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  2. At this moment in time I'd be happy to replace McCall with my dog.
  3. Anyone explain why the pitch markings were red? Can't because of a frozen or snow covered pitch going by the date Maybe blood, to intimidate the opponents?
  4. That looks like wool, or acrylic.... I'd be surprised if it's a top.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I would think its few fans! I am confident we can win tomorrow. The only question mark is that Montrose have Harry Cochrane in Midfield on loan from Hearts. If he plays he could control the Midfield which would mean trouble for us! Before being seriously injured a couple of seasons ago he was a very impressive young player!
  7. Maybe there rehab wasn’t quick enough for club or physio couldn’t handle the amount of injuries , which at last count was 13
  8. Would'nt be surprised and if it was and if so good on him ( or whoever) for owning up to feeling bad. All to often people ( particularly men) bottle these things up, sometimes with disasterous consequences.
  9. Is the Montrose guy not who you wantto replace McCall?
  10. Do physios not tend to treat the players when they are injured rather then cause their injuries though.....so not sure I entirely see the link
  11. No wonder maybe they couldn’t handle the amount we have out injured https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/vacancy-lead-physiotherapist/
  12. Aye, and the windaes were a lot cleaner back then as well.
  13. Academy seems to be of no benefit to the club, the players don't get a chance. They become apprentices and get loaned out never to be heard of again and released at end of their contracts. Even now when we cannot find enough for the bench they are not invited along even for experience. The women's team is also of no benefit to the club yet yet gets a higher vantage point than our academy that is supposed to bring through players but doesn't. Both should be kyboshed and focus put on the 1st team where the real bread and butter is.
  14. I'm sure somebody at Greaves is reading this. Perhaps they'll come up with something
  15. You couldn’t get injured then, you had a shift at your work on Monday
  16. what about something for Christmas haters ..... Humbug
  17. Lets get back to the days when the physio was a guy with a bucket of cold water and a sponge. I don't remember as many injuries back then.
  18. Christmas jumper arrived today. Love it. Thanks Phil.
  19. Ironically Elgin allowing some fans back in for match tomorrow.
  20. Since January we have played 6 away league games. We have drawn 2 and lost 4. An abysmal record and has to change, with a win tomorrow.
  21. Teaser tweet from Greaves .....
  22. Quick look on their P&B page says £12.50 for league games.
  23. The occupant of the other half of the bed won the signed shirt and asked me what could possibly be done with it. My suggestion that it would make a fine wedding present for the older wasting asset didn't seem to go down too well. It would make a great start to a series of back-to-back league win shirts. Some people have no vision.
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