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  1. He said to try again next week. Still don't know how you buy a ticket on behalf of someone else using the system.
  2. It was a guy in office that said there's a fault on Friday. I was attempting to buy a ticket on behalf of my son - couldn't work out how to do it.
  3. So I enquired about buying a season ticket today. Apparently there's an issue with the system which means it is not possible to buy new season tickets at the moment, only renew one. Hope it's not a long term issue - not exactly what you want when the clubs trying to generate income for players...
  4. I'm buying a season ticket for my son's 21st - does it make more sense to choose a seat in the JL or JH stand? In normal times, is it possible to use a season ticket to get in to either stand?
  5. Don't think Penrice can automatically be classed as not good enough for Championship. He was offered a promotion and chose to take it. Just as most people would. Hope it goes well for him - I think he has potential and could still improve significantly.
  6. My pal's one of the Saints stream commentators and I think he's been at every game bar one and did the commentary on both cup finals. Think he's hyper-aware of how lucky he has been - pretty much the only fan to have been at all these games.
  7. I'm assuming the Mulgrew thing is based on McCall's joke.
  8. Great to see Bannigan sign on again - he never hides and contributes positively a lot more often than not. Just don't get the trope about him not be the player he was pre-injury. I think he has always looked a player - just not always been part of an on form team.
  9. How are we lining up now Lyon is on for Lyons?
  10. We've earned the right to experiment and rest players carrying injuries. That's part and parcel of league football.
  11. Obvious that players carrying injuries will be given the game off. I'd like to see players signed up for next season who haven't had much game time in the team. Lyons, Lyon, and Niang should all get a run out.
  12. Stuart Bannigan for me is the beating heart of Thistle. He's been there through the ups and downs, and he's had his own injury battles along the way. But he never hides and much more often than not makes a positive difference. Even when he was being written off I didn't think he was doing too much wrong, apart from carrying a team struggling for form. Thanks Banzo. We are lucky to have you.
  13. Has Darren Brownlie played every game this season and if so is he the only player to do so? The sort of defender every successful team needs.
  14. Totally dominated midfield. Bannigan hasn't put a foot wrong. Just need to keep playing the same way for as long as possible. No sitting back and letting them back in to it.