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  1. Thanks BB, and best wishes to you and all going forward into the next round. My tactics were scuppered by a total lack of shocks from the round of 32 onwards. Brora did make a valuable contribution early doors, but one swallow doth not a summer make. My plan was to emulate Crisp in the Grand National. Build up a huge lead in the first round and hang on grimly to the end. Sadly I was enveloped by a host of pursuing Red Rums plus Auld Jag with his orange and peach juice (not to mention the dash of American Cream Soda).
  2. I do not see any mention of Whitletts in Bobby Lawrie's list of clubs-see link posted by TJR about 6 posts back-so I m sure that if you have evidence of Bobby having played there, TJR will be delighted to update his records! I had to find something nice to say about him!
  3. Or even a partickle. It did occur to me that our peculiar season as regards how often we play other teams gives unique potential for doublets and meatloaves.
  4. Many thanks for this. Have passed the link on to my Saltcoats Vics friend and have asked him to let me know if he ever finds any other Vics/Thistle connection, so that you can update your records. Interesting to see that League Cup Final scorer Bobby Lawrie is also on the Vics roll of honour, though his time there was some years after being with Thistle.
  5. To be fair on my Saltcoats Victoria friend, his response was as follows. Good to see a "Thistle outsider" also appreciating TJR's brilliant research: What a terrific find! A belter of a story! This is a story of which I was unaware — thanks for passing it on. I’ll share with others on the Committee. My friend also pointed out another example of Saltcoats Victoria book-ending a (rather less spectacular) Thistle career. Ray Montgomerie began with the Vics before signing for Newcastle, from where his road led via Kilmarnock to Maryhill. He later returned to Saltcoats Vics as Club Chairman. He was with Thistle at our low ebb between Save the Jags and the Third Coming of Lambie, but I do remember him as being one of the most enthusiastic clappers of the Thistle fans, both before and after the game.
  6. I'm looking at a 4 man dream to run the whole show: George Easton as Chief Executive, John Lambie as Director of Football, Big Wull as Manager and Davie McParland as First Team Coach.
  7. I recall that going beyond mere survival in the league, Dumbarton were also celebrating being Scotland's top part-time team, which was obviously quite important to them. I presume that Cowdenbeath were the only other potential contenders that season.
  8. Wonderful stuff as always. I love the word "ousted". Until I read your profile of him, I had not realised that John Blair's roots were in Ardrossan, and his career was launched with Saltcoats Victoria. A very good friend of mine is both Club Secretary and Club Chaplain at Saltcoats Victoria. I have just sent him an extract from your report and thanked Saltcoats Victoria for nurturing such a Thistle legend. The fact that the said friend happens to be the most ardent h*n in the history of the world only added to the pleasure!
  9. I do not think that home or away really matters in the absence of fans. Although our last 2 home results have gone some way to redress the balance, our overall away record is at least as good as the home record. 3rd place seems to be the worst position to finish as there is no effective "rest round" allowing the squad to be more refreshed for the next game, and there is not the privilege of going into the last round of fixtures knowing what you have to do (and possibly being able to change tack if necessary during the game). Not sure why the SPFL could not have had the 5th placed team sitting out the last round. I appreciate that positions may change, but on average there is more possibility of the last fixture for the initially 5th placed team being irrelevant to their placing. Thus a last round of games involving the initial top 4 would have been more likely to produce excitement and intrigue (and to be fairer to all).
  10. Break out the Ice Cream Soda with a dash of orange and peach juice
  11. Let's also hope that people do you the courtesy of posting on the thread you have started, and you are not left talking to yourself (peaching to the converted?).