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  1. About 23 stones and talking pish about Rangers...
  2. A lot of huffing and puffing for a £2500 fine...
  3. Where did I say I was going to Clyde games? Also TV is the biggest income for the big bad SPFL. BOYCOTT should start with that. Unless it is all a bark at the moon? I'll put my money where I like btw...
  4. Disappointed to miss out on the big man...
  5. Pointless explanation to your pointless post. Pointless begats pointless ha ha.
  6. ^ doing it wrong No I'm BOYCOTTING polls. *it's for emphasis or to imply shouty words btw...
  7. Strange that you quote this reply and not the post it was replying to? Now that was childish!
  8. I wonder how many Jags fans who are 'boycotting' have cancelled their Sky Sports subscriptions? This being the SPFL's main income stream? I'm not sure what this 'BOYCOTT' is intended to achieve? The die has been cast Doncaster is probably more entrenched in his position than he was pre-Covid-19. The clubs who made their own choices on the situation have been around for many years. Most through a couple of World Wars and the Spanish Flu. I doubt a couple of hundred Thistle fans going or not going to a game will make little or any difference. They'll budget accordingly and move on. Anyway, I'm not BOYCOTTING. Well maybe after the Clyde game...
  9. It could be a way to avoid litigation if the proposal is accepted. I think with the last proposal that Doncaster talked of using emergency powers available to the SPFL even with a slight majority of clubs agreeing to that proposal. Again the big IF is getting the resolution passed, which is easier said than done.
  10. I'm just sorry we didn't get a chance to see Lewis ripping up the Euros for England this summer...