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  1. Thanks AJ. That holiday seems a long time ago. Time for another. Cambodia next weekend and home just in time to head to Munich. Gotta make hay at my age 🙂
  2. Final standings Congratulations again Very Bitter Jag. Thanks to all for playing. See y'all in the autumn.
  3. But Barrow are a poor team in a town miles from anywhere decent. Oh... wait a minute...
  4. Got a couple of these printed. Going to order some more on Monday for folk at work. If you want one, PM me over the weekend.
  5. All remaining contenders made exactly the same predictions. So, without a ball being kicked in the finals, we have a winner. Congratulations Very Bitter Jag. A great debut. Thanks to all for taking part. Final standings will be posted on Sunday.
  6. One set of predictions by PM: [dramatic pause] BILL.H - HH
  7. 3 hours to the deadline. Keeping me in suspense, @Very Bitter Jag ?
  8. I'm afraid that wanting them both to lose is not unique. Welcome to the decent football supporter's club.
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