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  1. Yes, possibly. Sounded like he was at the game. Perhaps just a cheap BBC mic..
  2. Richard Foster in Sweden tonight with BBC Radio Scotland. Why are we allowing that to happen? Surely players should be minimising their risk of exposure to Covid less than 48 hours from the start of the season.
  3. The club have prepared for this situation. There is enough capacity in the ground to seat all season ticket holders to date. If the season ticket numbers rise above 2000 over the next couple of days, those extra people will get to watch the stream. PATG fans, home and away, can pay for the stream instead. The club believes offering a live stream to season ticket holders instead of attending the game contravenes SPFL rules. The club have offered the stream free to season ticket holders who have Covid symptoms or are self-isolating because they believe that it is morally right to do so given the ongoing public health emergency. I fully understand that sometimes some people will be nervous about attending games. I'm not sure how I will feel myself until I get there. But what is the club to do? However we feel about it on any given day, things are opening up again, gradually. It's not perfect but, thankfully, we are here and we have the option of going to games again.
  4. Spot the new t shirt. If you haven't visited for a while, you may see more than one. Time to get kitted out for the season. https://redyellow.org
  5. Full article https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/queen-of-the-south-update/
  6. Yes, I thought that was a bit odd. The first person to buy a season ticket has made a greater contribution.
  7. Both have retired. Steven Stern is the man now.
  8. I'm intrigued by the winning ticket numbers. 1st 80516207; 2nd 79421207. I presume that the first prize is still half of the takings. If so, 192 tickets sold. The difference between the first and second number is over a million. So there's something else going on. The most I can remember the first prize being is five hundred and something. This equates to ticket sales of just over one thousand. So a four digit number would be enough to allow for sales up to 9999. Therefore only half of the digits are required for the actual ticket number. The only block of four digits that are within 192 of each other are the first four: 8051 - 7942 = 109. That leaves 6207 & 1207. The last 3 digits are the same. A date code? Today's date is 20/7. Can it be that simple? What if today was 20th October - 20/10. They would have to put another digit in. I'm guessing that 07 is a month code. 2 is second draw of the month? 6 & 1 Jackie Husband & John Lambie identifiers? Guess we'll find out with more data next week. Does anyone know more? Does anyone care?
  9. Don't know whether to be annoyed that we're not playing to our potential or be worried that we are.
  10. My pleasure, it was fun. Now back to the real thing. Mon the Jags!
  11. Final standings Congratulations jaggy. Great that the competition was alive until the end. Unlucky Auld Jag. Thanks for playing everyone.
  12. Here we go. It's down to the last two. If it finishes 1 -1 then jaggy wins. Any other score, Auld Jag wins. There will not be a tie. Aliballibee needed to score 5 more points than AJ and picked the one score that makes that impossible.