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  1. Common sense and football rarely go together.
  2. It doesn’t matter that East Fife are utter dugmeat - a win’s a win. Happy days. Enjoy your night everyone.
  3. Exactly. Knew this would be an absolute farce.
  4. Losing mentality right through the club. Soft as putty. Should be able to see out a lead with 5 minutes to go. Absolutely disgusting how far the club has fallen in the last 3 years.
  5. Awful. McCall has 45 mins to save his job imo.
  6. Richard Foster on Sportscene doing the pundit bit. Brass neck given how poor he’s been so far. And some chap called Caldwell on as well.
  7. Oh well that’s alright then. And we’ll just ignore everything else on the list eh.
  8. So you’ve conveniently forgotten that she hired Caldwell despite him being a serial loser and having no experience in Scottish football management. That appointment has really set the club back. Plus I’ll raise you the way that Doolan was treated, puerile club statements despite her being a PR professional, going in a huff when criticised about her and Caldwell’s videos, supporting a fan in the making of a ridiculous banner, the whole family club nonsense, hiring Caldwell, reappointing Rough to the board. Is that enough for you? Can’t blame her for hiring McCall as that was her predecessor.
  9. Oh but it could. A lot of similarities between McCall and Archibald’s squads. No pace Little creativity Lack of goals Leaky defence Ultra cautious defensive line ups Tippy tappy side to side rubbish McCall goes - the 2 assistants go. Has to be.
  10. BBC seem to think he’s an expert pundit.
  11. Absolute disgrace. Must be sacked tomorrow along with the 2 assistants. We’re stumbling blindly to league 2 and action needs taking now.
  12. Absolute disgrace. Losing to an ex Highland League side is a new low. McCall, Archibald and Scally should be sacked tomorrow by the chair, who quickly follows that by resigning her position. Our club is slowly dying and hardly anyone seems to care.
  13. Yay - a win. Finally. Lots of work still to do but great to get first win of the season.