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  1. Any info on live link for Saturdays game
  2. I’m the same mate , some results last season ended up making us have a bubble
  3. To think all they Israely burds are locked up in the Hoose is a criminal offence
  4. we have a challenge of trying to get back into championship and we decide to offer 3 players who will be regulars a bloody job coaching woman FFS whoever thought that was a good idea FFS
  5. Just going with google On playing Alex Ferguson’s Aberdeen in August 1986 “I never finish buying players. I’m like my wife when I go out shopping. I never want to stop.” On the transfer market “The chairman said on the bus going to Ibrox that if it went to a replay it couldn’t go on at Douglas Park because of the new lights being installed there. I said to him: ‘I suppose we’ll just have to go and win it then.’” Following Accies’ Scottish Cup win over Rangers in January 1987 “Our defence couldn’t keep weans out of a close.” Following Thistle’s 6-3 defeat of Dundee in August 1992 “That’s great. Tell him he’s Pele and get him back on.”