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  1. I know that Lawrie On The Wing became a kind of legend at Whitletts Victoria. ..... Saltcoats too?
  2. I remember that too, but honestly, in my opinion that was about it in terms of his contribution to the Thistle cause at the time.
  3. No need to wonder why you're (still) a Thistle fan when you read threads like this one!
  4. Now the player would probably reply with something like "F*** off, ya fat "f***in' dobber," and his manager would defend him by saying the referee singled him out unfairly for unduly harsh treatment, while ignoring much worse from players in the other team.
  5. Am I right in thinking that if we'd scored a couple of penalties that we missed earlier this season, we'd currently be sitting top of the league? If that's true, then it becomes harder to see how the manager and coaches can be blamed for us not being top right now. When professionals who would normally be expected to score from the spot get it wrong (and even world-class players do so), there's little that the manager can do.
  6. I must admit: when I first opened this thread without knowing the result, seeing "Montrose Goal of the Game" in the title had me thinking that we might have lost by several goals!
  7. Anybody else got this horrible feeling that the playoffs will get cancelled, one team (the leaders) will get promoted, and we'll finish second?
  8. I reckon that Big Wull has already secretly taken over the Firhill dressing room; it's him who's now the real manager. McCall is the puppet. It seems to be working.
  9. Coming so soon after Tuesday's more than welcome victory, tonight's game seems to be generally flying under the radar. But if anything, it's the most important one yet. Put it to bed as soon as possible, Thistle! 3-0 by half-time!
  10. Actually I wouldn't be in the least surprised if the Jags director became the media's top story, thereby deflecting attention from wee Neil Lemon and the other erse-cheeks' covid rules flouters. To quote the immortal George Harrison, "That's the way it goes."
  11. I'd love to see the look on Lambie's face as he listened!
  12. How sweet, to be able to thwart a "double" ! How sweet, that it would be against "them!" How sweet, that it would be against all odds! How sweet, if we could manage to beat them or their best friends/enemies one day again soon! It's been much, much too long.
  13. Well, even without knowing further details about what might or might not be a murky incident, I would like to know what skill set the Director in question brings to the Firhill table, and what tangible evidence of the club having gained benefits from these skills might exist. Or might it be that his directorship at Firhill is only an amusing talking point when the person in question is among his beloved Hail Hail crowd? Cuddly toy etc.