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  1. Hi Mr Woodstock Jag, just catching up after a few hours off the forum. Well done for going to the horse's mouth and getting such good information. I am still puzzled, as a delay (especially of this duration) in showing that an application has been made goes against all my experience of the Land Register of Scotland. I accept that there are often huge delays in processing applications, but not usually in acknowledging that they have been made in the first place. I have just checked my own recent applications and all of them are showing up on SCOTLIS, including a couple I submitted to the Registers on Monday of this week. I don't suppose your communication with Gerry could stretch as far as asking him to scan across a copy of the official Registers' acknowledgment of receipt of the Disposition transferring title for registration under Title Number GLA205256!? It so happens that I have the occasional online catch up meeting with one of the staff members at the Registers about specific issues relating to registrations of church properties which have their own peculiar complications! I see that I have such a meeting scheduled for a week today, so if the confirmation of registration has not shown up by then, without disclosing the particular property involved, I will try and gain some understanding of the reasons why there could be such a lengthy delay in an application showing up.
  2. As this seems to be conflict of interest disclosure time, I should say that I am Alan Holloway, father of Andrew Holloway and Heather Holloway, both of whom are standing on the Jags for Change platform. They are their own people and make their own decisions on all matters (including choosing to follow Thistle!), but of course have my full support, as indeed do all the Jags for Change candidates. In my other life, I am a solicitor specialising in conveyancing (for churches and charities), which is why I have taken a particular interest in matters relating to the registration of title to the Main Stand/Bing at Firhill.
  3. Cynical? Never! Puzzled as to why a transfer of ownership of land/buildings has not yet been given effect in the usual way through registration of the transferee's title in the Land Register of Scotland? Totally! Would be happy to receive a satisfactory explanation or even better to see the title registered? Absolutely!
  4. No doubt there are many things that we are waiting for, and Sandy has quite rightly highlighted one of these. However, the particular "tick tock" that Woodstock Jag and I are referring to is the registration of title to the Firhill Main Stand/Bing. Over 10 days ago in a website announcement, a big play was made of this having been transferred by 3 Black Cats Limited to Partick Thistle Football Club Limited and therefore being back within the ownership and control of the Club. Nevertheless that transfer has still not been made fully and finally effective by registration in the Land Register of Scotland. Title sits squarely in the name of 3 Black Cats Limited. It is difficult to think of a good reason why that should be. The clock ticks on....
  5. Only sneaking out to register the title to the Firhill boardroom in the Land Register of Scotland. ............Oh, wait a minute
  6. I beg to differ. You could have a cross of the decade competition with Christie providing 3 outstanding candidates: 1) Cross to Lyle Taylor at Firhill to spark fightback in last game of season v Ross County on our return to the Premier League 2) Cross to Ade Azeez for the equaliser away against Celtic in the top 6 season 3) Cross to Kris Doolan at Firhill to take the lead v Rangers a few weeks later
  7. I can remember singing "Christmas Time, Lindsay and Devine" to the tune of "Mistletoe & Wine" in that brilliant 3-1 victory away at Ross County which triggered our run to the top 6. He must have been good to break into the 12 days of Archibald Christmas song monopoly.
  8. I came out of the Caledonian Stadium last night to find Jacqui Low disappearing into a taxi. I did shout after her “Register the title”, but I do not think that she heard me
  9. Barcelona colours would be better!
  10. This is all helpful information. I always like to think in terms of Title Numbers. As above and in descending order, we have 1) GLA205256 Main Stand, Bing etc in name of 3 Black Cats Limited 2) GLA162711 Rest of Firhill Stadium in name of Partick Thistle Football Club Limited 3) GLA172381 Forth & Clyde Canal, Firhill Basin and towpaths etc in name of British Waterways Board. Nothing to do with PTFC and just happens to be disclosed on the address search as it is the nearest postal address for a chunk of land and water with no postal address! Still no sign of any application for registration of transfer of GLA205256 from 3BC to PTFC. Cannot think of any straightforward satisfactory explanation for this. It is basic conveyancing and risk management practice that (unless there is good reason to the contrary), you get your title registered as quickly as practicable to avoid any possibility, however remote, of any event occurring or deed or notice being recorded or registered which could in some way prejudice or affect the title. What is the "good reason" to the contrary? Why was the announcement made? To give a simplistic analogy which no doubt is imperfect. You have the ball at your feet a yard from goal. Opposing defenders and goalkeeper are stranded on the halfway line. Rather than walk the ball into the net, you start waving to the crowd. Eventually the inevitable happens and a defender gets back to clear. The solution is simple. Put the ball into the net first and you can then wave to the crowd as much as you like. I am not an expert in opaque trust and company structures. Could it be that I am barking up the wrong tree and instead of a straightforward transfer of registered title to GLA205256 to PTFC Ltd, there is some internal trust arrangement whereby 3BC continue to hold title, but on a different basis? That does not sit too easily with the "land transfer", "ownership" and "back in our hands" language of the statement. Some clarification from the club would be appreciated-or else just register the title!
  11. Still no sign of the much vaunted title transfer. I checked a similar transfer of another registered property which I submitted to the Registers late on Friday afternoon. The pending application is showing clearly on the Registers, so not sure why the Firhill transfer should be any different. I will be travelling tomorrow (Thursday) and not able to access the Registers easily. I will check in again on Friday.
  12. Not a political statement, but this thread does certainly work better if you are left-leaning.
  13. Agreed. I checked this morning and will look again tomorrow.