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  1. Is it Tony Adams who spent time in prison for drink driving. Did he get out of jail to play in the European cup or play with a tag on his ankle ?
  2. Being told by the media that the bigot brothers doing well in Europe is great for Scottish football. So the 2 richest teams by far getting even richer. Celtic will get at least £40million next season in Europe. Next to none of that will be seen by other Scottish teams, great for Scottish football.
  3. Spot on. . Some great answers, but none better than the one from @lady-isobel-barnett.
  4. Don't want to put anybody on the 'SPOT', but really thought this would have been solved by now.
  5. A great answer, but not the one i was thinking . Your answer is more involved than mine. The only reason i mentioned Steve Coogan was the ABBA connection.
  6. Replaying goal commentary, on the radio, what is the point of that. Not just football but when somebody is getting interviewed and they say listen, i am listening, if i wasn't, i wouldn't hear you say listen.
  7. Mamma Mia. Correct with regard ABBA. Still sending a SOS for football connection just over 40 years later ?
  8. Some very good guesses, but none correct.
  9. Sorry @BowenBoys, you are freezing.
  10. I shall give the answer on Monday, unless somebody gets it beforehand.
  11. Cangratulations @Peaty FC and unlucky @Garscube Road End 2. Many thanks to @BowenBoys for doing this again.
  12. Still no correct answers.
  13. Sorry. Nil pwa.
  14. A thing that could happen in cup competitions.
  15. Mentioned on BBC news, but not football focus. Scottish football very rarely mentioned on football focus and when it is usually only in passing.