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  1. Looking at the club who have most recently moved to fan ownership, Greenock Morton, and their society has 927 members according to its website. Now with our fan base compared to Morton's I don't see why we can get get past that.
  2. This is why I love this time of year! I have seen that Muirhead has rejected a deal at Ayr and there are people saying he is coming here. I assume you mean Davis from Rangers?
  3. If it sounds like any sort of humour then I must be losing my touch!
  4. To be honest I am not in the least bit worried about next season. Now that is based either on mad Vlad starting a nuclear war in which we are all turned in to flesh eating zombies or a giant asteroid crashing in to us starting a new ice age that even undersoil heating can't cope with.
  5. We can't control what other teams do but I would say they could not "buy" the third tier so I am not sure they will do so in the Championship. Also, money is no guarantee of success - see Dunfermline this season. There are natural limits and even for decent wages there will be players who just won't play in the Scottish Championship. Anyway, this is the point of the year when everyone is equal, dreams are held and hopes are high. Usually ends by early August though!
  6. A real Glasgow derby with Queens Park in the division next season (tough luck Airdrie). The only issue now is whether St Johnstone come down or Inverness go up.
  7. Votes cast. It was a tough choice as all the candidates had a range of skills and experience. Good luck to all and let's hope however is elected can be successful.
  8. It is always interesting at the end of a season as normally there is one team who started well and then tailed off and another who did it the other way. Now both teams may have finished in the same area of the table but the team who finished well always feels better about themselves. Given we now have a break and there will be changes in the squad and the 2 pre contracts so far look good I would like to think we can do better next season. Sometimes in these situations it is also as simple as an individual's disposition - some people always look for positives others are more analytical and there is no criticism intended to anyone in that - just an observation. Anyway, I am a voter and you should remember we are always right!
  9. I am not going to make this a lengthy post you will be glad to hear but I like to keep things simple. We finished 4th because we were the 4th best team just as we finished 1st in League One because we were the best team. It, I must confess, annoys me to hear people arguing we only achieved something because nearly every other team decided to implode and it was good luck especially when these are the people who will say that we deserved to be relegated in the Covid shortened season because we were bottom and that it was we deserved - no mention of bad luck allowed. If you look at league positions week in week out we were never out of the top 5 all season so I don't think our final position was anything to be surprised about. I take a slightly different position to Woodstock Jag in that if we can finish 4th with a poor run from January then why can't we finish higher next season if we just turn that in to even an average run? I bet your glad I kept it short and sweet!
  10. No Dunfermline in the league next season, they will be replaced by one of Airdrie, Montrose or Queens Park. Also, the fat lady is warming up for her rendition of "Cheerio Cheerio" to Dundee.
  11. Congratulations to the final winners of the season: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/virtual-50-50-half-time-draw-results-6th-may-2022/ Thanks to all the people who have bought tickets this season whether online or at games.
  12. A reminder to get your tickets online for tonight's draw: https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk/packages/LZEmOKzmpW/e/914GedXnWz Good Luck!
  13. Update from TJF re stopping payments: As indicated in our previous announcement we have now made arrangements to effectively pause payments for members of The Jags Foundation. Things are never as straightforward as they seem so it is worth some further explanation depending on how you have been paying is worthwhile. Paying by Direct Debit Our direct debit payments are managed by GoCardless on our behalf. Owing to the close integration with Beacon, our database partners, we can’t pause the payments as such. What we can do is cancel payments as they fall due for submission to bank accounts and we have set up a process to manage this. You will receive a communication via GoCardless to advise that the payment has been cancelled. However, your mandate remains active so no further action will be necessary on your part as and when payments are to recommence. Paying by Credit/Debit Card Our card payments are managed by Stripe on our behalf. All payments are paused, and require no further action on our behalf. New Members We are continuing to attract new members, and are extremely grateful for the continuing support. Again, how the pause in payments impacts on the initial payment depends on how they have set up payment authorities. If paying by direct debit, the payment is able to be cancelled whilst the mandate remains active, as described above. If paying by credit/debit card, the first transaction happens at the point of submission and cannot be cancelled. However, all subsequent payments will be paused. If you have any further queries on this issue, please contact [email protected]
  14. I hope it is not but Friday night could be the last chance for you to win the 50/50 draw this season so give yourself a chance by getting tickets online. They are available to purchase until 8.15pm on Friday: https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk/packages/LZEmOKzmpW/e/914GedXnWz Good Luck!
  15. Almost forgot to post this, well done guys: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/50-50-half-time-draw-results-3rd-may-2022/