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  1. Not disagreeing with you, but one thing that has annoyed me for years is the 'if wasn't for the keeper we would have won/lost' argument. The keepers job is to stop the ball going into the net, no matter how spectacular a save they have to make to do it. Rant over. As for Ayr, imo they flattered to deceive, Chalmers in particular.
  2. University of Stirling v Albion Rovers was a good game. 2 Very good goals, the University equaliser and Rover's second scored by Joe Bevin who looked a good player and is only 18. Albion Rovers now managed by a certain Sandy Clark.
  3. Sorry @BowenBoys A,H,H,H,H H,H,A,H,A, H,A,A,A,H A,A,H,H,H Thanks @BowenBoys
  4. A,H,H,H,H H,H,A,H,A H,H,A,H,A H,A,A,A,H A,A,H,H,H Thanks again @BowenBoys
  5. In my pre match comment on this thread i said the only change i would make from the Ayr game would be to bring Milne back. After yesterday i could not make a case for keeping any of yesterday's starting XI in next weeks team. The problem is that apart from Mitchell anyone else who comes in wont have had much time on the park.
  6. A fully deserved win for Arbroath. Thistle were to slow, passing terrible and any crosses were also terrible. Every ball seemed to land at an Arbroath player. Performance today as bad as the Cove and Hamilton games last season.
  7. Dowds starts for Ayr tonight. Could do us a favour by helping Ayr beat Queens Park.
  8. Agree. McMillan will be a loss as his partnership with Lawless is a very good attacking option. Let's hope we get a good home support.
  9. After a poor start Arbroath have won their last 3 league games, so won't be an easy game, but one we should be looking to take all 3 points from. Apart from bringing Milne back in i would keep the starting line up the same as last week.
  10. I feel that Brian Graham deserves a special mention. Might not have been his best game, but he did get that early goal that gave us something to hold onto and meant Ayr had to come at us which they did but thankfully we held on in the first half and blew them away in the second half. In his post match interview BBG said that he had lost his mother in law last Sunday and it was a difficult time for the Graham family and he dedicated his goal to his mother in law, pure class from him.
  11. No. It is in a bag. Was given to young Robert from a friend for part of his 30th birthday present and has never been taken out of the bag.
  12. The only stat that matters is the final score.
  13. Over my many years of supporting Thistle i have seen us dominate games and end up losing. It was good to see us tonight riding out a bit of a storm from Ayr after we scored, then coming out in the second half and scoring some really good goals and ending up comfortable winners. Great result. Well done to the management team, players and our fans who sang all night in horrendous weather.
  14. From a few seasons back, our own 'star striker' and Pizza man Conor Sammon.
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