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  1. Another great performance and result. Must just have been lengthening the odds on winning promotion when they were playing so badly. Keep it up.
  2. Poor lack of judgement. Ms Low and the rest of the BoD need to remove him. Won’t hold my breath.
  3. Always said that boy Rudden would come good....... Well done to the team. Another must win game won. On a roll.....
  4. One must win game won, more to come.
  5. I really admire your optimism. But the results tonight change nothing - we’re still sitting outside the play off spots. And before you mention the game in hand, it’s against Clyde. Who put three past Forfar tonight, a team who we unbelievably struggled against.
  6. Seriously? I thought he was sacked but we couldn’t afford the payoff in one go. Was that another lie from the boardroom?
  7. Look at the squad the current management team have built - it’s shocking. Full of duds and players well past their prime. And you’d trust them to build a squad in a higher league? Last time they did that we got relegated. Time to face facts - the 3 of them should be sacked. Tonight. Pay them off in instalments - we did that before with a manager who didn’t have a clue and was sacked. Who was that again....??
  8. Is anyone confident of winning this one?
  9. Another game, another sitter missed by Graham. Yet another useless journeyman at the end of his playing career who has ended up at Firhill. We’re stumbling towards oblivion.
  10. If they do read this, can a statement of confidence in the management team be issued by the BoD please.
  11. McCall and Archibald’s team - buck lies with them.
  12. Not all of us want the family club model. And if the rich owners had taken over we wouldn’t have had him in charge in the first place and wouldn’t have the squad we have.
  13. 100%. In a normal business, the shareholders would remove the hierarchy when it is obvious they cannot discharge their duties in a competent manner. Unfortunately that cannot happen at PTFC and we are stuck with the board and chairman, consequently therefore stuck with the management team and the duff squad that has been assembled. It’s sad days and we have stumbled blindly to the lower echelons of Scottish football, in real danger of stumbling towards oblivion.
  14. Time for a motivational statement from the illustrious chairman to tell us how well things are going, and how the Partick Thistle Family club will come good by us having faith in the management team and the highly professional skilled squad that they have built.
  15. Sadly, I agree. We’re stuck in a complete rut, saddled with an expensive management team clearly out of ideas and top heavy. Can’t afford to get rid, can’t afford to keep them. It’s a shocking state of affairs.