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  2. we weren’t paying him surely not FFS
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  4. Thanks @elevenone. I will also be looking at my spot if the stream goes ok, absence does make the heart grow fonder. I really like it when goals are shown on twitter and i can see myself and young Robert just behind the goal. Hope you and your boy enjoy the game and some day we will all be back inside Firhill cheering the jags on.
  5. my da took me to the game at the ripe old age of 3 - he was a cough cough a green one - mercifully I had better taste by the age of 7 or 8 and was getting regularly lifted over the turnstiles up Firhill Road by more elderly Jags fans - perhaps sandy even lifted me over the auld buffer! - the DVD kick-off at my casa on the 55 inch flatscreen at 9 p.m. tonight - in comes Bone and he walks the ball into the net it's 4 nil!!! - happy anniversary troops!
  6. Dools playing quite well. Two good shots on goal. Hearts keeper had to make great save for second one. On bbc 9 if anybody wants to watch.
  7. This is Arbroath we're talking about. On the cusp of winter. His SAS training will come in handy
  8. Well that is Bradley Renfrew effectively released so maybe freeing up some money?
  9. That’s a relief. Wait just read back. A measure of how far we have fell if i’m saying that. Enjoy game AJ. Will be glancing over at your spot during the match.
  10. I’m sure he was top of the list when they were drawing up a list of pundits for tonight.... Has he relocated the place where the pundits usually stand, just like he did with our dugouts?
  11. Not tomorrow, out injured.
  12. Odds on Ally Roy to score against us?
  13. Whats Derek Johnstone up to these days?
  14. Gary of course was telling everyone after his dismissal that due to the level he played, he'd be better equipped to manage in the top division or even as national manager. Having not played at championship level he felt was a severe disadvantage. So here he is commentating on eh, championship football.
  15. oor gary on bbc tonight -- with doolan in the team hearts will have to watch him, doolan can score goals what an absolute belter hope oor chair is watching this
  16. Couldn't look at this until now as have been incredibly busy and couldn't escape work to do the test. Anyway, despite having three season tickets we haven't yet found a way to logon. I'm tired - will look again later but patience is pretty thin already! Feel a clown not being able to use this but given the thread above seems I am far from alone. Disappointed if I cant get this sorted before kickoff.
  17. I'm sure there will be. And easier for us to pick up since we don't bother whether they're fit or not.
  18. I was 11 months old. Think I remember the party at our house that night but can't remember what time it finished.
  19. We deffo need to pick up another striker, i am sure there must still be some out there looking for a gig
  20. More sponsors than points!
  21. I’m not a season ticket holder so will watch ppv. Hopefully it will be simpler. I’ve registered already so keeping my fingers crossed
  22. Problem sorted, i hope. I emailed Firhill and got a reply from Beth saying my account was getting activated, this happened late this afternoon,thanks to Beth for doing that. As you say @partickthedog and @CotterJag were very helpful as was all the other posts on this thread. We will all be at Firhill tomorrow in spirit if not in body. Lets hope the team do the business on the park and all the problems we have had getting logged in will be worth it.
  23. Game 14 of the season and we’re only three points off top spot. I feel better about the Clyde game now
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