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  1. Enjoy Mike Mulraney. A phrase never heard before.
  2. As Bob The Builder would 'yes we can'. Speaking as a Thistle supporter of 55 years or so, i know we never do things easy. Tuesday night is a very big night for us, Cove and Falkirk. What we do know is if we win the next 5 games we win the league, but that is also the same for Cove and Falkirk. After all that we are back onto every one's favourite cliche. Tuesday night is a must win game.
  3. I was going to do an 'Oliver' and ask for more in the shape of a similar thread about the 71 league cup. Looks like my wish might be granted.
  4. Ran out of likes. Agree with everything you say. Also just like 71 as far as the press was concerned we were just bit players, while the other bigger teams from Glasgow won the cup. We showed them.
  5. Go and win our remaining 5 fixtures and see how the other games go, simple.
  6. A big thank you to everybody that made this thread possible. From the family members of Thistle players of the time to everybody @The Thistle Archive and also @East Kent Jag II,this thread has been fascinating and insightful. A great way to celebrate and commemorate the players who were involved in the 11 games that ended with us bringing the Scottish cup to Maryhill. All Thistle fans know what happened in 1921 and also 1971, in fact some of us auld yins were at the 1971 league cup final. But some of the stories from the 1921 Scottish cup squad most of us would never have heard. Who knew that a Rangers players knicker elastic might have helped Thistle win the cup. The reporting of the day was also a bit different from current reports, although just like 1971 we upset the odds to win the 1921 Scottish cup. The virtual medals are also a great idea.
  7. All good goals in their own way, but if i had to pick one it would be Rudden's and Thistle's second. In fact he hit it so hard it came back out the net. If it had been scored at the bing end the ghost goal jinx may have struck again.
  8. Thanks, just realised as long as Falkirk don't win it is in our own hands. Lets just take it game by game though.
  9. A draw on Saturday with Cove v Falkirk, would be the best result for us. Then it is in our hands.
  10. The ref felt sorry for them, there was no injury time even though there was a number of subs. Also a mention for Sneddon, he didn't have much to do, but he looked assured in dealing with corners etc.
  11. What a week. 3 games,10 goals for,0 against and 9 points. Also 4 goals for Rudden.