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  2. Women's side gota 2-2 draw away at Motherwell in the League - good result!!
  3. Think you mean John Greig. Both of his goals were in injury time. I actually managed to get home thinking we'd won. Horrible experience.
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  5. Christie Elliott scoring within five minutes of being brought on for his debut against Hamilton. A false dawn as a striker for certain, but thankfully Christie made sterling contributions in other positions.
  6. ??? McCoist was a precocious talent, but even he couldn't have made the h*ns first team at 9 or 10 years of age.
  7. Robert Dunn scoring after 8 seconds at Livvy. Think that was our only shot on goal.
  8. The Gerry Collins management era started out ok pre season, we gubbed Ayr 6-1 at Somerset then Bradford 4-2 at Firhill, even Jean Yves Anis and Stephane Bonnes looked like players to start off with then we were absolutely hopeless when the league started!
  9. Barton and Keown’s first 6 months- they both looked a class apart. They really weren’t
  10. Going way back probably 71 or72, New Years game at Ibrox. Winning 1-0 through a Dennis goal right up until McCoist scored twice in the last 10 mins.
  11. On the Transfer Window thread, we discussed the first competitive game of the season at Stenhousemuir around 3/4 years ago. In the opening 10 minutes, Thistle played two neat moves both topped off by excellent finishes from a Lampardesque debutant Shea Gordon. For a moment it seemed that we had a team and a player who could ignite our season into something spectacular. You will know or guess the story. The next 80 minutes were among the most turgid in living memory as the fizz went out of the champagne and we laboured to a pedestrian win. The season rapidly imploded into a grim struggle for survival. However, as one poster said "It was great while it lasted". Any other examples spring to mind of joyous celebration and/or excited anticipation quickly or slowly extinguished? I will give you 3 random ones for starters: 1) Chris Turner's debut goal in a cup tie away at Livingston during Ian McCall's first session as manager. He was a Northern Irish under 21 player who scored with a beautiful cultured finish. Looked like a player. Missed a sitter, which would have enabled us to win a cup tie eventually lost 2-1 to Rangers at Firhill, and then vanished from the scene. 2) Dario Zanatta's debut. Enough said. 3) That moment at Parkhead when we were 3-2 down in a cup tie going into the dying seconds. Chris Erskine won the ball brilliantly on the wing and swung the ball into the middle where it fell at the feet of Ryan Edwards a few yards out with the goal seemingly at his mercy. I can still remember that savouring of the moment and the anticipation of celebration before Kieran Tierney snaked out a long leg for an admittedly excellent smother tackle.
  12. Ahh Higgy! Whats he doing down there? Don’t think he’s that old? His departure to Killie was a kick in the guts. But not as bad as Somner to St Mirren.
  13. "Great while it lasted" would be a brilliant title for a Partick Thistle thread. In fact I will just go and start one now!
  14. Rose tinted glasses. Just sayin’, like
  15. Joe Cardle scoring for fun for Kelty these days. Another two yesterday. Beautifully assisted by Kalum Higginbotham for the first. Tam O'Ware also playing for Kelty. Edinburgh City got two late equalizers. Just sayin', like...
  16. For those interested the prize money for the triple rollover was £ 192 and said sum has been donated to the PTFC women's team. Caroline purchases around £ 15 to £ 20 worth of tickets every game as part of a syndicate with friends so better chance to win.
  17. It was great while it lasted, tho'.
  18. I was there. I am sure that it was the first competitive game of the season. It was in one of the cups. We started like an express train. Team gelled instantly. Two great moves ending with perfect Lampard-style runs and finishes by Gordon. It seemed that the sky was the limit for what this team, and in particular Gordon, could achieve. The next 80 minutes were the most turgid watch in the history of the world. The fizz had departed from the champagne and flat reality soon set in for another season of struggle.
  19. I believe I was working that day
  20. You are correct Joe - my post was worded poorly. I didn't intend to suggest the Shea Gordon game was the same as the 4-1 game. Reading it back, I can see why my post would be interpreted that way. Mea culpa.
  21. Sorry Barney, but his debut was in 2018. 2 goals in the first 9 minutes and we thought we were going to score a barrowload, but as usual we managed to hang in there and hold on for the 2-0 victory
  22. Yesterday
  23. McInnes spoke very well post match. No bullshit. Admitted they were outplayed. But he erred with his defensive substitution, effectively inviting us on to the attack.
  24. He was betting on that for sure.
  25. Agree. We still have to play Arbroath twice, our results against them have to improve on what they have been. We need 4 points min in those 2 games. Our 2 games in hand will also be difficult, Ayr and Morton with new managers and Imrie at Morton in particular has had a great start in management.
  26. The balaclava never comes of during the game.
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