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  1. Did it last night, but no sign yet of confirmatory e-mail. How soon after being thanked for the order did other people get confirmation? Maybe they saw my picture and are now discussing what to do......
  2. Unfortunately, there will be no option but to relegate us out of existence.
  3. Can family and friends have their photies on seats next to each other....... or will we need to photographically distance?
  4. Not if it means piercing the bubble of the person a few rows in front!
  5. Doesn't look like that from every clip of folk getting tested that I've seen, including Thistle players getting tested at Firhill. But don't let facts get in your way. I probably speak for others when I say "we understand."
  6. Is it 20 quid for a picture for one home match? Can't see many people doing that for each match. Can we at least then be transported to form an away support?
  7. Those were great! Anybody still got one?
  8. Wrong. This thread is where some of the world's leading medical experts and potential political leaders come to inform us where and how all the so-called medical experts and political leaders who have actually been trying to deal with Covid-19 and its economic, social, health and psychological consequences have been getting everything spectacularly wrong.
  9. Fix! Yet another f'ckin' baw! Never got any of the last three!
  10. Let's not forget the journalists, headline writers, bloggers, politicians and their activists, and folk in the street whose aim is to sensationalize, misrepresent, mislead, selectively report, and/or cause alarm, in support of whatever their cause is. I just finished reading a book (by a well known mortician) which included the snippet that across the world every 2 seconds somebody, somewhere, dies.
  11. He got the BBC's man of the match award for Hibs' match against the govanites last weekend, although he didn't score. I think he's scored 4 in 4 appearances for Hibs (one hat-trick.). Looks like a good signing for them.
  12. I have a black t-shirt with the stealth bomber on the front..... it takes up the entire front. I must have bought it from the Jags shop. It's so bright that whenever I pick it up with the intention of putting it on I get a headache, so I put it back down again!
  13. I downed a couple of Punk IPAs last night too. IMO, the best beer in the world. And I can buy it in Japan. YEAH!
  14. Over 750 people watching now... I think that's pretty amazing.