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  1. I have bad memories of the 'tic "gentlemen" putting 7 past us on a few occasions in the (thankfully increasingly distant) past. Not to mention similar doings by Aberdeen, St. Johnstone, even Clydebank.....
  2. To be fair, that attempted cross was dross, but McKenna did some fine attacking and crossing throughout.
  3. I just remembered (I think): We wore the old navy blue strip when we thrashed Downdee Utd 5-1 at Firhill, long time ago, when Andy Roxburgh scored a hat-trick and Dan McLindon scored a wonder solo goal. Hope we wear it in the Cup again!
  4. Sheffield Wed. Thistle had the chance of signing him, but Carlisle came in and gazumped us; don't think we actually put in an offer before they did.
  5. Love that strip. Who knows, that could turn out to be a very important goal.
  6. Yes, the goalie looked comfortable and confident.
  7. Not a scoobie about what what the "A3"s and "H2s" etc. mean , but if we can just predict the winner for each match, then here goes: H H A H A H A H H A H H H A A H
  8. From what I saw on the live stream (most of the match), we specialized in sideways and backwards passing, followed inevitably by a hopeful (but in reality usually hopeless) punt forward. QP players looked faster, tougher, and their passing game was actually aimed at cutting through our defence at speed.
  9. However, those games are too often our problem; always have been!
  10. Excuse my ignorance, but what is the "City of Glasgow Cup?" Is it an alternative name for the Glasgow Cup?
  11. I searched for live coverage of yesterday's match on Youtube, but couldnae find it.....