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  2. Zander today reminded me of the way a young Stephen O’Donnell was deployed when he first broke into the Thistle first team as a strong running wide midfield player, before settling back into an attacking fullback/wingback type role.
  3. Great result today. Well done to the management team, players and fans who had a very long journey for the second consecutive week. I said a few weeks ago the big test for Dools was getting something in a game we went behind in, and also how quickly we bounced back from a defeat. We failed to get anything last week after going behind, but even taking account of Coves current form, today was a very impressive way to bounce back from last week's loss. Another big game on Friday, would be great to get rid of the Queens Park hoodoo.
  4. The end point for McCall is the relevant point. We were falling away from the title challenge, setting us back from teams starting to overhaul us. McCall was taking us nowhere, he wasn't able to stop the slide. A change was needed. Should have been sooner, but it was needed. We now have a chance to make play offs whereas with McCall it was slipping away.
  5. Well said Sandy. Completely agree. Really wish we had him tied up on a new deal
  6. For context, it’s 1.88 points per game. Queen’s Park have 1.74 points per game this season. Dundee have 1.77 points per game. Ayr have 1.58 points per game. McCall won 1.43 points per game. In almost all seasons in the second tier since the creation of a 12 team top flight, 1.88 points per game has been sufficient either to win the league or to finish 2nd. Is it sensational? No. Is it very impressive for someone with no prior management experience, thrown in the deep end with someone else’s team? Absolutely.
  7. As ever the starting and end point is rather important … Doolan has done ok but factually that’s it .
  8. McCall 's last 8 games he got 13 out of 24, including blowing 8 points against Cove and Accies. Goals for -14 against 9. Doolan. 15 points from 8 games. Goals scored -12 Against 2. And Doolan has done this with McCall's players. And actually beat Cove Rangers with them. Why couldn't McCall, more experienced, 2 assistants and his squad not do better? We were failing hnder McCall. That much was obvious.
  9. 15 points out of 24 is ok but not outstanding in our situation
  10. No just pointing out that generalising from one result is stupid
  11. well that was fun...pretty much a home game for me....I salute the guys who have three hours on a bus to get back home. Normal service to be resumed next week when I travel to Firhill for Friday night's game!! If we can play like today against QP, the run in should be quite interesting. Keep going Jags.
  12. Not too sure but definitely wide. Strong enough to play full back and fast enough to play in wide midfield. Echo partickthedog re the quality of his cross for no5. Excellent build just before as well. Thought our only fault today was letting them get too much of the ball after the break. We'd previously not given them much of a touch. The third goal was all important.
  13. It’s not just those results. Getting nothing from QP so far and throwing away a two goal lead vs Dundee at the end of the 5 game losing run.
  14. Impressive run of results from Doolan. 4 wins, 3 draws, 1 defeat - 6 shut outs. Considering this has been achieved from a set of fixtures which has included 6 away games.
  15. Great result. It’s all about momentum now as I think aiming for 2nd is the best we can do but who knows. Unfortunately 2 points from 12 at home against the worst teams in the league has dented our big chance to win the championship
  16. Great result today, just sorry now that I did not go up for the game, but after Inverness last week stayed at home..
  17. Five scorers , clean sheet and the recent Cove away Monkey drop kicked in the North Sea …pleasing .
  18. Yeah and the Turner family have a big day tomorrow with their charity walk for the Beatson. Hope everything goes well and they raise a great amount for a very important charity https://www.gofundme.com/f/ben-lomond-for-beatson-cancer-charity?utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_content=undefined&utm_medium=copy_link_all&utm_source=customer&utm_term=undefined
  19. You still hurting over your beloved McCall deservedly getting the boot?
  20. Think that lad is going to be a good player. Have liked what I've seen of him so far.
  21. Well played sir. In manager speak - you are in possesion of the jersey.
  22. Worth recording that our 5th goal (header by Mullen) came from brilliant run and cross by Zander Mackenzie
  23. Dundee increase the lead on us, not good enough Dools
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