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  1. Ok let’s be honest as a Thistle supporter would you honestly believe we would be top tonight.
  2. But they won’t and we will only have to play it out anyway in a lottery!
  3. I never like to criticise Thistle players but up to a couple of weeks ago Zak couldn’t hit his own arse with a banjo, what a difference a little confidence can do, great goal.
  4. £12.50 to stream this game they must think they are worth it or just have so few fan they need to charge this to make it pay, is it worth it?
  5. The wind has picked up again and we should be going straight down the middle to Graham and have Niang and Gordon picking up off him definitely the best way to play on AstroTurf and with the wind.
  6. We were playing against the wind the first half but it is blustery. We had the better of the play but it is scrappy. Their “state of the art” coverage is actually the “state of the c£@p” back to our trial standards. You need to know the players hair colour to know who they are and it spend more time on the goalkeepers and linesmen than the ball also white advertising board doesn’t help. Least their commentator is fairly non bias.
  7. They will do their first “Poopy” huddle and that will be curtains for the season for everyone else. How could they trust them, when they can’t even trust them not to bring fireworks to a wooden stand, idiots the lot of them.
  8. He has just kicked it back to the SFA
  9. Heart supporter obviously have someone listening to it for their kickback site, but their site has just crashed.
  10. Good article on the BBC by Tom English, thought it was going to be all about Hearts but his real sympathy was with Thistle. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53062777
  11. Although I have no great liking for him he does have a point, how can you be professional if you are part time. For years we have said there’s to many teams. I don’t want any club to die, but every club has to find its level, if they are a ‘community’ Club with only a few hundred supporters then that is what they are, my only concern is that is the way Thistle are going, but hopefully not. What worries me more are the idiots in charge at the SPFL, they are going to discuss reconstruction at a divisional level, turkeys voting for Christmas again. They are only discussing what suits them and not consider the big picture. Time for everyone to get together and realise for once that unless things change nobody is going to survive this, including the ugly sisters.
  12. So why Hearts & Hamilton? The two teams with most to lose? Also Dundee would also lose, they are third and won’t get promotion so what have they been promised? We might actually be saved by this, although it would have been nice to have saved ourselves. We have always said that Scottish football is not a level playing field but now they must be considered more corrupt than FIFA.
  13. Very sad news, thoughts are with his family. RIP Colin