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  1. No. It's embarrassing.
  2. I might have missed something, but Muirhead isn't really one I associate with ability to be up and down the wing. Is he?
  3. Brilliant work by yourself and all those involved in TTA, TTA!
  4. That was nerve-wracking right up until the end!
  5. Two hundred games for Thistle?! Doesn't that qualify him as a legend (I seem to remember that 200 appearances was one of the accepted criteria in the "legends" book.)
  6. I've long wondered if any Jags fans are still around who saw us playing against Third Lanark. I wonder if the two clubs were rivals, in the way, say that Clyde and Thistle used to be. Would there be big visiting supports at Firhill and Cathkin when it was us vs. them? Any stories?
  7. That's excellent (as is the song)!
  8. I never really understood the admiration that many fans had for Welsh. But he definitely seems to have come onto a much better game than he ever did when he was with us. I always liked Craigen for his effort and fitness; almost the exact same as my liking for Christie Elliot. They were both passable even in the Premiership, because not everybody can be a stand-out at that level. Would I want either one back for next season?..... Yes! Welsh? Yes! Lawless? No. Ridgers? Yes Paton? No way! ATS? Yes! Higginbotham, Cardle, Samsom? No way. Sena? Yes!
  9. All the rage in Inverness at the moment. Watch out for mullet haircuts making the next sensation.
  10. Jaggernaut


    "Player-Manager" instantly makes me think of pie-filled, obese Derek Johnstone and a totally out of shape and out-of-ideas Murder McLeod, not to mention insignificant (as a player and a manager) Tommy Bryce. No thank you; you're either a player, or a manager! Now, Davie McParland never went with the pretence of thinking he was still a player.......
  11. No surprises, and no regrets either. Thanks for your efforts, and good luck with your next team. Just a word about Mayo: good player, but he gave away four daft penalties; mucho points down the swanee. Foster: liked him, overlooking his meltdown at Ayr. Hope he finds another club, probably in a lower or junior division. The others' meh.
  12. Mine was fair giving me gyp this morning.
  13. Dunfermline, whose chairman I seem to recall pronounced that Thistle should "just get on with it" when we got unjustly relegated through covidgate, now find themselves in League 1. I hope they will enjoy just getting on with it there for many years. Dundee, (in)famous for late emails, must be hoping for one from somewhere to tell them that a mistake has been made and they can stay in the Premiership. I hope they will also understand and enjoy this piece of karma.