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  1. It’s not just a Scottish Tory Line , they did exactly the same thing in the Hospitality Trade with Night Clubs in Scotland to get funding to keep their businesses alive . The Night Time Hospitality trade lobbied them for months to get funding which they eventually did .
  2. Are the SG not sitting on a bunch of money that they seem unwilling to distribute to anybody, maybe they don’t think football is a good enough cause , although don’t think Doncaster and Co are helping matters .
  3. Think the reason why we’re not putting any of the development squad in is because they are working in a different “ Covid Bubble “ from the first team which kind of makes sense .
  4. No idea what’s going on with Blair Lyons but there is a player in there , scored 11 goals last season and was in the team of the year at exactly the same level .
  5. Lose the next couple of games and there will be no choice, in my opinion the Club overall needs a reset , give the fans some hope or even let us know what the plan is for the future. At the same juncture when Hamilton were down to the 3 tier they were blooding players like McCarthy , McCarthur and Easton, tell me where our future is coming from ?
  6. Agree 100% but we need someone to break that circle like we did as you say with Lambie and latterly when we gave Jackie Mac and Simon Donnelly a chance . Its not working just now , I would put a couple of names forward Darren Young and Stephen Craigen to get the Academy going .
  7. Thought we had been playing a weakened team all season!!!
  8. Not sure there has been dividends for shareholders anyway, if the new Board’s aspirations are to break even, then we’re going to be in trouble .
  9. Think you’ve nailed it , the red herring of non profit is a nonsense, we’re not a business who are charity listed but a limited Company whose aim should be a Company making Profit , ideally to have some sort of contingency reserves as well to be there whenever needed , the basic plan for any sustainable business is to make Profit, whether you intend to reinvest some of that Profit on the Team/ Stadium is down to the BOD but you’ve got to make money first of all Coming out with non profit is worrying and ambiguous as well . What happens if they make a mess of it and lose money ? Would rather they came out with a statement saying what their template was as you say for a successful football team .
  10. Think he has been playing, signed a new contract to 2024
  11. He’s been back at Firhill since the start of the season, mostly been on the bench .
  12. Did you watch that nonsense today , or the last 4 games , setting your standards high , incidentally are you still getting your U 16s season ticket
  13. Think he had 2 assists last week last week as well , not every Academy player is going to make it but there has got to be a pathway there to the first team . Andy Rodden was playing well before his cruciate knee injury and would have given Penrice a run for his money. Watched Penrice today , did the basics but never bust a gut to overlap so a lot of the time we just resort to type by launching the ball up to Brian Graham . It wasn’t a great watch , no chance of that team getting promotion.