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  1. jagfox


    Good answer but not the one I’m looking for.
  2. jagfox


    Scotland visit Dublin today, so which Scotsman helped (Republic of) Ireland reach their first major championship finals?
  3. Peak Thistle! Selling off last season's "hallowed" turf. I've heard a few names for the playing surface recently. Hallowed certainly wasn't one of them. Take a little piece of Firhill home
  4. MCT looking to sell up to 49% of their shares to an outside investor. I would assume that would be the Easdale brothers.
  5. St Johnstone are really bad this year. Have gone off a cliff after their miraculous last season. Most Saints fans I have spoken to want rid of Davidson despite winning a cup double last season. Understandably the board are behind him. Could be a change if they go down or struggle next season. On that last point I will go for a Saint's relegation and hopefully they do an Archie and keep Davidson even though his time is probably up despite (recent) past successes. I don't think there will be beautiful football on display but should be some drama at least. If ICT go up they would be the first Championship team promoted from 3rd or 4th place in the Premiership playoffs. They have had a couple of good performances on us and can certainly beat The Johnnies, even over two legs.
  6. There have been 16 and 18 team top flight divisions in Scotland. Maybe you haven't looked backwards enough? Even that aside the prospect of some extra league cup games fills me with apathy. Why not bring back the Spring Cup or Dryborough Cup and we can aim for three figure crowds?
  7. I'm not sure fans of Juventus will ever agree with this unfounded statement.
  8. I have no memory of us playing in a 16 or an 18 team division. I do not see clubs agreeing to a drop in home league fixtures. When did we actually play in a league of these sizes? Aside from the Challenge cup league cup games are the poorly attended compared with league and Scottish cup games in general. No amount of faffing with the league cup will make up for the loss of league games and the subsequent revenue drop in attendance, hospitality and matchday sponsorship. I do have memories of us playing in 12 and 14 team leagues. The first had an energy sapping 44 game season the latter a bizarre 39 league season where you would have an uneven amount of home and away games against each opponent all without the joys of a split. The current setup isn't ideal but it is a lot better than playing 32 league games imo. The original post also misses the pedantic point of the split being just that; a split into two sub divisions of a Championship top 6 and relegation bottom 6 so there is more likelihood of say team 7 racking up more points than team 6 as they are playing (at least on paper) an easier schedule in the 5 games. Funny how as a support a lot of fans gravitate to the(foggy) past rather than the future.
  9. We Are Partick Thistle..
  10. There are damn lies and these statistics..
  11. Same summer we played in Portadown and West Belfast vs Cliftonville I think?
  12. Could actually be MacDonald who is partially hidden.
  13. More an update but Garry O’Connor?
  14. Might as well go plastic then we can get the Old Firm Colts in as well...