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  1. He’s actually got plenty of options in January, just that Motherwell hold his registration just now
  2. Motherwell still hold his registration, so he can’t sign for another club till January , he’s only 30 much younger than Dools and Erskine
  3. Outwith the Old Firm players he was Scotland’s most successful player re assists and goals 2 years ago at Livi He ran his contract down at Livi as he wanted to try something else , not abruptly as you say .
  4. Really , we’ve scored 1 goal in the last 3 home games , think we’re talking about when teams sit in against us at Firhill then we’ve got to have a Plan B
  5. Tell me Barney , where does the commitment thing come into it because he had a fall out with Graham Alexander? Lots of players aren’t comfortable with Graham Alexander just now regardless of results, changed the training times , got them back in the afternoon s etc , there’s lots going on behind the scenes at Fir Park At PTFC for 7 /8 years , Livi and even Burton his commitment was never in doubt. Stevie Lawless is currently training with Livi and will probably end up there in January but if we have any aspirations of getting back to the Premier League he’s the quality of player we need to get there .
  6. I take it you were at the game today Barney and the last two goalless games at Firhill When teams sit in against us we run out of ideas , Rudden and Graham didn’t kick a ball today and indeed were both taken off . Absolutely no goalscoring threat from midfield, there has got to be a different system to break down teams at Firhill . Stevie Lawless would give us a different option with his creativity and his goalscoring threat .
  7. If we could get Stevie Lawless back in January, I believe it could be the difference in winning the League especially as you say in teams sitting in against us as home
  8. Unbelievable Character who always had time for a chat . RIP Bertie
  9. Doc was great but Kevin Holt was magnificent today
  10. 100% wrong , he wasn’t offered anything and indeed was out of football for a period of time
  11. Archie thought he could get better after we got relegated from the Premier League Not sure Archie’s judgement was right ?
  12. Don’t think you play for our Club for 6/7 years if you’re a troublemaker.
  13. Lawless is still only 30 , Michael Gardyne is still playing a similar position at 35 McCall thought Erskine was still good enough to be brought back last year at 34 Age shouldn’t be an issue with Stevie Lawless
  14. Lawless is only 30 , Dools and Erskine were 34/35