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  1. I'm sure somebody at Greaves is reading this. Perhaps they'll come up with something
  2. Heads up. For those who are having breakfast just now, do your surfing online before you head to the beach.
  3. I had a customer request today for a Christmas jumper that isn't a jumper. Happy to oblige
  4. A great professional in his era. Often mocked but largely, I believe, with fondness.
  5. From programme notes 7 Nov.: "...around half a dozen in attendance each meeting..."
  6. Agreed. We were told that the three programme pages this month would be dedicated to answering fans questions. Two down and all I see is waffle. Perhaps nobody has asked any questions. Four Zoom meetings. They have engaged with 24 fans. I have absolutely no idea what they are doing or where this is going.
  7. I'm grateful for this. The Archive guys contacted me this week with this very kind offer. I was genuinely touched. It's a great idea that Partick Thistle fans online initiatives should support one another. The Thistle Archive is a fantastic resource for all Jags fans, mind-boggling I its scope. I tip my hat and will be putting links to the site on RedYellow.org this weekend. Once again big thanks to The Archive Four. Now, into this mob Thistle!
  8. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/partick-thistle-v-greenock-morton-pay-per-view-pass-on-sale-now/ I see that season ticket holders are being charged £10 for this match. Fans that purchased a PPV ticket for the Falkirk match will only have to pay £7.50. I'm struggling to see the logic.
  9. I really like the look of Niang. He deserves a chance to prove himself.
  10. A lot of football clubs produce a Christmas Jumper. Not Thistle. Today, I'm righting a wrong.