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  1. ^ Thanks Jaggernaut / Everyone, and apologies for the delay in amending the Archive for the above. Normally we'd have aimed to get that done on the same day, but the site has been on a hiatus on technicalities. Re the (alleged) Glavin hat-trick, the Evening Times was quite categoric as you can see, even going so far as to run with the headline "GLAVIN SLAMS HOME THREE". As late as the Monday, the Glasgow Herald re-iterated the claim, albeit without a detailed match report. Just shows you what a minefield it can be. There are literally hundreds of games with contradictory reports, so we're delighted to receive all the anecdotal evidence for this one (also backed up with some contemporary evidence). You can't see it in the current version of the site we're projecting, but you may be pleased to know that we had this issue covered in our "Dubious Goals Panel" report. All such reports will be included in phase two of the site's design (on the site they're all in place up to 1923-24 and from 2013-14 onwards as things stand). Behind the scenes (for now), our updated DGP entry now reads: "The ET is explicit with a Ronnie Glavin hat trick for Thistle, even running with the headline, "Glavin Slams Home Three". GH also has the Glavin hat-trick. However, the OH credits "Frank Coulston, Denis McQuade, Ronnie Glavin" with the 3 goals, an account which is backed up contemporarily up by the AEE. Crucially, we have scrapbook notes from a Thistle fan on-the-spot which solidifies the latter, backed up with members of the WAT forum who have Denis McQuade's "spectacular rocket" firmly etched in memory!" On the site, the McQuade/Coulston/Glavin 1-2-3 has been applied everywhere it needs to be today. Denis's strike was actually our first-ever competitive goal v. Montrose. Makes it 20 League goals for Coulston that season. He and Mo Johnston (22, 1982-83) are the only two to have broken through that barrier in nearly 70 years! Thanks also to Winter of 63 for all his behind-the-scenes sharing of goal timings and all-sorts from his scrapbooks of the era. We've taken notes galore and we'll all get the benefits in time when the Archive fleshes out. As we say on our Twitter... Oor Archive, Your Archive, A'Body's Archive. Help! We're still having issues with the Wikidot platform, but at least our databases have been restored so we'll be getting lots of things updated in the coming weeks. All of this season's player stats were updated in the last day or two; please keep an eye on the home page news for more developments in the days and weeks ahead...
  2. As we approach Remembrance Day 2021, we pay our respects... In 1914 and 1939, when the nation needed men and women to serve in the country’s armed forces, football players were among those who volunteered. Partick Thistle FC were one of the many clubs whose players and former players became soldiers, sailors and airmen, and not all of them came home. This is a record of those Jagsmen who paid the ultimate price serving their country. They are listed by war & alphabetical order, with a short introduction outlining their club career, and then information on their war service. ... to The Partick Thistle Fallen →
  3. Dunno what you're talking about Also published today is our brand new list page, putting at your fingertips the definitive list of every penalty faced by Thistle, 1891 to date... Every penalty (faced) →
  4. Thanks for your feedback; we're good to go with our new 'Partickle'... We've had many more against us than for us, and here we chart the story all the way from the beginning in the 1890s and every decade since. For the goalkeeper, it's his big chance to win games, to be the hero, and to get a taste of the striker's glory. Which save ensured a cup final win? Who's faced the most pens? We look at all the trials and tribulations and conclude with our ultimate three penalty prevention Kings... Penalty Them, No! →
  5. We're writing a new story on penalty's faced. Jags fans, inspire us, please... What's the greatest/most vital penalty save you've ever seen a Thistle goalie make?
  6. Re Fattie Foulkes, reminds me of this excerpt from the Willie Paul story Willie only missed his first League game of the season on the 10th December 1898 – and it was for good reason. Although playing in a struggling Thistle team, his abilities were still obviously being recognised and, with his 3-season-stint as a full Scottish internationalist now almost a decade behind him, it must have been extremely gratifying for Willie, and for the club, when he was once again called up to the Glasgow team to face Sheffield down at Bramall Lane. Unfortunately, Willie came off second best in a clash with the renowned Fattie Foulkes (William Foulke, GK, weight varied at this time from 20st to 24st) and, whilst Willie was off the field receiving treatment for his injury, Sheffield sealed the winner in a 2-1 victory. Willie’s injury saw him miss out the following week’s League game vs. Third Lanark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UkVZZnrC4E ▪ The scene of the crime: Bramall Lane. The assailant: Fattie Foulkes @ 2:05 Oor Willie was considerably taller than your average Victorian footballer but, as you can see, William Foulke was not your average Victorian footballer. He wasn’t going to be lightly charged into the net, that’s for sure! It’s worth noting that Willie (who played in 16 out of the 18 League games) would probably have registered a 100% League appearance record this season had it not been for the Glasgow call-up – in those days that was great going for a man pushing 33. p.s. Can't seem to get the video to embed, but click on it to see some priceless footage of the esteemed custodian in action!
  7. I know. That was a very deliberate "!" in the article. Must be the sheer number of games against them that's doing it, quite sure they'd fall down on a "pens-per-game" query. A Pie & Bov poster astutely observed that the 19th century conversion rate was exceedingly low. Will probably amend the article to make that very point. It's all to do with the rules / layout change in the close-season of 1902 as explained in the partickle. There's a very clear difference in the stats and I think there's enough numbers to say it's no co-incidence... 1891-1902: success rate: 40.5% (15/37) 1902-date: success rate: 71.9% (528/734)
  8. Our latest Partickle is published this evening, although some WAT readers with a long memory might remember the gist of it from several years back. Charting the drama of Thistle's penalty-kick awards, our story takes it all the way back to the start in 1891. Who was first? Did you know Thistle's first goal at Firhill was a penalty? Who are Thistle's penalty Kings? It's been an emotional rollercoaster ride! By the way, it's Jered Stirling's birthday today. Co-incidence? I think not... Penalty Thistle, Yes! → In support of this piece, we have a brand-new list page, intended as a complete and definitive list of Every penalty (taken) →
  9. 112 years ago today Thistle played their first-ever match at Firhill, the stadium of dreams, the palace of the gallus. It's the place we've called home since 1909, but there's a lot more to the old ground than just Partick Thistle. Which Olympic champion ran at Firhill? Which Jag was born closest to the ground? Heard about the time we burned the pitch? Firhill's stories are as weird and wonderful as the club itself; join us for a 30-minute celebration of The Life And Times Of Firhill Park → Supporting the piece, we have 14 new list pages → breaking down all the (mainly non PTFC) Firhill activity from 1909 to date. Our ambitious Firhill diary → goes for the full megalist approach. Happy birthday Firhill!