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  1. Mothball manufacturers must be enjoying an unexpected bonanza.
  2. From the highlights, it seemed that Jamie Sneddon made some good saves with his feet.
  3. I know the feeling. Existing photos from 5 years ago would be so much better. I presume that existing photos would not fit their silhouette outline.
  4. Yes indeed G SUS was absolutely right, which he should be with a name like that. Simple scroll down and it was easy! Thank you again G SUS.
  5. Amen to that. Firhill in winter is not Firhill without your balaclava. EKJ, must be quite a trek for you to get to Firhill. Hope you can make it later in the season. We could rendezvous at the balaclava. Just enter by the John Lambie Stand turnstiles and keep walking along the front of the stand past the first vomitory and you cannot miss it!
  6. Thank you very much G SUS, that sounds like it might be the answer. It is a bit dark now for the photo, so I will wait until the light is shining brightly on my face and scarf tomorrow morning and try again!
  7. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/be-a-face-of-firhill/ Could anyone more phone tech savvy than me tell me how to do this? I have an iPhone, so used Safari and clicked on the link as stated. Then clicked on "BEGIN" and agreed to the terms and conditions. Before clicking on LET'S GO I was told that I would have to allow access to the camera. So I clicked LET'S GO and then allowed access. A silhouette shape appeared. Head seemed a bit small and the body seemed a bit big, but I managed what appeared to be a reasonable fit ,and pressed the button to take the picture at which point an acceptable, though hardly perfect (!), photo of me appeared. At that stage I was abandoned and there was no clue given as to what to do or where to go or how to pay or indeed anything else. Just my face staring at me. Not good! My expectation would have been that I would have had to signify that I was happy with the photo, and the system would then take me on to payment etc. But there was nothing obvious. Any helpful guidance appreciated. Just hoping that I was not so ugly that I broke their camera!
  8. If you are Auld Jag on a winter's day, it's a balaclava.
  9. Although I never actually sit/stand in it, my official "seat" in the John Lambie Stand is being moved one row forward, so that I can "bubble" with a family member. Was told that a new card would be posted, though it has not arrived yet. Got the impression that if I had stayed in the same seat, there would not have been any need to post anything out.
  10. Let's hope he breaks his ceiling.
  11. Hours of fun with this, as well as the joy of speculation. At the away game against St Johnstone in the 64th minute, we did indeed have 10 non-Scots on the field playing for Partick Thistle. All Archie had to do was take off Chris Erskine and put on Danny Devine and there would have been a clean sweep. There might also have been a riot among the Thistle fans, but who cares about that when you have the chance to make history? I love all the painstaking detail. Even among the St Johnstone line up we had Paul Paton flagged as ex-Jag and Steven Anderson flagged as future-Jag. Hats off to all involved.
  12. Doolan Booth Amoo ......and counting I hope that you have space for maRKMCCHRYSTal and his 10 consecutive consonants.
  13. If he had played for Yellowditch Utd, he could have stayed on the pitch.
  14. "Dud" seems a little unfair on Gordon. He must have quite a high goal scoring ratio in comparison with minutes on the pitch. Obviously he has missed a lot of time with fitness issues, and, apart from the timing of his runs into the box, he seems to have less impact on games than he should. Just noticed your words "if he doesn't improve", so maybe we are not so far apart in our respective assessments. He has the potential to be a non-dud. If he does not improve and therefore is firmly established in the dud classification, we can then argue about whose dud he is.