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  1. 1876


    E/k thistle bus returning from the game
  2. How much is the budget required to sign new players I know a lot depends on season tickets sales hospitality new sponsors sale of strips etc How far short are we money wise
  3. Thanks guys 3 seats booked from East kilbride
  4. Has anyone got the name of the lad running the bus to dingwell or a phone number
  5. We should be able to pass them off the park they only send long balls forward hoping to muscle there way through
  6. Peterhead atmosphere was electric last minute equaliser winning with final penalty fans estactic remember it as if it was yesterday
  7. We can score goals But we can't defend Both defences were brutal tonight
  8. Singing support loud and clear
  9. Scotstoun would be ideal
  10. Agree we were terrible not one shot worth talking about on goal and hanging on for a draw
  11. Was wondering do we still do the poty awards at end of season And do we still have the open day we're you can mix with players and do tour of the stadium etc and used to have a game between supporter's on the pitch good way for fans to meet all the new tjf committee and .jags trust committee
  12. Fell out of it second half but a wins a win
  13. all ayr now hoping to hit on the break
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