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  1. TBF McCall wanted them to get a run, but didn't want to put them on while we were only 1 goal up. 2nd goal went in, and the boys came on.
  2. Need to play better than that next week.
  3. It's time for Cammie Smith to show us what he can do!
  4. Looks so easy. We used to go seasons without scoring from corners.
  5. Superb! Commentary said it was a weird goal - looks pretty good to me!
  6. Yes - kept cutting in and out. Didn't exactly help my mood.
  7. It's the league cup - or whatever it's called now. We're oot. Dunfy beat us, if you remember!
  8. Couldn't agree more. Winning mentality. It can be infectious.
  9. Cheers Mr C Mind we'd have looked right silly if we'd got beat today!