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  2. I see the Highland League have delayed their season start till Nov 28th at earliest. My totally unqualified opinion is that the average Highland League ground will be better suited to social distancing (thus allowing in paying customers) than the likes of Firhill and all the other stadia that are all seated.
  3. Rather strange we didn't already have a game lined up around then. Good to play decent opposition anyway.
  4. Article in Edinburgh Evening News states the game will be "in Glasgow". But no start time. Hearts were due to play Queens Park, but this fell through. Can't find any other info on the game anywhere else!
  5. Playing Hearts again this Friday. No idea where.
  6. There shouldn't really be any excuse for him not to be fully fit. I understand you can pick up niggly injuries from time to time but hes yet to kick a ball in anger for us in approaching 10 month. I think McCall said in an interview (after BSC game) that he was looking good prior to this latest set back so fingers crossed he can finally start looking like the player we all have high hopes for.
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  8. There was a documentary on Alba a few months back. I posted about it as i didn't know if @Third Lanark knew about it. Turned out him and his dad was in it as his grandfather played for Thirds.
  9. I am sure i read that Rudden was injured. I don't think he has been fully fit since he came to us. I think he got injured while on loan at Plymouth.
  10. put the pics up and we will decide if they won’t put the players off
  11. Apologies to my fellow forumistas for adding to the pish recently on this banal thread - let's hope the season gets started proper soon.
  12. Zak Rudden, injured? Could be a 20 goal striker in league 1
  13. Looks like people have self isolated from non football topic on this thread. Last post was 20 odd hours ago.
  14. I agree. This thread has developed into nothing about the Jags.
  15. Had a look at the Archive today. One of the games listed is from 28 Sep 1889. A friendly against Albion Rovers. It starts "Because both clubs were "overthrown" in the Scottish Cup....." I took it that overthrown meant beaten. So I went to the "Matches" section, and looked up the fixtures for September 1889. Yes there it was. On 7 Sept 1889 3rd L.R.V. 3 Thistle 2 at Cathkin Park. In the match info, wonderful photos of most of the players. I took it that "3rd L.R.V." was what I know to be Third Lanark. So a Google search confirmed that "Third Lanark A.C." was an offshoot of the "3rd Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers", and 3rd L.R.V. was a founder member club of the SFA. I didn't know the origin of Third Lanark, and its a shame that a club with such an illustrious origin and history had to fold. I think there is still a Third Lanark club in amateur football. A lovely journey in the "Thistle Archive" all because of the term "overthrown". Its not that I don't have other things to do, but I'm glad that I made this journey into history.
  16. Can family and friends have their photies on seats next to each other....... or will we need to photographically distance?
  17. Anyone remember the year 1BV when this forum used to be about PTFC. Not saying Covid-19 isn't important but can ADMIN not find another venue for the debate?
  18. Last week
  19. Quality debate ... why should I go to the pub?
  20. Wow! To be dismissed by a vacuous moron is a true achievement thanks! You still haven't bothered explaining why you thought a post was "drivel" despite being specifically asked to do so before posting your unoriginal Sunday Post-esque hey "chaps" analogy of how you see it
  21. maybe your too ugly and club don’t want your coupon putting off the players
  22. As we are being asked to get our orders in early for Christmas please remember to use easyfundraising for your online shopping as that will help raise funds for our club: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ If we work together we can maximise the amount we generate for our club. Thanks for your support!
  23. I think I saw this morning that these problems have been fixed. I didn’t read the whole article so may be wrong - something about getting a code to input to the app
  24. an example of the UK govt craziness..... The English “NHS” Covid app only wants to know about COVID tests from Serco/private testing If you had a test in an NHS or PHE lab, you literally cannot enter the result on the app. how mad is that
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