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  1. Cheers bud I quite like the thought of ten mad mental Scots and a Northern Irish hard man with a pre-match stare down of the BSC. None of this cuddly nonsense! Re the seven nation army etc, the list can get long and complex, depending on how you apply the permutations, but put simply in competitive action terms, the current records are: 10 non-Scots on the field at the same time (first set 19-Aug-2017); 9 non-Scots in the starting eleven (first set 15-Apr-2017), 8 nations represented in the Thistle appearances tally (first set 05-Apr-2016) and 8 nations represented in the Thistle starting eleven (first set 24-Feb-2018). Stand by for 1,001 web pages full of doublets, hogans and players with oo in their name! Added to the Archive today, our 9 minor League Tables (1898-1913) incorporating the Glasgow League, Western League, Inter City League and Glasgow & District Mid-Week League.
  2. And so ended the longest close-season (193 days) in Thistle's history. To celebrate, we've got a brand new page in the club records section looking at all of our fixture gap & season length records. Our hub for the BSC match is now in place, featuring ten Scots in the staring line-up. When was the last time we had the full eleven? Check the Stats Watch tab! Note, we're missing the names of Saturday's assistant refs if anyone has them? We have NINE new Jags taking their permanent place in the Archive's A-Z; Richard Foster, Ciaran McKenna, Rhys Breen, Blair Lyons, Salim Kouider-Aissa, Charlie Reilly, Kieran Wright, Conor Murray & Ross Docherty. Conor Murray follows Brian Graham in the scoring debutants club.
  3. The Thistle Archive tour (4/4) - Partickles / Help! With a title shamelessly nicked (from an old programme feature I believe), our Partickles section is the perfect space for content creators to permanently house any original articles on Partick Thistle. Re-publishing of old works or first-time presentations are equally welcome. Simply send us in your copy via our Contact page on Word or a PDF, and we'll take care of the online formatting. Starting us off is Douglas Gorman's Alex Hair Story as well as a couple from Jack Little You Couldn't Make It Up! (collected press curios which were too good to pass by) and Factions & Fractions, looking back at the recent summer of discontent caused by the SPFL's appalling leadership; “a tale of bad blood, rancour, division, self-interest and missed opportunities” says Jack. He's not wrong there. I (William Sheridan) very much enjoyed writing Who Put The Ball In The Rangers Net?, and you can expect the Celtic equivalent as a Christmas countdown this coming December; the embryo is formed! I'll sprinkle in a few of my older works here and there, hopefully in-between submissions from others. We'll see how it goes. All throughout the site you'll see question marks asking you to get in touch if you can help with any of our unresolved questions, or imminent tasks. You might have noticed, for example, that Alan Hansen's debut is yet to be absolutely confirmed as we'd like. Many of our general questions are consolidated on our Help! page. For example, we'd be very grateful to hear from any computer programmers able to freely assist with our i-frame embed problem on the home page. The pay's lousy (ok, it's non-existent!), but you'll get a big thank you in our credits section. Finally, we'd just like to underline that the most important thing to us as site creators is that our data is 100% accurate, subjective conundrums (from which we do not shirk) notwithstanding. If any data corrections are required, they'll be applied as a priority, hopefully on the same day. In this regard, 4 eyes are greater than 2, and 400 eyes are 100 times greater again. We'd very much like to think that this is a site that we can all play a part in, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with your ideas, spotting typos, answering questions, offering help or making contributions. You can get in touch via P&B, WAT, Twitter or, best of all, by sending us a message via our Contact page. Thanks very much for taking the tour and for all your kind words of support, it's much appreciated by all of us. #COYJ #FTOF #OTIG
  4. Talking about delightfully random, this page is all your fault The Thistle Archive tour (3/4) - Lists In our Result's Summaries section we've compiled 21 tables (all with sortable headers) to summarize all sorts of match data up to the end of the last season. Answers to a myriad of stats queries are at your fingertips with these tables, which include tallies of results, clean-sheets, penalty goals, penalty misses, yellow and red cards, 1875-76 to 2019-20. For example, if you wanted to know on which ground (away from home) we've had most competitive wins, you'd check the Results Summary by venue table, where you'd discover we've won more competitive matches at Cappielow (43) than anywhere else, closely followed by Hampden Park (41). We've met 143 clubs in competitive action and we have H2H profiles for each and every one of these, comprehensive where merited e.g. basic for LASK Linz and more advanced for Motherwell, where you'll find detailed tabs for results summary, record scores, record sequences and all individual scorers as well as the full list of matches. Other list section pages cater for club-records, tables and goals, with our All-time goalscorers charts (inc. every goal), Top scorers per season and Every known hat-trick lists being particularly noteworthy. FYI, we're currently finalizing the tabulation of our minor League and Cup tables, and you can expect to see these very soon. Elsewhere, the lists section veers off the beaten track with a number of unusual pages, so it's well worth exploring at your leisure. The section finishes with an A-Z profiling all known match officials, 1876 to date, where you'll find a special mention for the ridiculous duo Barry Cook and Jordan Stokoe. Any questions / ideas fire away, final part of the tour this evening...
