help with which game it was though!