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  1. There are mutterings about the state the club was in when Low ran away. The new Board of PTFC is in place and keeping its head down. Nothing posted on the PTFC Trust website since 5 December. They were last visible on Facebook and Twitter, with a pitch update, on 17 December. As a mere PATG foot soldier, I have no idea whether the PTFC Trust has been in contact with its beneficiaries or whether they have even managed to organise a list of their beneficiaries. The Board of The Jags Foundation (a democratic organisation whose members will be consulted on where funds will be spent) have donated thousands of pounds to the club both directly (player budget) and indirectly (sponsorship). As a member, I don't disagree with these decisions but why so urgently? Is the need of cash at the club so desperate that there was no time for democratic consultation? The fact that a Working Group has been established seems to have closed down communication with the fans.
  2. Very nice @elevenone Please note, this design is also available in English 😊
  3. Do you not need the spoon for your collection?
  4. Eleven ties played. Four players have 10/11 correct. Does that mean that joe the driver's lead has been cut? Well, we'll have to wait and see. One tie to be played tomorrow, two on Tuesday and the final two due to be played on 31 January. 5th Round draw at 6pm. Now that all clubs have, finally, joined the Scottish Cup, our competition enters it's knockout phase. From now, you can only select teams that you picked in the previous round. Therefore, there's nothing to be done until all the 4th Round matches have been played.
  5. You've made 17 selections @fifexile
  6. I'm guessing that the third string 'aaaaa' is meant to be 'aaaa'?
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