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  1. Great result today. Well done to the management team, players and fans who had a very long journey for the second consecutive week. I said a few weeks ago the big test for Dools was getting something in a game we went behind in, and also how quickly we bounced back from a defeat. We failed to get anything last week after going behind, but even taking account of Coves current form, today was a very impressive way to bounce back from last week's loss. Another big game on Friday, would be great to get rid of the Queens Park hoodoo.
  2. Thankfully these vehicles are now just part of history. Disabled people can now get more substantial and much safer adapted vehicles.
  3. Adour tussle, neither team really looked like scoring and as has already been said it is Queens Parks title now unless they implode. Second to fifth now fighting it out for the next 3 positions.
  4. Seen it happen to us many times in my 60 or so years of supporting the jags. I think it was last season we played Morton at Firhill we were by far the better team and we also missed a penalty and couldn't score with the rebound. Morton scored with just about 10 minutes to go, game over. We have to take advantage of slip ups like this by the teams above and just below us. Let's hope we can today.
  5. Both players will be missed. For me Milne is the biggest loss, right up there for my player of the season.
  6. Looking for Arbroath to beat Morton tonight, but the only game we have any influence on is our own. So far in this fixture the away team has walked away with the 3 points and scoring 3 goals in the process. With our recent victory at Dens still fresh in the memory of both the management team and players i would hope we go into this game with confidence. It won't be easy but a victory for Thistle would put us second, although Dundee have a game in hand, which they play on Tuesday at home to Ayr. Come on Thistle tomorrow and tonight come on Arbroath.
  7. Come on @Jaggernaut, don't be shy let's see you in a video with some jags stuff on. A lot of people wearing masks, is that the way it has always been or just since covid ?
  8. Looked a good player. Hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.
  9. Agree. One of the incidents would not have been out of place in the wrestling ring. I watched the highlights package on BBC and during the Aberdeen/Motherwell game the commentator said a couple of times if Motherwell bettered the Thistle result, they would be in the top 6. They really should check out their facts.
  10. First match of the split, at home to Hearts 26th March.
  11. Agree. I watch the EFL highlights on a Saturday night which usually run from 9pm - 11pm. To catch up with MOTD i watch on the Iplayer and fast forward the gibbering.
  12. A couple of podcasts before commentary and then another after when game finished. I thought it was just because it was Championship and did not connect to the current carry on in BBC until i heard it mentioned on the Scottish news later.
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