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  1. Yes, also cut out a few times. But overall i felt it was a far better stream than the BSC game. Of course the opposition was much better today as well.
  2. Thought it was a good game and we played well. Apart from the second goal Sneddon played well. Think Docherty and Foster will get a few yellows this season.
  3. I know it was test events but well done to Thistle for not charging for our 2 home games.
  4. 5 Subs will be allowed in league games next season.
  5. In a interview on radio Scotland before the Hearts game Ian McCall said Thistle could play a full season without fans in the ground. He also added he would prefer we did manage to get fans in attendance at some point during the season.
  6. Nobody knows. The bosses at the SPFL will just be crossing their fingers that every team will say they are playing. If they don't, Thistle and the other teams that can play will be in limbo. Can't see the SPFL bosses coming up with an alternative plan anytime soon, if at all.
  7. The vast majority of teams in leagues 1 and 2 in the same situation. I think the deadline for them is Friday. Although it does say in the article about the highland league not playing until November the other leagues will start in October.
  8. There was a documentary on Alba a few months back. I posted about it as i didn't know if @Third Lanark knew about it. Turned out him and his dad was in it as his grandfather played for Thirds.
  9. I am sure i read that Rudden was injured. I don't think he has been fully fit since he came to us. I think he got injured while on loan at Plymouth.
  10. Being interviewed on radio Scotland Ian McCall said Thistle would survive without fans inside Firhill for the full season. But also said they would prefer to have fans in.
  11. Agree, apart from the fiasco he reigned over after the leagues stopped, which now seems to be forgotten by most. Neither the Sottish cup or any of our leagues have a sponsor.
  12. All that concerns the SPFL and Scottish media is can one team from Glasgow do 10 in a row, or can another team in Glasgow stop them. Everything else as far as the powers that be are concerned is an inconvenience.
  13. I have never had a flat cap of any sort,despite the rumour @East Kent Jag II started . But i do have the 1971 league cup winners scarf. I haven't wore this for a number of years, but when we get back to Firhill i will give it an airing.
  14. I think there will be a lot of fans lost. The farce that ended last season and we are 3 weeks away from the new league season supposedly starting or it might not, doesn't help.