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  1. Indeed ptd. Let's hope this is the year of the 'underdog'.
  2. Fifth Round fixtures Motherwell v Aberdeen Celtic v Raith Rovers - A2 Arbroath v Hibernian - H1 Annan Athletic v Rangers - H3 Heart of Midlothian v Livingston Peterhead v Dundee - H2 Partick Thistle v Dundee United - H1 St Mirren v Kelty Hearts - A4 Ties to be played on the weekend of 12 February. Reminder The codes beside the ties are bonus points. For example, if you choose Raith Rovers as an away win you will get 2 extra points (if they are successful). From now on you can only select teams you picked in the preceding round. The chart below shows your options for each tie. ? - You can choose either team H or A - You only have one team in the tie so you have no option. X - Neither team is available. You're on to plums. Please submit H or A for each ? only. I will slot them into the right place. Each successful selection is worth 6 points. Deadline 7pm, Thursday 10 February
  3. Fourth Round standings 16/16 and maximum points for Peaty FC and Earnock Jag.
  4. Good work Agent EKJ. Think I might withdraw Tunji and Tiff tops. Feel like I'm a jinx!
  5. Thanks Earnock Jag. I had completely forgotten about tonight's game.