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  1. “Thistle’s transition to fan ownership finalised”
  2. Some people may suggest that this is about the chairman cementing her influence and position. Fan ownership was never going to happen. And this move today just reinforces that.
  3. Didn’t have you down as being naive.
  4. Glad she’s taking my advice and seen sense.
  5. Because ultra cautious Sturgeon doesn’t like people enjoying themselves .
  6. With the greatest of respect, that is complete b0llocks.
  7. And they wouldn’t be wrong. Ditch one of the assistant managers to open up a space for a coach if McCall wants one.
  8. Spot on. And for the club to tweet about it in some kind of celebratory fashion is just bizarre.
  9. Big Col

    Betfred Cup

    The entire club - board, management, squad, fans - need to have a positive and winning attitude from the off.
  10. Admin - you may as well close this thread as our resident legal expert has spoken and he’s always right, with the rest of us being wrong.
  11. It’s really depressing how far the club has fallen and the resultant despondency among the fans, some of whom are now doubting we’ll be near the top of the table of League 1. LEAGUE 1. Unbelievable.
  12. We don’t need to issue any more statements. The earlier toe curling one was bad enough.
  13. Jeezo. Give it a rest eh? Okay - you were right. Whoop de do! Good for you. Well done. Now stop.