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  1. I was told that the test was carried out by NHS staff unless patient is 11 or under. My 11 year old was tested twice. His mother had to perform both operations. First at Glasgow Airport and subsequently at Prestwick Airport. Neither had cracked windows so I don't think that's an essential part of the process. The first test was unclear. Results, in both cases, arrived within 12 hours. I would imagine that tests performed by untrained parents are quite likely to fail. Probably a lot of testing, processing and admin time is being wasted along with the precious test equipment. He was at the dentist two days after and I wasn't expected to prod about with the torture implements.
  2. Falling back on your dreadful grammar to get you out of a hole. Glad you've found the Duolingo English site. Now you just need to navigate past the home page.
  3. First you state categorically that there will be a virus. Then you state that there is a consensus that a vaccine will be available but that's open to change. Backtracking. Is that clear now?
  4. So, now you're backtracking on your previous statement that there will be a virus early next year. Thanks for clarifying.
  5. You previously stated that the Oxford vaccine would be ready in October.
  6. Why was my post removed mods? Surely not because it was a joke about vote manipulation.
  7. So, this choosing a new name thing. Result to be published by last Monday.
  8. Step away from the keyboard. Deep breath. And relax.
  9. Presumably, if you have a card. I haven't had a season ticket for 3 years so I imagine I will receive a new card. We'll see.
  10. FREEJAGZONE https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/free-jagzone-offer-extended-until-end-of-september/
  11. Beautiful pre-season friendly weather. In September. It's all a bit weird.
  12. Ah, those three little words that make my heart beat faster - "I'd buy it"