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  1. I thought Dunfermline looked good against us in the league cup game and i am really surprised how bad they have been in the league. They have picked up some draws recently so seem to be getting some confidence back. Just hope they don't get their first league win tomorrow. Dug out my league cup winners scarf for this game.
  2. When we signed Graham i wasn't sure what to expect. Another journey pro looking to get his last couple of years as a full time player. Instead we have possibly one of McCall's best signings. Apart from the work he does up front he doesn't mind doing the defencive stuff when required. Keep it going Brian.
  3. If i remember correctly Brownlie is out for the majority if not all of this season. Also Tait at Raith is only on loan from Hibs until January.
  4. Thanks, don't do Twitter or Netflix. But from what you say the players players took it as it was intended a humorous remark.
  5. Agree. Zac Rudden as well please.
  6. That was the point i was trying to make.I took it as an off the cuff humorous remark made by McCall. But if any of the players involved took it any other way, then he should have a word with them. I would expect a manager as experienced as ours to know how his players would react to any remarks he made about them.
  7. So far it is all or nothing for us this season. We have beaten the bottom 5 in the league and lost to the 3 teams above us plus Arbroath. If i had to make a prediction of where we will end the season i would say 5th at worst. I hope we can get top 4. Last night showed just how good our front players are, but in other games we have missed chances which ended up costing us at least a point. Start taking more of our chances and we will make top 4.
  8. We all know the stories of managers throwing cups in dressing rooms, hairdryer treatment etc. Rightly or wrongly behaviour that would not be accepted in other workplaces is acceptable at football clubs. I hope if McCall reflects on what he said he will have a word with the players if he feels that it is required.
  9. Yes we are fourth and with Raith playing Arbroath tomorrow we will end the first quarter of the league in that position.
  10. What a way to break a tv hoodoo. Great performance and result. Have a great weekend everybody with Thistle connections.
  11. Puts Bruce Grobbelaar and his 'wobbly legs' at penalties in the shade.
  12. Great as usual from @The Thistle Archive. I can't be the only one surprised that Rangers sit 3rd in the list of teams Thistle have been awarded most penalties against.
  13. That will be @Bobby Houston,
  14. Thanks. I hope to be back at my usual spot at the front of the John Lambie stand for our next home game on the 23rd.
  15. All or nothing so far in the league this season. 8 Games played, 4 won and 4 lost.