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  1. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/emma-lawton-signs-for-24-25/ This is great signing news. In SWPFL team of the year, coming to the attention of other clubs, in Scotland under 23 squad, and yet sees Thistle as the best option for future development.
  2. I think what you are saying here, with one eye on the opening poster, is that this may come back to haunt us.
  3. Concerned on 2 counts: This thread has been started too early. The thread title is too conventional. I hope we can take advantage of the fact that Ayr will not be well enDowd in attack. Apologies!
  4. Random useless fact. The surname of one of the players in our squad, Blair Alston, is the highest market town in England.
  5. I will defer to your superior knowledge as regards Airdrie. It does seem surprising as it is very much part of the central Lowlands. You come off the M8 and there are no particularly steep climbs. The stadium itself lies down in a dip. I suppose it demonstrates just how low lying all our stadiums are. Just wondering about St Johnstone. There are a few hills in the motorway north of Stirling. But then again, you would have a fairly level drive from there to the Tay estuary! Maybe if we moved Firhill north across the Nolly to the top of the hill in Ruchill Park we could get into the Guinness Book of Records.
  6. So Brian scores against Ayr and grabs a double at Dundee United. He enters the PTFC history books as First double Grand Slammer Highest post-war league goals in a season scorer Highest lower league total goal scorer ever The Archive congratulates Brian on his 12 goals in our successful play off run, but refuses to sanction any further awards. Next season he cannot add to his lower league tally so contents himself with another post war record 25 league goals, including a season record 3 Grand Slams against Celtic, Rangers and Hearts. The manager then releases him as he is sneaking uncomfortably close to 121 competitive goals for Thistle. You read it here first.
  7. That is a reasonable point. I will have to defer to the Thistle Archive as the ultimate arbiter of justice. On a related but different subject, I am wondering if Brian is getting anywhere near being our most prolific “lower league” (ie not the top league flight available at the time) goal scorer. Kris Doolan is over 40 ahead in total goals, but must have scored at least that number in the Premier League which would not count for this particular award (no idea how Cup and other goals compare). Most of our other top scorers will have operated at a time when we were in the old First Division or equivalent top league.
  8. Brilliant research as always. If I am reading this right, 2 goals in the last 2 league games would make Brian our equal leading post-war league goals in a season scorer (and 3 would put him out on his own). I presume that I would be correct in saying that any goals in the play-offs would not count towards this particular total, as this would be regarded as a separate competition (although it does have a direct bearing on league promotion/relegation). I am sure that we had this debate over Mark Roberts, when I presented my case for a Doublet for his play off feat against Stranraer, but you ruled me out of order!
  9. Fair point. When I saw that I had been credited with 14 points, I thought that Hearts must have won today and Celtic had been disqualified for fielding an ineligible player yesterday. Bit disappointed to find out that neither scenario was true.
  10. Having to call a VAR review on myself here. My brain was clearly scrambled when making my predictions and I began on the basis that A is for Aberdeen! Having got that wrong I went for the opposite result H in the 2nd game, on the basis that overdog v underdog has to be the opposite of underdog v overdog. Therefore I cannot in all good conscience hold on to 14 points gained by fraud, error or whatever. Sporting integrity demands that these be forfeited. Apologies for causing you extra work. However, similar to the scenario playing out at the foot of the English premiership I cannot let my fellow contestants go into the last round of fixtures not knowing where they stand. I think that I can still avoid relegation even without these extra points.
  11. O’Reilly came across well in the JagZone interview as a positive bright character, which can only be a good thing in terms of squad dynamics. Great now to have more options as regards personnel and formations.
  12. Fair comment, and Zander does give the team better balance if he plays wide. Both Robinson and McInroy are better central, McInroy for his accurate shooting from distance, and Robinson just being generally busy, winning balls in the air against taller defenders and being nimble and quick to react in the box. Starting to argue against myself now, so happy to leave the call to the manager!
  13. Absolutely agree that it would be harsh, but a fit and firing Robinson is one of our best players who could be vital in such an important game. I suppose that Zander would have to make way, but he should get some significant game time later, as both Robinson and McInroy tend to fade after an hour.
  14. If Robinson is fully fit, I can see him starting. I would expect that O’Reilly and Bannigan will be on the bench with the hope that they can come on later.
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