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  2. So do I Probably for the same reasons they started the lower leagues in the first place. There are plenty of clubs that are wanting to play and the SPFL can't ignore them. Look at Brechin for example, one club who you'd probably think would want to bin the season but they have signed a player in this transfer window. So you'd think they're expecting football to resume at some stage, with their chairman on the SPFL board. I know that's tenuous at best but it's maybe an insight into how the SPFL board are looking at it.
  3. Great fact about the 2 teams who had more cup action at Firhill than Thistle that season. Don't want to say who they are as @Jaggernautmight want to guess.
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  5. Just under 24 hours left for you to get your tickets and be in Saturday's draw: https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk/packages/221/e/180?target_facility=678 Good Luck!
  6. I genuinely hope that you are right, but .... .... turn your question round and ask why it would be in the interest of SFA/SPFL (not the clubs) to restart the leagues ? less than half the member clubs and a tiny percentage of supporters are impacted.
  7. No, it's probably not but then again neither is QOTS v Caley Thistle but those sorts games are going ahead because the Scottish Government have said that elite sport can continue. I think that renders the point of whether football games are necessary completely moot. The bottom line is that the SPFL have the power to start up the lower leagues any time they see fit, it's completely different to the situation we had back in March 2020 whereby the leagues were not allowed to restart. With the downward trends in cases continuing then the SPFL will likely begin talks with the clubs with regards to re-starting. As I have noted before, the effect that a small number of footballers travelling around the country will have on the spread of this virus in comparison to people travelling to and working on building sites and in factories every day is pretty miniscule.
  8. Saw a joke in the 1918 first edition of the Red Anchor magazine. Drunk approaches the tender transferring passengers to the "SS Caledonia " , which was taking them to New York. The Caledonia was berthed in the Firth of Clyde off Greenock. Crew member says "have you got your ticket?" Drunk "No, can I buy one?" Crew member "Yes. That'll be six guineas." Drunk, somewhat in confusion, "What? To take me to Rothesay?"
  9. EKJ, according to the Scottish Football Historical Archive they were a "Senior" team in Glasgow and lasted one season before going defunct 1876-1877. Talk of Spain and oranges reminds me there was a woman doon the baras who used to sell oranges shouting "Fresh Seville oranges. Nane o' yer foreign muck". Needless to say Seville was pronounced to rhyme with exile.
  10. Norgethistle posted yesterday that he felt that he could see no end in sight now. He's not alone in having lows during this pandemic. The football authorities seem to have forgotten that elite sport was allowed to continue to help communities through lockdown, and that included lower league clubs. Many of us have been there. Hopefully with spring and summer coming, things will improve. One of my favourite photos is of Pulpit Rock in (I think) Lysefiorden, "round the corner" from Norge in Stavanger. I took it in the summer several years ago, and the rock and blue sky look good from the fiord. Got it transferred to my phone and tablet, among others to remind me of happier times. Being retired, I don't work now, so as well as walking the dog, I've been doing a few projects, including looking at any potential origins of the junior football team Valencia in 1876, Thistle’s first recorded game. (Anniversary February 19.) Many better historians have been there before me. Looked at roads, streets, geographical areas, ponds and parks, (most football clubs are geographical in origin), rugby and rowing clubs (Clyde and Rangers originated from such clubs), clubs and not unusual for the time, temperance societies. Looked at businesses in the locale (Seville fc in Spain originated from Dundee sailors playing. There was a big trade in oranges for marmalade). The 1875 Post Office Annual Glasgow Directory brought up the Glasgow and Valencia Steam Packet Company at 47 Union Street Glasgow. Research on this company led to first Henderson Brothers and it's successor company the Anchor Line. I wondered whether or not the football club had any links to the shipping agents. No ship named Valencia, although many of the Line's ships had names ending in "ia", e.g. Caledonia, Victoria, and so on. Henderson Brothers did acquire a shipyard at Whiteinch, but the only "Valencia " was constructed on the Clyde later, in 1880. (Watt Library newspaper index.) Further research on the Anchor line took me to the Glasgow University Great War project, and American University libraries. Glasgow has an article on D & W Henderson Shipbuilders and Marine Engineers, Meadowside Glasgow. The University of Illinois have a scanned copy of the History of the Anchor Line 1852 to1911. At the University of Minnesota, I found scanned copies of the Red Anchor magazine, the company's staff magazine, but unfortunately the magazine started in 1918. Interesting though. Where has this got me? Not much further in establishing the origin of the football club. But the ships that sailed from Glasgow to Valencia around 1876 are the only link to the area that I can find. Lots of interesting information, but I need to get to the Mitchell when this is all over! (The National Newspaper Archive is good for old newspapers, but is subscription only.) I wonder if any of the club's more professional historians have been to the Anchor Line before me?
