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  1. I don't know if there's been much publicity for this series of interviews with ex-Jags players, but there's a new batch just posted on Youtube. Thoroughly enjoyable to hear the stories and opinions. Here's the link to the Stephen Craigan interview, but they're all worth checking out!
  2. Who knows, maybe if we can manage to overcome those formidable obstacles such as Cove, East Fife, Dumbarton .... we'll show that we are serious about reaching the Premiership one day, and staying there for more than a few seasons before sinking like a stone yet again.
  3. "They have took more points off Celtic in 5 days than we have done in 25 year." The tragedy of how we fail against them and their other half, time and time again. The last time I was actually at a game where we beat one of them was probably around 40 years ago. There must be a fair number of Thistle supporters who've never seen us beat them.
  4. Correct! Looks like they're defending a corner (Roughie caught in No-man's land, lol), so the far player on the line seems likely to be John Hansen (whose brother also played that day).
  5. Another from 1976. No players.... so who are the Jags fans in this photo? The crowd for this game was (surprisingly, given the photo) 6,500.
  6. I think you're right. But the fairly reliable Historical Kits site suggests that that 'Well strip got introduced in 1976.
  7. I'm dragging my feet on this ....... No particular reason.
  8. This isn't a competition, but that reminded me that I also saw Thistle play at all of those grounds (except Cathkin), and also at Muirton Park, Annfield, Meadowbank, Boghead, Bayview, and Firs Park.
  9. That's probably right. Unfortunately, it suggests that for that short time we as a club were playing well above our natural ability or position.
  10. Catastrophic indeed, but also hard to believe that it was just coincidence that so many recently on form players were now playing so consistently badly.