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  1. Vs. Airdrie I'll be hoping that we go a couple better than yon 7-0 win of some years ago. If we don't manage that, then 1-0 will do.
  2. I'm a bit mystified by your remark about lack of suitable clothing and the suggestion that somehow our players were suffering. What do you know was missing from their outfits? They all had long-sleeved shirts (whereas half of the Dunfermline players were wearing short sleeves!), and the video shows that at least some players had another layer of underclothing. So what else should be provided that other teams provide and we don't?
  3. I think the strong wind had a lot to do with it not being a great game, but it's definitely a good result for us. Tiffoney is brilliant to watch at times; must be a nightmare for defenders. Cracking goal; I wonder if the wind assisted it in any way. Congratulations to Sneddon and the team on the clean-sheets record! Finally, I love that simple navy blue top, white shorts, navy blue socks combo.
  4. Scott Symon, Peter Cormack, John McVeigh, Tommy Bryce....
  5. Some intriguing and epic matches there, without a doubt. As for these predictions, lots of doubt, but here goes: H H A A H A H H H H H H A H H A A H H H
  6. It's primary school football at its best!
  7. Who's on the cover, and so likely to be gone by the end of January?
  8. I also remember seeing the news of any cup tie against Dunfermline with dread, whether it was home or away. But not this time. I would add Hearts to the list of teams that seem put us out of the Cup with dreadful predictability.
  9. RIP Bertie, As others have said, right up there with a select few "legendary" managers of PTFC. And a great player too.
  10. Good suggestion. But it can get pretty dark in winter even at 3 pm. Another simple suggestion: stop playing football altogether in December and January. Sure, the weather can be horrendous in November and February or March (sometimes even in July and August). But it's obvious that the worst time of year for playing football and for fans to get to matches is Jan-Feb. Any postponements in later months are easier to schedule/more likely to go ahead, and probably less need for undersoil heating if those two months are dropped, Other leagues have real shutdowns in winter. Why don't we?
  11. Fascinating, and sombre. Those men, like their comrades, all deserve to be remembered; none deserved to die before their time.
  12. That would help. Somebody who could provide the needed spark.