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  1. Amoo did often give the impression he didn't care much. But I recall with fondness his cute dummy on the edge of the box, taking out 2 defenders & the keeper, and leaving Dools with a tap-in. (1-0 v DU at Firhill).
  2. The ref might well have abandoned. Thankfully we're a big team. The ref might well have blown for full-time. Thankfully we're a big team.
  3. BBC's website thought it was a 0-0 draw. Their TV banner didn't acknowledge the game at all. Good old BBC!
  4. Nearly another of these ''what if', 'so close' days. Feels bloody great!
  5. If you drink up quick you can sober up by then. It may all just seem like a bad dream.
  6. Not feeling great about our next 2 games either...
  7. Hope so - he'd gone a bit off the boil I thought.
  8. Graham & Turner back, Smith & Murray benched. McKenna in for Mayo.
  9. Graham dropped - probably the right decision.