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  1. Your lengthy reply, which focuses more on 'when' what was said rather than the nature of what was said, doesn't really convince me that you don't consider Foster's behaviour to be the more important issue here. He admits himself he was wrong to react and, of course, he was. I'm more concerned at the fact that sectarian abuse was hurled in his direction than how he behaved. And just as an aside to end my own involvement in this debate, the absence of video evidence of sectarian abuse isn't proof that there wasn't any or conclusive proof of when it was delivered. It would be a false premise to suggest otherwise.
  2. Given that you were quick to rush to various football forums to post the video complete with a now much repeated 'amusing' comment (while the game was still in progress I believe) without any attempt to try and establish some kind of context for Foster's behaviour, have made next to no comment on the personal abuse that Foster received, other than to describe it as being the "tame end of offensive" , have made no more than passing reference until pressed to the sectarian abuse, have made reference to Foster being some kind of ambassador, erroneously claiming that he was part of the Women's Team coaching staff, it's not an illogical conclusion to come to that you consider Foster's behaviour as being the primary issue here. It's certainly a more logical conclusion to come to than the assertion that Foster would need to be a time traveller to have heard any sectarian abuse prior to the start of the second half simply because none is audible on a short video.
  3. Just as I can't understand the need to rush to social media to post these types of video, I can't understand why someone would think the bigger issue is when (not if btw, but when) sectarian abuse was heard, and not the fact that a Thistle fan was hurling sectarian abuse. Of course Foster shouldn't have reacted the way he did but his reaction was a human one, albeit a human failing. Is anyone denying that he was subjected to personal abuse relating to his wife and sectarian abuse? Are we really focusing on what and when he heard? The Thistle fan in question (and again there is no question whatsoever that sectarian slurs were shouted at one of our players) should be utterly ashamed of their actions. Ashamed at tarnishing the reputation of Partick Thistle supporters. That is the only issue for me. Anything else is just an attempt at misdirection.
  4. Some of the Thistle fans at the Falkirk Stadium yesterday.
  5. It wasn't to be for us today. We've gone from being flung in at the deep end that is SWPL1 at the last minute, after the season had started incidentally, to going toe to toe against full-time professional Glasgow City in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup in the course of the season. That is a massive achievement. There were contrasting emotions at full-time. Disappointment obviously at losing but also immense pride in our players' efforts. They are a fantastically dedicated group. Of the four teams competing in the semi-finals we've been told that we had the biggest support. I think it would have been in region of several hundred I reckon. Seeing pictures on social media of young supporters posing with the players after the game was just great to see. We're growing as a Club. Our elevation meant that focus had to be primarily on preparing the team on the pitch for the challenge ahead. Off the pitch it has been a real education and positive learning experience. What we need to do is identify where we believe our core support lies and develop that. All this takes time. In 8 years the club has gone from playing in public parks at the lowest rung of the women's game to the top flight. We've received a lot of praise from our peers this season but of course we've got a bit to go yet. The game in Scotland is still growing and developing and unquestionably making mistakes along the way. I'd focus less though on being decades behind other nations and instead focus on the progress that has been made since the 1970s. Then Scotland were the only nation to vote against UEFA's wish that each national association should take control of the women's game in that nation. Scottish football, scottish society as a whole, is still significantly misogynist in nature but that is changing, but we're still in the early stages of the journey.
  6. It's available via the SWF YouTube Channel Or head along to the Falkirk Stadium for 4:30pm.
  7. Richard Foster has not been part of the coaching staff of the Partick Thistle Women's team since the conclusion of the 2020-2021 season. Unless you know better of course.
  8. It's now less than 24 hours until Partick Thistle WFC attempt to become the first Partick Thistle side to contest a Scottish Cup Final in 92 years. If you are swithering of going tomorrow take a watch at this, narrated by former PTWFC player Eilidh Barbour, and swither no more. Kick off at the Falkirk Stadium is 4:30pm and it's just a fiver to get in. You can purchase tickets through the link below. It's unreserved seating but we're suggesting that Thistle fans congregate behind the Thistle dugout. https://falkirkfc.tickethour.co.uk/seatingPlan.html?idProduct=1680
  9. It's actually Glasgow City in the semi-final on Sunday. Celtic play Hearts in the other semi. We'll clearly be the underdogs on Sunday but we've been competitive with each of the 'big three' at one stage or other this season. If we can take the intensity and belief that we displayed in the quarter-final against Hibs into this game, well you just never know. We didn't go into SWPL1 just to make up the numbers and we're not going to the Falkirk Stadium on Sunday to make up the numbers either.
  10. Beating 8 time winners Hibs, who had contested each of the previous 5 Finals, to reach the semi-final of the Scottish Cup wasn't the only achievement last night.
  11. I'm really looking forward to this game. A cup quarter-final under the Peasy floodlights, what's not to love? Reaching the last four of this tournament would be a phenomenal achievement. With a favourable draw a place in the Final would be a realistic proposition were we to get through. Just think, Partick Thistle in the Final of the Scottish Cup. It will be a hard game tonight. Hibs are a good side. But do you know what, so are we. We beat Hibs the last time they came to Peasy and we've grown as side since then. It's just £7 to get in tonight and Free for kids so why not make it a family Friday night out. These girls are fantastic representatives of our Club. They deserve as much support as possible. C'mon The Jags.
  12. Have had to delete a few posts in this thread. Horrible baseless muck spreading. Thanks to the person that reported them, otherwise they would have been missed. Can I ask a favour, if you see something of that nature. Don't quote them.
  13. I think this interview with Lauren Grant who returned to the team on Sunday after a nasty injury at the start of the season, sums up the group of players perfectly. A real desire to play football. They do a fantastic job in representing our Club.
  14. 11hr plus additional time. The season had already started, albeit the SWPL Cup, when Forfar Farmington announced their senior team wouldn't be able to fulfil their fixtures (they still play at various youth age groups) and we were invited to fill their vacancy in SWPL1. The intent, as I understand it, is that the current season will be played as intended, i.e. bottom of SWPL1 is relegated and top of SWPL2, which will be Dundee United, will be promoted. Second bottom of SWPL1 will play-off against 2nd in SWPL2. Only once those promotion/relegation issues have been played out will the leagues then be restructured. There is a father obvious way how this can happen but we aren't at that stage yet. Btw we play Hibs at Petershill Park on Friday April 1st in the quarter-final of the Scottish Cup. Some extra support at that, and all home games, would be very much appreciated.