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  1. Fiasco with SPFL and SFA. Not the first time that has been said.
  2. On sportsound this afternoon while discussissing the St.Mirren/Kilmarnock games forfeit case they thought that the right decision had been reached, as according to them no club should be punished or suffer because of the pandemic. Very short memories.
  3. You are just trying to make us feel better about the last 3 seasons or so.
  4. Correct in everything you say ptd. Harkins was outstanding that day.
  5. Just to remind fans what it is like to watch Thistle in the winter. A photo of my late son taken on this day in 2016. What was happening on the park was no better, final score Thistle 2 - 4 Dundee.
  6. You do realise they are not doing their pre-match huddle because of covid. No wonder their form has slumped.
  7. St.Mirren and Kilmarnock have had their appeal against forfeited matches upheld. The 3 matches will now be played. Suspended fines of £40,000 each have now been reduced to £20,000 each, with half suspended. So 2 teams who broke covid protocol/rules have got away with nothing more than a slap on the back of the hand. St. Mirren described the original sanctions as "excessive and inappropriate" while calling for a common sense approach. Really, demoting teams before the season is completed is what i would call excessive and inappropriate.
  8. Not a transfer but a retirement. Time waster supreme Tom Cerny has had to retire due to injury. Imo he did well for us. All the best to him in his retirement.
  9. In our league teams have received £50,000 Anderson money and £150,000 SG money which i thought was so that these clubs could continue playing during this pandemic by using the money for testing and other related expenses, so why the need to halt the season. What am i missing ?
  10. 4 Premier league and 5 championship games have been arranged to be played 30th January, which was originally meant to be Scottish cup weekend. Good to see the SPFL are making sure that the 2 top leagues get their games played, while all other leagues below are left to kick their heels waiting on the go ahead to start up again. If the leagues do get the nod to start again, part time teams could be expected to play 2 or even 3 games per week for a few weeks to get their season completed.
  11. Agree. A solution for completing this season is required.
  12. Not sure who would be involved, it would be a joint decision . As i say it needs to be a strong statement to get the attention of the media, who have more pressing things on their minds. Like sevco winning their first top league title.
  13. I feel that every club who feel that they have been unfairly treated should all get together. They should then release a joint statement about how this should have been handled that would not have meant teams being unfairly punished by being forced to stop playing without any consultation at all from the authorities who are meant to be looking after their best interest. The problem is the leagues that are affected, most fans don't care about leagues below premier, ever mind the leagues below championship. The teams also need to get the media to pay attention to our plight as well. Everybody knows they are only interested in 2 teams and it is not Thistle and Falkirk. Not an easy task, but our club and all other clubs who feel the same way need to make their concerns heard.
  14. Wrong leagues have been 'paused'. Celtic would want the premier league null and void this season, unlike last season.