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  2. Perhaps this has been answered elsewhere on this forum, if so excuse my poor googling skills. When was the last time we won 5-0 in a league game?
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  4. Tiff is a slightly less angry version of Kallum Higginbotham (at his best).
  5. At least you do not need to bother researching any Hogans this season!
  6. It's a style that has been used for a long time on things like band t shirts. John & Paul & George & Ringo for example. I'm using it three times for defence, mid and forwards.
  7. Bobby updated! He had 3 junior clubs before Thistle. Managed and played as late as 54 at Whitletts. Unreal. Another great Jaggy Factoid - Neil Scally once played under Bobby at Whitletts! http://www.thethistlearchive.net/bobby-lawrie
  8. Wrap Tiff in cotton wool from now until the end of the season.
  9. I think it will come down to who gets the luck in the run in. A dodgy penalty for or against, or a marginal offside, or even an injury or suspension to a key player could be what decides the champions. It will be very close.
  10. The problem is that in those games we shouldn’t have been relying on a penalty to win it. Up to the last week, McCall has served up utter dross with questionable tactics, strange team selection and unfathomable substitutions. There is far more blame on him for us not being top of the league than there is on a couple of missed penalties
  11. Thanks BB, and best wishes to you and all going forward into the next round. My tactics were scuppered by a total lack of shocks from the round of 32 onwards. Brora did make a valuable contribution early doors, but one swallow doth not a summer make. My plan was to emulate Crisp in the Grand National. Build up a huge lead in the first round and hang on grimly to the end. Sadly I was enveloped by a host of pursuing Red Rums plus Auld Jag with his orange and peach juice (not to mention the dash of American Cream Soda).
  12. first timer who’s bottle is surely going to crash - HAH - cheers BB
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