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  1. Agree. We still have to play Arbroath twice, our results against them have to improve on what they have been. We need 4 points min in those 2 games. Our 2 games in hand will also be difficult, Ayr and Morton with new managers and Imrie at Morton in particular has had a great start in management.
  2. The balaclava never comes of during the game.
  3. And 6 days later they get another one.
  4. We should have won. A dreadful decision for the pen. Good goal from Docherty with a special mention for Mayo who brung the ball forward from defence to create the chance. Rudden had a very good first half but did next to nothing in the second half apart from the petulant barge on their keeper. The keeper made the most of it but it was imo stupid and pointless from Rudden. Good to see us keep going and not cave in after they scored.
  5. Of course we do, always want every Thistle player to do well. I know what you mean, imo the sooner we get his situation sorted the better. If he goes we need to get somebody in to replace him, we already need back up to challenge Rudden and Graham.
  6. Hope every Thistle fan lucky enough to be at Firhill tonight enjoys the game and sees a home victory. My wife who is not a football fan or a fan of any sport can't understand why i would rather be at Firhill tonight than watching it in the 'warmth of the house', to use her words. Cmon Thistle.
  7. Yes. It was done about 10 days or so ago. I didn't get to any games either, although 2 were cancelled of course.
  8. I would hope they didn't leave the sprinklers on by mistake.
  9. Would it not make sense to cancel all of the football due to played this weekend, including our game on Friday and play them in a midweek when we get more fans in? I know i am using the word sense when talking about Scottish football authorities. I also realise i am asking them to show consideration for teams outside the Premier league as well. There is always a first time for everything.
  10. Imo if Rudden does move this window, the fee will be 'undisclosed'.
  11. The second Hamilton goal reminded me of a few we lost earlier in the season. Hopefully just rustiness caused by our enforced lay off. We will need to be tighter at the back to get anything against Kilmarnock on Friday night. I hope another 5 days or so training will see us better in defence and also take a good percentage of any chances we get against Kilmarnock. Looking even further ahead our cup game game against Airdrie on the 22nd won't be easy as they have hit a good bit of form.
  12. After being ahead twice disappointing not to win, but before game would have taken a point after not playing for 3 weeks.
  13. Won't get much recovery time when Thistle and Queens Park have to play our cancelled games. Could be a couple of weeks where 3 games are played in a week on it.
  14. Great news about Tunji. Re Rudden he does bring more to the team than scoring goals. He never hides and always puts defenders under pressure. His biggest problem is doing it consistently .
  15. Thistle's first game of 2022 and our first in 3 weeks. Don't know who is available to play for Thistle due to injuries and covid issues. Hamilton seem to be hitting some good form and despite our 6-1 victory when we last visited them, this was never going to be an easy game but now we have the aforementioned injuries and covid issues to also deal with. Cmon Thistle.
  16. Could we persuade them to improve the bing while they are it.
  17. Agree, if he doesn't move this month he will leave at the end of the season and all we will get will be training compensation iirc. We will need somebody into replace him if he goes this month and we already need back up for him and Graham, so would best if he moved in the next week to give us time to get a replacement in.
  18. I wouldn't want Griffiths because of the baggage, he is imo a shadow of his former self, unlike McDonald and Miller who did look after themselves. In saying that i would not be surprised to see Griffiths end up at Livingston or St. Mirren.
  19. Thanks, just wondering what others thought.
  20. Is it worth while bringing Blair Lyons back early from his loan spell at Montrose. He scored 2 goals yesterday and also scored a week or so ago. He only has 6 months left on his contract with us, wouldn't like to see us let his contract run down, he goes to some other team in the championship and ends up doing the business for them. I do realise he has done nothing anytime he played for us.