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  1. I had casted this to the TV for the Airdrie game but don't seem to have that option this time annoyingly
  2. Feeling really down after that. For some reason had a bit of optimism for the season with it feeling like potentially a bit of a refresh, the hope of winning most games and winning a league. However the three league games have really knocked that. I don't like the way we are playing, there appears a real lack of any identity and style with this team which is just a follow on last few years. Not going to call for McCall to go but if it doesn't improve soon then hard to see how we can continue.
  3. Problem solved thanks! They should really make this obvious on the page somewhat because they are absolutely identical
  4. Just came to ask this I was able to login on Thursday and my phone has even saved my user name/password which I used successfully but on trying this morning I am getting the error
  5. Not getting the Bannigan hate. Of the starting midfielders he was the only one who showed for the ball. My concern is more how ineffective Gordon and Palmer were, yet to really see either of them really offer us. Cole looked like a proper football when he came on, his range and weight of passing looks well above our level
  6. This is exactly what I was getting at yesterday. Bannigan is the only fit midfielder we have with any sort of vision and passjng ability. I thought we saw the best performance by Bannigan this year (until his silly red card) and a lot of that was down to having Zanatta take up good positions. If that is the last we see of Bannigan (and O'Ware) it would be disgraceful from a footballing as well as sentimental point of view
  7. Getting away from the fact that Caldwell is clearly unable to get on well with people and, if this is true further reinforces why he shouldn't be managing us, I really need to pick you up on this Can you explain how Bannigan has been a liability apart from his red card? He wasn't great first half at Alloa but apart from that has been comfortably our best midfielder this year. I shudder to think what we would be like in the middle if it wasn't for him O'Ware meanwhile has played about 10 games or so for the club, never excelled when playint and yet you refer to him as a born leader and appear to care more about him being forced out than a guy who has given his career to the club. Caldwell has fallen out with a lot of players since joining the club, to me it's pretty clear the problem is him
  8. Both red cards for me but neither malicious as such. The lack of changes after going to 9 was unbelievable management. Also not getting the Bannigan hate I've read everywhere. He was comfortably the best midfielder on the park today until, well he wasn't on the park. The only one of the three today who has any passing and positional ability.
  9. Derby Jag

    New Owner

    I've been a season ticket holder for well beyond the three (?) year requirement to join the new trust but have never heard a peep out of them. Should I have?
  10. This is the actual point of xG it tracks the effective quality of the chance
  11. Did they not change it recently to be paid in chunks through the season to help with cashflow for clubs? I may be dreaming this of course
  12. I think the budget has actually been very generous this season We will have a budget that is certainly in the top 3 in the league and have a squad of players many of whom would be regulars in the Premiership, including ones we signed this summer. We also have a large number of players on 1 year only contracts; I really worry where we will be in May if we fail to win promotion, having to do a similarly sized rebuild job but with a significantly reduced budget. I think the time to act was post-Livi (well actually well before).
  13. 5 minutes of free highlights from Falkirk
  14. I've just cancelled my Jagzone subscription. Only really used it for highlights and now most teams in the division host them free on YouTube (at a better quality as well). https://www.pieandbovril.com/articles/306-championship-tv-highlights-5th-august-2018