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  1. Need to get a decent club shop back at firhill
  2. Berwick pitch invasion when we done the fans huddle
  3. Looks like the 800 club print that was sold when 800 club existed I of 4 prints I've got print number 3 of all the pictures
  4. I'm old school guys done my share of volunteering at firhill they are discussing how to get more members signed up now im nearly 70 and I've tried 3 times on laptop and phone and still haven't a clue if I'm a member or not How about giving out applications forms at the games and see if that works .
  5. B T Haven't even got our league up and haven't shown any goals from the league
  6. Macall gamble by not giving respect to forfar and the result was a disaster. He kept the full squad for the Scottish cup looking for glory and this turned out a disaster . We have a mountain to climb to even get to the play offs .
  7. Yes great performance with one man down I thought Scotland had won the tournament lol
  8. Ive already posted on the forum about us PTFC Joining the 8th tear of the English league We are never going to win the premier league up here even with 10 million pounds its not enough to compete with the bank of rangers or Celtic Question for everyone what would you spend 10 million on ?
  9. 55 +47 I didn't realise what rangers supporters were saying lets get to 55 And quoting 47 for Celtic Then the penny dropped that it was the amount of times they have won the leagues . I looked up the history of clubs that have won the league and its shocking how bad the whole league has been dominated these two clubs . Couldn't face looking up the cup history as i presume it would be just as bad our history is abysmal and you've got to wonder why we suffer year after year Scottish cup is our history 71 cup final was great like most of yous i thought it was the start of things to come Apart from lambie years we basically have nothing Seen the mention of our youth system our oldest youth teams are 2004 (17 year old) they were the teams started by the club through colin weir Problem is clubs can come in and steal players at any time unless we put them in a contract This is already happened as i believe 4 signed for Celtic. I believe the new jags foundation really have a big job on their hand with the once in a lifetime colin weir donation .
  10. Looking forward to the Quiz tonight 7 30 start
  11. First time ive tried this tonight really good quiz and well organised
  12. Need the under soil heating on Hope they dont burst pipes again