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  1. Don't want to start another thread on this, but would like to poll the forum on naming this story. Two choices are in the running, so Thistle fans can decide (poll also running on Twitter). One forumite, one vote! You simply need to reply with A or B (but add comments if you like!) A] The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill or B] 1921: A Scottish Cup Odyssey Voting closes tomorrow night, 19-Jan-2021 21:00 Thanks!
  2. ^ Think you're right, perhaps Stuart could remind us? Seconded! We added season 1909-10 to The Archive today, all 46 match hubs loaded with line-ups, reports and stats. ● New strip. ● First game at Firhill. ● Introduction of Captain Raisbeck. ● First Welsh flag in the teamlines. ● Marginal improvement.
  3. Quite right! Either those were false rumours in 1897 or they baulked at the cost, the latter I suspect, our directors were famously tight canny in those days. I think it'll happen for Willie one of these anniversaries. Stuart Deans identified his resting place which was a bit of a job in itself. Would need a crowd funder to make it happen, possibly around 2K for a decent marble effort to do Willie proud.
  4. Funny you should say that, this excerpt from 'Willie Paul – The First Partick Thistle Giant': Thistle reach the summit of Scottish football amidst talk of a Willie Paul statue Sat-04-Sep-1897 Heart of Midlothian [h] W3-2 Scorers: Robert Gray, Willie Paul, Willie Paul Att: 7,000 Venue: Meadowside, Partick. Surely, one of thee most momentous occasions in all of Partick Thistle’s history? If I could hitch a ride in the Tardis I would, with a heavy heart, skip past 1971 and 1921 and set the co-ordinates as per the above. What a starter we had been given; Heart of Midlothian were the visitors – and they were the current Scottish Champions! The Second Division flag (unveiled in a friendly match with Rangers the week before) was flying high above the new main stand, and Meadowside hosted a huge crowd for the second week in a row. Big gate receipts were very welcome – there was a new ground to pay for after all. “The reaction in Partick to the victory was unbelievable. Residents who had hung out of tenement windows watching the large crowd throng the streets before the game now watched them leave Meadowside singing and dancing. The newspapers were full of the story of a well-known Thistle follower who announced he was going to start at the nearest close and insisted he was going to visit every tenant in the entire burgh to shake their hands. There were rumours that the Thistle committee had commissioned a statue of Willie Paul to commemorate his goal.” And so it came to be that Thistle prevailed in a famous battle of the Champions. Top-Flight Victory # 1 was secured on day one of our entry into the arena. With no goal-average system in place, Thistle fast-forwarded straight to the joint-top place in Scottish Football. The SFA called this one right; foolishness from West Calder I think. Every chance they could have beaten us if they'd played the game.
  5. Not allowed any official laugh replies so have one of these: p.s. We still scored more goals per game in 1908-09
  6. Both Jags and Morton (bottom and second bottom) forced to in the Scottish Qualifying Cup next season, a pure brassy. Burngrange Park not so much! http://partickthistleahistory.wikifoundry.com/page/v+West+Calder+Swifts+SC+1909
  7. Season 1908-09 is now live @ TTA, all 40 match hubs covered. Traumatic, nomadic and statistically our worst season ever with 102 League goals conceded. Dare you even look? http://www.thethistlearchive.net/1908-09
  8. Forever and ever, we'll follow the Jags, the Partick Thistle, the Harry Wraggs, For we have a promise, that we shall fulfill - to bring the Scottish Cup back up to Maryhill! Now we can't be quite sure when our fathers or grandfathers first made that promise, but what we do know is that still we ache for the second coming of that beautiful old trophy, 100 years on from our sole success. Unravelling the legendary historic journey, we'll uncover the background stories, get to know the players and discover which national records we broke along the way. This is the story of how the Cup was won, a herculean struggle, the likes of which had never been seen before in the National Cup - and has never been seen since. Hope you can join us this coming Wednesday for part one... (thanks to PTFCShirts for the colourization)
  9. Thanks for doing this, although the E-mail hasn't came through which is a bit worrying. Looked out the George Allan story, what a tragic accident. http://www.scotlandswar.co.uk/pdf_Season_1915-1916_(Fell).pdf Checked the players you mention and we've got them all covered with as many of the required basics as we can in terms of date/place of birth and date/place of death. No precedent for going into more detailed stories in the head section, although I'm open to the idea of extended bios, so will keep a side note of the above story as a future possibility. (Disclaimer: Tried to get my own personal account but WAT's sign up system seems goosed, so, just to point out this is William speaking, and my opinion may not be wholly representative of TTA!) Aye, worth mentioning, though it'd still be Pts over ££s every-time for me. The 1908 incident pales in comparison to the stink of the 1922 Semi Final, the great rematch of Thistle (holders) v Rangers (pretenders). With behind the scenes handshakes, our directors went out of their way to negotiate to play at Ibrox, eternally unforgivable.
