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  1. Heard from the parent of an Academy player that Paul was planning to take the full time assistant position had we been promoted. Therefore expect him to return to Academy.
  2. Just signed up for a day pass on Now TV for £11.99. Good value, I reckon. As @Muscat Jag suggests, perhaps you can do so through a vpn. Good luck Jaggernaut.
  3. Oh. Was that after the cup final? Can't remember, I was in India at the time and listening on shortwave radio!
  4. When was the last time we played the last competitive game of the domestic season? 1930?
  5. My 14yo drifted away a few years ago. Because of the atmosphere in the JL, he's back and more engaged than ever before.
  6. So, 7,000 at Firhill on Thursday, 1,500 travelling up to Dingwall. Will the Aitken Suite hold 5,500?
  7. Hopefully, Jack Mcmiillan will pass Penrice's total before the end of the season.
  8. She dug a hole for herself with that statement.
  9. Sorry Juggernaut Jaggernaut. Couldn't resist it. 😊
  10. I missed a copy/paste operation when your prediction came in the other day. Same applies to @Cfirejkl. Apologies. It does matter. Updated standings and teams for final below.
  11. Thanks for correction. I hadn't done my homework. 🙂
  12. It beggars belief that the SFA and SPFL have managed to schedule the finals of 2 competitions for the same week. Presumably, not expecting a Championship team to reach the Cup final. Play off Final first leg - 1 June Scottish Cup Final - 3 June Play off Final second leg - 4 June If ICT make it to the Play off Final, the dates will have to change. If the final is against Thistle, we may find that our players' contract extensions are not long enough.
  13. The competition rumbles on to its conclusion. Playing for places. No predictions required. Final to be played on Saturday 3 June.
  14. Congratulations Fawlty Towers! Unassailable with one round to go. Joe the driver the only player to give it a go with a punt on Rangers. But no cigar.
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