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  1. 2-1. The Thistle Archive is your friend!
  2. You're being notably positive! I believe we beat them in the cup about 10 years sgo.
  3. No Doc, maybe Tiff? Should have a chance if we can keep Megginson quiet. And goal machine Mark Reynolds.
  4. Yes and pars are probably the pick of that bunch (in terms of winnability).
  5. At least it's at home. Could've been worse.
  6. Club twitter has a wee highlights package from behind the goals.
  7. Fun fact - the 4 Kelty boys who picked up cards were the 4 ex-Jags.
  8. Let's hope he's just being rested.
  9. Doc back training, only Holt missing now. Feeling good about this...
  10. Can we stop the rot? Possible returns for Tiff & Big Brian, so a glimmer of hope.
  11. Isn't the Arbroath game important?
  12. I'm hearing Morton have had 2 good penalty claims turned down. Crystal ball says - penalty Morton!