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  1. Agree. Let's hope we can sell even more than last season. A bit on the news today about high increases in season ticket prices in the EPL.
  2. Agree we need to maximise our income in as many ways as possible.
  3. Great work by everybody @The Thistle Archive. Sadly as is said we are now an established second tier club. Since the premier league we don't get back to the top flight in one season.
  4. Always good to see a Partick Thistle team win a cup. At the age these boys are it's always hard to say where they will be in a few years, but as already been mentioned Loney already getting attention from other clubs. Would be good to see him and some of the others force their way into the first team in the coming years.
  5. Hope you enjoy your breaks and come back refreshed, ready for another ride on the rollercoaster that is called supporting Partick Thistle.
  6. Congratulations @Very Bitter Jag, a well deserved win. Many thanks @BowenBoys for taking the time and effort to run this competition, even when you were on holiday in India.
  7. Not just saying this because they didn't sign, but i am not bothered that we didn't get them. We will need another striker as Graham might get injured or a drop in form. The problem is everybody knows Graham will start everything being ok with him.
  8. Ayr fans on p and b think they have won next seasons title and boasting they have beat us to two of our targets. We will see.
  9. Surprised to hear this is the 15th time that these 2 clubs have met in the Scottish cup final, i thought this was the first.
  10. I would hope that everybody in charge i.e manager, board and others who have influence at Firhill ultimate goal is to get promotion. That ambition has to be balanced with not putting the future of the club at risk, so easier said than done. We have Motherwell, Hearts and St.Mirren who are fan owned in the premier league. Imo Motherwell and St.Mirren are similar sized clubs to us. Motherwell have managed one way or another to stay in the top league for a number of years, but it wasn't that long ago that St.Mirren were in the league below us, so they are an example of what can happen if the club gets it right. Once again i say it won't be easy, but not impossible.
  11. Luke McBeth extends his contract until summer 2027. On performances so far that is very good news.
  12. Imo it was right to let Jamie Sneddon go, but impressive stats. Appearances 128 Clean sheets 47 Club consecutive clean sheet record holder 8 Goals scored 1 Good luck for the future Jamie, unless you are playing against Thistle.
  13. All these elections, another on the 4th July now as well.
  14. Imo sometimes fans overlook how important the goalie is. I remember reading an article in the 70's that said Alan Rough was worth about 14 points a season to Thistle. Also for me Dabrowski showed how important he is for Raith Rovers, anytime i watched Raith Rovers on the Friday night game i can't remember him making any mistakes and against us he pulled of a few good saves that would have seen us winning if he hadn't. It also brings confidence to the defenders if they know the last line of defence is in with a chance of saving any effort on goal. For me Mitchell is ok as back up, but if we did get another keeper not sure we need 3 on the books.
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