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  1. Got to hand it to Accies for the perfect way they snatched the win. At first I really thought we were going to steamroller them, but after 15-20 minutes it became clearer that after some slick passing and eventually getting forward, our attempts at crosses were poor, and when one did go in then we were totally lacking in any kind of killer touch. The Accies manager seemed to realize that they could soak up anything we threw at them (which wasn't much), so made a triple substitution at half-time and had a go. Their goal came from a fast, direct attack through the middle. Our response?: mostly (once they've got bored with stupid, leisurely sideways passes when they should be going forward) walking-pace attempts to thread a ball towards a forward who wasn't moving, who had his back to goal, whose first touch was usually abysmal, and who had a defender right behind him. Woeful to watch, and predictable. Even without three important players we should be able to beat teams at the bottom of the league; in fact we need to if we have any hopes of doing well. But it's actually looking hopeless. Too many bang or below average players even at this level, and that includes several fan "favourites".
  2. They probably laugh at us for singing about Killie.
  3. Aargh, Harvey was my first thought, then I changed my mind. You're definitely right (I think!). Behind McNeil, looks like Tommy Ewing?
  4. My three guesses: No. 2: Jackie Campbell. Jag on the right: "Twiggy" Cunningham Obscured face Jag: Tommy Gibb
  5. Looks like a penalty, or else a "blunder" by the goalie. In either case, the two Jags players standing with hands on hips seem not to be surprised....
  6. Only one Jag in the box for a corner... and he scores!
  7. This is an excellent draw for us: a good pay day and also through to the next round.
  8. Exactly what I thought, pt! My only doubt was that I thought Muir was usually LB rather than RB. ETA: I'd even make a guess and say that's Flanagan with his hands on his hips, in the distance.
  9. Now that would be interesting: If the home team (for example) could demand a PK shoot-out immediately! Shouldn't there be more "tactics" like that mentioned above, to spice things up, at least in the SC? (We're gonna get slaughtered, so let's play our Joker......)
  10. Don't worry.... the ball has dropped onto the net after going over the bar (I hope!)
  11. Looks like the two other players might be twice his age.....
  12. Great spot, Camallain! Somehow that face was familiar; just couldn't put a name to it.
  13. That is true. I thought Mullen actually did a decent job throughout, though I think he should have done better than put that chance into the side-netting.
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