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  1. For the first time, image galleries have been added to match hubs on the Archive (thanks to Stuart Deans for the cracking new photies from Parkhead) with the Motherwell & Rangers games from '21 being the first to receive this treatment. It would be good to see more of this sort of thing on the Archive, so anyone in a position to get involved with that would be encouraged to do so. 05.03.1921 Motherwell 2 Partick Thistle 2 (Scottish Cup Quarter Final) → 16.04.1921 Partick Thistle 1 Rangers 0 (Scottish Cup Final) →
  2. Hmm. Tricky. Who'd be a designer? Not I anyway!
  3. Nice concept! Crichton mind. A 2-3-5 layout might look the part?
  4. Ran out of likes, a never ending sketch on here. As is the updating of club connections, but that's the Vics sorted for now at least: http://www.thethistlearchive.net/connections-saltcoats-victoria
  5. On the 16th April, 1921, eleven men took to the field and defeated the Rangers by one to nil, thus securing the Scottish Cup for Partick Thistle. Campbell, Crichton & Bulloch; Harris, Wilson & Borthwick; Blair, Kinloch, Johnstone, McMenemy & Salisbury. "Now, what I think should happen is that people who support Thistle memorize these names, because these are people who are outstandingly important, and it should be part of the curriculum in Maryhill primary schools." (Robert Reid, April, 2021) You should listen to that man, he's very wise, used to be a head teacher you know. We're a' Robert Reid's bairns! Of course, there was more to it than those eleven could physically have managed, for the Thistle took an astonishing eleven matches to eventually secure the trophy, creating all sorts of unique records along the way. In total, 18 squad members contributed to the herculean struggle, almost wholly fought in the mud, wind and rain. These men are profiled in the stories herein, as well the two group leaders, George Easton (manager) and Sandy Lister (trainer). The pen pics in the story were written for The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill → and are slightly tweaked here to accommodate the single piece approach. They are listed in the order in which they appeared in that original story. Right then, pens and paper at the ready, children of Maryhill. Are we sitting comfortably? Good. Then we shall begin… The Class Of '21 →
  6. Best part of a 3 hour read, so thank you all good people for investing your precious time and following along, it's much appreciated. Getting to know the finer details of the players and the story was la raison d'être for the piece (for writer and reader!)
  7. And so, to the last installment in our Scottish Cup story, capturing all the drama of Scottish Cup Final day in words and pictures. From beginning to end, tremendous energy and stamina were displayed by both sides; Thistle were trademark resolute and Rangers were frustrated. Meet the last two squad members; stand-in Watty Borthwick and goalscorer John Blair... eternal Partick Thistle legend! The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill part 17 →
  8. On this day 100 years ago there was bad news for all Thistle fans, as it was pretty much confirmed in all the papers that Rangers were going to win the Scottish Cup tomorrow. Are they, aye? The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill part 16 →
  9. Yes, the street name is quite something. Not sure if there are any other such streets, but was quite impressed by the Bert Haugh building!
  10. Indeed AJ. Thanks for reading the update, it had to be done. "Plus ça change" as they say. And so, one hundred years ago tonight, it was surely time to settle this Semi Final tie, once and for all. Demonstrating “stamina of exceptional order”, Thistle were becoming the first team in history to play ten (legitimate) matches before the final. Take a bow Sandy Lister. Building up the record-breaking credentials, six clean-sheets had been registered in the campaign so far, Thistle “hanging on with bulldog tenacity when the fight was uphill”. It had taken three games against Hibs and three games against Motherwell. Now would be a very good time to complete the set by eliminating Hearts at the third time of asking! In part 15, we've got all the action from Ibrox, the post-match stories which developed, and we'll meet two giants of Partick Thistle history in Willie Bulloch and Jimmy McMullan. Enjoy! The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill part 15 →
  11. Ahead of Monday's installment, a bit of a rewrite for part 14 was required as some important developments had been overlooked, sorry about that! The 'deep link' below takes you straight to the updated section... http://www.thethistlearchive.net/the-day-the-scottish-cup-came-up-to-maryhill-14#30-Mar-1921
  12. An April '21 special! Let's hope they're inspired to raise their game this month...
  13. Part 14 has all the Semi Final replay action, and our profiled players tonight are Tom Crichton & Matt Wilson. Giving the working man a slightly better chance of making the game, this was the only one of our Cup matches with an evening kick-off, proceedings getting underway at 5.15pm. In a micro-statistic which typified Thistle's year so far, Thistle had played Hearts three times in 1921, and had failed to find the net on each occasion. On the other hand, our defence had been breached only once, and from the penalty spot at that. The rain poured down at Ibrox as our Thistle grandfathers packed out the 'Bovril Shed' for the 4th time in 16 days, 90 mins away from a Scottish Cup final... The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill part 14 →