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  1. Hope you're feeling better again soon, BowenBoys!
  2. Nice one denis. I do believe I have one or two of the PTFC bootbags that were on sale in the 1990s (pretty sure with the stealth bomber logo; overall colour of the bags was yellow. Almost never used, as I had no need for boots. Might have used one of them for badminton shoes!
  3. Keep digging. But don't let it get in the way of your business. Shouldn't you be focusing on your work right now? Or maybe this is your leisure time..... but maybe that's what some people used to get the initiative that you seem to hate up and running at Firhill.
  4. Having a smartphone (how do they know everybody's age?) and "having access" to the internet means zilch. 100% of the uk population has access to first-class intercontinental air travel and to all of the munros in Scotland, for example. Does that mean they should all be forced to make use of these "facilities" ?
  5. Two brilliant entries there. Gibb: oozed class. I always think of him as something like a harder version of Alan Hansen, though their positions were different. Of course he became a legend at Newcastle. Niven: just seemed the "right man" for Thistle at the time, and a worthy" ever-present." Somehow Scott Symon thought his replacement by done 'un Ritchie would be seamless. But it wasn't, at and it didn't take long for other teams to see that he was finished and that it was easy to score against us again and again, eventually leading to relegation.
  6. I mut have missed that due to a "refreshment replenishment temporary absence." But that does it: JAMIE BACK NOW!
  7. Was the ball really half the height of the goal? I remember a pal who bought some kind of feature which would give the effect of a video replay of each goal. Turned out it was a patch of sellotape to be stuck across the back of the goal net so that the ball would stick to it. ETA: Definitely preferred those bigger, lightweight balls to the smaller heavier ones that got introduced when it all started going like the old pitch at Easter Road.
  8. I reckon "cashless" means not exactly "fanless," but "less fans." Not grammatically correct, I know.; it should be "fewer fans," but you get the point.
  9. Yeah, that tarts girl managed to outpace the Jags defenders on several occasions. Despite the defeat, it looked like we were also putting together quit a number of slick passing moves throughout, more so than last season. Next Sunday should be tough, but we've already been there; it's not that kind of match that will define our season.
  10. I'd go along with that. I find it odd that Mitchell has started ahead of Sneddon in the league, but he seems to be competent enough. The OG on Saturday was a one in a thousand incident, and even so, I'm sure that next time he'll simply get the ball clear in the most convenient direction rather than try to clear it right up the park. It would seen wrong to drop him for that alone, but then again if it's a case of each goalie getting a run of games until one slight but costly error occurs, then so be it (though I'm not sure that would be best for either one's confidence).
  11. It even happened to Roughie, but it was always clear that he was THEE MAN !!
  12. To be fair, he was a dab hand with the paint spray on the grass.
  13. Unfortunately, some people would be only too happy to see all of Scottish cultural heritage wiped out, to be replaced by Britannia. It was attempted in schools for long enough, and the attempts go on through the media on a daily basis.