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  1. IIRC it was against Morton. Sneddon came rushing out from his goal and was chipped by the Morton player, who was a certain Scott Tiffoney.
  2. The first 2 goals are avoidable. The first one nobody gets a tackle in on Broadfoot and although i feel Sneddon should have done better, Broadfoot should never have been allowed to get the shot away. The second goal is all down to Sneddon, why did he even come out ? Their was a Thistle defender with the ICT forward. The third goal you just have to say a very good goal from ICT. I have only seen the goals but read that Graham missed a 'sitter' at 1-0, if we would have went in 2-0 up at HT that might have been game over. Agree with others, we can't continue to drop the keepers every time they make a mistake, that would just make their confidence even worse. Big decision for McCall to make before Saturday's game.
  3. I was also surprised Sneddon got a new deal, even though he did well enough in the last 9 games he played in last season. I thought we would have signed a more experienced keeper to challenge him this season, not a younger inexperienced one. I feel we have good enough cover in most other positions in the team to get into the top 4. Keeper is the one concern for me.
  4. The keeper is one of the most important positions on the park and our 2 are very poor. These mistakes could cost us a few places in the league by the end of the season.
  5. In the team of the round for the SPFL trust trophy. Congratulations to Tunji Akinola.
  6. At Firhill last week the steward near me was constantly reminding people to wear a mask if they were moving about Firhill. But when they were at their seat it was ok not to wear one.
  7. Depending on contracts some players might get more if they play and not just sit on the bench. So maybe a bit more in the young players wage packets as well. As others have already pointed out the young players might have been brought on earlier if we were more than 1 goal ahead.
  8. 1-0 Thistle. First Thistle goal for Akinola.
  9. Just signed for Club Brugge.
  10. Loan deals can be done up until the end of September.
  11. h,h.h,h,h,h,h,h,a,h,h,a,h,h,h,h,h,a,h,h,h,a,a,h,h,a,a,h,h,a. Went with my own predictions, but thanks for all the work you have put into this.
  12. We started off well, should've been more than just a goal ahead. The game then got bogged down a bit and Morton had more of the ball, but didn't do much with it. Feared Morton equalising in the second half and us struggling. Instead we came out and scored 2 quick goals and killed the game off. Thought Gordon done well. Great to now have somebody to take good corners amd players willing to attack the ball when the corners come in. Thought Morton were very poor. But overall we played well and could have had a few more. Good to get a positive reaction after last week.
  13. Ayr have asked that their home game against Raith Rovers this Saturday be postponed due to covid cases.
  14. Many thanks to you and all the other volunteers who do a great job at Firhill on matchdays. Enjoy your 'retirement'.
  15. Against QOS we were lucky a few times not to lose a goal from playing the ball around at the back. Roy missed an absolute sitter on one of these occasions. Unless we are 3 or more goals up, i would rather we just got rid of the ball into the opposition's half.
  16. I have never got this playing the ball around at the back. I noticed a few teams during the recent Euro's getting caught out doing it. A goalie and all the outfield players job is to stop the opposition scoring. Get it up into the opponent's half or row Z.
  17. Didn't see the game, but going by the updates sounded like a very poor performance from Thistle. Wasn't going overboard after winning the first 2 games, will do likewise after losing this game. Will wait and see where we are after the first 1/4 of the league is done. Of course we will need to improve on today's performance.