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  1. The way Doncaster and Cormack went on today is not the way you talk on radio if you are trying to negotiate with a government or anybody to get something done. There was also a gentleman on from Hearts who was a lot more diplomatic about things.
  2. Doncaster and Cormack did nothing for footballs cause today on sportsound.
  3. BBC website gave goal to Graham. Goalscorer now changed to Murray, description of goal has completely changed as well. Great start, have to keep it going.
  4. Listening to Doncaster and Cormack of Aberdeen on sportsound, we will not be getting crowds of a good size back at football any time soon. They just constantly slagged of the Scottish government. Diplomatic corps not a path they could take. When Doncaster was asked about the money still to be paid to clubs from last season, he completely side stepped the issue. How is this guy still in a job.
  5. Since January we have played 6 away league games. We have drawn 2 and lost 4. An abysmal record and has to change, with a win tomorrow.
  6. Up to you how to spend your money. I would say give the money to the Thistle go fund me .
  7. Sorry to dig this thread up again. An article on the BBC sport website says that all 42 league clubs in Scotland are still awaiting the final payment on the tv money for last season. This money has been paid in October in the past. The SPFL say it can't be paid until the accounts are signed of and they hope to get them done by the end of December. So much for clubs desperate for money.
  8. We played well last week. Play the same this week, take more of our chances, hopefully start of a run. Hope is all we have @Garscube Road End 2
  9. If we have any ambition at all of winning this league we need to get a run going. Falkirk now top of league 7 points ahead of us having played 1 game more. We cannot afford to drop even further behind.
  10. I also seen him at Hampden in 79, a great talent. Unfortunately like some other great sports people and entertainers he had problems away from football. The phrase a flawed genius springs to mind. RIP.
  11. 2 Away league games so far this season, no points and no goals. If we are serious about challenging for the title we have to improve that record. Another win and hopefully build on the confidence we should have got from last weeks result and display.
  12. The final game for Thistle is tomorrow against Celtic colts. KO 2pm , streamed live on the Partick Thistle you tube channel.
  13. Thanks for letting us know Norgethistle.
  14. Genesis song-I know what i like (in your wardrobe)
  15. Also buy the pink Times and green Citizen after a game.
  16. Agree, i thought Bannigan was going to be added to the injury list after that tackle. Thought our penalty was soft and the ref let a couple of worse challenges in the box that could have been pens for Thistle go. Also thought East Fife could have got an early pen when the ref gave a foul outside the box, but i thought it was in the box. Overall good all round team performance, lets hope this is the start of a run of positive results we have been waiting for.
  17. Was just going to post that. We can't afford to lose him, or anybody else.