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  1. Willie Kinniburgh was signed on loan from Motherwell by Ian McCall in late 2007 before signing for Thistle permanently in 2008. He had absolutely no association with Thistle whatsoever when it was managed by Dick Campbell.
  2. Gentle reminder: we're not actually even qualifying for the play-offs as things stand. We're barely qualifying for the top half post split.
  3. You join us live in the Thistle changing room in Methil.
  4. Don't let the last minute equaliser cloud things here. Until Forfar scored in the 86th minute we were 7th in this piss stain of a division.
  5. i.e. didn’t have the summer transfer window or preseason to mould the team.
  6. I think you’re forgetting that McNamara’s team was pretty rotten to watch in his first (and only) full season. His team turned good with a finely tuned pre-season in which there was significant recruitment. And in a league where recruitment of young talented players was easier. And not in the middle of a pandemic. None of which is to say that McCall has done a good job. But you’re looking at the past very selectively.
  7. Any chance we can cancel football again please?
  8. I'd urge people to email the Club asking it to vote against this. I have.
  9. Get this streaking steaming shitty pish into the ******* sea.
  10. This is a good reason not to let a vital player go unless you’re pretty confident you can replace them.
  11. I didn’t dispute that they were subbed or subs. I was disputing your analysis then and now that it therefore meant there were doubts about whether they were good enough. Literally every team has players that are in the latter part of their career who are used as an impact player or are regarded as good for 60-70 minutes. If you prioritised simply having players that play 90 minutes every week you’ll have a squad that’s both inexperienced and full of a lot of unhappy substitutes.
  12. Aye and you were wrong then too!
  13. When Caldwell arrived at the Club Erskine was (if my memory serves) the team's top scorer and we were mid table,