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  2. Whoever let it on the pitch will have been lamb basted
  3. And took about 5mins to get the ball back in play, largely by punting it pointlessly up the park. For that reason - a pretty average goalkeeper at championship level. Nice guy though.
  4. In the 1950's, and maybe into the 60's, Rugby Park was reckoned to have one of the best playing surfaces in Scotland, and that was often attributed to the sheep which was free to graze on the pitch, although not on matchdays! THAT IS TRUE! (Ewe couldnae make it up). As far as it turning up on a matchday, obviously the QR code ticketing system must have been faulty that day!
  5. I was meaning more that it was fully expected. It would have been more of a surprise if he had signed on again. McMillan is probably in the same boat.
  6. Record-breaking run of shutouts, excellent overall shut-outs record, even scored an important goal (our only keeper ever to score in outfield play). But if you say so.....
  7. Graeme Souness in press today saying he spoke to Alan on phone yesterday and he was doing well, taking the mick etc so fingers crossed a full recovery in the offing.
  8. Sneddon leaving is hardly a major event. We did sign Crawford early in the window
  9. It hasn't been all that eventful a transfer window, so far. For us the major events have probably been the departures of MacMillan and Sneddon, and the return of Turner. Have I missed others of note?
  10. Ewe are definitely more correct in terms of timeline. My suggestion of Stuart Baaaannigan would be historically inaccurate.
  11. Think too it might be Rugby Park. Definite Neil Duffy (10). As the "11" isn't Davie McP my guess would be Jim Fleming? Definitely Tommy Eweing in the foreground.
  12. Did Kilmarnock not have a sheep as a mascot in the late 1950s? I think this is Rugby Park!! 🐏
  13. The world somehow seems to have been simpler back then.... Was anybody on the forum at this livestock auction match?
  14. Last week
  15. So he will still be gracing the Firhill turf next season. Good to know.
  16. 21 new members in the last 7 days. In my experience, if there isn't much comms it's because there's nothing ready to say. When there's something to say it will be said!
  17. And Sean McGinty mutually agree’s to terminate his contract with them. and ps no before anyone suggests.
  18. Scott McMann signed for Ayr that’s a very good signing for them
  19. You pay for the convenience by supplying personal data to an organisation with which you have no other affiliation. Purely in commercial terms, that is a considerable supplement to the pay-at-the-gate price, even if you don't value your privacy.
  20. Absolutely, totally and utterly AGREE.
  21. Any update on membership numbers? Looking for some/any info as the club has gone in to radio silence mode at the moment.
  22. Given that the competitive action starts 4 weeks yesterday I would assume pre season training is just around the corner. I would hope that we will see the fruits of the hard work that is going on behind the scenes in the form of some signings then (unless of course Raith are interested and then we might not as well bother).
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