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  2. Just catching up and saw the name Callum Wilson on our team sheet. Is this the return of our ex player, or a new player of the same name?
  3. Yesterday
  4. Happy enough with that given some of their recent loanees over the years.
  5. No idea what’s going on with Blair Lyons but there is a player in there , scored 11 goals last season and was in the team of the year at exactly the same level .
  6. The only clubs Celtic loaned players to this season were those who were in favour of the season finishing early. Dundee; Ross Co; Cove Rangers; Dunfermline; Queens Park . Doubt they'd come near us with a barge pole.
  7. ....and you can tell that from watching on TV, and Pixellot coverage at that.
  8. Maybe a couple of those Celtic boys could come in on loan in January...
  9. Now you all know why Blair Lyons doesn’t start for 1st team , unfit and no desire
  10. No it isn't. We can barely field a first team for Saturday as it is. Nobody cares about the Glasgow Cup Besides, what would it do for confidence if the 1st team took a beating
  11. Well that’s the standard of our academy WTF
  12. Good to see the youngsters following the example of the first team: capitulation within 15 minutes of the start, followed by after pass after pass after pass sideways or backwards, with no serious attempt at all to even try to actually even score or get anywhere near scoring.
  13. 30 min run out against an U21 team to get an opportunity to a final is well worth the risk
  14. We broke the rules previously by not playing six(?) squad players. If anybody took the competition seriously we'd have been booted out. Can just imagine the posts on here if we played 1st team players who then got injured.
  15. A win for us guarantees a Glasgow Cup Final spot and we field a team that young & weak , hope both the Old Firm cheques don’t bounce at our bank , well folks you know before game today it’s an Old Firm Glasgow Cup Final
  16. Very junior squad. Game time for Lyons and Reilly. No run-out for anyone coming back for injury.
  17. Last week
  18. The final game for Thistle is tomorrow against Celtic colts. KO 2pm , streamed live on the Partick Thistle you tube channel.
  19. Thanks for letting us know Norgethistle.
  20. Genesis song-I know what i like (in your wardrobe)
  21. I had a zoom call tonight, answered a lot of my questions and quelled my concerns. I’d encourage you to reach out yourselves for a call
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