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  1. Remember that tickets are in sale online until 2pm on Saturday if you are not going to the game or want to save time on the day: https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk/packages/LZEmOKzmpW/e/46AG5QRGwy Good Luck!
  2. Well done to all the winners: https://cdn-5dd296c4f911cc1c581d2ef3.closte.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/October-2021-Cent-Fund.pdf
  3. Tickets available to buy online for Saturday's draw: https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk/packages/LZEmOKzmpW/e/46AG5QRGwy Good Luck!
  4. As I recall they asked for it because they thought the Aitken Suite would be unavailable as players were using it for changing but there must have been a change in the Covid guidelines as the Aitken Suite is in use on matchdays so need for the marquee.
  5. So it looks like a couple of things to be announced (hopefully) by the time the AGM comes around, which has been by the end of November in recent years if memory serves. Let's hope the team can do their part on the pitch and we can return to a more positive feel around the club.
  6. That was all a bit depressing. Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Edited October 8 by Dick Dastardly So was it Ian McCall or the players you believe are insane? Now I know you are not their employer but is it only wrong to suggest something has a mental health issue if they work for you? I am all for people treating and being treated correctly but good old common sense must still have a part to play (I hope).
  7. True and that is part of the interest.
  8. The part I found interesting was this: "By the time of the AGM, it is also likely that the club will have announced an exciting new commercial partnership that will underpin and stabilise our financial future, offering a degree of protection from the vagaries of football, short and long term"
  9. Good time to give this a bump as wee look to hit £90,000 this month: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-the-jags
  10. But a 100% conversion rate from corners
  11. 3 hours left to get your tickets for tonight's draw: https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk/packages/LZEmOKzmpW/e/W5X8Q9m8k2 Good Luck!
  12. Have put in new link so hope that works now.
  13. PTFC Accounts Not an accountant but looks decent given everything that has happened in the last 18 months. Kieran Maguire is certainly impressed: Despite relegation to Scotland’s third tier the previous season and Covid-19 Partick Thistle managed to break even financially, get promoted and publish full accounts by mid October. Why can’t other clubs operate such a model? Revenue down 44%, furlough income £500k #PTFC
  14. Remember that you can get your tickets up to 8.15pm on Friday evening so don't miss out: https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk/packages/LZEmOKzmpW/e/W5X8Q9m8k2 Good Luck!
  15. Tickets are on sale for Friday night's draw so get yours to be in with a chance of winning: https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk/packages/LZEmOKzmpW/e/W5X8Q9m8k2 Good Luck!