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  1. If it is a normal company limited by guarantee, my understanding is that the guarantors are the members, but the maximum contribution each has to make is £1.
  2. Fascinating, but painful. Losing 0-4 and 0-6 to Airdrie, and one of our few wins was in a Masonic Lodge Fund Raiser. Still we did horse Morton 5-1. We're having a party. We're having a ball!
  3. Signed up. The future starts today. Given where we are in all respects, the only way is up!
  4. That is dedication to the cause. Was that the day Gary Harkins was in fine form for Dundee (ie the day before his decline began to set in)? I think that most of the goals were at the far end that day, but am I right in remembering that David Amoo brought at least some cheer right in front of Robert junior? (I am not cheating by looking up the Thistle Archive first!)? PS Thankfully the Archive backs up my memory!
  5. Agreed, if that remedy is somewhere in the rules. In the meantime while the necessary votes in the House of Representatives and the Senate are being obtained, could the SPFL member clubs vote to reduce Doncaster's salary by 50% on the grounds that he now represents and works for only 50% of the clubs (ie 22 in top 2 leagues minus one (Hearts) = 21 out of 42).
  6. If McCall Out gets his way and we are advertising for a new management team sooner rather than later, maybe we should not be looking for the usual characteristics such as managerial ability, experience and track record, or even deftness of touch with the PowerPoint. The interview should focus on proficiency in musical chairs-how to be in the right place at the right time when the music stops.
  7. Is an 18 game season (plus play offs) a viable possibility? Even if the re-start was not until (say) 1st March 2021, there would still be reasonable time to fit all the games in. It has the benefit of fairness, as all teams play each other twice each, one home and once away. Would be tough, but still within the bounds of possibility, to aim at first place. A play off place should be achievable (not saying it would necessarily be achieved). If we could not finish in the top 4 in an 18 game season, we would have little excuse for complaint.
  8. If only Bonnyrigg Rose had held out, the underdog would have been a temporary overdog
  9. Not sure if I am allowed to recommend specific businesses, but Jagsontour is the brewing expert on this forum, and his beer is very good! Maybe his brewery could produce a special edition, but presumably the limited market of Thistle-minded beer-drinkers would render this uneconomic.
  10. Good to see Thistle players already on target in the Cup. Just watched Lyle Taylor and George Moncur doing the business on Match of the Day
  11. Absolutely understand what you are saying, and I do really enjoy those short "windows" at either end of the season when one layer will do. However, I think that I am sort of with LIB's second sentence in the post above. "However I'd never have bought a season ticket when I was younger and certainly would've missed a lot of games." Apart from perhaps snow and ice sports (which personally I am not hugely into), most outside activities are more pleasant on a warm summer day than a cold winter day. For someone like me who enjoys being outdoors in the fresh air and also seeing a bit of Scotland (if COVID restrictions permit, of course), the question is one of choice. When it is cold and wet and nothing else much is happening outside, it is wonderful to look forward to going to the football and forgetting about the weather as you get drawn into the action. When it is balmy and pleasant, many alternative activities suggest themselves and there is also (in normal years) the possibility of going away on a holiday or a shorter break or expedition beyond reach of Firhill. I would also be deprived of one of the main attractions of winter football, which is seeing Auld Jag in his balaclava.
  12. Not sure about contacts, but Brewdog must be a relation.
  13. Should the Caldwell podcast not be Lose, Draw or Lose?