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  1. Comes across as a fantastic young man , good move with good coaching may take him to another level
  2. January transfer window got him contract extension , it’s been given to enable bigger fee if someone comes in to sign him Take a guess which player has done a full video interview every week since signing ? Take a guess which player has been continually showcased on every social media platform since January window opened ?
  3. Record reporting he’s away to QOS
  4. This game better not be off due to a bit of frost
  5. Have you seen the standard?
  6. Get Big Niang up top for game because if he plays at the back he will be tore a new arse by Goodwillie
  7. Get your macaroon bars and wrigleys spearmint chewing gum
  8. Clyde are shite , it’s a must we take 3 points on Saturday
  9. Modern apprenticeship at roughly £120 per week after tax
  10. he’s absolutely nowhere near it , he can’t even get a fxckin game for East Stirling