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  1. How are we lining up now Lyon is on for Lyons?
  2. We've earned the right to experiment and rest players carrying injuries. That's part and parcel of league football.
  3. Obvious that players carrying injuries will be given the game off. I'd like to see players signed up for next season who haven't had much game time in the team. Lyons, Lyon, and Niang should all get a run out.
  4. Stuart Bannigan for me is the beating heart of Thistle. He's been there through the ups and downs, and he's had his own injury battles along the way. But he never hides and much more often than not makes a positive difference. Even when he was being written off I didn't think he was doing too much wrong, apart from carrying a team struggling for form. Thanks Banzo. We are lucky to have you.
  5. Has Darren Brownlie played every game this season and if so is he the only player to do so? The sort of defender every successful team needs.
  6. Totally dominated midfield. Bannigan hasn't put a foot wrong. Just need to keep playing the same way for as long as possible. No sitting back and letting them back in to it.
  7. Think Penrice is a good call. Like his mobility and he never hides. Some tough selection choices for McCall - go for consistency or freshen things up? Suspect it will be the former expecting adrenaline to get them over the line.
  8. Take that. Difficult to recover for Thursday though, bearing in mind Falkirk had evening off
  9. Listening to Radio Scotland commentary and very few mentions of Docherty or Gordon. Neither of them are the type to control the midfield. Wish we had Bannigan for games like this...
  10. Not just saying this - I always thought he would come good.
  11. I remember McKenna playing in central defence before his injury. Would like to see him back there alongside Brownlie.
  12. Not watching it but I know that Docherty will be getting in the way of Bannigan in middle of park, Graham will be giving the defence an easy ride because he lacks mobility, and McKenna, who should've started at centre back instead of Senna will be providing little threat wide.
  13. And I'm not a huge fan of Brian Graham, but he was stretching - don't think it was the sitter everyone is making it out to be.
  14. I think Sena has really excellent potential however ultimately he will not be a centre-half.