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  1. Just received an email about the (good) hospitality offer for the Raith Rovers game on March 15th. Here's a snippet from the advert: Matchday hospitality places for our upcoming cinch Championship fixture against Raith Rovers are now on sale! Taking place on Tuesday, 12th March, this will be a very special edition of our matchday hospitality as supporters get an exclusive first look at the new and improved club archives and the vast amount of Jags memorabilia contained within. Can anybody clarify the bit about the new archives and vast amount of memorabilia? Is this some kind of permanent display? If so, where is it? What's included?
  2. It was pretty much a game of two halves, with Hibs clearly dominating in the first, and us in the second. I think overall it was a fair result.
  3. By brother was at the game, said that our right back had a nightmare from start to finish. Basically, our defense is hopeless. We know that teams simply crowd Sneddon is the 6-yard box, but he gets ZERO protection from the defenders, who usually don't even jump. Sneddon should definitely have done better with their third: no need to fall back and stab at it with a foot; get the body down to block it instead.
  4. It's not Sneddon's fault, as the shot was simply beyond his reach. Like McIInroy's goal the other week, which nobody thought their keeper should have got it.
  5. Several important points there! Hope that somebody with influence will take note. (But not holding my breath...)
  6. What would be the best result for us tonight? A draw?
  7. I was just thinking: maybe there should be a ban on any threads that discuss the next match before it actually takes place!! Well, the fakers got duly gubbed at home last week, while we simply bottled it at the end, as is our want in most big games (go back to the League Cup Finals in the 50s, our occasional stab at Scottish Cup glory (one success, our record in play-offs (e.g, Dingwall; Peterhead excepted) and minor cup finals etc.) I'd give Adeloye and/or Diack a start, and would like to see McBeth get a start. ICT are crap. We should beat them.
  8. Aw naw, I don't remember three of those players in the Jags team: Murray, Clark, Torrance.
  9. Livi were bigger, faster, stronger, and more creative. We had no answer to Nouble, and on the right side on the second half we succumbed to exactly the same kinds of moves that we enjoy between Lawless and McMillan. If we get them again in the playoffs (a big "if"?), I wouldn't expect us to come out on top over two matches. And our subs added nothing positive. Adeloye was unluckly with his one shot, but that kind of summed us up.... just not quite good enough.
  10. Sneddon made at least three excellent saves to stop Livi winning the game much earlier than they did. The failures were the defensive midfield and the defenders failing to do their jobs properly, repeatedly.
  11. The amazing Roughie was sometimes criticized for not mastering cross balls. Even the toothless Goram never went for any ball in his 6-yard area, yet he is considered by some (bigots) to be some kind of super-hero. Basically, some goalies "command" the area in front or their goal, and some demand that that is the job of of their defenders. Discuss.
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