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  1. I just tip-toed to the wine cellar. Is it too early to start drinking?
  2. Time we had a match thread methinks. Surely a must-win - worst team in the league, at home. Need to win to stay in the race. Bit like Scotland's next game.
  3. Game's off as expected.
  4. Agreed. I don't think I've ever watched such a frustrating game.
  5. Maybe a couple of those Celtic boys could come in on loan in January...
  6. Very junior squad. Game time for Lyons and Reilly. No run-out for anyone coming back for injury.
  7. I thought Docherty was good. He'll be important for us.
  8. Exactly my experience and thoughts! Thanks again junior
  9. Yup - same for me. We get about 20 secs into the second half then it dies. Sena is holding off about 3 Hearts boys.