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  1. Might as well go plastic then we can get the Old Firm Colts in as well...
  2. Ah shite, did I miss the cut off point for a refund?
  3. I got my subscription through today which was nice. Last one arrived with the Saturday post. Still more after the game than before but hopefully getting their act together.
  4. The club stated Spittal will be back next week for the Clyde game. the players are entitled to patient confidentiality the same as you or I. It was alluded to that a member of the squad had been affected by a mental health issue. Should this be publicly detailed? , Would you like your medical history publicly shared?
  5. I fear the conditions and lack of lighting could hinder our expansive free flowing style of football today...
  6. I'm sure. Was just unclear if it was a yearning to pry Higgy from the clutches of Wee Bazza to solve our apparent problem with penalties
  7. He is the Forfar Athletic manager A solid win and good to see the goals beginning to get spread about. About time Docherty stuck away one his chances and hopefully a confidence boost for him and Shea going forward. A two goal win a significant as nearly if not all winners of this league have scored an average of two goals or more per game. We're playing catch up on that front and we've dropped crucial points already due to a paucity in front of goal. as said the defence and central midfield are as good as any in this league. We now move onto being more creative in the final third hopefully. We look pretty organised and disciplined and the players are showing a bit more charcter. Bring on the fishermen!
  8. We never used to have a new calendar every year back in the old days. The club are going us for mugs here...
  9. ...or were they saved by Cammy Bell? Another Thistle connection...
  10. We have had issues with penalties going back as far as I can remember. Celtic park in the League Cup earlier in the century (2003/4?) we had three chances to put Celtic out but missed them all. Cowdenbeath in the cup 92/93 we ended up getting beat but Don McVicar (RIP) had a penalty saved them broke the keeper's arm going in for the rebound. It was maybe inconsequential but Conor Sammon's half-arsed effort Vs Livingston in the Premiership relegation/ promotion play-off 2nd leg still grinds a few gears . We didn't get one (in the league) for years when we were up in the Premiership. Then we got one when Mathias Pogba was felled vs Celtic and Stuart Bannigan tucked it away. Did I make that last one up?