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  1. How many fans turned up? I see it mentioned there is a video of Banzo's goal posted by Manpreet.
  2. Looking forward to your videos of the goals.
  3. Some neat passing into the box, well finished by Murray.
  4. As far as i know the league cup and challenge cup is the only tournaments in Scotland with a sponsor. So although it would make sense, i don't see them scrapping it.
  5. Any team not playing a game in the the league cup, will forfeit the game with a 3-0 defeat.
  6. I agree with all the comments regarding testing. When the talks about football returning started, there was a lot mentioned about players having to be careful and be in some sort of bubbles. Surely with the majority of teams Thistle will be playing being part time, this would at best be a very difficult thing to do ?
  7. All lower league clubs playing premiership clubs in the league cup will need to have a covid test. Any lower league club playing a premiership colt team in the challenge cup will also need to be tested, but this will be paid for by the premier league team.
  8. Great work by everybody involved. Anybody going on mastermind, with Partick Thistle as specialist subject should check this site out.
  9. Brian Graham has been named as manager of Thistle 's women's team,his assistant is Richard Foster and Ross Docherty will be a coach.
  10. Ex St.Mirren chairman Gilmour on sportsound tonight moaning about how they have been treated and the SPFL having no sporting integrity. When Tom English brought up what happened to Hearts and Thistle and sporting integrity he was ignored.
  11. I agree with @[email protected] and @East Kent Jag II i am concerned that even if the season starts, i will be very surprised if it is completed. As far as i know there is no contingency plan and if the season was ended prematurely we could once again through no fault of our own find Thistle having to play another season in tier 3 of Scottish football.
  12. Auld Jag

    Site down?

    The Hotel California way ' You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave'. Thanks to the Eagles for the lyrics.
  13. No fans will be allowed in after Saturday's 2 test events until October 5th at the earliest.
  14. No surprise to me that the amount being sold has fallen. We have had nearly 6months of a pandemic that has probably had a negative impact on a lot of people's finances and when furlough ends it will be even worse. Thistle fans have been tremendous in the way that most have contributed to at least one of the initiatives to help the club.
  15. Season tickets on sale from this Monday 1pm.
  16. Season tickets will be back on sale, from 1pm on Monday 7th September.
  17. Don't think they get called binmen these days. Is it not refuse collector now. Don't think 'my old man's a refuse collector' would have been a hit.
  18. Due to the current lockdown measures in Glasgow, no test games will be allowed in Glasgow until these measures are eased again. Meanwhile in England Cambridge's home games against Fulham U 21's in the EFL trophy and league 2 game against Carlisle will have crowds. The EFL trophy game will have a crowd of 1000 and the league 2 game will have an attendance of 2500. I look forward to @elevenone confirming the crowds once the games are played.
  19. Lets hope its a case of Partick rose up the leagues.
  20. Might help us spot the next Doolan or Erskine.
  21. I would think McCall will know if Thistle don't get promoted this season, not only will his job at Firhill be in doubt, but his reputation as being a good manager at our level will be severely dented. So whether he is, as you put it a bluenose or not, he will need to sign the best players he can get, no matter the team they come from.