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  1. Somebody once mentioned a VPN as a solution. Maybe I should look into that.
  2. Unfortunately, those can't be accessed from here, at least not without going through a number of questionable downloading manoeuvres.
  3. The "state of emergency" is still active here in Japan, which means it'll be impossible to watch the Scotland games live in any of the numerous downtown sports bars here. And terrestrial tv has no interest in it..... too obsessed with their baseball and the Olympics (will they/ will they not take place???). The only online live matches I've ever paid to watch are Thistle ones. There are so many dodgy/unreliable/downright fake live stream sites advertising football matches these days. So, anybody got a recommendation for an honest/reliable/genuine site for watching the games, preferably (if not free) on a pay-per-match basis?
  4. Probably out on goal difference...
  5. I never kill them either; just evict them, using the old tumbler and piece of cardboard over the top technique. One time however, I opened the widow (one floor up) and thew "Legs" out (maybe for the fourth or fifth day in a row!), but before he hit the ground a blackbird swooped in and swallowed him, in mid air! Twenty years later, I'm just about over the trauma.
  6. "He was previous convicted of headbutting his former lover while playing for Ross County." Presumably he got a red card for that.
  7. McCall mentioned that Bell would be in (for training?) a couple of times a week. So it's a part-time contract? Do we have any other part-timers in the squad? In the 70's we had some right good squads that were made up of both full- and part-time players, and I think used that model even not so long ago.
  8. A hundred thousand computer simulations of every match, study of the complete head-to-head history for each tie, and the latest in cutting-edge inferential statistics, have combined to give the following predictions (aye, some surprised me as well ): 1-2 1-1 2-0 2-1 1-2 3-0 2-1 0-1 2-0 0-2 1-1 2-2
  9. I'm almost in disbelief at the amount of work that's going into these archives. It really is monumental. Nothing but admiration and appreciation from me, and I'm sure many other people.
  10. Good news. He's a good keeper, getting better, and still young.
  11. For some reason, I find having to "guess" who that heat map might be really funny!
  12. This thread has crashed its way into being the worst clang associations/puns thread in the history of the forum, Haw-haw!
  13. It certainly seems to be Held in high esteem.
  14. What was the name of that female newscaster again? Is she still on the tv?