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  1. They put in print 1 million vaccines by the end of January , it’s now been downgraded to 560k which I don”t think will happen either as that would mean roughly 150/200k per week for the next two weeks. Not confident at all ,
  2. Do you think that’s what going to happen ?
  3. Going to be a hell of a turnaround, currently doing roughly 40k vaccines per week .
  4. Back in November I think but it’s par for the course for the SG , promises to NHS staff (£ 500)promises to taxi drivers , Self Employed, Freelancers etc , the funding seems to take forever to reach anyone.
  5. The way things are just now in terms of the pandemic and even more restrictions today , I think our season is complete .
  6. I agree and because there was nothing confirmed in the rules after last season, they will probably make it up as they go on .
  7. Totally out his depth , from our Club’s point of view it is worrying because even after the debacles of last season there seems to be no contingency plan if the season goes the same way as last year . This is going to last a lot longer than 3 weeks in my opinion.
  8. The folly of not getting the Clyde game on is going to come back to haunt us , surely lessons should have been learnt from last season, especially in a 27 game season If the season gets called and we sit 5th in the table , financially we are going to be in trouble.
  9. It’s not just a Scottish Tory Line , they did exactly the same thing in the Hospitality Trade with Night Clubs in Scotland to get funding to keep their businesses alive . The Night Time Hospitality trade lobbied them for months to get funding which they eventually did .
  10. Are the SG not sitting on a bunch of money that they seem unwilling to distribute to anybody, maybe they don’t think football is a good enough cause , although don’t think Doncaster and Co are helping matters .
  11. Think the reason why we’re not putting any of the development squad in is because they are working in a different “ Covid Bubble “ from the first team which kind of makes sense .
  12. No idea what’s going on with Blair Lyons but there is a player in there , scored 11 goals last season and was in the team of the year at exactly the same level .