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  1. Don’t think you’re far off , maybe include Derek Johnstone and Benny Rooney in the managers list
  2. Think Sena is getting a raw deal , young player starting out on his career, he’ll get better and PTFC will get a good price for him. I was a big critic of Liam Lindsay at one point because of the mistakes he was making but he learnt from them , hopefully Sena will be the same .
  3. Should really ban Bobby Houston from the forum , a total clown. Sat with Bobby Dinnie at a PTFC dinner , absolute gentleman and one of our legends. Extremely humble considering what he had achieved in the game . Think we can add Chris Erskine to that list as well !
  4. Strange team, shoehorning Foster into the team instead of Penrice and playing Murray instead of MacIver or Rudden especially after Rudden scoring when his confidence should be sky high . Seemingly Brian Graham gets picked every week regardless of how bad he’s been.
  5. With the players we’ve got just now , there is not a chance they could be moulded into anything of value. What we need is a manager with an eye for a player and one who makes the existing players better. Can’t think of any player just now that McCall has improved apart from Sena .
  6. Not sure his signings have worked at all in the last 2 transfer windows Lee O’Connor , Barjonas, Mayo all from the Old Firm with very little impact.
  7. Not a chance with that team , there is no pace in the team , even when we are under pressure there is no out ball to get behind teams with the ball over the top and get us up the park.
  8. Think the records show he did better with Caldwell’s signings rather than January’s Old Firm Loanees
  9. True, but can’t remember Brian Graham getting that scrutiny for that miss as an experienced Centre Forward rather than Sena as a inexperienced Central Defender
  10. Players miss chances , can’t remember the backlash on Brian Graham when he put over the bar from about 3 yards after a missed penalty.
  11. You’re right , it’s not worked all season and the previous season as well which Ian McCall had almost the full season bar the first 5 games . If it’s not working , give some of the youngsters a chance , just now there would be less pressure on them with no crowds etc to bed themselves in. We’ve got nothing to lose
  12. Agree with your post , McCall hasn’t built a team you would want to go and watch , only the die hard support will continue to follow. If you rewind to when Jackie Mac built his team full of young , enthusiastic players who wanted to do well and make a name for themselves in the game , that should have been the template this time again , not a side filled with journey man pros on their last legs .
  13. Not sure that would make a lot of difference, bottom line a lot of these players aren’t good enough , we were always told that McCall had an eye for a player, not sure about that now Lyons , Murray etc . We’ve absolutely no goal threat , no pace , no creativity in the team. If the focus was on the Lowland League for players, one of the first names on the list should have been Nathan Austin who is the best striker in that division and has just signed for East Fife on loan until the end of the season. He could have made a huge difference to our season which he’ll show for East Fife .
  14. Possibly Pates as well till the end of the season as the Lowland League is shut down .
  15. And then they wonder why they can’t get sponsors, would you want your business associated with the shitfest that is the SPFL.