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  1. Need the under soil heating on Hope they dont burst pipes again
  2. 1876

    Retro Top ?

    Used to be a club shop upstairs in main office from Monday to Friday. Then opened for match day down stairs to same place as now .
  3. It cost the club a lot of money for the 22 minutes highlights from stv For us pttv to make the video It was always Arthur montford commentary we knew We heard Celtic filmed the game but couldn't find out anymore about who the cameramen was. We also think the bbc also filmed the game . Hope you all enjoy
  4. At the second stairway you can see a difference from the first stairway to the second At the bottom It goes flat then back to steps We used to be in hysterics watching fans fall over the second step
  5. Just read the thistle trust are taking over the running of petershill park
  6. I think the club bought the veo system which is unmanned Im sure they bought it for filming academy games And works with the camera following the ball . Not sure you can get commentary With the veo set up
  7. 1876

    English league

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Premier_League Bury applied to join this league after getting booted out of english league Had to join as a new team
  8. 1876

    English league

    Thanks for all replies The real reason ive asked is i personally dont ever see any team winning the premier league other than rangers and Celtic . So would it be feasible for us to join the 7th tear of the English league Yes i know there is quite substantial travelling but hopefully no worse than travelling to Inverness The plus side to be drawn in the f a cup and their league cups Would it be worth while making enquiries Did rangers or Celtic make enquiries or just talk about
  9. Has any Scottish club applied to join the English league I know in the early days clubs played down south but has any applied and been accepted or rejected
  10. Yes i was also on the ill fated bus that broke down in france then outside gillingham I was one of 3 whos bags weren't transferred to the other bus and had no change of clothes. As for gillingham i remember when leaving to get our bus after it arrived to take us home The landlord leaving with a baseball bat to argue with the local taxi drivers Funniest moment in metz Was the lad who was so drunk he slept in and missed the game Then he was told it was on later on in French tv He was soo drunk he missed it second time around But he wouldn't have missed it for the world
  11. One of our coaches has got his Its absolutely cracking
  12. Joins hearts as manager https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5726746/hearts-agree-dundee-united-robbie-neilson-manager/
  13. What will happen to the highland league and lowland league Plus the 68 teams that have formed the new pyramid system will they all be mothballed as well