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  1. The military are already involved - I know because a colleague at another local authority has had meetings with them - he has been helping with analysis of population distribution to determine best location for vaccination centres. I'm also a bit concerned about there being an element of post code lottery about this. My 89 mum (Glasgow) has heard nothing, my wife's 89 year old aunt (Dundee) has had first jab.
  2. Not confident any vaccination targets will be met. The logistics are exceptionally challenging and systems archaic.
  3. Think that would have to happen if they mothball the season. Club could use furlough until April, but after that who knows.
  4. Draw was fair result. And happy with it after sending off. Thought Murray showed more than in previous weeks. Hope Docherty's knee injury not that bad, although I think Gordon can play deeper and maybe makes space for Lyons or Spittal.
  5. Commentary very rose tinted for Falkirk... Bang average performances getting glowing credit...
  6. Even scrappy game. Rudden more of a threat than Graham has been in recent weeks.
  7. Ah - got it. Hope I don't regret this...
  8. When I click on Paypal button I get an error message - things not working at the moment
  9. I made last minute decision to buy the stream but was 1 minute late at 11.31... Why on earth do they stop people from buying 30 minutes before the game? It's an online service ffs. Is it to emulate the chaos of buying a ticket in the shop at the Falkirk stadium?
  10. Think the wind will be the winner today
  11. Good teams are greater than the some of their parts. Think 2012/13 team - where are some of the mainstays of that team now? Our current team is not a good team - there are individual players who look good in theory, but just don't add up to much. There is something fundamentally wrong, when a team consistently struggles to score - it is always at risk of being beaten for a whole host of reasons. Not sure what the answer up front is, but I know it's not Graham. Maybe Kouider-Aissa, maybe I'm clutching at straws...
  12. I knew that Montrose is in Angus, I knew that Elgin is in Moray. I knew that Moray was in lower tier, therefore supporters are allowed in ground and as such didn't merit term used. I didn't know if it was level 1 or 2 and couldn't be bothered checking. Back to post game chat.
  13. Perhaps familiarise yourself with the level 2 rules currently in place in Moray before commenting.