  11. The advice is don't travel unless absolutely necessary. Is Elgin v Stranraer absolutely necessary ?
  12. You mean the new European Super League DD?
  13. Glasto cancelled, Olympics probably heading for the bin, Rearranged Euros likewise, Spain shutting out Brits until 70% of us are vaccinated, NI saying high probability of extension of lockdown to Easter or end of April, top medic in USA saying we should be OK by autumn chance of League 1 restarting this season - tending towards zero
  14. Well yes, that is all based on the assumption that the clubs want to re-start but I think that there will be enough of them looking to do that. Nicola Sturgeon has been pretty clear that decisions on whether football continues, at the moment anyway, is completely in the hands of the SFA/SPFL. I don't know why the country would have to move to level 2 of restrictions to allow part time football to continue when it played for months in Level 3 and 4 prior to the new year. There has been absolutely zero suggestion from anyone in Government that this would be required. I think that now the kick up over the Dubai situation is beginning to settle down the SPFL will be more open to re-opening the leagues. I also don't see why there should be such a worry about a limited number of football players and staff travelling and playing games when thousands of people country wide are travelling daily to manufacturing and construction sites. I appreciate that there is an economic trade off with regards to manufacturing and construction but from a public health or "PR" perspective it's obvious what is the one with the least amount of risk.
  15. Happy days if we are in the same league as the old firm, and NOT in the premier league
  16. There is also the politics. The football industry is currently held in low esteem by the government, partly due to the SFA/SPFL sounding off and partly due to a player holiday in Dubai. In the current climate with all the country in lockdown, it would not be great PR to start allowing part time players to travel around the country twice a week. The lockdown level will need to be reduced, possibly to level 2 over a wide area, before the authorities will have any option to start leagues one and two again
  17. You're assuming there's a general will amongst the League One & League Two clubs to continue. I have a feeling the majority would rather call it a day for the season. I seem to mind that some clubs weren't even that happy to start the season playing behind closed doors. Besides decision back then was likely based on seeing things return to normal by now. At very worst thinking that a limited in number home support would be in place. Further, and not meaning to imply that part time clubs lack ambition, but let's say most of them play the long game in terms of progress. So if financially prudent ending the season now may be no great shakes. Of course the SPFL may insist on continuance, but as others have pointed out the SPFL hierarchy barely acknowledges our existence.
  18. I'm not totally convinced that the season will be finished prematurely, as it stands the Government have not actually stipulated that we have to stop playing. That decision was made by the SPFL/SFA due to the current prevalence of the virus in the community. If you look at the daily numbers when the league started in mid october they were trending upwards and reached a peak of 1700 odds the week after our first game. They began trending downwards after this point until christmas time when they began going up again. So what we can see is that they allowed football at our level to commence when cases were rising and we were hitting the same daily numbers as we are now. The numbers we are currently seeing are beginning to decrease, albeit slowly, so it's not entirely out of the question that by next week we are seeing a decline in cases and hospital admissions and we can begin moving towards starting the league again. It's also worth remembering that we began the leagues in October when there was no vaccine on the immediate horizon. The rollout of this is now well underway and this will be getting ramped up as weeks go on. I think as long as the numbers continue to trend downwards then we'll see the resumption of the leagues by mid to end of February.
  19. The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill part 2 → The 1921 Scottish Cup got underway OTD 100 years ago. Hi-Hi or Hibees? We look back to the First Round action, keep an eye on Thistle's League progress and stumble into a new and bizarre Jaggy Factoid... which two clubs saw more 1921 Cup action at Firhill than Thistle?
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  21. I don't know if there's been much publicity for this series of interviews with ex-Jags players, but there's a new batch just posted on Youtube. Thoroughly enjoyable to hear the stories and opinions. Here's the link to the Stephen Craigan interview, but they're all worth checking out!
  22. Who knows, maybe if we can manage to overcome those formidable obstacles such as Cove, East Fife, Dumbarton .... we'll show that we are serious about reaching the Premiership one day, and staying there for more than a few seasons before sinking like a stone yet again.
  23. Douglas Mcrea winning again, there’s a surprise, almost as much as Mr. Towers winning the 50/50!
  24. Imagine what it’s like for a pessimist like me. The thing that keeps me going is thinking I knew I was right
  25. Think we are all feeling it. Especially in the midst of winter. I think that's why the suspension of our games even harder to accept, albeit I can see a semblance of the why. Even watching our average team passed a few hours.....add in no pubs, restaurants, live music and family and friends at distance and yep even an optimist like me can struggle. All you can say is we are nearer the end than the start. Surely!
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