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  1. I’m saying the reality is they will have a view on aspects of the corporate governance structure and will want that reflected before they transfer the shares. There’s nothing inherently objectionable about that. It’s their shares. They’re entitled to want certain assurances about what will happen before, let’s remember... gifting a majority shareholding.
  2. The form the membership organisation takes (in terms of corporate governance) will have to be compatible with any requirements set out by 3BC though. Otherwise there will be no transfer of shares and the organisation has no real reason for existing. Absolutely agree I’d like to see a clearer picture of the membership proposals and initiatives, but that’s exactly what the video has said will be done once they’re in a position to do things right in terms of GDPR. These things take time to do right and the same folk would be the first to complain if the new organisation had a data breach or incurred lots of unnecessary administrative expense in its early months, or if it launched a membership scheme that was then changed drastically when the shares were ready to be transferred.
  3. As the stats earlier show, our record on getting to domestic cup finals in the last 50 years is basically only beaten by Hamilton and Morton among the full time Clubs, and Hamilton have at least won the Challenge Cup twice. Merry Christmas!
  4. When Clubs last won the Scottish Cup or League Cup. Top two tiers plus the full time clubs in 3rd tier: Aberdeen: 1990 and 2014 (last Scottish Cup final lost 2017) Celtic: 2020 and 2020 Dundee United: 2010 and 1981 (last League Cup final lost 2015) Hamilton Accies: never and never (last final for Scottish Cup 1935, never been in a League Cup final) Hibernian: 2016 and 2007 (last League Cup final lost 2016) Kilmarnock: 1997 and 2012 Livingston: never and 2004 (never been in a Scottish Cup final) Motherwell: 1991 and 1951 (last Scottish Cup and League Cup finals lost 2018) Rangers: 2009 never and 2011 never (last lost a Scottish Cup final 2016, last lost a League Cup final 2020) Ross County: never and 2016 (last Scottish Cup final lost 2010) St Johnstone: 2014 and never (last in a League Cup final 1999) St Mirren: 1987 and 2013 Alloa Athletic: never made a major final Arbroath: never made a major final Ayr United: never and never (never made a Scottish Cup final; made the League Cup final in 2001) Dundee: 1910 and 1974 (last Scottish Cup final defeat 2003; last League Cup final defeat 1996) Dunfermline: 1968 and never (last Scottish Cup final defeat 2007; last League Cup final defeat 2006) Inverness Caledonian Thistle: 2015 and never (last League Cup final defeat 2014) Heart of Midlothian: 2012 and 1963 (last Scottish Cup final defeat 2020; last League Cup final defeat 2013) Morton: 1922 and never (last Scottish Cup final defeat 1948; last League Cup final defeat 1964) Raith Rovers: never and 1995 (last Scottish Cup final defeat 1913) Queen of the South: never and never (made the Scottish Cup final in 2008; never made a League Cup final) Falkirk: 1957 and never (last made Scottish Cup final in 2015; last made League Cup final in 1948) Airdrieonians: 1924 never and never (old version made Scottish Cup final in 1995; never made a League Cup final) Cove Rangers: never made a major final
  5. Was involved in a Zoom call yesterday. Long and short: (a) the Working Group is a serious group of people (b) their pitch can be a wee bit sentimental, but I get that they'll engage 3 fans for every fan that finds it a bit twee (c) they've clearly been doing some serious work on the corporate governance side with the Club (d) they've been taking preliminary decisions which won't all be popular but which are, in terms of ensuring the Club has options in the future, are extremely sensible (e) the extent of the work they and the 3BC lawyers especially seem to have done now re-enforces how laughable the original timescale of three months was (f) it's not going to be a quick process, and will probably be driven more by the winding-up of Colin Weir's estate than anything else, but realistically the transfer is the only show in town now (g) main obstacles to making a success of this are engagement levels and (longer-term) alternative revenue streams (h) people need to be patient in the transition: it's not realistic to expect the fanbase to replace the existing expertise and corporate structures overnight. If fan ownership is to work, it requires the current Club board to have a role and even if you think they've been a bit shit at times, try not to lose sight of the bigger picture.
  6. What part of “it’s not about you” didn’t you grasp? This is a pan-*******-demic and the people living on this island, in aggregate, are basically morons who can’t follow basic instructions. When you couple that with a monumentally shit government (the one that actually has the power to borrow), a piss poor test and trace system and crap financial support for those who have to self-isolate, it’s no wonder we have to have draconian measures to contain the virus.
  7. Give it a fortnight and that number will not be 200.
  8. It’s not about you. The rules have to be of sufficiently general application to the population at large. You personally may be a low risk in your parents’ house; millions of people in other people’s houses is less safe. By contrast, public places and business premises are at least subject to significant legal duties to take safeguarding and preventative measures to mitigate the risk of the virus spreading (including limits on capacity). It’s a risk, but it’s one that’s easier for public authorities to enforce mitigation of.
  9. So our actual highlights package: (a) is night and ******* day to watch in terms of the camera (b) actually makes that look like a very promising performance, especially with the well worked third goal.
  10. Manpreet got better footage of Banzo's free-kick from the canal with a phone than the in-stadium live broadcast did. His vantage point was the opposite end of the stadium FFS.
  11. The camera distance, image quality, angle and movement were all “******* horrendous”. As was the football. Apart from that, promising and green shoots of optimism for the COVID season ahead.
  12. Bobby Houston’s just bitter because he got megged by his sister.