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  1. I almost preferred it when the PTFC Trust said nothing. Maybe we should get a list of questions on here and send them off?
  2. Was Gerry Britton not on the board of trustees for PTFC Trust prior to the new appointments. I'm surprised if he did not have a greater knowledge of the ins and outs.
  3. I personally hadn't planned to join the protest but these communications from PTFC Trust are pushing me mighty close to doing so.
  4. Yeah, the more I read of the PTFC Trust's communications the more I feel they should resign. Not fit for purpose.
  5. That's my concern about the protest. I can see why it's taking place but it could be misconstrued depending on how it pans out.
  6. There is a protest already arranged for Saturday. I'll be interested to read/ hear what took place at the AGM. Sounds like the PTFC Trust didn't query anything. Not sure if some more independently minded fans raised any issues?
  7. It is an utter sham from start to finish. The PTFC Trust should re-sign en masse. Would be the first good thing they've done for the club and the fans
  8. " Post AGM Announcement The PTFC Trust became majority shareholders of the club two weeks ago. The current Trustees took the decision to use this position to promote stability and a smooth transition to greater fan engagement and a more appropriate fan ownership model. This will mean a broader membership of the PTFC Trust, elections for Trustees and representation on the club board. We recognise that some supporters are frustrated with the current situation, however, we do not believe it would be appropriate to use our position to make fundamental changes before consultation with the wider fan base. Our recent conversations with club employees and sponsors support this decision. However, as the majority shareholders we will monitor the situation closely and have the power to act quickly should circumstances change. Any questions or comments should be sent to [email protected]" More words with little clarity.
  9. In a shock move from PTFC Trust... "This decision was reached to provide stability and ensure no radical changes are made to the running of the club in the middle of the season, whilst the Trust is at the beginning of the fan ownership journey. We are in the process of contacting the beneficiaries of the Trust and will act in accordance with their wishes in any future votes. Any questions or comments should be sent to [email protected]" The PTFC Trust? Just be honest and re-brand as Jacqui's Lackeys.
  10. A good question. I wasn't on the original PTFC Trust list despite meeting the season ticket threshold so it'll probably be a moot point either way for me.