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  2. All the best AJ. It's some ride supporting The Jags and crazy as it sounds, I'd rather follow a team playing football in our league, than one like County and their brand of hoof ball in the league above. I would like us to continue to play good football, win or lose, in the coming season and know we'll be back in the Prem before long. Just one more thing, can we not just get to a Cup Final for once...
  3. I didn't watch the game live, listening to commentary. We got a lot of deserved plaudits for our performances in the playoffs and as others have already mentioned a few off our players have put themselves in the shop window, so to speak. I am not sure it was even a bad 45 minutes, as i have said we seemed to fall apart after their penalty. They don't get that, for me we probably end up winning 1-0 on the day and the conversations on this forum are completely different. Anyway let's hope if we put ourselves in such a good position for promotion again we have learned our lesson from Sunday. All the best to you and i hope you have a good summer, before we start the roller coaster ride we call supporting Partick Thistle.
  4. There's no denying our own failings and I mentioned to my Brother, that we were struggling to pass and control the ball all game. We also seemed to be slipping on the surface quite a lot. No idea why. Maybe we were tired. In any case, if the blatant cheating had not occurred, we would be in the Prem, having played badly for 45 minutes or so in 6 games. I doubt anyone would have begrudged us promotion had we gone up.
  5. Go on - just say you are doing it for his own good before showing him a few pictures of ex rugby players with the squinty nose and cauliflower ears!
  6. Wonderful with a dead ball but maybe his lack of pace held him back. His goal in the 5-1 thrashing of Dunfermline still sticks in my memory, what a hit!
  7. I'm planning to buy one for the first time. Just need to decide if I should buy one for my son too, even though he plays rugby nearly every Saturday during the season. I would get in to trouble if getting him a season ticket led him astray!
  8. He is one of my favourite. Thistle players and he was only here for about 12 months. Thought he would kick on in the top league but it was not to be and he left despite being involved at the start of the season.
  9. Tongue in cheek I know but long forgotten that Ross initially played for us for zero wages. One of the more unsung heroes of yon glorious season.
  10. I'll buy one. Will be the first time in a few years, and I can't really afford it.
  11. It's easy to feel after last Sunday that everything that was achieved in the previous weeks was futile. I just wonder how much the excitement, the goals, the big crowds, the publicity and even the pain and feeling of injustice has contributed to the great reaction from fans. Had the league campaign fizzled out.in April, would the reaction have been the same? The playoff campaign has united and energised the Thistle support, and made us stronger. We'll get through this.
  12. While it cannot be denied that all the things that has been listed above happened. It cannot also be denied we were 3 goals up with 20 minutes to go. Even after their dodgy penalty we were still 2 goals ahead. Why we seemed to panic after the penalty is what has to be looked at by our management team, to try and prevent it happening again. I know that this is not a popular viewpoint and although decisions made by ref and or VAR did not help, imo we blew it. We have some if not all the best stats in the playoffs, but we also have the worst and that is the one that cost us a place in next season's premier league. The first team to lose a premier league playoff final after being 3 goals ahead.
  13. That is me renewed - very straightforward. As GRE2 says amazing response by the fans to get around 25% of last season's total in the first day!
  14. Scottish football is utterly corrupt.
  15. Thanks for all of your hard work. Echo what's been said above and haven't been able to talk about last Sunday yet. Still in shock but will add this; It was not in Walsh's gift to keep the game alive, or whatever else he thought he was doing. A penalty is a penalty and that most certainly was one. VAR should not have got involved with the sending off decision or the non-award of their penalty. Mostly because Graham was being fouled at the time his arm came out. It was not in the gift of the Policeman to decide it was dangerous to have penalties taken at the Thistle end. For all we know, he was a County fan. The fact that they were able to get away with such a decision, shows there was no chance of trouble. They could enforce this without worrying about any consequences from the fans. That tells you all you need to know. They would never dare to pull that one at an OF game or any other where there would be a riot. Scottish Football is shameful at times but I've never been so thankful to support a team like Thistle. Up The Jags.
  16. over 500 season tickets sold this afternoon and 125 of them are new …. Good start ! https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/500-season-tickets-sold-on-day-one/
  17. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/500-season-tickets-sold-on-day-one/ 👏👏👏
  18. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/viaplay-cup-2023-24-group-stage-fixtures-announced/
  19. Fixtures are. 15th July Peterhead (A) 18th July Dundee United (A) on TV 22nd July Falkirk (H) 29th Spartans (H)
  20. Have the dates of the games been released yet ?
  21. Get back to school and stop slacking young man!
  22. My season ticket is loaded on the PTFC app. I notice that the home page hasn't been updated in a long time - last August by the looks of it. The News page's second story is Tam O'Ware leaving the club!!!! 🤔😲
  23. The page has been updated and kids are still free with no seat selected in section JH2
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