  10. A new category, Discipline →, has been added to our lists section, with first uploads being our crime count tables from 1997-98 to 2020-21. These tables aren't as definitive as we'd like them to be; press reports can be unreliable at times for yellows and it's likely unreported bookings will come to light somewhere sometime. Also, we're still searching for 60+ ref I.D.s → from the last 24 years if anyone can help? Did you know? Jags haven't won the crime count battle since 2012-13, but are on course to do so this season, despite being 2-0 down on reds. For anyone interested in our site developments, it'll be worth your while keeping an eye on our home page in the coming weeks, as we've begun the process of uploading more match data and related season tallies, with several hundred new pages set to go live soon, taking us into the mid-1920s, in good time to celebrate the heroes of '21. Season 1907-08 → is now live and, following our new template, the related Squad Stats page for 1907-08 → is also up in its own right. Did you know? On 4th April 1908, for the first time in the club's history, Thistle's designated home fixture was not played on their own ground. Almost unbelievably, the directors gave up home advantage in the hope of getting a bigger gate. The takings were a mere £60 and the team were thrashed 6-0 at Pittodrie. A disgrace. Later in the month, before just 500 on a wet Thursday night, Thistle played their last game at Meadowside, their fifth home. A small group of supporters sung a lament, “will ye no come back again”, as the Union Jack was lowered. Partick was considered a hotbed of orangeism. We had to get out of that place! You can explore a wee bit of Meadowside at the Partick Thistle History Archive →
  11. Yes, you're on the right tracks there Jagger, although we must be a bit wary if just scraping the freebie surface like that, and the credits are expensive. Getting middle names is good for positive I.D. With this in mind, will definitely upgrade our Alfred J. Stamp to Alfred John Stamp, born in Girvan. Should be able to knock off quite a few uniques. Good chance Kellachan was born in Blantyre as he started out with Blantyre Celtic. Taking side notes...
  12. Several weeks back, we introduced a new mobile-friendly 4 column design to highlight appearances, scorers and assists for this season. We've now rolled out the concept to cover all 38 seasons which are currently archived. Since we began keeping records for these things several years ago, only one player has ever had an assists total which matches the top scorer for any given season. Care to guess who? See Squad Stats 2013-14 → With mobile-friendly users in mind, we've also added a more basic version of the season pages, and these basic versions now serve as the primary menu to access our match hubs e.g. 2014-15 → Our wider data tables remain in place for both squad stats and match hub menus, offering more detailed info for desktop and larger tablet users.
  13. Indeed, high hopes that much of these lists are do-able, all contributors and helpers most welcome
  14. HELP! It's been pretty exciting to find first-time photos of several old Jagsmen lately, including Thomas Dunsmore (1914), Alex Davidson (1912), John Stevenson (1912), Hugh Quigley (1912) and James Niven (1910s). Well over 1,000 done, several hundred still to go. Could you help with any of our missing player images? We never really stop adding bits n bobs, but don't always mention it, perhaps we should and stir the interest a bit more. Recently, dates of birth and previously unknown club connections were added for Rajiv Pathak and Adam McCall. Again, we now have well over 1,000 dates/places of birth in our database, but still we search for several hundred more, including ELEVEN of the current squad. Do you know where or when was he born? Any help appreciated and gets you a mention in our credits section!
  15. Hooray! Good to know you'll be reading. Re 'Doc', that's a surprising stat indeed. McCall reckons he should be on 5 already this season, I like his psychology. Took it like a seasoned striker, sure it won't be his last.