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  1. AFAIK we play Clyde (A) tomorrow, and Rangers (A) on Sat. Both closed-door.
  2. Chris Burke is a terrific player. Should have one more season in him at this level. But which Thistle legend would he replace?
  3. Seems he's coming back to us. I think that's great. My abiding recollection is a goal he scored at Firhill, V DU., at the north end. Ball came over from the left, ran along the edge of the box, and Aidan just let it run and run, as the angle narrowed and the keeper closed down his angles. I was going nuts - "hit it,just hit it". Which Aidan duly did, hard and accurate, back across and into the far corner of the net. At that point I realised that young fella knew a lot more about the game than I did. Some talent there. So let's have more!
  4. Feel a bit sorry for QoS. I've seen us lose like that so many times, to awful teams like Ross Co, St. J. Ugh. Sneddon was fantastic tonight 0- a wee bit lucky too.
  5. I believe that's what they call a 'sucker punch'!
  6. Ghastly. Still - a win's w win! What's a win again?
  7. Conclusions to be drawn: we are shite so are Rath. Or .. Dunfy are brilliant!
  8. Nobody care? Surprising. 2-0 now.
  9. Dunfy score. Yay! Do we actually want these playoffs? Yes we do!
  10. It got Hamilton a 4-0 win the other day.
  11. Great stuff - although some fairly dodgy defending, both ends.