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  1. ICT away now 9th February. 7 games in February, heavy schedule.
  2. In the past we have scored a goal, only to get a throw in as well. Refs
  3. Wrong thread, i think this should be in the scottish cup prediction one.
  4. Good to see you are not over ambitious.
  5. February a busy month. 6 Games, 4 at home.
  6. Balaclava made it it's third appearance of the season today and just like the other 2 games Thistle won 1-0. 100% success for the . I thought we scored a bit against the run of play, but after we scored we should have had at least one more before half time. MOTM for me was Mayo, some of his tackles in the second half when we went down to 10 stopped some dangerous bits of play from Airdrie.
  7. No Rudden ? Agree, this will not be an easy game. Imo Airdrie gave us our hardest game in the run in last season and although they did not have a good start to this season they are now on a good run.
  8. A big selection concern for me today. Balaclava or not .
  9. Auld Jag

    Meat Loaf

    Me also, i spent a lot of my time at the Apollo in the 70's watching acts, unfortunately never seen him.
  10. Agree, but it could stop any possible conflict of interest that could arise during a season and also some fans turning against players. It is a difficult one.
  11. Unless Rudden shows a bad attitude i feel just dropping him now would be pointless. We will still be paying his wages. As i said in an earlier post the best thing now would be for him to go to Dundee before the current window shuts. Should the authorities change this rule ? During the Hearts game in midweek Souttar got booed every time he touched the ball. I heard them say that in England they have to wait until there is only a month left on their contract, before they can sign for another team.
  12. Wonder if Rudden will be involved in this game. Maybe give give us a hint if we expect him still be at Firhill to the end of the season or not.
  13. Put an advert on the Dundee forum on pie and bovril for Rudden t shirt.