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  1. I’m getting on it from 12 today in the Woody then up for 2.30 entry time , can’t fxckin wait for this today , wishing all the fans a fantastic day and hopefully a successful season
  2. 11 pints & 2 malts later hasn’t cured that sore heed I got watching that defence today
  3. Bannigan doesn’t get the praise he deserves, boy is a quality fitba player
  4. Presume you didn’t watch games he was involved in last season including cup game . Have our standards dropped that far seriously?
  5. Niang wouldn’t get a game with Dukla Pumpherston if I managed them
  6. When do we play them ? Will we get in to watch us pump them ?
  7. The woman’s comes out next week
  8. Anyone having issues trying to renew for next season , can’t get through on phone and no link to purchase