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  1. Maybe someone should have a word with Mhairi Black and get him told!
  2. Yes you do unfortunately. This time with bank details so that they can take the payment
  3. If any of you are going today I’ll be on table 38 if anyone wants to say hello
  4. Here are the votes for the Earnock jury HAAHHAAHHHHAAHHAHAHH probably nil points!
  5. Looks like a new record! hhahaahahaa Thanks again for doing this BB
  6. Just ordered my tickets. No problem sorting it out but the email back went into my junk folder. Might be worth having a look in there if you don’t find it in your inbox
  7. Jim Slavin who I believe came from Porkheid with rave reviews!
  8. First time I’ve ever seem ‘common sense’ being said on anything to do with the SPFL
  9. Did mine online via the link on the official site. No problems and an email response to print the ticket!
  10. Was charged this for both games so far. It’s per transaction for postage/handling apparently
  11. No programmes or half time draws