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  1. Thanks EKJ. Happy hols! Deadline for Match Day 3 predictions will be next Sunday (20 June) at 5pm. If you, or anyone else, would like an advance schedule of those fixtures, PM me. Happy to take predictions in advance.
  2. Please note that the deadline for Match Day 2 predictions is just 16 hours (overnight) after the conclusion of Match Day 1 fixtures. Best start thinking about them now.
  3. Half way through Match Day 1. I won't publish an interim table as it would be skewed against those whose favourite team have yet to play. Here, though, are a few figures. The average points scored by each player is 5.4, 12 players are above average. I should have posted an 'at a glance' reference to all the predictions. Will do so for all forthcoming rounds. Here are the predictions for the rest of this round. For ease of access, these will also be posted in the second post, at the top of the thread.
  4. I used one in China and got access to sites blocked by the Great Firewall. There are many free ones, which I haven't used. I used ExpressVPN. Very easy to set up and you can select your location. You have to sign up for a subscription but can cancel within 30 days.
  5. Can you not access BBC/ITV with a VPN?
  6. A bit harsh, scotty. You're off the mark along with many others. One correct score last night.
  7. Match Day 2 16 June 17:00 Turkey v Wales 16 June 20:00 Italy* v Switzerland 16 June 14:00 Finland v Russia* 17 June 17:00 Denmark* v Belgium 17 June 20:00 Netherlands* v Austria 17 June 14:00 Ukraine v North Macedonia 18 June 17:00 Croatia v Czech Republic 18 June 20:00 England* v Scotland 18 June 14:00 Sweden v Slovakia 19 June20:00 Spain* v Poland 19 June14:00 Hungary* v France 19 June17:00 Portugal v Germany* Deadline for submissions 2pm, 16 June Fixtures and results will also be posted at the top of the thread.
  8. Last call for any latecomers. Pit your wits against the forum's finest. Deadline for entries 8pm
  9. I must admit, the idea of watching on tv a season that I had watched on tv wasn't very appealing. This, however, sounds great. Looking forward to receiving my copy. I'm sure my boys will be able to get it playing through their PS4.
  10. 24 hours to go. Deadline for entries 8pm tomorrow.