  5. ^ Consider all your replies liked, even if the stingy rationing system disallows it to be graphically demonstrated. And well done to you Phil, on doing such an amazing job with Red/Yellow, you make it seem oh-so-easy to create a whole new business (it's really not). Very apt, they don't come more random than Denis! The Thistle Archive tour (2/4) - Players Our Player's A-Z features every player (1,900+) known to have been listed on a Partick Thistle first-team teamsheet, 1876 to date. At the very least, mini-bios are included for all, even the short-lived obscuros e.g. Kane Hemmings. As things stand, these mini-bios offer no critical insight, but we're open to the idea of extending them in some shape or form yet to be decided, perhaps by a new Thistle Archivist? A big project for someone... Current squad players carry a fairly comprehensive stats overview for this season, as well as their Thistle career to date e.g. James Penrice. Every goal in the club's history which can knowingly be attributed to any given player (10391 of 11339) is listed within each player's profile, as are each and every one of the 750+ penalties taken e.g. Chic Charnley. Looking ahead to the future, our specially applied profile for Alan Hansen gives an idea of how we'd like to shape the player hubs, with several tabs covering every game, Thistle honours, International Caps, Photo Gallery, Stats Watch and more. Directly related to these A-Z profiles, we've added a major section for player's club connections, with almost 8,000 connections identified at more than 1,400 clubs from all around the world, all the way from Auchinleck to Adelaide. Throughout the site, we're always asking for help; any more connections that you know of, do get in touch. A couple of mildly interesting Top 10s... Most connected clubs: 134 - Ayr United 132 - St Mirren 129 - Dumbarton 125 - Falkirk 121 - Rangers 117 - Hamilton Academical 111 - Greenock Morton 109 - Dunfermline Athletic 106 - Queen's Park 105 - Queen of the South Most clubs: 32 - Ritchie Pacquette 26 - Jose Quitongo 21 - Dave Rogers 21 - David Byrne 20 - Tommy Barber 19 - Andy Roddie 19 - Leon Constantine 19 - Nigel Jemson 19 - Peter Kyle 18 - Chic Charnley 18 - Greg Strong 18 - Jason Banton 18 - Richard Huxford Finally in the players section, our Squad Stats tables give you a sense of the most important players on a season-by-season basis. Each season's summary table is applied simultaneously as we sign off the match hubs for any given season, so we currently have 40 out of 146 good to go, the rest to follow when time allows. Any questions / ideas fire away, pt 3 of the tour tmw morning...
  6. A wee tour of the site, together with some of our future plans (c/w handy emoticon!) The Thistle Archive tour (1/4) - Matches Our unique match hubs (currently 1461/6599 uploaded) are at the very heart of the Archive and, in time, we'll have one in place for every known match, 1876 to date. Access them by clicking on the match result in any of the given season overview pages above. As well as the summary header featuring attendance (90% fulfillment) and half-time score (96% fulfillment), a minimum of three tabs are omnipresent e.g. Thistle 3 Celtic 0. The "Match Information" tab ideally features the 2-way line-ups with forenames and surnames identified wherever possible, as well as goalscorers with timings and more. We've got 97.4% fulfillment Thistle on Thistle's starting eleven slots, with the opposition (a work in progress) not too far behind. The "Match Report" tab carries, at the very least, our own potted report for each and every game, as well as contemporary accounts transcribed wherever we have them collected. The "Stats Watch" tab is in place for each and every game, currently loaded with 25,000+ stats over the years, albeit many of these games have yet to be uploaded. As well as these three "core" tabs, the occasional "Scrapbook" tab usually houses cut-outs from match-day newspaper reports, but can also include side stories, previews or match-day memorabilia such as programme covers, match tickets or pictures. Several hundred of the games will feature a "Video Highlights" tab; our aim is to embed a match highlights video for every match where such media is freely available. A juicy match-hub in full effect. Currently we've got 40 seasons covered, 106 to go. Whilst we could fairly easily upload basic hubs for the rest (about 80 hours of uploading), the decision's been taken to hold off until we've got them to the Thistle Archive reference-quality standard. This could yet take another few years, depending on personal circumstances. You can probably expect to see them being delivered in batches of 15-20 seasons at a time, with the next lot (1907-08 to 1924-25 inclusive) set to arrive in the next 2/3 months. Relating to these match hubs, we're planning on having a separate menu for match videos only, which will enable you to get straight to the action in any one of several hundred games via one simple page. But that's another story for another day. Any questions / ideas fire away, pt 2 of the tour this evening...
  7. Aw, thanks lib! Take it you heard about the site already via our all expenses spared marketing campaign on P & B? By some miracle, we've managed to attract 685 unique visitors in our first week which isn't too bad in the circumstances.
  8. A few of us Jags fans / forum members - myself William Sheridan (TJR), Jack Little (afkincaid), Stuart Deans (StuTheJag) & Niall MacTaggart (Camallain) - have been working on a new website - The Thistle Archive - which is basically a unique and accurate online encyclopedia of Partick Thistle stats and stories, 1876 to date. The site launched last Monday (7 September) with almost 7,000 pages in place, but is still very much in its infancy. Have a look around and see what you think. (What random player did you get?) http://www.thethistlearchive.net/ We're looking to spread the word, so any help to do that on social media would be appreciated. We're on Twitter, but are currently "shadow-banned" (tweets not reaching timelines etc) as we've been tweeting too many links and they've marked us down as spammers. Groan. Hopefully this ban will be lifted soon. https://twitter.com/thistlearchive Anyway, you can communicate any site-related discussion here on WAT via this profile and we'll make a few posts here over the forthcoming days to show you around. Hopefully it'll be something we can all enjoy using. 'mon the Jags!