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  1. I know people are clamouring for information here, but please bear in mind what has been said in the statement: that we cannot comment on the negotiations for now, and that we will provide an update on the timeline set out. What I can say, as I explained to eljaggo privately, is that it is a matter of public record who the directors of Three Black Cats are (they are a limited company with entries on Companies House). One of those is Jacqui Low, and the other is MBM Board Nominees Limited. The latter is part of the Murray Beith Murray professional services group, which oversees various matters in connection with Colin Weir's estate. In practice, their point of contact on matters to do with Three Black Cats has been one of their directors, Peter Shand. On the Foundation side, we've set out in Sandy's original email to members who are part of our four-member negotiating team: Sandy himself, Andrew Holloway, Heather Iona Holloway and Dr Gary Tanner. I hope this satisfies people's curiosity. Please bear with us as this is a professional transaction and it is vitally important at the moment that we maintain the trust and confidence of Three Black Cats and its representatives.
  2. Update from the Foundation Chair: https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/update-on-discussions-with-three-black-cats/ Good evening fellow Jags fans. I wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update on some recent activity from the Foundation Board. We can confirm that on 20 June representatives of the TJF Board met with the Directors of Three Black Cats. The meeting was considered to be constructive by the TJF board members present and we are grateful to 3BC for the face-to-face meeting. As a result of the meeting, TJF agreed to submit a follow-up document which has now been actioned. We are committed to providing members an update on progress on 16 July. There can be no further comment until then. Best Sandy Fyfe, Chair and Negotiations Sub-group Lead
  3. An utterly glorious one, correctly remembered. I watched the Club's official highlights on QuickTime player of that game in the weeks after several times because the red card was very ******* funny.
  4. As per Sandy's update from last night, as soon as there is anything substantive to report from the dialogue with Three Black Cats, we will seek to update members as fully as we can. It would be unwise to infer anything from that about matters of process.
  5. The short answer is that we aren’t a charity and aren’t registered as a charity. We are simply a private company limited by guarantee. The slightly longer answer is that this was looked at by the old board and I understand they concluded that we would struggle to meet the eligibility conditions to obtain charitable status.
  6. We're pleased to announce that we will be lifting the payment pause on members subscriptions effective Friday 1 July. Find out more here: https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/were-lifting-the-payment-pause/ Any questions, drop me an email at [email protected]
  7. I always found Tom and Jerry at their most charming when they worked together.
  8. I'm not saying that your questions aren't legitimate; I'm just trying to explain why I'm not in a position to answer them immediately and here on this forum. And you'll get that, when there is something to report! Of course they do. But our negotiations sub-team has not yet met with 3BC. So there is nothing "agreed" to report! Of course it would. It's completely inconceivable that the Foundation would take ownership of the Club without first putting the matter to its members.
  9. Thanks BowenBoys. I don't want to be cagey about this, but there's a proper chronology we need to follow here and as you say we are keen to build a strong position of trust with 3BC early on.
  10. As I've already said, we will update members as fully and as frequently as confidentiality allows. It would not be appropriate to play out a blow-by-blow account of negotiations in the public domain. When there is something substantive to report we will report it. Patience, kemosabe!
  11. Like I said before, I'm not going to give an off-the-cuff running commentary on this, but please bear in mind that: (a) we took office barely two weeks ago (b) that period has included a bank holiday weekend during which several people were on holiday (for example, I have been managing membership subscriptions and enquiries while literally on holiday in Egypt) (c) a reasonable period of time had to be allowed for the new TJF Board actually to meet one another and to agree our approach (we have our second TJF Board meeting next week) Basically, patience, kemosabe!
  12. As you’ll have seen from the Chair’s message last week, dialogue is open with 3BC (they’re willing to meet with representatives of TJF) and the Foundation has set up a negotiations sub-team (consisting of Sandy, Andrew, Heather and Gary) for precisely that purpose. There isn’t yet anything substantive to report but that’s because a face-to-face meeting hasn’t (yet) taken place. We will provide as full and as frequent updates as confidentiality allows. We understand entirely the clamour for information, but as with any professional business transaction, it wouldn’t be right to provide a running commentary. Mutual trust between 3BC and TJF will be vital if this is going to work. I hope that reassures. We will be in a better position to update you on this some point within the next fortnight.
  13. A wee update on Foundation membership: Today we reached 530 members, and there have been new and returning members joining every single day in the last fortnight. Membership is up more than 7% since the new board took office a fortnight ago. Well over 100 people have joined or rejoined since The Open Letter went out on 13 April. We want to hit our next milestone, 550 members as soon as possible and really push on. If you’re not a member, take the plunge and sign up. If you are a member, tell your friends and family to join. Follow us on Twitter @Jags_Foundation Follow us on Facebook (The Jags Foundation) Follow us on our brand new Instagram (@thejagsfoundation) Follow us on our new LinkedIn (The Jags Foundation) If you’re a member, post on your socials why you support The Jags Foundation. Let’s spread the word!
  14. Good news. This seems to have been a partnership that’s worked well for all concerned.