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  1. I also got an email telling me it was postponed. Sensible decision and good communication!
  2. Thought the deadline was tomorrow then realised there was a game tonight. Sorry! Here we go HAAHHHAHHAAHHAAH
  3. I said I had no preference and the grandson and I will be there tomorrow night for the Ayr game. Not expecting another one.
  4. Merry Christmas to all the Thistle family, players, staff and supporters wherever you are in the world
  5. Maybe someone should have a word with Mhairi Black and get him told!
  6. Yes you do unfortunately. This time with bank details so that they can take the payment
  7. If any of you are going today I’ll be on table 38 if anyone wants to say hello
  8. Here are the votes for the Earnock jury HAAHHAAHHHHAAHHAHAHH probably nil points!