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  1. Anyone explain why the pitch markings were red? Can't because of a frozen or snow covered pitch going by the date Maybe blood, to intimidate the opponents?
  2. That looks like wool, or acrylic.... I'd be surprised if it's a top.
  3. Fix. What does the "Hospitality" prize consist of these days? A home delivery and a dvd of a match to watch?
  4. Looks good. Pretty sure I've got one of those.
  5. Maybe we're aiming to keep it tight and come away with a point.
  6. A legendary footballer. RIP
  7. Good to see the youngsters following the example of the first team: capitulation within 15 minutes of the start, followed by after pass after pass after pass sideways or backwards, with no serious attempt at all to even try to actually even score or get anywhere near scoring.
  8. If the cardboard cutouts in the JL stand are all season ticket holders, and all our season ticket holders have a cardboard cut out, then it's 116.
  9. This might be (probably is) my addled mind "at work" and nothing else, but I seem to remember reading somewhere (where?; it was a while ago) that the Thistle players actually got some other kind of momento/souvenir of their Scottish Cup win, instead of a medal. Has anybody ever seen another PTFC Scottish Cup Winners Medal?
  10. Yeah, I loved that old system. Like I loved looking into the tv sets in the shop windows near Queen's Cross to get all the scores after our match had finished. What shop? Radio Rentals, or something like that?
  11. More importantly, I should have added the referee and his pissedsistants.
  12. The 3 pm kick-off gives players time to sober up.
  13. I think this one might have been posted some time back. That huge wall was already gone and the terracing had been extended when I first started going to Firhill. But is there anybody on here who still remembers when the city end was like that?