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  1. This is exactly how i felt when he signed. Again i am happy to be proven wrong. His work ethic is not in doubt as he can be in attack when required, but also in defence when required. I am sure he says in the dvd about last season he had offers to go elsewhere but chose to stay, so he is also very committed to the club as well. Him and Rudden have struck up a very good partnership and his goals on Saturday were scored by a stricker knowing what position to be in the box when the ball comes over. A mention for Rudden as well, although he was not on the score sheet on Saturday he had an excellent game Unlike @Dick Dastardly i have been wrong more than once.
  2. Great play from Rudden and also very quick reaction from Graham as the goalie was about to get the ball in his hand.
  3. A great way to start the season with 3 points and unfurling the league flag. Yes the defence needs work, thought Bell was poor today, Holt put in a few good challenges. Graham and Rudden striking up a very good partnership. Good to speak to some fellow forum users before the game and after it.
  4. All well thanks. Just hadn't signed in the last couple of times i was on. Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing us getting the league flag and hopefully 3 points as well. Hope you and yours are well.
  5. Agree, everybody who has bought a season ticket has made an important contribution by committing to support the team for the upcoming season before it has started.
  6. Sorry don't know how to do a link. From the official site. There will be no programme while the current restrictions are in place. A online bulletin with all stories and current news will be on ptfc.co .uk.
  7. It has been rumoured that some lp's in the 60's,when played backwards had subliminal messages. Just saying.
  8. The goal from Lyon on Thistle Twitter. Great goal, good start for the young man.
  9. I remember somebody saying that it is an unwritten rule that players don't play against their parent club.
  10. Thanks. Got my prediction in before you for the final.
  11. Thanks. More than happy with my final position. Thought i would go from champ to chump after winning the Scottish cup prediction competition.
  12. Good year for Italy so far. They are the first country to win the Euro's and Eurovision in the same year. They nearly had a hat trick of successes but Berrettinie lost out to Djokovic in the Wimbledon mens final.
  13. Thanks Jaggy, well done for winning it. A tense final day, just like the final itself. Many thanks to @BowenBoys for the time and effort he puts into running this and many other competitions. All the best to Christian Eriksen for whatever the future holds for him.
  14. Agree. Undoubtedly there was problems with our defending, but I think we have had problems with training due to covid issues, this is of course not just been a problem for Thistle, this has effected a number of teams, with some having to forfeit their game. I also think we seen just how much we missed Brownlie. If it does turn out it is a long term injury whoever replaces him is going to have a very important part to play. I never want to see us lose a game, but I would prefer us to get the issues we have sorted out now and hopefully make a good start to the league. The league results is what I will judge McCall on.