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  1. Jean Yves' other brilliant game (I think he only had two) was John Lambie's last as manager at Firhill when bottom of the league Thistle turned over top of the table Falkirk 2-1. Armand One scored two goals, but Jean Yves was so good, he won Man of the Match. I remember it well, as my daughter was mascot and I have got a great photo of her flanked by Jean Yves and Armand.
  2. I suppose it depends how you define “reject”. If it is purely based on how they left us, notwithstanding the great success of their previous careers, then both Kris Doolan and Chris Erskine would be Thistle rejects.
  3. Is it too late to enter your child for the shot putt in Tokyo?
  4. In answer to your questions, in the order posed: 1) No 2) Yes 3) Very
  5. Is that you spreading a rumour? Did he have a short loan spell with us before the COVID shutdown?
  6. Reminder of a horrible night. Struggled to get to Dundee after work. Usually at Tannadice we are accommodated in an excellent side stand with great views. For example, we could really see and appreciate Stephen O'Donnell's wonder goal from a move down that side in 2015. But that night we were stuck in a cramped low end stand with pillars obstructing the view. Seemed that we were only there for a few minutes and we were already 3-0 down thanks to Cammy Smith (he must have been really young then if he is only 25 now). All in all a miserable game and the consolation goal we eventually scored never looked like sparking a fightback. Hopefully Cammy can erase and replace these memories.
  7. Thank you for letting me know. I had seen the mention on the official website, but did not immediately connect it with the clap. However, I guessed that it was something of this nature, so joined in enthusiastically. Will be thinking of his family.
  8. What was the spontaneous clap for?
  9. Nice to see Chris Erskine back fit and scoring for East Kilbride v Clyde
  10. I have decided to play with two holding midfielders. I will take both the printed out electronic ticket and the QR code on the phone. If one does not work, surely the other one will.
  11. McKenna immediately falls over his feet!
  12. Tiffoney has of course been excellent and Turner continues to do well. Another to impress in the second half has been McKenna who at half time was switched from centre half to right back.
  13. Tiffoney assists for Rudden and Graham so now 2-1 to Thistle
  14. What a difference with Tiffoney on for Murray