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  1. Got to agree with you , the SG haven’t got the financial clout to help Football Clubs , best solution is to probably mothball football clubs for a year or so , try and sort out a package for the players if they can . Same as any business if there is no revenue coming in , at least doing it that way there might be a chance Clubs survive. Trying to carry on will lead to Clubs going Bankrupt or going into Administration . Could maybe use Maxie and Doncaster’s salaries to help them!!!
  2. Nonsense, the virus never went away , as soon as society opened up there was a good chance this was going to happen .
  3. That’s an unfair comparison, roughly 11.500 new cases in Madrid every day , where there is 450 new cases in the whole of Scotland
  4. Do you really think all the kids will be in their bed by 10.30 , my bet is they will go to the local supermarket, but their carry out and carry on the party , surely it’s better to do that in a controlled environment.
  5. Media today are reporting between a 12% - 20% take up of the vaccine , that’s a hell of a jump you’re predicting.
  6. Why has Hospitality been singled out with only a 5% transmission rate , why not any other sectors, think most people realised when schools and Universities opened this would happen. Hospitality has been open since the start of July at a lot of expense , a lot more expense than for instance retail shops where there is no track and trace . Hospitality is a convenient scapegoat.
  7. Not sure about that , but to make any vaccine effective you’ve got to persuade 70% of the population to take it . Reality is that’s going to be a hard sell as no one knows the effects of a vaccine over a period of time , see the thalidomide drug as an example
  8. And your solution is ? with no vaccine on the horizon and there may never be is to carry on and close down society.
  9. There is no end game to this , no guarantee of a vaccine etc , the governments could carry on like this for years and years to the capitulation of our Society, you’re just not talking about the here and now , you’re talking about generations to come trying to pick up the pieces of a wiped out Society.
  10. No I wouldn’t, but we are becoming a nanny state, I believe society will have to be re opened before the economic disaster gets any worse. If any person feels comfortable to go about their daily lives then that should be absolutely fine , if they’re concerned about their health or have underlying health conditions and feel uncomfortable going about their business that should also be fine . It should be the individual’s choice in how they deal with the situation.
  11. At what cost ,Mental Health casualties, other health conditions which haven’t been treated , poverty etc , seems a big price to pay .
  12. Do you live with the flu every year whatever strain it is year on year average age in Scotland who have passed away is 82 years of age , sad though that is , people in their later years are more succeptible to all sorts of illnesses.
  13. To put it into perspective, there are 9.6 million cancer casualties in the world every year, this will obviously escalate due to Oncology departments closing down and patients not getting treatment.
  14. You can have as many lockdowns or restrictions as you want but the virus may never go away , if people could see a light at the end of the tunnel that would be different. There may never be a vaccine as SARS and AIDS proved , do we just shut down society indefinitely? Could be it’s a virus that we’ll have to live with and the treatment that we get if we do catch it is becoming more effective. Not a chance that these restrictions are going to be remotely successful , see Glasgow University as an example.
  15. For Goodness sake , are we really taking our lead from the US , the stats say there is less than 5% transmission in Hospitality in Scotland