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  3. The Archive is a mine of fascinating information. Cove's first goal tomorrow will apparently be the 11,000th goal Thistle have conceded in all matches.
  4. I thought the Balmoral ground has only been open for three or four years?
  5. I hope they have not entered into any side deals with the board that restricts the power of the main Shareholder, from making changes.
  6. 2-1. The Thistle Archive is your friend!
  7. You're being notably positive! I believe we beat them in the cup about 10 years sgo.
  8. I don't think we have ever won at the Balmoral Stadium and while I am no football historian can't recall us ever beating Cove. Can anyone confirm or otherwise? However, being positive 3-0 to the Jags.
  9. No Doc, maybe Tiff? Should have a chance if we can keep Megginson quiet. And goal machine Mark Reynolds.
  10. I absolutely think its up to the PTFC Trust to adapt rather than TJF who have played things the right way. At the end of the day the PTFC trust are the ones holding the cards, they don't need to keep Jacqui Low sweet anymore and i hope they have come to the conclusion that they need to do the right things with the support rather than the current BoD, in my mind that means aligning with the Jags Foundation and nothing less.
  11. If there are no resignations from the Club Board after the meeting then its clearly yet more PR Spin - No Major Shareholder would look at how things are going and think that radical change is not required - as for the Skill Set of those that on the Board - I would say again - PTFC are a Micro Company - Turnover is in line with an Owner Managed Organisation - we have a Board of Eight - and we are talking about adding another Two from the Thistle Trust - that will be a Board of Ten ? Manchester United have a Board of 11 However three of them are Non Exec as required by the Stock Market for compliance So Running the Club is a Board of 9 - one of whom is the CEO - Gerry B isnt a Director So like for like comparison - Man Utd a PLC have a Board of 8 - PTFC also have a Board of eight - with a proposal its increased to 10 I would be really really interested to hear what it is they all do ? Bottom line is the Thistle Trust have to show they mean Business & asking how we justify a Board of Eight People
  12. Similar thinking here except the Trust has to initiate any further discussion with TJF. The Foundation have already laid down the red lines and have I'm certain the mandate of a huge chunk of the fanbase re not crossing these red lines. I don't believe it's insignificant that the membership of the TJF has increased since the last sit down with the Trust. TJF I'm sure will always be open to talking with the Trust. It's up to the latter to be of a likewise mind. On another matter I think there are signs of things coming apart in the boardroom. You get Jacqui Low paraphrasing Voltaire one day re fan dissention then you have Alan Rough attempting to ridicule the same subject on another day. Hardly a unified approach. Also just a throw away comment from JL in yon in depth conversation with James Cairney. JL believes there is an element of misogyny amongst some of the criticism aimed at her from a minority of the support. That's a hell of an accusation whether subjective or otherwise. Not helpful at all and hardly underlined given the pelters Mr Rough has been receiving, with Gerry Britton not far behind when critism is been handed out.
  13. I genuinely hope that this isn't simply an olive branch to encourage beneficiaries to confirm their details (assuming an email eventually arrives in my inbox). Or have the recent statements by JL in the James Cairney article, plus Rough's crass comments, so scunnered them that they too have had enough of the BoD? If it transpires that JL's fingerprints are all over this then the current situation will quickly become even more toxic.
  14. While they have done nothing to make me trust them I think this needs taken at face value and the Foundation should sit back down with them and try to progress things in the right direction. They should also publicly put forward candidates and ask for the support of their members in backing them. I really do hope and think its entirely possible that the PTFC trust have realised they have taken on more than they can handle and the only way forward that might prevent further division is to work with the foundation. Hopefully this will eventually lead to the Foundation having the shares.
  15. In some respects, it's more of the same - trust us to get it right and give us more time - but this time with an added hint of what the next steps might be. Fine at the start of the process, but actions over the last few months have eroded reserves of trust and good will. So I'm left wanting to believe that this is a way forward, but deeply suspicious that I'm just being fobbed off again. The best way to break that cycle for me is to get the Foundation board in a room with the Trustees again and see if the Trustees can be pinned down on substance and a timetable. Some trust is needed to move this forward. The PTFC Trust have wasted their entitlement to it, but the Foundation haven't, at least for me. If they assess that this is a meaningful attempt to move forward constructively, then I will lend them my good will and see if they can work with the Trust to find a resolution.
  16. I can see that you are coming round to the underdog way of thinking!
  17. Yesterday
  18. I don't think mystic Meg could've predicted some of the results so far. Would be good to see an outsider winning the cup.
  19. Woolly and vague is right. It's just an(other) extremely poor bit of comms. We're left picking at scraps to try and understand what's new here, what's actually happening. How many trustees are resigning? When exactly? And are they simply restarting the process for an acceptable fans' group to get the shares, AGAIN?
  20. It could also be that the 5 trustees have realised they've bitten off more than they can chew, have had enough and want out. Most likely, it's an element of all three ...
  21. Just trying to understand the whole statement by the PTFC Trust. Some of it seems very significant. Some of it is woolly and vague. Still at last it would appear that tectonic plates are starting to shift. I would like to know (and would be interested in the views of other posters) whether the PTFC trustees are saying this on the prompting of the Club Board who have realised that their previous policy was a total car crash and are now trying to salvage what they can from the wreckage, or whether the PTFC trustees have finally discovered some courage and independence and remembered that their duties are owed to the fans rather than to the Board?
  22. Finally, someone has seen sense to bring back the ultimate cult Thistle top. Hopefully Santa thinks I've been a good boy Partick Thistle 1987-89 Retro Shirt | PTFC | Football Shirts – Greaves Sports
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