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  1. Record-breaking run of shutouts, excellent overall shut-outs record, even scored an important goal (our only keeper ever to score in outfield play). But if you say so.....
  2. It hasn't been all that eventful a transfer window, so far. For us the major events have probably been the departures of MacMillan and Sneddon, and the return of Turner. Have I missed others of note?
  3. The world somehow seems to have been simpler back then.... Was anybody on the forum at this livestock auction match?
  4. I've seen worse. I've also seen better.
  5. Thanks for that! Balance now tipped towards renewing!
  6. Point taken about Lawless. If he gets back to full fitness, all the better. But he's 33, and it's only sensible to take into consideration that by that age, after a long lay-off getting back to pre-injury levels of fitness. sharpness, and endurance can't be guaranteed. Even some younger players don't manage it (Bannigan might be put forward as an example.)
  7. Got to admit that the posts on here are making me think twice about trying to renew my season ticket. I've had one (plastic card), which I've used only once or twice in the past few seasons but which my nephew has used to go to a few matches (that he would not otherwise have gone to). So, can that continue? I don't see why I should have to sign up to some external company and download an app. Why should I need to do that? (Of course, I could do it, but why should I need to do it?). If the status quo (Down Down....) can't continue, then so might my season ticket. though I'll probably find alternative ways to provide the same financial support to the club (e.g. half-time draws, or the new lottery..... But, wait a minute; that's gambling.....!).
  8. So far, I'd say we are looking just about the same in terms of depth and quality as towards the end of last season. McMillan's departure is compensated (though not like-for-like, of course) by the return of Turner. Has to be said that without Lawless, McMillan kind of went off the boil. Hope we can get somebody stronger; shouldn't be too difficult. We need a replacement for Lawless, and we need a commanding centre back. Another striker would also be useful. Still enough time for Dools to bring in a few gems.
  9. Decent move for him. Wouldn't be surprised if he causes us some grief next season.
  10. I used to have a soft spot for them, as "amateurs" in a professional world. And I have no issue with them changing with the times, to survive. However, there does seem to much that is unclear about their dealings regarding the two Hampdens, and my positivity for them is declining. ETA: As nobody has yet added anything, I'll add: as an outsider, it seems that due to their venerable status, they behave as if they have the right to do what they want, play where they want, cost is not an issue for them, and everybody should just shut tfu, until they get to fill Hampden (the big one) almost every other week playing against the erse cheeks. All nice lolly for their investors, with some left over for brown envelopes to smooth the way.
  11. I wouldn't bet on that happening.
  12. Best wishes to one of Thistle's best ever players. What amazing heights he went on to attain!
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